Oscar and Emmy nominations for actors who appeared in PEYTON PLACE:

Leigh Taylor-Young won an Emmy for her role as Mayor Rachel Harris in Picket Fences.

Lee Grant-Shampoo.  Best Supporting Actress 1975.

Gena Rowlands was nominated for an Oscar in 1974 for A Woman Under the Influence. 

Dorothy Malone won an Oscar for Written on the Wind in 1956 in the role of Marylee. 

Lee Grant won an Emmy for her portrayal of Stella Chernak.

Henry Beckman received an Emmy nomination in 1964.  [refer to Rod Serling variation.]

Barbara Parkins was nominated for an Emmy in 1966 for her portrayal of Betty Anderson.

Mariette Hartley was nominated for an Emmy in for her role in Rockford Files.

Emmy is derived from Image Orthicon, the picture tube used in early television cameras.