GEORGE MACREADY                                                   09-05-01

08-29-08 to 07-02-73 or

[09-29-1899 to      ]

Martin Peyton        George, 86, 99, Chief    86 and George       86 and George
George Macready      Operation Ridiculous
Last appearance      03-02-68
leaving the mansion
Episode 402

George Macready was replaced by Wilfred Hyde-White in 
13 episodes 08-28-67 to 10-09-67 episodes 366-378.
George Macready appeared in Get Smart a month and a half
after his last appearance in Peyton Place.
Mr. Macready was a prolific actor as is attested to below.

Alfred Hitchcock:
1955 Premonition-Doug Irwin.
1955 Cheny Vase-Homer Koether.

Four Star Playhouse:
1956 The Story of Emily Cameron/House for Sale

Get Smart:
03-02-68 Operation Ridiculous-Fitzmorris

Goodyear Television Playhouse:
1956 The Film maker

1958 Lynching man-Charlie Drain.

Man From UNCLE:
1964 Gurnius affair-Gurnius.
1966 Man From UNCLE 

The Mask:
1954 Short lived series.

Outer Limits:
02-03-64 Invisibles [With Don Gordon].
04-20-64 Production and Decay of Strange Particles.

Perry Mason:
1958 Case of the Purple Woman-Milo Girard.
1961 Case of the Post Humous Painter-Dr. Vincent Kenyon.
1961 Case of the Blind Man's Bluff-Charles Slade.
1963 Case of the Elusive Element-Roscoe Pearce.

Twilight Zone:
1964 The Long Morrow

U.S. Steel Hour:
1955 Hung for a sheep

1943 Commandos Strike at Dawn-School teacher.
1944 Wilson-McCoombs.
1944 Soul of a Monster-Dr. George Winson.
1944 The Seventh Cross-Bruno Sauer.
1944 Story of Dr. Wassell-Captain Balen.
1944 Missing Juror-Harry Wharton / Jerome Bentley.
1944 Follow the Boys-Walter Bruce.
1944 Conspiritors-The Con Man.
1945 My name is Julia Ross-Ralph Hughes
1945 Monster and the Ape-Ernst
1945 I Love a Mystery-Jefferson Monk
1945 Fighting Guardsman-Gaston de Montrevel
1945 Don Juan Quilligan-D.A.
1945 Counter-Attack--Colonel Semenov.
1945 A Song to Remember-Alfred DeMusset.
1946 Gilda-Ballin Mundson.
1946 Walls Came Tumbling Down-Matthew Stoker.
1946 Return of Monte Cristo-Henri de la Roche.
1946 Man Who Dared-Don Wayne.
1946 Bandit of Sherwood Forest--Fitz-Herbert.
1947 Down to Earth-Joe Manion.
1948 Swordsman-Robert Glowan.
1948 Gallant Blade-Gen Cadeau.
1948 Big Clock-Steve Hagen.
1948 Black Arrow-Sir Daniel Brackley.
1948 Coroner Creek-Younger Miles.
1948 Beyond Glory-Major General Bond.
1949 Doolins of Oklahoma-Sam Hughes.
1949 Great Manhunt-Sam Hughes
1949 Johnny Allegro-Morgan Vallin
1949 Hounded-Morgan Vallin
1949 Knock on Any Door-D.A. Kerman.
1949 Alias Nick Beal-Reverend Thomas Garfield.
1949 Contact Man-Reverend Thomas Garfield
1950 Nevadan-Edward Galt
1950 Man from Nevada-Edward Galt
1950 Lady without a passport-Palinov
1950 Desert Hawk-Prince Murad
1950 Fortunes of Captain Blood-Marquis de Riconte
1950 Rogues of Sherwood Forest-King John
1951 Detective Story-Karl Schneider
1951 Tarzan's Peril-Radijeck
        with Alan Napier-TV Butler to Batman
1951 Tarzan and the Jungle Goddess-Radijeck [same as above]
        with Alan Napier-TV Butler to Batman
1951 The Desert Fox-General Fritz Bayerlein
1951 Detective Story-Karl Schneider
1951 Golden Horde-Raven the Shaman.
1952 Green Glove-Count Paul Rona.
1953 Stranger Wore a Gun-Jules Mourret.
1953 Julius Caesar-Marullus.
1953 Treasure of the Golden Condor-Marquis.
1953 I Beheld His Glory
1954 Duffy of San Quentin-Winant.
1954 Men Behind Bars-Winant.
1954 Vera Cruz-Emperor Maxmillian
1956 Thunder over Arizona-
1956 Kiss Before Dying-Leo Kingship
1957 Paths of Glory-General Mireau.
1957 Abductors-
1958 Gunfire at Indian Gap-Pike/Mr. Jefferson.
1959 Alligator People-Dr. Mark Sinclair.
1959 Jet Over the Atlantic-Lord Robert Leverett.
1959 Plunderers of Painted Flats-Ed Sampson.
1962 Two Weeks in Another Town-Lew Jordan.
1962 Taras Bulba-Governor.
1964 Dead Ringer-Paul Harrison.
1964 Particles
1964 Seven Days in May-Christopher Todd.
1964 Where Love Has Gone-Gordon Harris.
1965 Human duplicators-Prof. Vaughn Dronheime.
1965 The Great Race-General Kuhster.
1966 Fame is the Name of the Game-Glenn Howard [TV Movie]
1970 Tora, Tora, Tora-Secy of State Cordell Hull
1970 Count Yorga Vampire (voice)
1971 Return of Count Yorga

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