16 actors appeared in both Peyton Place and STAR TREK credits:
  1. Bonnie Beecher-Janet Sinclair
  2. Whit Bissel-Calvin Hanley
  3. James Doohan-One of the Thomases, the chaufferu
  4. Richard Evans-Paul Hanley
  5. Mariette Hartley-Dr. Claire Morton Markham
  6. Don Keefer-Barret Coata, portrait artist
  7. Jon Lormer-Judge Irwin A. Chester
  8. Nichelle Nichols-nurse, Boston and Peyton Place
  9. Susan Oliver-Ann Howard
  10. Guy Raymond-Mr. Burrows
  11. Percy Rodriguez-Dr. Harry Miles
  12. William Sargent-Asst. D. A. Jerry Carter
  13. Charles Charlie Seel-Train conductor, episode 1
  14. William Smithers-David Schuster
  15. Michael Strong-Judge of Dr. Michael F. B. Rossi
  16. Garry Walberg-Sgt. Ed Goddard