GEOGRAPHY of PEYTON PLACE and surrounding area:

     Ada Jacks' Tavern on the wharf
     Ada Jacks' apartment, behind the Tavern Alcove.
326. All night drug store across town from the square.
341. Alley between Pharmacy and Les Femmes.
     Anderson house.
     Anderson Insurance, formerly Amos Barkley Insurance near Dowell law office.
     Apartment of Ann Howard, Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.
     Apartment of Calvin Hanley above the Pharmacy.
     Apartment of Paul Hanley above the Pharmacy.
     Apartment of Rodney and Norman above the Pharmacy.
     Apartment of Norman and Rita above the Pharmacy.
106. Atwaters Canvas, episode.
302. Auction block.  Hannah sold the house.
     Bandstand in center of the square.
     Bank on the east side of the square.
     Bank Building also known as the Chamber of Commerce building.
     Barkley Insurance sold to George Anderson.
     Barn House, converted.  Steven and Rodney.
153. Bars, there are four other bars in town, other than Ada's.
012. Bayshore Highway.
xxx. Beach house of Elizabeth Carson.
016. Beach house of Dr. Rossi. 
046. Paul visits beach house of Dr. Rossi.  Elliot shows up.
046. Elliot tells Rossi he must have the beach house back. 
050. Paul sneaks diary into the Beach house of Elliot Carson.
489. Bicycle shop, Maggie Riggs.
500. Bill's Barber Shop. 
     Boat docks.
287. Boison's place out on the ridge is for sale.  [Betty].
002. Book Gallery known as book store.
020. Bus terminal east of the Peyton Pharmacy.  Became Peyton theater. 031
125. Cemetary, near the Peyton Mill.
     Chamber of Commerce building, alternate name of bank building.
023. Banking & Trust Co. building.
     Chandlery on the square, became General Store.
484. Cheney house, Patricia Anne Cheney, Carolyn's friend
     Chernak house on Collins.  Near the Walker house on Collins.
105. Chowder Pot, beneath Mrs. Hewitt's apartment house. 104, 421
     Cider Barrel on the wharf, run by Charlie
     Cigar store on the wharf near the tavern.
     Clarion newspaper office, Matthew, Jerry, Elliot, 
     Colonial Post Inn east of the Town Hall
     Converted barn, Betty and Rodney Harrington's house near the wharf.
     Cord house, given to Steven and Betty by Hannah.
     Cord mansion.
016. Country Club, mentioned, but never seen.
     Courthouse within the Peyton Place Town Hall
012. Dead Man's Curve.
     Doctors Hospital on Glover, a half block east of the Pharmacy
     Faraday's Bluff
     Fire Station on the square
     Fire Station interior, never shown.
147. Florist Telegraph Delivery.
     Fowler livingroom 
171. Freddie's Tavern.
206. General Store on the square
278. Glouster Cove.  Anonymous caller.
151. Gordon Monument Company.
000. Grocery store, never shown
     Grover Street on east side of the square.
126. Guido's restaurant.
231. Guido's restaurant. Allison.
327. Ham's Shoreline Arcade, west of the Tavern, near the Chernak house.
     Harrington Brothers Motorcycles
     Harrington mansion, Leslie, David, Martin, Steven.
482. Harper Hospital, epi 482
     Hastings Valley, Chandler, Burrows, Welles, handyman
345. Heritage Cemetary, Peyton plot.
     Hewitt's boarding house, rooming house, apartment house.
     House of Steven Cord and Betty Anderson Cord
405. Indian Pond, mentioned in Elliot's poem.
028. Interstate Bus Terminal, became video store or movie theater.
     In the epilogue the town was served by a Trailways bus.
106. Italian grocery store and market
     Jail, within the Peyton Place Town Hall
     Jewelry store on the square
     Joe's Barber shop
     Joe's Boat repair, on the wharf across from the Tavern
166. Kent's Boat Repair shop on the wharf, epi 166
002. Kitchen in the Anderson House.
     Kitchen in the Carson House, with pots on the wall
     Kitchen in the Carson House, with knot-what shelf
     Kitchen in the Mackenzie House, with pots on the wall
     Law offices of Theodore Dowell
     Law offices of Steven Cord
     Les Femmes botique next to the Book Gallery
235. Library within the Peyton Place Town Hall, epi 235.
     Livingroom of the Anderson house
     Livingroom of the Carson House
484. Livingroom of the Cheney house.
     Livingroom of the Chernak house.
     Livingroom of the Steven Cord mansion.
     Livingroom of the Fowler house.
     Livingroom of the Harrington mansion.
001. Livingroom of the Mackenzie house.
     Livingroom of the Manse.
     Livingroom of the Peyton mansion.
     Livingroom of the Schuster mansion.
     Livingroom of the Webber house.
019. Lobster shack near the Chandlery. 218.
     Mackenzie House and later Carson house, and later Russell House.
     Magnuson lobster and seafood market
327. Mailbox in front of Ada Jacks' Tavern.
324. Mamasito's Italian Village Restaurante.
     Manny's Delicatessen, mentioned by Rita to Norman.  Probably ficticious.
     Manse of Tom Winter
     Mansion of Martin Peyton on the hill east of the square.
     Market, never shown.
     Morton house.
     Movie House east of the Pharmacy, was Interstate Bus Station.
134. Old Beach Road, where Allison was hit by hit-and-run car.
142. Parking garage behind fire station.
     Pathology laboratory in Doctors Hospital.
079. Personnel lounge of Doctors Hospital.
     Peyton College
066. Peyton College, Student Union.
     Peyton High School, Roberts, Klinger, 
366. Peyton Landing.
     Peyton mansion, Harrington mansion, Schuster mansion, Cord mansion.
     Peyton Place Arcade next to tavern, Ham's
023  Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. known as Chamber of Commerce building. 
     Peyton Place Clarion south side of square in Peyton Professional Building
     Peyton Place Hardware sign on side of Ada Jacks' Tavern
     Peyton Place Pharmacy south side of the square on east end
     Peyton Place Real Estate, Jones and Hill, episode 10, south of the square
     Peyton Professional Building above and including Clarion
358. Peyton Theater was Interstate Bus Terminal.
     Pillory, east end of the square.
137. Portales Bay.
     Post Office was never shown, only 3 postmen.
147. Robinson and Gaynes Florist.
009. Roode's Jewelry, 10, 23, 290.
     Russell House, Fred, Marsha, Carolyn.
     Sailors' Bluff
089. Sandy's ice cream parlor with 18 flavors.
065. Schuster mansion.
     Shoreline Cafe, teen hangout on the wharf near garage.
     Shoreline Arcade next to tavern.  Ham's.
     Shoreline Garage on the wharf.  Later Harrington Motorcycles, Inc.
     Shoreline road.
275. Solarium in the hospital.
105. Sparhawk Employment, on the wharf near the garage, 219, 267.
001. Square, center of town.
066. Student Union.  Peyton College.  Mentioned by Rodney to Allison.
129. Supermarket was never shown.  Mentioned by Rita.  Near wharf.
051. Sutter's Hill.
xxx. Telephone office was never shown.
     Town Hall north side of the square, Library, Courtrooms, Jail.
     Walker house on Collins.  Near Chernak house also on Collins.
     Wayside Chapel, marriage of Norman and Rita, across the state line.
     Wayside Church, Constance and Elliot's wedding, Betty and Rodney's second 
     Webber house, near the wharf.
022. Whalers' Rock, Mrs. Emily Maitland buys postcards.
     Wharf, Ada Jacks' Tavern, fish market, Chowder Pot, Shoreline 
       Garage, Cider Barrel, Ham's Arcade, Hewitt boarding house, 
       Sam Jolly's Chowder Pot, Shoreline Cafe 
096. Whitehall Inn, restaurant.  Betty and Steven.
056. Woodfinch 5 & 10 variety store, probably Rita's first employer.

Geography of distant areas:

031. Bus station, Betty arrived on way to New York City.
032. Quincy Hotel, Betty stopped over on her way to New York City.
041. Train Station, Betty came home from NYC on the train and bus.
075. Boston Hotel where Elliot and Constance honeymooned.  76.
374. Peyton's town house, near the corner of Beacon and Revere.
393. Cave outside of Boston, Peyton recollects.
458. Church Superior's Boston office, Rev. Winter resigned the ministry.
483. Apartment of Fred Russell, Carolyn visited her father.
     Law offices of Kennerly and Wainwright, Peyton's lawyers.
xxx. Boston Medical Clinic, Peyton spent time while ill.

Green Valley:
  Greenvale sanitarium, George Anderson
  Crap game

Hastings Valley:
  Farmhouse of Jack Chandler, home of Rachel Welles.
  Farmhouse of the Burrows' not far from Chandler's farm.
  Log Cabin where Norman and Rita discovered Rachel.

049. Truckee river.  Wedding rings.

New York City:
xxx. Belle View Hospital, Rossi delivered Allison to Constance.
036. Manhattan Employment Agency, Betty and Sharon tried to get jobs.
037. Ellen's Botique, NYC.
038. Apartment of Sharon Purcell, Betty stayed a while with Sharon.
039. Apartment of Sharon Purcell.
040. Apartment of Sharon Purcell.
041. Grand Central Station, Betty left NYC
073. Wade School, where Kim Schuster attended epi 73
482. Harper Hospital, called by Lew Miles.
Owens Ridge, across the state line:
172. Wayside Chapel, Norman and Rita married.

Pine Ridge:
350. Pine Ridge Motor Lodge.  Billy Brown, proprietor.

Rocky Point:
039. Calvin mentions what boys did in Rocky Point.

San Francisco:
181. Department Store, Mr. Scott salesman

492. Sill's county fair, epi 492.

White River:
077. Travers' Mill.
270. Airport, Elliot returns from NYC.
469. Airport, Lew Miles arrives.
143. Jackson Packing-Stella's employer.
484. Rental agency, Chuck Atwell and Betty A. H. C. Harrington

Yukon River:
045. Norman mentions bridge.