Picking up girls.

David Schuster       Norman picks up       Rodney picks up       Norman picks up
Picks                Rita and carries      Rachel and helps      Rita and carries
up                   her across the motel  her into              her upstairs to
Kim                  room threshhold       Dr. Rossi's car       the apartment.
Episode 140          Episode 172           Episode 286           Episode 393
Norman picks up      Rodney picks up       Rossi picks up
Rita and carries     Betty and carries     Susan Winter
her downstairs to    her upstairs          and puts her 
the ambulance        to bed                back in bed
Episode 394          Episode 442           Episode 460            

046. Lucy Adams' mother hands Lucy to Betty who carries her into Dr. 
       Rossi's treatment room.
075. David Schuster picks up Kim and carries her up to bed.  This is 
       the first time in Peyton Place that she ran away.
140. David Schuster picks up Kim.
172. Norman Harrington picks up Rita Charmaine Jacks Harrington and 
       carries her across the threshhold of the motel room.
286. Rodney picks up Rachel and helps her into Dr. Rossi's car.
393. Rita collapses at seeing her father arrested and Norman carries 
       her up to the apartment.
394. Norman carries Rita down the stairs to the waiting ambulance.
442. Rodney Martin Harrington picks up Betty Anderson Harrington and 
       carries her up to their bed.
460. Dr. Michael Rossi picks up Susan Winter.