Musical Instruments

Folk guitar          3 manual pipe organ  3 manual pipe organ  Mark, therapy
Mt. Griswald         Miss Devon           Miss Devon           patient learning
Ski Lodge            Wayside Church       Wayside Church       to play guitar backwards
Episode 52           Episode 68           Episode 69           Episode 156
Ann Howard           Chris Webber         Chris Webber         Rita Jacks
Susan Oliver         piano in             piano in             Harrington
giving piano lesson  Ada Jacks'           Ada Jacks'           piano in Ada
in therapy           Tavern               Tavern               Jacks' Tavern
Episode 210          Episode 305          Episode 305          Episode 330
Grand Piano          Harp                 Eddie Jacks          Susan Winter
Boston town house    Boston town House    plays the            plays
Adrienne Van Leyden  Adrienne Van Leyden  piano at             the piano
and Steven Cord      and Steven Cord      Ada Jacks' Tavern    in the Manse
Episode 372          Episode 372          Episode 375          Episode 425
Susan Winter         Violin trio          Jill watches as      Jeff Kramer
Plays the            Rodney and Betty     Joe Rossi abuses     plays the piano
Fiddle               Colonial Post        the organ            in the Russell
in the manse         Inn                  in the manse         [Mackenzie Carson] house
Episode 437          Episode 441          Episode 444          Episode 461
Jeff Kramer
plays the
Keyboard at the
Shoreline Cafe
Episode 461