Joan Blackman        A young Joan Blackman

Joan Blackman dated Elvis Presley for a time and appeared in two of his movies.
Joan Blackman was married to actor/artist Joby Baker.

1958 Good Day For a Hanging
1959 Career
1960 Visit to a Small Planet
1961 The Great Impostor
       Joan Blackman-Maile Duval
       Tony Curtis-
1961 Blue Hawaii
       Joan Blackman-Maile Duval-[married Elvis in this movie.]
       Elvis Presley
1962 Kid Galahad
       Joan Blackman-
       Elvis Presley
1963 Twilight of Honor
1966 Intimacy
1966 The Destructors
1968 Daring Game
1974 Pets
1974 Macon County Line
1975 Moonrunners
1975 Shivers
1998 Merry War
2001 Bridget Jones's Diary
       Joan Blackman-

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