Melinda Plowman
Abby Chapman

Melinda Plowman played the role of Abby Chapman, Allison's friend.

005. Abby Chapman phones Allison.  Abby is neither seen nor heard.
043. Allison and Abby go to the Annual Faculty Art Exhibit at Peyton College.
049. Julie Anderson gives Dr. Rossi the medical file on Gail Chapman, 
     presumably the mother of Abby Chapman.
050. Dr. Rossi treats Abby for laryngitis.  It is learned that Abby wants to 
     become a cheerleader. 

008. 11-05-63 See Hollywood and Die.

Outer Limits.
017. 1-20-64 Don't Open til Doomsday.

Peyton Place:
005. 09-29-64 Abby telephones Allison and is told of Allison's second 
              date with Rodney. 
043. 02-11-65 Abby goes to the Faculty Art Exhibit with Allison and 
              becomes scarce when Paul comes over to talk with Allison. 
050. 03-09-65 Abby goes to see Dr. Rossi.
073. 05-27-65 Abby is one of the painters at the Harrington apartment.
074. 06-01-65 Rodney talks with Abby at the Painting party.

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