Mariette Hartley

Dr. Claire Morton
Born 06-21-40

Zarabeth-All our Yesterdays, Star Trek

Mariette Hartley is not married to James Garner.

Daniel Boone:
122. 11-28-68 Valley of the Sun-Millie Boyd
152. 01-01-70 An Angel Cried-Sister Cecilia

Twilight Zone:
xxx. 01-10-64 Long Morrow-Sandra Horne [episode 135]
           George Macready

Movies and TV:
1999 Wild About Animals-Giant Sea Creatures
1999 Wild About Animals-Animal Babies
1999 Wild About Animals-Animals of Alaska
1997 The Amazing World of Marine Mammals-Narrator 
1994 Passion in Paradise   Star 
1992 Encino Man
1984 Silence of the Heart
1983 M.A.D.D.
1982 O'Hara's Wife
1981 Improper Channels
1981 No Place to Hide
1979 The Night Dracula Saved the World
1977 Columbo-Try and Catch Me
1974 Nightmare at 43 Hillcrest
1971 Return of Count Yorga
1967 Big Jessie
1966 Death Valley Days
1965 Death Valley Days
     Ride the High Country
1962 Greatest Adventure Stories From the Bible-Joshua and the Battle of Jericho   Star 

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