Rodney and           Elliot Carson        Miss Hunt            Miss Hunt             
Allison              and                  Allison              Allison Mackenzie     
Mackenzie            Allison              and                  and
Norman Harrington    Mackenzie            Elliot Carson        Kim Schuster
Episode 26           Episode 37           Episode 37           Episode 112
Allison follows      Miss Hunt            Miss Hunt            Miss Hunt
Chris Webber         Allison              Allison              and
Into the Library     [Chris Webber]       [Chris Webber]       Norman Harrington
Episode 230          Episode 230          Episode 230          Episode 235
Allison Mackenzie    Allison Mackenzie    Allison Mackenzie    Norman asks
speaks with          speaks with          leaves               Steven about
Norman Harrington    Chris Webber         the Library          Sleep learning
Episode 235          Episode 235          Episode 235          Episode 249
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Miss Hunt            Martin Peyton        Eli introduces       Eli Carson
and                  speaks with          Rachel Welles        Rachel over
Martin Peyton        Norman Harrington    to miss Hunt         to Norman
Episode 300          Episode 300          Episode 301          Episode 301
036-5:    Allison walks across the square toward the Town hall and into 
          the library.  The entrance of the library is not shown, but is 
          in the west end of the Town Hall building.  She sees Elliot 
          Carson.  Elliot speaks to her and helps her with the plethora 
          of books she is holding.  Allison speaks of her lack of 
          experience.  Elliot says that being locked away from life is 
          also an experience.  Allison checks out a few books.  Allison 
          says that she thinks of the library as her second home.  They 
          leave the library together and walk across the square. 
112-5:    At the library in the Peyton County Town Hall, miss Hunt gets 
          a book and goes over to Kim.  She tries to get Kim to talk.  
          Allison says that Kim doesn't like to talk.  Norman comes in 
          the library and talks with Allison.  Miss Hunt comes back over 
          and speaks to Norman.  She asks if he is looking for Rita.  He 
          doesn't answer but goes over and joins Allison and Kim.  
          Norman tells Allison that he is leaving Peyton Place for good.  
          He starts to leave and Allison runs to join him.  Miss Hunt 
          goes over to Kim.  Allison asks Norman where he is going.  He 
          says that he is going to Canada to do logging.  Allison tells 
          Norman that he is selfish.  Kim runs off.  The librarian warns 
          Allison.  Allison and Norman run after her, but she is no 
          where to be seen. 

230-7:    In the library, Chris counts his paces to the stacks and asks, 
          "Am I standing in the ladies room?"  Allison asks Miss Hunt, 
          the librarian, to look for some law books.  Allison goes to 
          look for the "hard to find" books.  While Allison is away Chris 
          mistakes a wall for an aisle.  Allison notices and Chris asks 
          her if she is embarrassed.  He explains that it took him a long 
          time to adjust to his blindness.  Allison talks about adjusting 
          to the revelation of Elliot Carson being her father.  They 
          share their tragic stories. 

235-2:    At the Peyton Place library ajoining the courthouse, Norman 
          asks Allison if she is enjoying her new "project," Chris 
          Webber.  Allison says, "yes" and Norman chastises her for 
          giving up on Rodney.  She says they are different types of 
          people.  Norman says not to feed him a line about Rodney 
          wanting rooms full of money and her being a "butterfly."  
          Norman says, "Wake up Smudge.  Rod's a man." [preview].  
          Allison dismisses him and glides over to the checkout counter 
          to join Chris Webber.  

          Miss Hunt, the librarian, tells Allison that someone is waiting 
          for her outside.  Allison goes outside.  It turns out to be 
          Lee.  He asks her to convince Chris to return to Boston.  Chris 
          comes outside and Lee sneaks off.  When Chris asks who it was, 
          Allison says it was Norman.  Chris says, "You are hopelessly 
          inept as a liar.  I would know Lee's footsteps anywhere."  He 
          tells Allison not to bother to convince him to return to Boston 
          and departs. 

300-6:    Martin Peyton goes in the library, in the Town Hall building, 
          which also houses the jail and courthouse, Martin speaks to 
          miss Hunt, the librarian.  He is looking for Norman.  He finds 
          him and tells him he wants to talk.  Peyton says, "Norman, grow 
          up."  Norman says, "Peter Pan had it made."  [The allusion of 
          this is that Peter Pan had no parents].  Peyton thanks Norman 
          for going to the cemetary.  Norman says that his mother was 
          insane.  Peyton says she was willful and destructive.  Norman 
          asks his grandfather why he didn't send her to a psychiatrist.  
          Peyton says it is nothing more than a rationale, she was not 
          insane.  "She was a morally corrupt woman."  Norman says, I 
          know she was insane. 

301-2:    Eli takes Rachel to the Library and introduces her to miss 
          Hunt.  He then takes Rachel over to Norman who is trying to