Paul Hanley

Paul Hanley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hanley, episodes, 36-68 
  Jan 1965-Dec 1965 brother of Elizabeth Hanley Carson who was 
  killed by Catherine Harrington. son of Calvin Hanley, episodes 
  36-68 Jan 1965-Dec 1965.  Elliot Carson was wrongfully convicted
  of Elizabeth's death and spent 18 years in prison before being 
  released on parole. 
Paul Hanley taught Freshman English at Peyton College.  He had previously 
  travelled in europe and had taught there also.
1979 When Hell Was in Session
1977 Islands in the Stream

Star Trek:
1968 Patterns of Force-Isak

Other Television:
Cannon-Coffin Corner-Sgt. Tanner 
Perry Mason-The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner 
The F.B.I.-The Outcast 
The F.B.I.-Incident in the Desert 
11-24-64 Fugitive-The Cage
  with Tim o'connor (Elliot Carson) and John Kellogg (Jack Chandler)