Lola Albright          Episode 153         Episode 154
  Episode 161            Episode 163         Episode 166

Lola Albright filled in for the ailing Dorothy Malone playing the role 
of Constance Mackenzie Carson in fourteen episodes, 153 through 166.  
12-09-65 through 01-10-66.  The series was showing on Monday, Tuesday, 
and Thursday at that point in time. 

Wagon Train:
8.08 Those who Stay Behind
        Lola Albright-Leonora Parkman

1955 Tender Trap:
        Frank Sinatra
        Debbie Reynolds
        Carolyn Jones-Addams Family TV Series-Morticia Addams and Orphelia Frump
1957 Monolith Monsters:
        Les Tremayne
1958 Peter Gunn (TV Series):
        Hershel Bernardi
1962 Kid Gallahad:
        Joan Blackman-Marian Fowler in Peyton Place
        Elvis Presley
        Gig Young
1964 Joy House:
        Jane Fonda
1966 Lord Love a Duck:
        Tuesday Weld
        Harvey Corman
        Roddy McDowall
1967 Way West:
        Robert Mitchum
        Kirk Douglas
        Sally Field
        Richard Widmark
1968 Impossible Years:
        David Niven
        Ozzie Nelson
1968 Where Were You When the Lights Went Out:
        Doris Day
        Jim Backus
        Robert Morse-Lt. Phillip Gerard on The Fugitive
        Steve Allen