5 actors appeared in both HOGAN'S HEROS and Peyton Place.
  1. James Beggs-Arthur Crain. 10-01-65 Kommandant of the Year-Commando no. 1
  2. Whit Bissel-Calvin Hanley. 10-21-66 -Rise and fall of Sgt. Schultz-General Kammler
  3. Robert Hogan-Rev. Tom Winter. 12-24-65 Reservations are required-Braden. 03-20-70 Crittenden's Commandoes-Commando Tobin
  4. Gail Kobe-Doris Schuster. 09-23-67 D-Day at Stalag 13-Lilli von Scheider
  5. Irene Tedrow-Mrs. Clarence L. Healy. 04-24-66 Flame Grows Higher-Jenny.