Rachel and           Rachel and           Rachel in            Rachel in
Norman               Dr. Rossi            Doctors Hospital     Rossi's office
Episode 277          Episode 278          Episode 279          Episode 281 
Rachel in            Rachel under         Rachel stabs         Rodney helps
Rossi's office       the bandstand        her own wrist        Rachel into car
Episode 282          Episode 284          Episode 286          Episode 286
Rachel and           Rachel and           Rachel and           Rachel and
Mrs. Healey          Dr. Rossi            Jack Chandler        Constance shop
Episode 290          Episode 291          Episode 293          Episode 299
Rachel, Rodney       Rachel and           Lee Webber           Rachel at the
and Matthew          Mr. Burrows          chases Rachel        Carson House
Episode 308          Episode 321          Episode 326          Episode 334
Rachel and           Rachel               Rachel               Rachel returns
Dr. Rossi            Matthew              is returned          Allison's Bracelet
eat seafood          Constance            to                   as she is being taken
on the wharf         and Elliot           Peyton Place         to a mental hospital
Episode 339          Episode 342          Episode 354          Episode 355

b. 01-25-44 Washington D. C. or Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Leigh Taylor-Young has appeared in series on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and UPN.

1995 Golden Globe for role in PICKET FENCES
1996 Emmy for role in PICKET FENCES

1967 PEYTON PLACE-Rachel Welles ABC
1977 LOVE BOAT, The Captain's Cup, The Folks from Home, Legal Eagle
1982 HAMPTONS-Lee Chadway ABC
1987 DALLAS-Kimberly Cryder CBS
1990 90210-Blythe Hunter [in Dealer's Choice] FOX
1993 PICKET FENCES-Rachel Harris CBS
1996 SENTINEL-Naomi Sandburg UPN
1996 SUNSET BEACH-Elaine Stevens NBC


1968 I love you Alice B. Toklas.
        Leigh Taylor-Young--Nancy
        Peter Sellers
1969 The Big Bounce.
1970 The Adventurers.
1970 The Buttercup Chain.
1970 Horsemen.
        Jack Palance
        Omar Sharif
1971 The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.
1973 Soylent Green.
1979 Aliens From Space Ship Earth.
1980 Marathon.
1980 Can't stop the Music.
        Jack Weston
        Barbara Rush-Marsha Russell in Peyton Place 1964 TV series
1981 Looker.
        Susan Dey
           Partridge Family
           LA Law-Grace Van Owen
1982 Devlin Connection, III.
        Rock Hudson
1985 Secret Admirer.
        Kelly Preston
1985 Jagged Edge.
        Glenn Close
        Jeff Bridges
1985 Marathon.
        Bob Newhart
1988 Who Gets the Friends?
1989 Accidents.
1990 Honeymoon Academy.
        Robert Hays
1992 Dreamrider.
1994 Murder or Memory?  A Moment of Truth.
1997 Bliss.
1997 Stranger in My Home.

Stage Plays:
[This list is nowhere complete.]
[Taylor is her biological father, Young is her adoptive father.]

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