Betty Anderson       Catherine Harrington  Eli Carson          Lucy Adams
Automobile accident  Perforated ulcer      Angina              Sled accident
Episode 13           Episode 19            Episode 36          Episode 45
Norman Harrington    Elliot Carson        Mrs. Zito            Janet
Mugged and           Gunshot wound        visited              Sinclair
tied to              accidentally         by Rev.              Maternity
pillory by           inflicted by         Jerry                patient
Joe Chernak gang     George Anderson      Bedford              Bonnie Beecher
Episode 53           Episode 72           Episode 78           Episode 78
Vincent Markham      Danny                Allison              Mark
Bus Accident         therapy              Hit-and-run          Therapy
Leslie Nielsen       patient              Mia Farrow           patient
Episode 92           Episode 134          Episode 147          Episode 156
Eli gives Allison    Russ Gehring         Gus Chernak          Allison
a thing-a-ma-jig     visits               Alcoholism           Emotional
Mia Farrow           Allison              liver ailment        problems
Episode 163          Episode 164          Episode 173          Episode 184
Nancy                Jessica              Chris Webber         Chris Webber
Therapy              Therapy              Fall                 visited by
Patient              Patient              on wharf             Ann Howard
Episode 206          Episode 206          Episode 240          Episode 241
Constance            Constance is         Constance is         Rachel Welles
gives birth          visited by Eli       visited by Elliot    injured in fall
to Matthew           and Elliot           in her room          from hay loft
Episode 270          Episode 270          Episode 270          Episode 289
Rachel Welles        Rachel Welles        Martin Peyton        Martin Peyton
wrist injury         throws brush and     Smoke inhalation     Nurse Stacy
self-inflicted       mirror at Rodney     from mansion fire    cranks bed
Episode 286          Episode 291          Episode 303          Episode 304
Jack Chandler        Rita Jacks           Joe Rossi            Edith, un-wed        
wharf fight with     Harrington           Accident             mother-to-be
Elliot Carson        Heart Trouble        with Norman          Pam McMyler
Episode 335          Episode 337          Episode 418          Episode 443
Rodney Harrington    Susan Winter         Rodney Harrington    Rodney Harrington
Motorcycle accident  acute alcoholism     Motorcycle accident  Motorcycle accident
motorcycle           Diana Hyland         Ryan O'Neal          Ryan O'Neal
Episode 450          Episode 457          Episode 470          Episode 470
Rodney Harrington    Fred Russell         Fred Russell         Fred Russell
Motorcycle           Head injury          Head injury          Head injury
accident             Joe Maross           Joe Maross           Joe Maross
Episode 491          Episode 508          Episode 508          Episode 509

  1. 012. Rodney is treated but not admitted to hospital.
  2. 019. Perforated ulcer.
  3. 021. Eli has an angina attack.
  4. 023. Catherine dies in the operating room.
  5. 035. George is taken to Greenvale Sanitarium.
  6. 046. Eli leaves for Florida.
  7. 053. Norman is treated and admitted overnight.
  8. 054. George comes home for a visit.
  9. 057. George comes home for a visit.
  10. 058. George takes Julie and Betty out for pizza.
  11. 059. George shoots Elliot by accident.
  12. 060. George is taken to Greenvale Sanitarium.
  13. 060. Elliot is operated on for gunshot wound..
  14. 092. Dr. Vincent Markham is admitted.
  15. 092. Steven is treated but not admitted.
  16. 151. Allison starts to come out of her coma. Allison awakens.
  17. 173. Gus Chernak wants IV removed from his arm.
  18. 175. Gus Chernak slips out of he hospital.
  19. 177. Gus collapses and dies in the mansion.
  20. 182. Gus is buried.
  21. 182. Allison cuts her hair.
  22. 191. Allison goes home.
  23. 238. Chris Webber falls on the wharf.
  24. 262. Allison is hospitalized after Rossi consults with Dr. Quist.
  25. 263. Allison slips out of the hospital.
  26. 263. Allison has harsh words with Lee Webber.
  27. Kelly is admitted with pneumonia.
  28. 470. Rodney had an outing in his wheel-chair.
  29. Rodney went home to the converted barn house.
  30. Eddie Jacks was treated but not admitted.
  31. Norman was treated but not admitted.
  32. Adrienne died in the Peyton mansion.
  33. Lee Webber died in the Peyton mansion.
  34. Fred Russell died in the hospital.
Norman Harrington: He was beat up by the Chernak gang and tied to the Pillory. He got into a fight with Joe Chernak. He got into a fight with Rachel Welles. He was in an Automobile accident with Joe Rossi. Cracked a rib when shoved by Eddie Jacks. Knocked the head off a snow man. Got into a snowball fight with Rodney Harrington. Was in a motorcycle accident with Rodney Harrington. HOME