Episode 217:

        Police report read by Ann Howard in Steven Cord's office:

        Police Officer Larkin and myself, Gerald Donally arrived at 
        Sailors' Bluff at approximately 9:30 a.m.  We found a boy, 
        later identified as Christopher Webber, lying unconscious on 
        the rocks ago.  

        After summoning an ambulance, Ofc. Larkin stayed with the boy 
        while I questioned the witnesses, all minors.  They were Lee 
        Webber, the injured boy's older brother, Arthur Crain, Margaret 
        Stratten, Dick Harrison, Steven Cord, and a girl of about 10 or 
        11 in a state of severe shock, incoherent, unable to give her 
        name.  Later identified as Ann Colby. 

        The Webber boy stated that they had been playing a game with a 
        blindfold, and that Ann Colby had deliberately pushed his 
        brother off the cliff.  The other children told basically the 
        same story.