260. Achille's heel-tendon connecting the back of the heel to the muscles 
       of the calf of the leg. (Ann Howard).

042. Anesthesia-without feeling.

021. Angina-a disease marked by spasmodic attacks of intense suffocative 
       pain.  (Eli).

450. Angiogram-a roentgenographic visualization of the blood vessels after 
       injection of a radiopaque substance.

392. Arthritis-Inflammation of the joints, particularily rheumatoid. 
       (Attorney Kennerly)
       Osteo-arthritis--Arthritis of middle age characterized by 
       degenerative and sometimes hypertrophic changes in the bone and 
       cartilage of one or more joints and a progressive wearing down of 
       opposing joint surfaces with consequent distortion of joint 
       position usually without bone stiffening.  Also called degenerative 
       arthritis, degenerative joint disease, hypertrophic arthritis. 

007. Baud-Unit of speed in telegraphic code.  The number of bits per 
       second that can be transmitted in a given computer system.

315. Bourgeois-middle class.  (Peyton).

016. Bronchitis-inflammation of mucous lining of bronchial tubes. (Eli)

000. Bronco-itis--fear of sports utility vehicles.

389. Bursitis-inflammation of a bursa particularily near shoulder or hip.  
       A bursa is a sac or pouchlike cavity.  (Mary). 

464. Candy-striper--An unpaid teenage volunteer nurse's aide.

173. Cirrhosis of the liver-hardening of the liver.  A degenerative 
       disease.  Fibrosis.  (Gus Chernak).
       Cirrh from the greek kirrhos meaning tawny or orange-yellow.

008. Chrysanthemum-golden flower.  (Rodney).

107. Clambake-a large noisy social gathering, originally on the beach.

380. Closed Mitral Valve-operation.

025. Codicil. (from the latin for code)-an addition to a will which 
     changes, explains, revodes, or adds provisions.  Appendix or 
445. Déjà vu-already seen.

450. Encephalogram-an x-ray picture of the brain.  This procedure is no 
       longer a preferred method of diagnosis.  Some new doctors have 
       never seen an encephalogram.

113. Exchange-answering service.  (Rossi).

463. Farding-putting on make-up.  [Look it up yourself.]

009. Gastric Pain-stomach discomfort.  (Catherine, Dr. Morton).

335. Gurney-a stretcher with wheels.  Origin of the word gurney is unknown 
       somewhat like the use of the word "love" meaning zero in tennis 

xxx. Hansen's Disease-Leprosy

206. Hematology-the study of blood, blood-forming tissues, and blood 
       diseases.  Toward the end of the series Dr. Harry Miles related 
       that Dr. Philip Van Leyden was also working on blood diseases 
       prevalent in his race. 

008. Indian Summer-period of mild, warm, hazy weather following the first 
       frost of autumn.  (Constance, Dr. Rossi).

xxx. Leprosy-Hansen's Disease.

463. Mackerel-any of various scombroid fishes; especially an edible fish 
       (Scomber scombrus) of the North Atlantic, that has a greenish, blue 
       striped back, and a silvery belly. 

380. Mitral Stenosis-Constriction problem with the valve between the left 
       atrium and left ventricle.  It can be repaired with a relatively 
       straight forward operation by a heart specialist.  It would be 
       major surgery.  (Rita). 

161. Nachtmare-nightmare, term used by Teri Garr in Young Frankenstein.

169. Necromancer-black magic practitioner.  (Norman).

464. Nurse's aide-a worker who assists trained nurses in a hospital by 
       performing unspecialized services (as making beds and giving baths.)

499. Phalanges-bones of the fingers or toes.  Dr. Rossi used the term in 
       referring to his cold fingers. 

107. Piroshki [piroshka]-Small pastry turnovers with a filling.  Spiced beef and 
108.   sauteed vegetables wrapped in lavash bread then sauteed to a 
       crisp.  (Chernaks).  Surfing the internet we find that in 
       Australia, piroshki can mean a potato and onion dumpling.  
       Piroshke is another spelling.

311. Pneumonia-inflammation or infection of the alveoli of the lungs of 
       varying degrees of severity and caused by bacteria.  (Kelly Smith)

378. Praties-potatoes.  [from Galway Bay.]

149. Precis-Abstract. [About Stella Chernak.]

331. Rheumatic fever-an acute or chronic inflammatory disease usually 
362.   induced by a preceeding infection with certain hemolytic streptococci 
366.   characterized variously by fever, pain, and swelling of the joints, 
       inflammation of the heart, etc., and typically occurring in children 
       and young adults.  Rita Jacks Harrington's affliction.

026. Rheumatoid Arthritis-Dr. Bradley tells Rossi he quit surgery and became a 
     pathologist because he developeed rheumatoid arthritis in his wrist. 

280. Sodium Pentothal-(Thiopental sodium)--C11H17N2O2SNA--
       A yellowish-white, hygroscopic powder, injected intravenously in 
       solution as a general anæsthetic and hypnotic.  (Suggested 
       by Elliot).  (As of the year 2002, this is no longer the truth 
       serum of choice.) 

131. Sub-Arachnoid Hemorrhage--Injury to the head causing internal 
       bleeding. (Allison).  The Arachnoid is the middle of three membranes 
       covering the brain.  The Dura Mater is the outer, toughest, most 
       fibrous of the three membranes.  The Pia Mater is the is the 
       vascular membrane immediately enveloping the brain.  Arachnoid is a 
       Modern Latin word referring to a weblike substance.  One of the 
       several meanings of Arachnoid refers to spiders.