John Kellogg
nee Giles V. Kellogg
06-03-16 Los Angeles, CA

Episode 289         Episode 354
Jack Chandler a.k.a.
Jack Forrest

140. 10-27-63 A Question of Strength.
158. 03-15-64 No Less a man.
173. 10-18-64 Logan's Treasure
                John Kellogg
                Dan Duryea
272. 10-01-67 Conquistadores-
306. 09-29-68 Salute to Yesterday
                John Kellogg-Sgt. Ordy

Daniel Boone:
149. 12-04-69 Cache-Swanson
                Christopher Connelly

1940 Young Tom Edison
       Mickey Rooney
1940 High School
       Jane Withers
1941 Among the Living
1942 To Be or Not to Be
       Jack Benny
1943 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
       John Kellogg-pilot
       Paul Langton-Capt. Edward "Ski" York
       Van Johnson-Lieutenant Ted Lawson 
       Robert Walker-Corporal David Thatcher 
       Tim Murdock-Lieutenant Dean Davenport 
       Don DeFore-Lieutenant Charles McClure 
       Phyllis Thaxter-Ellen Lawson 
       Stephen McNally-Lieutenant Thomas 'Doc' White 
       John R. Reilly-Lieutenant Jacob 'Shorty' Manch 
       Robert Mitchum-Lieutenant Bob Gray 
       Scott McKay-Captain Davey Jones 
       Donald Curtis-Lieutenant Randall 
       Louis Jean Heydt-Navy Lieutenant Henry Miller 
       Douglas Cowan-Lieutenant Everett 'Brick' Holstrom 
       Paul Langton-Captain Edward 'Ski' York 
       Leon Ames-Lieutenant Commander Stephen Jurika 
       Bill Williams-Ensign Bud Fenton 
       Robert Bice-Ensign 'Jig' White 
       Dr. Hsin Kung-Old Dr. Chung 
       Benson Fong-Young Dr. Chung 
       Ching Wah Lee-Guerrilla Charlie 
       Alan Napier-Mr. Parker 
       Ann Shoemaker-Mrs. Parker 
       Dorothy Morris-Jane 
       Jacqueline White-Emmy York 
       Selena Royle-Mrs. Reynolds 
       Spencer Tracy-Lieutenant Colonel James H. 'Jimmy' Doolittle 
       William 'Bill' Phillips-Lieutenant Don Smith 
       Herbert Gunn-Lieutenant Bob Clever 
       Eddie Hall-Joe 
       Charles King-Sailor 
       Jack McClendon-Dick 
       Joyce Walter Sande-General
       Arthur Space-Deck Officer
       Gordon Trigg-Bit Part 
       Peter Varney-Spike
       Henderson Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams-Bit Part 
       Steve Brodie-MP 
       Ralph Brooks-Sailor 
       Wally Cassell-Sailor 
       Luke Chan-Chinese Runner 
       Morris Ankrum 
       Blake Edwards-Officer 
       Edith Leach-Girl 
       Mary Chan-School Teacher 
1945 A Walk in the Sun
1946 Mr. District Attorney
       Dennis O'Keefe
1947 Borrowed Trouble
       William Boyd 
1947 Robin Hood of Texas
       Gene Autry
1947 Johnny O'Clock
       Lee J. Cobb
       Jeff Chandler
       Nina Foch
1947 The Thirteenth Hour
1947 The Gangster
       Harry Morgan [Col. Potter of M*A*S*H]
1947 King of the Wild Horses
       Preston Foster
1947 Out of the Past
       Robert Mitchum
1948 Secret Service Investigator
       Lloyd Bridges
1948 Station West
1948 Sinister Journey
       William Boyd
       Andy Clyde
1948 Borrowed Trouble 
1948 Fighting Back
1949 Bad Men of Tombstone
       Broderick Crawford
       Barry Sullivan
1949 Port of New York
       Yul Brynner
1949 12 O'Clock High-Hal Erickson
       Patrick Whyte [Theodore Dowell in Peyton Place].
       Gregory Peck
1949 Hold That Baby
       Leo Gorcey
       Huntz Hall
       Billy Benedict
1949 House of Strangers
       Edward G. Robinson
       Susan Hayward
       Efrem Zimbalist
1950 Hunt the Man Down
       Gig Young
1950 Enforcer
       Roy Roberts-Atty.
1950 Bunco Squad
       Marguerite Churchill
1950 Backfire
1950 Kansas Raiders
       Audie Murphy
       Tony Curtis
       Brian Donlevy
1951 Tomorrow Is Another Day
1951 Elephant Stampede
       Johnny Sheffield
1951 Come Fill the Cup
       James Cagney
       Raymond Massey
       Gig Young
       Phyllis Thaxter
1952 Greatest Show on Earth
       John Kellogg
       Charleston Heston
       James Stewart
1952 Rancho Notorious
       William Frawley
1952 The Raiders
1952 Jet Job
       Elena Verdugo
1953 Silver Whip
       Lola Albright
1953 Those Redheads From Seattle
       Teresa Brewer
1953 The Fighting Lawman
       Myron Healey
1955 African Manhunt
       Myron Healey
1957 Edge of the City
       Ruby Dee
       Jack Warden
       Sidney Poitier
1961 Go Naked in the World
       Gina Lollobrigida
       Anthony Franciosa
       Ernest Borgnine
1962 Convicts Four
       Ray Walston
1974 A Knife For the Ladies
       Jack Elam
       Joe Santos
       Ruth Roman
1982 Fighting Back
1986 Violets Are Blue
1987 Orphans
1989 Wonderworks-Jacob Have I Loved
1990 Jacob Have I Loved

Stage plays:
Brother Rat, road company

John Kellogg signed a Columbia contract in 1946.