Profile of Rachel Welles:

277. Rachel is discovered by Norman and Rita and brought to Doctors 
277. Rachel is treated by Dr. Fielding before Rossi takes over.
278. Rachel bites miss Choate.[One of our favourite episodes.]
279. Rachel sleeps without a sleeping pill.
280. Rachel throws a mirror and a brush at Rodney.
280. Rachel is in a wheel-chair in Rossi's office.She quotes Genesis. 
280. Rachel admits her name is Rachel.
281. Rossi bumps his head on the credenza as Rachel wheels in. 
281. Rachel's ankle hurts.
282. Rachel is wearing a nurse's aide uniform.
282. Rita brings Rachel some cologne.
283. Mrs. Burrows arrives to warn Rossi about Jack Chandler. 
283. Rachel goes to the Cider Barrel and talks with Sandy.
284. Rachel sneaks out of the hospital and hides under the bandstand.
284. Eli talks to Rachel and takes her to the General Store.
285. Rachel is grabbed by Rodney and taken to the police station. 
285. Norman tells Rita he went to Hastings Valley to inquire of Rachel. 
286. Rachel is told by Dr. Rossi that Fowler wants to talk about the bracelet. 
286. Rachel stabs herself in the hand and wrist to stay in hospital.
286. Rachel leaves the police station and she collapses.
286. Rachel is picked up by Rodney and put in Rossi's car.
287. Rachel is asked by Dr. Rossi if she has had stitches before.
287. Rachel compliments Rossi on his stitches.
288. Chandler goes to police station says, I've come to get Rachel Welles. 
289. Rachel is in bed as Mrs. Healey, comes in with the hospital 
       bookmobile.  Mrs. Healey is a hospital volunteer, and wife of the 
       Peyton county coroner. 
289. Chandler walks in and Mrs. Healey has trouble getting rid of him. 
289. She calls for help.Chandler says he went to Maine to get his sister. 
289. Rachel's aunt Meg is at the farm.
290. Rossi visits Rachel in her hospital room.Mrs. Healey is there.
291. Mrs. Healey brushes Rachel's hair.
291. Rachel tells Mrs. Healey that she uses hand soap to wash her hair.
291. Mrs. Healey responds with, "To each his own." 
291. Rachel is comforted by Constance.
292. Rachel is taken to the courthouse by Rossi for a meeting with Chandler. 
292. Chandler says he doesn't want any trouble concerning Rachel.
293. Rachel tells Chandler she is never coming back with him.
293. Rossi asks an officer to take Rachel back to the hospital.
293. Elliot and Constance talk briefly with Rachel at the police station. 
293. Rachel threatens to tell the police she found the bracelet in his car. 
293. Chandler threatens to get her.
294. A police car drives up to the courthouse and Rachel gets out.
295. Rachel comes in to see Rossi at the hospital.
299. Constance takes Rachel shopping at Les Femmes botique.
299. Dr. Rossi threatens to spank Rachel if she dyes her hair blonde.
300. Chandler warns Rachel not to say anything about Allison.
301. Rossi goes on vacation to NYC.  He returns episode 312.
302. Eli loans Rachel a copy of Poor Richard's Almanac.
302. Rachel and Norman hear the sirens of the fire trucks and the ambulances
       going to the Peyton mansion.
303. Sandy tells Lee that she saw Rodney getting cozy with Rachel.
303. Rachel tells Rodney that Mrs. Franks, social worker, is coming.
304. Rodney urges Rachel to move in with the Carsons.
304. Rachel is working at the Carson house.
304. Rachel pushes the pram, with Matthew, around the square.
304. Eli tells Rachel that Iceland is one of three countries that doesn't have
       an army. 
304. Rodney calls Rachel at the Carsons, asking her for a date.
306. Constance zips up Rachel.
306. Rachel calls a square dance in Norman and Rita's apartment.
307. Rodney drives Rachel to the Carson house. 
307. Rachel wants to talk about Allison.  Rodney doesn't.
308. Rachel pushes the empty pram into the General Store.  
308. Eli is playing with Matthew.
310. Rachel returns to the Carson house as Chandler accosts her.
310. Rachel threatens to kill him.  She takes the pram & Matthew in the 
311. Rachel is rocking in a chair with Matthew as Chandler phones. 
311. The door chimes ring and she goes and lets Rodney in. 
311. Rachel goes to the phone and hangs it up.
311. It rings again and Rodney answers it.  There is no reply.  
311. Rachel won't tell him who called before.  Rodney hugs & kisses Rachel. 
312. Rodney takes Rachel to the Italian Village Restaurante.
312. Rachel runs over and hugs Dr. Rossi on his return from NYC.
312. He has left a puppy for her with the Carson's.
312. She doesn't know this yet. 
315. Rachel takes the puppy to the garage to show Rodney.
315. Rodney is heating coffee with a blowtorch.
315. As Rachel leaves the garage, she runs into Chandler.
319. Rachel tells Dr. Rossi that Elliot is mad at her.
319. Rachel tells Matthew goodbye.
320. Constance takes Rachel to the apartment to live with Norman and Rita. 
321. Rachel gets on an Interstate bus in front of the courthouse.
321. Rachel breaks a window and goes in the farmhouse.  
321. She finds the belt buckle.  Chandler suddenly appears.
321. Rachel hits Chandler on the head and escapes.  
321. Mr. Burrows picks up Rachel in his truck & drives her to the hospital. 
321. She goes in the front entrance of Doctors Hospital.
324. Rachel is talking to Rossi as Elliot knocks on the door. 
324. Elliot comes in and invites Rachel to come back to the house with him. 
324. Elliot takes Rachel home.  She goes to her room.
314. Rachel takes the belt buckle out of her pocket and looks at it.
324. Rachel shows the belt buckle to Rita at the Pharmacy.
325. Rachel walks to the Book Gallery and asks Constance what a classic is. 
325. Rachel looks out the window and sees Chandler watching them.
326. Rossi goes to the Carson house and goes upstairs to see Rachel.
327. Not properly dressed, Rachel goes outside to look for her puppy.
328. Chandler puts the puppy in limousine parked in front of the Clarion. 
328. Elliot runs a lost puppy ad in the Clarion.
328. Lee Webber sees the ad and calls Rachel at the Carson house.  
328. He tells Rachel to come over to the Peyton house to get the puppy. 
328. Rachel comes to the mansion to get the puppy and is harassed by Lee.  
328. Rachel tries to give him the $10 reward. 
328. Betty comes in and Lee grabs her chin. 
329. Rachel is running the Book Gallery as Betty comes in.  
329. Betty warns Rachel about Lee Webber.
329. Chandler is packing as Rachel comes to his door at the boarding house.
330. Rachel visits with Chandler in his room.  She leaves and walks on the 
       wharf.  Norman sees her and calls.  She either doesn't hear him or 
       doesn't want to respond.
330. Elliot and Rachel eat breakfast in the Carson kitchen.  The door chime 
       rings and Elliot goes to the door.  Elliot gives Lee the $10 reward.
       Lee asks Rachel if she lets Elliot call her "Allison."
332. Elliot searches Rachel's room.  Constance comes in and says that he 
       will drive Rachel away again.  He finds the belt buckle and decides 
       to find what state prison it was made in.  [Texas]. 
333. Rachel is visiting Chandler again and he promises to get her some 
       chocolates when he goes to White River.  She asks him where he was 
       born.  He evades the question.
334. Elliot finds out that the belt buckle was made in Texas.  There was a 
       man named Jack Forrest in that prison.
335. Dr. Rossi brings Rachel to the Carson house and asks Constance where 
       Elliot is.  She says he is at work.
335. Rachel, in a bright red dress, is lying on her bed.  Elliot comes in 
       and demands that she tell him all about Chandler.
336. Chandler and Elliot Carson fight on the wharf.
337. Elliot is treated at the hospital, arrested, and taken to jail.
337. Rachel talks to Constance about Allison.
338. Constant visits Elliot in jail.  Elliot tells her that Rachel found 
       Allison's bracelet on the floor of Chandler's car.  Rachel visits 
       Chandler in the hospital.
339. Rachel goes to the Book Gallery to talk with Constance.  Constance 
       fusses at her for going to see Chandler in the hospital.
340. Dr. Rossi tells Elliot and Constance that he wants Rachel to go away to 
       a girl's boarding school.  Elliot says he wouldn't think of sending 
       her away now.
341. Dr. Rossi takes Rachel to the wharf to eat sea food chowder.
342. Rachel and Rossi argue.  Rachel kisses Rossi.
343. Rachel and Rossi talk in the square.  She reminds him that he kissed 
       her back, yesterday.  He tells her to think of him as a father 
       figure.  He says he will help her with her homework and protect her 
       from Chandler.  This is the day of Steven's 28th birthday.
345. Rachel wakes up at 3:00 a.m., puts on her slippers, and goes to the 
       window.  She sees Chandler spying on her.  
346. Police Sgt. Bates comes to Eli's General Store to talk with Elliot and
       Constance about Rachel.  He tells them it is all right for her to go 
       to night school as long as someone picks her up when class is out. 
347. Elliot and Constance are in the kitchen. 
347. Rachel comes in and Elliot tells her that her hair looks awful.
347. She has changed her hair.
348. Rachel receives a note at school that Elliot will pick her up early. 
348. There is a problem at home.  It is a fake message from Chandler.
349. Chandler kidnaps Rachel and drives to an old cabin near the farmhouse.
349. Rachel hits him with a rock and almost gets away. 
349. Chandler breaks a window in the truck and grabs Rachel.
349. Chandler takes her in the cabin and lights an oil lamp. 
349. Chandler shows her a bible and a diary.
350. Rachel is returned to the Carsons by the police.
350. Sgt. Goddard says he will be back later. 
351. Police check the farmhouse for kidnapping clues.
351. Rossi goes up to Rachel's room to check on her.  
351. Rachel pretends to be asleep. 
351. Rossi puts a Teddy bear on the foot of her bed.
352. Chandler almost checks into Billy Brown's motel.
352. Constance goes in Rachel's bedroom and they talk.
353. Constance lets Rossi in.  He goes into Rachel's bedroom.
353. Rossi and Rachel talk.  He asks her if she has ever been to New York.
353. He wants to take her and Constance to NYC and show his old neighborhood.
353. She asks him if he remembers kissing her. 
353. Rachel prepares to leave with Matthew.
354. Rachel kidnaps Matthew.
355. Chandler is captured and Matthew is returned.
355. Choate reminds Rossi that she thought Rachel was strange.
355. Rachel is brought to police station and Elliot glares at her.
356. Rachel shows Rossi the bracelet.  Rachel gives Elliot the bracelet.
356. Rachel is driven off in a police car.
357. Rossi takes Rachel to a mental hospital near Boston.
357. Rachel was in a total span of 81 episodes.
358. Leslie provides an escape gun to Chandler.
359. Chandler breaks out of the jail.
365. Clarion headline:  ESCAPE GUN TRACED TO PEYTON.
366. Martin Peyton gets engaged.
367. Clarion headline:  POLICE BULLET KILLS CHANDLER.
384. Constance and Matthew get back from a visit with Rachel.