Leslie Harrington     Julie Anderson
        Peyton Mill           Secretary
        Episode 1-67          Episode 1-16
        Dr. Michael Rossi     Laura Harrington Brooks
        Doctor's office       Secretary
        Episode 1-514         Episode 2-35
        Leslie Harrington     Marian from 
        Peyton Mill           production gives
        Paul                  Julie's things 
        Langton               to George
        Episode 1-67          Episode 17-67
        Dr. Michael Rossi     Julie Anderson
        Physician & Surgeon   Secretary
        Doctor's office       Kasey Rogers
        Episode 1-514         Episode 37-68
        Dr. Robert Morton     Miss Parks
        Medical hearing       Medical hearing
        Episode 22            Episode 22
        Theodore Dowell       Miss Marsh
        Attorney              Secretary 
        Patrick Whyte         to Dowell
        Episode 24-204        Episode 85
        Theodore Dowell       Ann Nolan
        Attorneys             Secretary to
        Patrick Whyte         Dowell and Cord
        Steven Cord           Penelope Gillette
        George Anderson       Julie Anderson
        Owner                 Secretary
        Anderson Insurance    Episode 23-30
        Episode 23
        William Kennerly      Miss Mays
        Jr. Boston lawyer     Secretary to
        to Catherine          Wm. Kennerly, Jr.
        Episode 24            Episode 24
        Dr. Michael Rossi     Stella Chernak
        Physician & Surgeon   Research Assistant
        Doctor's office       Lee Grant
        Episode 1-514         Episode 162
        David Schuster        Marian
        Manager               inherited from
        Peyton Mill           Leslie Harrington
        Episode 69-202        Episode 69
        David Schuster        Julie Anderson
        Peyton Mill           Secretary
        Episode 69-202        Episode 82-202
        John Fowler           Miss Wyatt
        Dist. Atty.           Police Steno
        Episode 289           Episode 120
        Leslie Harrington     Ann Nolan
        Manager               Secretary
        Peyton Mill           Episode 203-435
        Leslie Harrington     Miss Harris
        Manager Peyton Mill   Secretary
        Episode 326           Episode 326
        Leslie Harrington     Miss Harris
        Manager Peyton Mill   Secretary
        Paul Langton          to Leslie
        Episode 338           Episode 338
        Martin Peyton         Hannah Cord
        Mill owner            Housekeeper / confidant
        George Macready       Ruth Warrick
        Episode 162           Episode 90
        Steven Cord           Ann Nolan
        Attorney              Secretary
        James Douglas         Penelope Gillette 
        John Fowler           Mary Ann
        District Attorney     Directs Chandler
        John Kerr             to barber shop
        Episode 289           Episode 289
        Banker Thomlinson     Bank Secretary
        Episode 370           Episode 366
        William Kennerly Sr.  Miss Wilson
        Attorney to Peyton    Kennerly secretary
        Episode 324           Episode 324
        Leslie Harrington     Secretary  
        Manager Peyton Mill   to Leslie
        Paul Langton          Harrington
        Episode 1             Episode 370
        Rev. Tom Winter       Jill Smith
        Episode 419           Episode 432

When David Schuster offered Julie Anderson her old job back, he told 
her that Marian was being moved to accounting.