Pharmacy employees, customers, and visitors:

Calvin Hanley        Mrs. Reynolds        Paul Hanley          Mrs. Miller
Elliot buys          Pharmacy customer    English instructor   Pharmacy
Medicine for Eli     ahead of Elliot      Peyton college       customer
Episode 36           Episode 37           Episode 38           Episode 48
Customer who         Pharmacist           Pharmacist           Soda jerk
wants comb with      serving              serving              Peyton Place
wide spaced teeth    Stella               Betty                Pharmacy
Episode 92           Episode 120          Episode 168          Episode 168
Juror Oldfield       Pharmacist  
wants a hard         Rita      
bristle tooth brush  Collapses   
pisode 190           Episode 212  
Boy who wants        Girl                 Ralph Courtney       Young Pharmacist
a soda with          soda jerk            Matthew Carson       Rodney and Rachel
plum nut             relieving            is                   Matthew
ice cream            Rita Jacks           born                 Carson
Episode 286          Episode 286          Episode 271          Episode 308

Calvin Hanley:
  036. Paul Hanley is mentioned as Ada talks with Elliot.
  037. Elliot comes into the Pharmacy to get some pills for Eli.
  037. Calvin Hanley says he visits his daughter's grave every week.
  038. Elliot sees Paul Hanley through the window of the Chandlery.
  038. Elliot goes out to talk with Paul.
  039. Calvin Hanley sells Allison a lipstick.
  039. Calvin Hanley is asked by Matthew about his electric razor.
  039. Alison helps Paul open a package at the college.
  041. Paul talks with Calvin outside the Pharmacy.
  042. Allison asks Paul if he is excited about his new class.
  043. Paul talks with Allison and Rodney at the College Faculty Art Exhibit.
  044. Paul drives Allison home from the art exhibit.
  044. Betty goes in to the Pharmacy for hot chocolate.
  044. Allison asks Calvin Hanley what happened to his soda jerk.  Flirted.
  044. Calvin Hanley refuses to supply Paul with narcotics.
  045. Paul drives Allison home from a movie at the college.
  047. Attorney Wainwright visits Calvin at the Pharmacy after hours.
  048. Elliot forces his way into the Pharmacy and talks with Calvin.
  048. Calvin calls Leslie Harrington.
  048. Paul finally pays his bill at the Book Gallery.
  048. Calvin Hanley collapses and dies in front of his Pharmacy.
  049. Paul assists Mr. Arvin with inventory of Calvin's possessions.
  049. Paul moves in the Apartment.
  068. Paul moves out of the Apartment.
  073. Rodney and friends paint the apartment.
  073. Rodney and Norman move into Calvin's old apartment.
  174. Rodney moves out of the apartment and Rita moves in.
  212. Rita collapses in the Pharmacy.
  271. Elliot announces the birth of Matthew Carson.
       Rodney and Rachel bring Matthew Carson in the Pharmacy.

Rita worked at the Woodbine 5 & 10 before getting the job at the Pharmacy.
Mr. Stacy is the new Pharmacy owner replacing Calvin Hanley.
Ralph Courtney is the new Pharmacist.