JUDGES and Justice of the Peace

Justice of the       Judge Whitley        Charles E. Webber    Charles E. Webber
peace and wife       Betty                Harrington           Harrington
Rodney and Betty     Harrington           murder hearing       murder trial
Wedding              annulment            Gene O'Donnell       Gene O'Donnell
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Irwin A. Jessup      Irwin A. Chester     Irwin A. Chester     Irwin A. Chester
Harrington           Lee Webber           Eddie Jacks'         Kelly Smith
murder trial         murder hearing       murder hearing       custody hearing
Curt Conway          Jon Lormer           Jon Lormer           Jon Lormer
Episode 160          Episode 260          Episode 396          Episode 446

unnamed Judge
Dr. Rossi
murder hearing
Michael Strong 
Episode 514 

014. Justice of the Peace:
     Performed wedding for Rodney Harrington and Betty Anderson.

049. Judge Whitley:
     Betty Anderson Harrington gets her marriage Annulled.

081. Judge Mark:
     George Anderson quit his job as salesman for Peyton Mills and 
     bought the insurance agency.  He became progressively agitated as 
     he was unable to build up his business.  He barricaded himself 
     when a persistant rent collector dogged him for payment.  George 
     barricaded himself in his law office and was subdued by his friend 
     Elliot Carson.  He was committed to the Greenvale Sanitarium in 
     Green Valley, Massachusetts.  He improved sufficiently to have a 
     home leave. Paul Hanley got George drunk and goaded him into going 
     to the Peyton mansion to kill Leslie Harrington.  Elliot got wind 
     of the problem and was able to prevent George from killing Leslie.  
     However, Elliot was seriously wounded and remained in critical 
     condition in Doctors Hospital for some time.  George was taken to 
     an insane asylum to await improvement so he could stand trial.  
     The judge active in the George Anderson incident was Judge Mark.  
     His full name was never given but he returned Lawyer Theodore 
     Dowell's phone call in episode 81.  This is all we hear of Judge 

119. Judge Charles E. Webber:
     Joe Chernak returned to Peyton Place after serving some time at 
     an honor farm for the theft of an Automobile.  Joe had taken the 
     car with the intention of driving to California to visit his 
     sister Stella.  Before the auto theft, Joe had dated Rita Jacks 
     and wanted to take up with her again after his return.  When Joe 
     returned to town he somehow had a car.  Joe and some of his pals 
     beat up Norman after drugging him in the Shorline teen hangout.  
     Norman took a liking to Rita and they began to date.  Joe began to 
     harass Rita and Rodney took it upon himself to confront Joe.  A 
     fight ensued on the wharf and Joe was accidentally killed. [113]  
     Rodney was charged in his death and appeared at a preliminary 
     hearing held by Judge Charles E. Webber.  Rodney was bound over for 
     trial in episode 138.  Theodore Dowell handled Rodney's defense at 
     the hearing.  Steven told Dowell he wanted to help and eventually 
     took over the case.  Steven told Rodney and Leslie that either Judge 
     Quigley or Judge Chandler [159] would preside over the murder trial.  
     As it turned out, Judge Irwin A. Jessup [160] presided.  After this 
     case was completed, Judge Jessup was not mentioned again.  [119, 
     120, 121, 138]. 

159. Judge Carter:
     Judge Carter was only mentioned.

160. Judge Irwin A. Jessup:
     113. Joe Rossi dies on the wharf.
     123. Allison visits Rodney in jail.
     126. Allison is the victim of a hit-and-run.
     129. Leslie wants a change of venue for the trial.
     129. Rodney insists that the trial be held in Peyton Place.
     129. Betty visits Rodney in jail.
     130. Rodney is charged with murder.
     130. Kim asks where Allison is.
     132. Stella Chernak begins her research project at the hospital.
     134. Dr. Rossi visits Rodney in his jail cell.
     134. John, Steven, and Leslie discuss Judge Clark and the bail.
     134. John and Marian Fowler drive over to Al's body shop.
     162. The murder trial of Rodney Harrington commenced.

081. Judge Mark, Anderson case, phone.
159. Judge Quigley, only mentioned
160. Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway-Rodney Harrington murder trial.
260. Judge Irwin A. Jessup, substitute Lon Lorimer.
260. Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer arraignment of Lee Webber.
     Judge Irwin A. Chester, Rachel custody hearing
340. Judge Irwin A. Chester, Appointed Steven interim D.A.
396. Judge Irwin A. Chester, Eddie Jacks murder hearing.
290. Judge Andrews, Rachel's hearing.
341. Judge Irwin A. Chester, appoints Steven.
348. Judge Fischer is mentioned by Peyton.
360. Judge Otto Clutcher, is mentioned by Steven.
367. Judge Fischer is mentioned by Peyton.
383. Judge Irwin A. Chester, Peyton Competency hearing
459. Judge Irwin A. Chester, Jill's hearing
513. Judge of Dr. Michael F.B. Rossi-Michael Strong, 513, 514

     Judge Andrews, Rachel's hearing.