I Dream of Jeanie
Barbara Eden   Charles Irving       Don Dubbins         Henry Beckman
    001. 09-18-65 The Lady in the Bottle, the pilot for the series.
  1. Don Dubbins [Wm. Kennerly, Jr.]-Lt. Pete Conway xxx. xx-xx-xx Unknown-
  2. Charles Irving [Dr. Joe Bradley]- xxx. xx-xx-xx Unknown-
  3. Henry Beckman-[George Anderson]-Motorcycle police officer
Episode guide: 001. 09-18-65 The Lady in the Bottle, the pilot for the series When astronaut Tony Nelson's space capsule goes off course, he lands on a seemingly uninhabited island and finds a strange, green bottle. Aye, there's a rub, the bottle contains a 2000-year-old genie. Don Dubbins-Lt. Pete Conway 002. 09-25-65 My Hero Tony wants to meet the man who insults Jeannie at the market, so Jeannie transports him back to a market-place in ancient Persia. 003. 10-02-65 Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon Tony has forbidden Jeannie to interfere while he and Roger are on a week-long mission under simulated lunar conditions. But Jeannie decides to go along anyway, hidden in Tony's canteen. 004. 10-09-65 The Marriage Caper General Stone has received an ambassador's appointment, and Melissa wants Tony to quit the space program to become her father's military attache. 005. 10-16-65 G. I. Jeannie Jeannie joins the WAFs in the hope of being assigned as Tony's secretary, but she is ordered to report to another post. 006. 10-23-65 The Yacht Murder Case During a cruise, several people overhear an argument between Tony and an unidentified woman Jeannie, but when they investigate, the woman is nowhere to be found. 007. 10-30-65 Anybody Here Seen Jeannie Jeannie wants Tony to quit the astronaut program because it's too dangerous, especially since he refused to let her help when he takes scheduled walk in space. 008. 11-06-65 The Americanization of Jeannie Jeannie feels that Tony is taking her for granted, so she decides to stop using her magic powers and start acting like a normal female. 009. 11-13-65 The Moving Finger Tony is in Hollywood working as technical advisor on an astronaut movie. Jeannie plans to keep an eye on him, The star of the film is beautiful Rita Mitchell. 010. 11-20-65 Djinn & Water When Jeannie finds that Tony's interested in the desalinization of sea water, she conjures up her Grandfather Bilejik, who discovered the secret 2000 years ago. 011. 11-27-65 Whatever Became of Baby Custer Major Jamison feels his 11-year-old son Custer's preoccupation with the space program may be affecting his sense of reality. The youngster says he saw Tony floating in the air, on a beach towel. 012. 12-04-65 Where'd You Go-Go Tony encourages Jeannie to accept a date with another man, unaware that the man is his best friend Roger. 013. 12-11-65 Russian Roulette A Russian lady cosmonaut develops a strong interest in Tony, the day after Tony promised Jeannie that he won't go out with other girls. 014. 12-18-65 What House Across the Street Caught in the triangle between Roger and Tony, Jeannie conjures up her mother to ask for advice. 015. 12-25-65 Too Many Tonys Jeannie starts sewing her wedding dress after she learns that astronaut requirements may make it necessary for Tony to get married. 016. 01-08-66 Get Me to Mecca on Time Jeannie says she'll lose her powers and disappear forever, unless she goes on a pilgramage to Mecca. 017. 01-15-66 Richest Astronaut in the World Tony's friend Roger learns Jeannie's secret, and her becomes Jeannie's newest master, by stealing the bottle and locking it in a safe. 018. 01-22-66 Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House Jeannie offers to summon up her cousin Marilla so Roger can have a genie of his own. 019. 01-29-66 Never Try to Outsmart a Genie Tony is taking an ocean voyage to Italy, and Jeannie, who was once shipwrecked for 2000 years, insists on going along to protect him. 020. 02-05-66 My Master, the Doctor Jeannie helps fulfill Tony's wish to be a doctor when Roger has an attack of appendicitis. 021. 02-12-66 Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper Tony begins to feel that he has become a bit soft and lazy since Jeannie started doing all the household chores. 022. 02-19-66 How Lucky can you Get In Reno, Nev., Jeannie upsets the odds when Tony and Roger go gambling. 023. 02-26-66 Watch the Birdie With Jeannie's help Tony's golf game imroves so much that General Peterson asks him to join the grudge match against two Navy officers. 024. 03-05-66 The Permanent House Guest Tony stops Jeannie from producing miracles, so she takes revenge by putting an elephant in his bedroom. 025. 03-12-66 Bigger than a Breadbox, and Better than a Genie Roger has been visiting a fortune teller but Tony is convinced that the clairvoyant is a faker. 026. 03-19-66 My Master, the Great Rembrandt Jeannie helps Tony paint a copy of Rembrandt's masterpiece, and the copy is so good that Tony is accused of being an art thief, or a forger. 027. 04-02-66 My Master, the Thief At the museum, Jeannie sees a pair of her old slippers in a display of art. Jeannie wants them back, so she takes them. 028. 04-09-66 This is Murder Tony has been assigned to escort the visiting Princess Tarji, and Jeannie says she must kill Tarji to settle a 3000-year old family feud. 029. 04-23-66 My Master, the Magician Dr. Bellows barges in as Tony is taking a quick nap, floating in mid-air. 030. 05-07-66 I'll Never Forget What's Her Name No TV GUIDE listing 031. 09-12-66 Happy Anniversary, First color episode broadcast Tonight, Tony will have to miss Jeannie's first-anniversary celebration on the Pacific island where they met, he's scheduled to go into orbit. 032. 09-19-66 Always, on Sunday On a sleepy Monday morning Jeannie grants Tony's wish that everyday were Sunday, by turning the calendar back a day. 033. 09-26-66 My Master, the Rich Tycoon When a caustic visitor belittles Tony's furniture, Jeannie fills the house with art treasures and servants, not knowing that the man is an Internal Revenue agent. 034. 10-03-66 My Master, the Rainmaker Jeannie's talents as a weather girl are decidedly unorthodox, She makes it snow in July, and only on Tony's house. 035. 10-10-66 My Wild-Eyed Master Tony doesn't want Jeannie to know that he's been grounded for failing an eye test, He's tired of he mischievous magic-maker fixing things for him. 036. 10-17-66 What's New, Poodle Dog Roger lines up a date for Tony, and winds up in the dog pound when a jealous Jeannie turns him into a poodle. 037. 10-24-66 Fastest Gun in the East First color episode made Tony wishes that he had lived in the Old West, so Jeannie sends him back in time, as marshal of Gopher Gulch, a town plagued by rustlers. 038. 10-31-66 How to be a Genie in Ten Easy Lessons Tony has ordered "Tales of the Arabian Nights" for Jeannie, unaware that the book contains helpful hints on how enslaved genies can rise up against their masters. 039. 11-07-66 Who Needs a Green-Eyed Jeannie No TV GUIDE listing 040. 11-14-66 The GIrl Who Never Had a Birthday Part I An unhappy Jeannie is fading away because she doesn't know her own birthday. So Tony and Roger start pushing the buttons of a huge NASA computer to find out when the Genie was born. 041. 11-21-66 The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday Part II Tony and Roger continue their efforts to pinpoint Jeannie's birthdate. The genie is fading away, and will disappear if she doesn't find out when she was born. 042. 11-28-66 How Do You Beat a Superman Tony takes caddish counter measures when Jeannie conjures up a millionaire suitor to spite her inattentive master. 043. 12-05-66 My Master, the Great Caruso The general hears about Tony's great tenor voice and enters him in a talent contest, unaware that the voice is Enrico Caruso's. Jeannie gave it to Tony, but Tony made her take it back. Now the off-key astronaut has to win the talent contest without a trace of talent. 044. 12-12-66 The World's Greatest Lover Jeannie, thinking, Roger is lonely, decides to set things right. In a genie's wink, he's up to his astronaut's eyebrows in fawning females, including a gangster's girl friend and Dr. Bellow's wife. 045. 12-19-66 Jeannie Breaks the Bank Jeannie graciously fattens Tony's bank account by three million bucks. Now the top brass wants to know where the low-paid astronaut got all that money. 046. 12-26-66 My Master, the Author Tony becomes a child psychologist for the General's shy niece and Dr. Bellow's loudmouthed nephew when Jeannie credits Tony with a best-selling book on child care. 047. 01-09-67 Greatest Invention in the World Jeannie has created a marvelous miracle fabric that can withstand anything, even Dr. Bellow's clumsy efforts to learn how it was made. 048. 01-16-67 My Master, the Spy Tony gets into double trouble when Jeannie's wayward magic puts him in two places at once, Paris, where he offends French officials, and Cape Kennedy, where his appearance touches off cloak-and-dagger shenanigans. 049. 01-23-67 You Can't Arrest Me. I Don't Have a Driver's License Thanks to Jeannie, Tony is snarled in a tangle of traffic violations and bribery charges. 050. 01-30-67 One of Our Bottles is Missing No TV Guide listing 051. 02-06-67 My Master, the Civilian Jeannie and Roger conspire to keep their favorite astronaut flying high. The top brass is pressuring Tony into taking a civilian job at a missile plant. 052. 02-20-67 There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had One day a year, displeased masters may banish their genies, and today is the day. In flashbacks, Tony reviews a year of Jeannie's mischief to decide if he'll renew her option. 053. 02-27-67 The Greatest Entertainer in the World Sammy Davis Jr. appears as himself in this episode. Jeannie decides to help Tony book the greatest entertainer in the world for the general's gala, and Sam's her man. Sammy Davis Jr.-himself 054. 03-06-67 The Incredible Shrinking Master A house cat holds all the terror of a Bengal tiger for Tony, who's been accidentally shrunk to the size of a mouse by Jeannie's magic. Special effects and giant props highlight this episode. 055. 03-13-67 My Master, the Pirate Jeannie's magic sends Tony on a journey throught time. Materializing in the 18th Century, he walks the plank, survives a fusillade and tries to rescue his lovely great-great-great grandmother from cutthroats. 056. 03-20-67 A Secretary is not a Toy Jeannie's efforts to get Tony promoted to general lead to a spy scare and a possible court-martial for her hero. 057. 03-27-67 There Goes the Bride To change Jeannie's mind about marrying Tony, the boss of the genies makes Tony disaster-prone, and makes Jeannie powerless to help. 058. 04-03-67 My Master, Napoleon's Best Buddy Jeannie grants Tony's wish for one hour with Napoleon that could change the course of history. But the little Emperor orders a change for Tony, via the guillotine. 059. 04-10-67 The Birds and the Bees Bit An alarmed Roger launches an investigation into the ways of genies to find out what will happen if Tony marries Jeannie, as he has announced. 060. 04-17-67 My Master, the Swinging Bachelor An odd turn of events forces Tony to get a lady chef, and a jealous Jeannie to cook up some high-calorie revenge. 061. 04-14-67 The Mod Party Dr. Bellow's finds the astronauts whooping it up at a mod party after they were excused from a meeting. It's up to Jeannie to get the boys out of trouble, but how. 062. 09-12-67 Fly Me to the Moon NASA starts some monkey business by training a chimpanzee to go to the moon. Convinced that only a man belongs in the driver's seat, Jeannie turns the chimp into a human. Only one problem remains, The top brass want their monkey back. 063. 09-19-67 Jeannie or the Tiger Barbara Eden plays a dual role, as the gentle genie and her blatantly aggressive aister. In her zeal to bag Tony for herself, sis bottles up Jeannie, banishes Roger to foreign climes, assumes Jeannie's identity and appalls her master with strong-arm tactics. 064. 09-26-67 The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World In an episode filmed in Hawaii, Milton Berle stars as a flim-flamming phony who is trying to bilk Jeannie of a priceless scarab pin her keepsake from King Tut. 065. 10-03-67 My Turned-On Master Jeannie's powers richochet madly when she transfers them to Tony, who accidentally bounces them to Bellows. Then it is Bellows to Tony, and ZAP. 066. 10-10-67 My Master, the Weakling Jeannie strikes back after Commander Kiski, a physical fitness fiend, leaves Tony and Roger more dead than alive. 067. 10-17-67 Jeannie, the Hip Hippie It's Jeannie a go-to as the hip genie transforms four youngsters into a pop quartet. The musical magic is all for the benefit of Mrs. Bellow's charity bazaar. 068. 10-31-67 Everybody's a Movie Star Comic Paul Lynde guest stars as a bedeviled Hollywood director assigned to film a NASA documentary. Roger soon seizes the opportunity to launch his own star-studded career. Paul Lynde-movie director 069. 11-07-67 Who are you Calling a Genie A mad scramble ensues when Jeannie gets conked on the head. The astronauts have to stop Bellows from x-raying the genie's brain, then they must cope with her amnesia. 070. 11-14-67 Meet my Master's Mother Spring Byington appears as Tony's mother, a blithe spirit who breezes happily through an unannounced visit with her son. Meanwhile, storms of protest are blowing up from the general direction of an angry genie in hiding. Spring Byington-Tony's mother 071. 11-21-67 Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale Tony and Roger compete the favor of a movie starlet who's appearing at a NASA ball. Surprise. The publicity minded chick intends to use the occasion to announce her engagement to an astronaut. 072. 11-28-67 Tony's Wife Jeannie's vampish sister makes another stab at bagging Tony. After tricking Jeannie into leaving the scene, sis runs into an unexpected obstacle, Jeannie has found a ravishing girl to take her place. 073. 12-05-67 Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery Alas and alack, Jeannie is conned into pulling a bank job and using Tony's car for a get-away. 074. 12-12-67 My Son, the Genie Happenings erupt as Tony tries to cope with two awesome visitors, Harold, the bumbling son of the Master of all Genies and the President of the United States. 075. 12-26-67 Jeannie Goes to Honolulu In Hawaii, Jeannie makes things hot for Tony, who said he was going to the North Pole, and then sneaked over to Honolulu. 076. 01-02-68 The Battle of Waikiki King Kamehameha returns to Hawaii through Jeannie's magical auspices. Displeased by the current scene, the king vows he will raise an army to set things right. 077. 01-23-68 Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie Part I A four-part misadventure begins as Jeannie embarks on a wild odyssey, locked in a NASA safe earmarked for the moon. 078. 02-30-68 Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie Part II The genie still bottled up in an experimental NASA safe, an object of great interest to two crooks. 079. 02-06-68 Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie Part III Barbara Eden does double duty as Jeannie still trapped inside a NASA safe and her brazen sister, who tries to snare Tony for good. 080. 02-15-68 Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie Part IV After four weeks in a NASA safe, Jeannie faces the end. The safe's explosive mechanism will go off unless a demolitions expert can free her. Compounding the dilemma, The man who opens the safe will become Jeannie's new master. 081. 02-13-68 Please Don't Feed the Astronauts Comic Paul Lynde plays Commander Porter, the maniacal head of a NASA experiment. Guinea pigs Tony and Roger face a food-free diet and five days on a desolute island, caught in Porter's wild ideas on survival, Jeannie's ruinous efforts to help. 082. 02-20-68 My Master, the Ghost Breaker Comic Jack Carter appears as an English lawyer who is handling Tony's inheritance, a quaint old house in England. On an inspection trip, Tony, Jeannie, and Roger face a harrowing night with some not-so-quaint old ghosts. Jack Carter-English lawyer 083. 02-27-68 Divorce, Genie Style Tony's private life and public image face ruination when Jeannie forsakes her magical powers to prove what a swell little mortal she could be. 084. 03-05-68 Double-Crossing Master Tony gets his just deserts when he tests Jeannie's fidelity. Disguised as a British psychiatrist, Tony woos the genie, wins her, and acquires a patient in the bargain. 085. 03-12-68 Have you ever had a Genie Hate You Jeannie's mean sister pops in and causes the ultimate in upheavals. She dupes Jeannie into using potions that make her hate Tony, and fall in love with Roger. 086. 03-19-68 Operation, First Couple on the Moon NASA's first-couple-on-the-moon project takes on frightening dimensions for Tony when Jeannie's sister horms in for some interplanetary hanky-panky. 087. 03-26-68 Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before A tumultuous game of who's who is touched off when Jeannie inadvertently switches Tony's personality into Roger's body, and vice versa. 088. 09-16-68 U-F-OHHHHHH Jeannie Jeannie and the astronauts move to Monday for their fourth year of misadventures. Tonight, they land amongst a clutch of hillbillies who think the astronauts are either Martians, or revenoores. 089. 09-23-68 Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks Tony finds himself top man in a candy factory when Dr. Bellows discovers a strength-inducing sweet concoctedby Jeannie's mother. Unfortunately, the tasty tidbits have a bite of their own. 090. 09-30-68 Djinn-Djinn Go Home An unseen terror grips Tony and his fellow officers. Jeannie's long-lost pooch also a genie turns a reunion into a rout by invisible attacks on everyone in uuiform. 091. 10-07-68 Tomorrow is Not Another Day Tomorrow's newspaper Jeannie's handiwork announces that an astronaut broke his leg, but it doesn't say which astronaut. 092. 10-14-68 Abdullah A bouncing baby boy named Adbullah Jeannie's nephew triggers the rash of wild misunderstandings when his genie aunt drops him in Tony and Roger's laps for a day. 093. 10-21-68 The Used Car Salesman No TV Guide listing 094. 11-18-68 Strongest Man in the World Jeannie's do-goodmanship makes Tony very strong, overconfident and a likely candidate to be kayoed in a bout with a marine mauler. 095. 11-25-68 Indispensable Jeannie The astronauts fail so miserably at a close-quarters compatability test that Jeannie sneaks some magic into the proceedings, just when Dr. Bellows comes in as observer. 096. 12-02-68 Jeannie and the Top Secret Jeannie raises hob with her master's secret mission to the Pentagon. It is their anniversary, and the genie thinks Tony is dallying with a mortal. 097. 12-09-68 How to Marry an Astronaut Jeannie's brassy sister pops in with a few lessons in the crafty art of catching a husband, with Roger as her odds-on favorite as her quarry. 098. 12-16-68 Dr. Bellows goes Sane Dr. Bellows' graphic report on his weird experience as Tony's psychiatrist convinces the top brass that Bellows is the ding-a-ling, and places Tony at the mercy of a replacement who uses hypnosis and truth serums. 099. 12-30-68 Jeannie My Guru Tony's put in a bind by the truant daughter of a disciplinarian general. The hippie and her pals take over Tony's pad under threat of blabbing about Jeannie. 100. 01-06-69 The Case of my Vanishing Master Part I A secret agent, Tony's exact lookalike, steps into the astronaut's shoes to mask his hush-hush absence. Trouble looms as the twin takes over Tony's pad, where an unsuspecting Jeannie presides over a mind-boggling state of affairs. 101. 01-13-69 The Case of my Vanishing Master Part II Tony's whereabouts remain top secret; the double Dr. Bellows put in his place blabs about the harem-girl situation; and, as Jeannie deals with that emergency, it turns out that the lookalike is a spy. 102. 01-27-69 Ride 'em Astronaut Jeannie is roped into being a rodeo queen, but Tony and Roger get the worst of it. Disguised as cowboys to keep an eye on things, they're swept into the bone-rattling action. 103. 02-03-69 Invisible House for Sale Jeannie decides to get Tony away from household chores. Presto, up goes a "for sale" sign and the place is transformed into a mansion, and sold for $60,000 to a VIP from NASA. 104. 02-10-69 Jeannie, the Governor's Wife Jeannie's determination to make Tony governor of the state means plenty of headaches, beginning with a magical look-see into his political future. 105. 02-17-69 Is there a Doctor in the House A mysterious malady that makes Tony doze off in mid-sentence sends Jeannie back to mother for a remedy, and not a moment too soon. Her neglected mother is the source of the trouble. 106. 02-24-69 The Biggest Star in Hollywood "Laugh-In's" producer George Schlatter, Judy Carne, Arte Johnson and Gary Owens join in the Hollywood misadventure. Tony's official visit to town is threatened by disaster, Roger decides willy-nilly to make Jeannie a star. 107. 03-03-69 Jeannie and the Case of the Porcelain Puppy It's confusing when Jeannie starts changing everything into porcelain. Tony's garage becomes a potter's shed, and Jeannie's dog a statuette that captures Mrs. Bellows' fancy. 108. 03-10-69 Jeannie for the Defense Jeannie improvises wild legal and moral support for Tony, who is being railroaded for allegedly injuring a driver. 109. 03-17-69 Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut Jeannie's brazen sister beefs up her campaign to bag Tony. She engineers a series of tricks that will wash Tony out of a moon shot, making Jeannie look like a prankster. 110. 03-24-69 Around the World in Eighty Blinks All is frantic after Jeannie's snafu of a lunar orbit, Tony's back on earth, where Mrs. Bellows is busy arranging a splashdown celebration, and Jeannie's out in space with Roger. 111. 04-07-69 Jeannie-Go-Round Jeannie's jealous sister kicks up her heels in a night club and incites a domestic riot in her relentless drive to disgrace, and replace, Jeannie. 112. 04-14-69 Jeannie and the Secret Weapon A scale model of a space station Jeannie's handiwork falls into the hands of a crackpot inventor, and gets Tony accused of peddling top secrets to a toy manufacturer. 113. 04-28-69 Blackmail Order Bride Tony and Jeannie battle hidden cameras, electronic bugging, and blackmail, to squelch a hotshot reporter who is after an intimate story on Tony's private life. 114. 09-16-69 Jeannie at the Piano Jeannie and her NASA pals move to Tuesday as they begin their fifth season. Tonight, Tony earns the unwanted reputation of a key-board maestro after playing a magic piano provided by Jeannie. 115. 09-23-69 Djinn-Djinn, the Pied Piper Bedlam ensues when Jeannie's rambunctious dog Djinn-Djinn also a genie pays an unwelcomed visit to NASA. The dog won't stop harassing the general's great Dane. 116. 09-30-69 Guess Who's Going to be a Bride Part I To Tony's utter dismay, Jeannie has named him king of Basenji. To make matters worse, the astronaut's tiny kingdom is the archenemy of Kasha, a country that supplies NASA with a metal vital for space flights. 117. 10-07-69 Guess Who's Going to be a Bride Part II Having angered Jeannie into leaving him, an utterly miserable Tony comes to a startling conclusion, he loves the Genie and wants to marry her. 118. 10-14-69 Jeannie's Beauty Cream The beauty attracting all the whistles at NASA is Mrs. Bellows, who has used some of Jeannie's magic beauty cream. Nobody recognizes her, including playboy Roger and Dr. Bellows. 119. 10-21-69 Jeannie and the Bachelor Party Over Tony's loud objections, Roger throws him a "surprise" bachelor party at NASA. It is definitely a surprise to General Schaeffer, who thinks he's attending a top-secret conference. 120. 10-28-69 The Blood of a Jeannie Bellows is bewildered and Tony and Jeannie frantic when the doctor tries to administer their premarital blood tests, genie blood has green corpuscles. 121. 11-04-69 See you in C-U-B-A Tony is set to test a new aircraft at the same time Jeannie wants him at home. In a typical Jeannie foul-up, the plane winds up in Cuba, with its pilot trailing after it. 122. 11-11-69 The Mad Home Wrecker A flamboyant interior decorator takes charge of Tony's pad and turns it into a garish nightmare with fuchsia walls. Tony and Jeannie are speechless, the man has been hired by their well-meaning friends at NASA. 123. 11-25-69 Uncles a Go-Go Jeannie's panicked and Tony's dazed when two very contrary genies arrive to observe their niece's fiance. Both quarreling uncles must approve of Tony, or out he goes. 124. 12-02-69 The Wedding Tony and Jeannie's wedding day arrives, and bride and groom have more than the usual jitters, genies don't photograph, and NASA insists on picture coverage. 125. 12-09-69 My Sister, the Homewrecker Jeannie's scheming sister arrives in town with a foolproof plan for breaking up the newlywed Nelsons. The jealous genie wants Tony for herself. 126. 12-16-69 Jeannie, the Matchmaker Confusion reigns as Jeannie secretly plans to match Roger with the "perfect girl." Little does she know that Tony has the same idea, and his choice is General Schaeffer's niece. 127. 12-30-69 Never put a Genie on a Budget Tony attempts to impose some measure of frugality on his bride backfire miserably. The genie begins a program of domestic austerity that would put the worst miser to shame. 128. 01-06-70 Please Don't Give my Jeannie no more Wine Jeannie zaps up some 400-year-old wine as a dinner gift for Dr. and Mrs. Bellows. Unfortunately, the brew renders its drinkers invisible, shortly before a very influential congressman is due to arrive. 129. 01-13-70 One of our Hotels is Growing Jeannie turns a Los Angeles vaction into chaos when she adds on a complete floor to an otherwise full hotel. 130. 01-20-70 The Solid Gold Jeannie Jeannie causes big headaches for Tony, she pops into the astronaut's isolation chamber following his return from the moon. 131. 02-03-70 Mrs. Djinn-Djinn Jeannie's preparing for a blessed event much to the joy of her NASA friends. They don't know that the expectant mother is Jeannie's dog. 132. 02-10-70 Jeannie and the Curious Kid Tony and Jeannie are in for trouble when they baby-sit with Dr. Bellows' nephew. The precocious kid insists he saw a lady come out of a bottle, and nothing will change his mind. 133. 02-24-70 Jeannie, the Recording Secretary The officers' wives association is holding a week-long Good Husband contest. Jeannie's quite determined her Tony will win, even though he is locked away on a flight simulation mission. 134. 03-03-70 Help, Help a Shark Jeannie unwittingly disturbs a pool match between General Schaeffer and his old foe General Fitzhugh. Things get much worse when the genie tries to remedy matters. Jim Backus-General Fitzhugh 135. 03-17-70 Eternally Yours, Jeannie A jealous Jeannie is no fun, Tony learns when his high school sweet-heart comes to town. 136. 03-24-70 An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing What do you give your husband for a six-month wedding anniversary. That's the problem facing Jeannie, who's been forbidden to blink up any more extravagant gifts. 137. 04-28-70 Hurricane Jeannie Dr. Bellows and Roger are marooned at the Nelsons when a hurricane strikes. The place becomes a madhouse as Tony and Roger try to keep Jeannie from using her magic. 138. 05-19-70 One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind There's a card shark operating at NASA, and Roger is called upon to help nab him. Problem is Roger suspects Tony. 139. 05-26-70 My Master, the Chili King A con artist finds a perfect victim, it's Jeannie, who could get Tony court-martialed with her plans for making him a chili tycoon. HOME