born 03-01-46

Lana Wood            Lana Wood
Sandy Webber         Backstory
Episode 277          Miracle on 34th St.

Svetlana Gurdin [Lana Wood] was born March 1, 1946 in Santa Rosa, 
California, USA.  She portrayed the role of Sandra Sandy Webber, the 
long-suffering wife of Leroy Lee Webber, and the sister-in-law of 
Christopher Chris Webber.  She is the real life sister of the late 
Natalie Wood of Miracle on 34th Street and West Side Story fame.  Lana 
became a super star in her own right.  Making her name as Plenty O'Toole, 
Lana Wood had various parts in several movies before making a big debut 
with her starring part in Diamonds Are Forever.  She is reported to have 
recently worked as a telecommunications consultant and analyst for a 
major telephone company.  She is the author of her sister's biography 
Natalie, A memoir of Natalie Wood.  She has a 21 year old daughter.  
And another daughter.  And a Grandchild.

Movies and TV:

1956 Searchers-filmed in Monument Valley in VistaVision
       The Navajo played the roles of the fierce blood-thirsty Commanche
       John Ford-director
       Lana Wood-Debbie Edwards, younger
       Natalie Wood-Debbie Edwards, older
       John Wayne-Ethan Edwards, civil war veteran
       Jeffrey Hunter-Martin Pawley
       Vera Miles-Laurie Jorgensen
       Ward Bond-Rev. Capt. Samuel Johnson Clayton
       John Qualen-Lars Jorgensen
       Olive Carey-Mrs. Jorgensen
       Henry Brandon-Chief Scar
       Ken Curtis-Charlie McCorry [Festus, Gunsmoke]
       Harry Carey Jr.-Brad Jorgensen
       Antonio Moreno-Emilio Figueroa
       Hank Worden-Mose Harper
       Beulah Archuletta-Look
       Walter Coy-Aaron Edwards
       Dorothy Jordan-Martha Edwards
       Pippa Scott-Lucy Edwards
       Patrick Wayne-Lieutenant Greenhill
       Pippa Scott-Lucy [kidnapped with Natalie and Lana Wood's character Debbie]
       Maxmilian Schell-Walter
1962 Five Finger Exercise
       Lana Wood-Mary
       Rosalind Russell-Louise Harrington

042. 12-08-64 Detour on a Road Going Nowhere
                Lana Wood-
                Don Quine-Sandy Baird

1965 Long Hot Summer-TV series
       Lana Wood-Eula Harker
       Edmond O'Brien-Boss Will Varner-1965)
       Dan O'Herlihy-Boss Will Varner-1966)
1965 Girls on the Beach-bikini clad cutie 

1966 04-21-66 first appearance in Peyton Place.

1968 For Singles Only-bikini clad cutie
1969 Black Water Gold (TV)
1969 Scream Free-Free Grass-
       Lana Wood-Karen, hippie chick, Dean's girlfriend
1970 Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again (TV)

1970 Black Water Gold-ABC movie of the week

1971 O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (TV) 09-17-71 to 09-08-72
       Lana Wood-
       David Janssen-Jim O'Hara
1971 Diamonds Are Forever-
       Lana Wood-Pleasant O'Toole
1971 City in Fear-A Place called Today-
1971 Operation Cobra
1972 Place Called Today
1972 Justin Morgan Had a Horse
1975 Who Is the Black Dahlia (TV)
1976 Nightmare in Badham County
1977 Speedtrap
1977 Little Ladies of the Night
1977 Corey: For the People (TV)
1978 Question of Guilt (TV)
1978 Grayeagle
1979 Captain America II (TV)
1981 Demon Rage
1981 Satan's Mistress

     Starsky and Hutch
       90 Pounds of Trouble
            Lana Wood-Sid

     Wild Wild West (TV)

     Queens Bench VII

Natalie Wood         Natalie Wood
Debbie Edwards       with Gig Young
in The Searchers

The Searchers
      Directed by John Ford
      Written by Frank S. Nugent, Alan Le May (novel) 


      Pipe Line Begishe (Comanche)
      Exactly Sonnie Betsuie (Comanche)
      Danny Borzage (Accordionist at funeral)
      Ruth Clifford (Deranged woman at fort)
      Pete Grey Eyes (Comanche)
      Feather Hat Jr. (Comanche)
      Nacho Galindo (Mexican bartender)
      Jack Tin Horn (Comanche)
      Harry Black Horse (Comanche)
      Away Luna (Comanche)
      Robert Lyden (Ben Edwards)
      Cliff Lyons (Colonel Greenhill)
      Peter Mamakos (Jerem Futterman)
      Mae Marsh (Woman at fort)
      Bob Many Mules (Comanche)
      Jack Pennick (Private)
      Chuck Roberson (Ranger at wedding)
      Smile White Sheep (Comanche)
      Many Mules Son (Comanche)
      Percy Shooting Star (Comanche)
      William Steele (Nesby)
      Chief Thundercloud (Comanche chief)
      Billy Yellow (Comanche)

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