Richard Bull
Lewis Johnny Remmick

Dr. Lewis Johnny Remmick was a Boston Heart specialist who performed 
heart surgery on Rita Charmaine Jacks Harrington at the request of 
Dr. Michael F. B. Rossi.  Episodes 407, 409, 410.

1965 Satan Bug-Eric Cavanaugh

Andy Griffith Show:
1963 Goober Makes History

Barnaby Jones:
1974 Dead Man's Run-Lawyer Moore

Ben Casey:
1964 One Nation Indivisible-Dr. Jack Taylor

1967 Samantha's Thanksgiving To Remember-John Alden

1969 To Stop A War-Jesse Hill
1972 The Twenty Sixth Grave-Goodman

1971 Lady In Waiting 

Family Affair:
1968 Best Of Breed-Manager
1968 What's Funny About A Broken Leg?
1968 Oliver

1969 The Swindler-Hayes
1969 Caesar's Wife-Monroe
1971 Watchdog-Ralph Kurland

Felony Squad:
1967 The Pat Hand Of Death-Arthur Lacy

1964 Tiger Left, Tiger Right-McIntire

Gomer Pyle USMC:
     Gomer And The Little Men From Outer Space-Psychiatrist 
1967 Gomer The Welsh Rarebit Fiend-Lt. Cmdr. B. J. Franklin

1972 Sodbusters-Deems

Hawaii Five-O:
1968 King Of the Hill-Dr. Schrimer

I Spy:
1966 It's All Done With Mirrors-Blaine
1966 One Of Our Bombs Is Missing-Neuman

Little House on the Prairie:
1974-1983 Regular cast-Nels Oleson

1968 In Need Of A Friend
1969 The Nowhere Victim

Marcus Welby M.D.:
1971 Men Who Care

Mission Impossible:
1967 Train-Oliver Donovan
1968 Test Case-Lorkner
1971 Visitors-Dr. Lawrence

1971 Judge Thatcher

Perry Mason:
1958 The Case Of The Prodigal Parent-Court Reporter

Room 222:
1969 Funny Boy

Streets Of San Francisco:
1973 Deadline-Medical Examiner
1973 A Collection Of Eagles-Coroner
1974 I Ain't Marching Anymore-Mr. Zahn

1962 The Executioners'-Doctor
1962 Throw A Long Rope-Doc Spence 

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
1964-1968 regular cast-Doc

1965 My Three Sons-Happy Birthday World-  
1965 Alfred Hitchcock Hour-Night Fever-Dr. Michaels 
1965 Gidget-Independence, Gidget Style-Maitre D' 
     Iron Horse 'Joy Unconfined' (as Spender) 1966 

To Rome With Love 'The Boy Next Door' 1970 
     The Partridge Family 'Who Is Max Ledbetter And Why Is He Saying 
     These Things? (as Thompson) 1972 
     Barnaby Jones 'Perchance to Kill' (as J.I. Fletcher) 1973 
     The Rookies 'Justice For Jill Danko' (as Maitre D') 1973 
1976 Most Wanted 'The Heisman Killer' 1976 
1982 Herbie The Love Bug 'Calling Dr. Herbie' (as Doctor) 1982 
1984 Highway To Heaven 'Thoroughbreds' (as Doctor) 1984 
1985 Amazing Stories 'The Main Attraction' (as Hiller) 1985 
1985 Hill Street Blues 'The Virgin And The Turkey' (as Mr. Furillo) 1985 
1985 Sara (as Judge) 1985 
1986 Hill Street Blues 'Fathers And Sons' (as Mr. Furillo) 1986 
1987 Highway To Heaven 'A Mother's Love' 1987 
1988 Designing Women (as Everett Anders) 1988 
     The Larry Sanders Show 

1965 Satin Bug-Eric Cavanaugh
1967 In like Flint
1967 Hour Of The Gun-Thomas Fitch
1967 How To Steal The World-as Hauptmann Gelser
1967 Secret Life Of An American Wife
1968 Thomas Crown Affair-Booth Guard
1968 The Stalking Moon-Doctor
1970 Andromeda Strain-Air Force Major
1970 Move-Keet
1971 Lawman-Dusaine
1971 Sweet, Sweet Rachel, TV Movie
1971 President's Plane Is Missing-lst Controller, TV Movie
1972 Ulzana's Raid-Ginsford
1972 Man And Boy-Thornhill
1973 High Plains Drifter-Asa Goodwin
1973 Executive Action
1973 Breezy-Doctor
1974 Heatwave-Health Department Official, TV Movie
1974 The Parallax View
1974 Newman's Law-Immigration Man 
1975 Mr. Sycamore-Doctor 
1977 A Sensitive Passionate Man-Dr. Laserow, TV Movie
1977 MacArthur 1977 
1978 Different Story-Mr. Cook
1979 Golden Gate Murders-Deputy Coroner, TV Movie
1980 Great Cash Giveaway Getaway-Mr. Dornbusch, TV Movie
1983 Little House, Look Back To Yesterday-Nels Oleson, TV Movie
1984 Little House, Bless All The Dear Children-Nels Oleson, TV Movie
1984 Little House, The Last Farewell-Nels Oleson, TV Movie 
1985 A Death In California-Judge Leonard Ginsburg, TV Movie
1990 Where Pigeons Go To Die-Dr. Sand, TV Movie

Entertaining Mr. Sloane
Imaginary Invalid
Relatively Speaking
Days in the Dark Light
That Other Woman's Child