Episode 126, scene 4.

     Stella Chernak's statement

     A few police officers and a civilian are in the squad room.
     The police sergeant, who appears to be in charge, speaks to Elliot.

PS:  Mr. Fowler is busy right now.
       [The police sergeant stands and goes over to another desk to hand 
       a folder to another officer.]
PS:  Sgt. Goddard is off duty.
EC;  Well, do you know anything new about the Rodney Harrington case?
PS:  All I know is what I read in the paper, Mr. Carson.
EC:  Well, I'm going to wait right here until Mr. Fowler decides to see 
       [Elliot sees Stella come in and stands.]
EC:  Oh, hello, miss Chernak.
       [Stella doesn't respond.]
PS:  He's expecting you, miss Chernak.
       [The police sergeant goes over to Fowler's office door.]  
PS:  Right in here.
     [The police sgt. knocks twice and opens the door.]
     [Fowler comes to the door to invite Stella in.]
JF:  Miss Chernak.
       [The police sergeant closes the door.  Elliot speaks to the officer.]
EC:  Now, what's Stella Chernak doing here?  All right.  All right.
JF:  Thank you for coming.
       [Fowler adjusts his tie.]
SC:  You requested that I come.
JF:  Well, this is a voluntary statement, no?
SC:  Not as far as I'm concerned, a statement has to be made.  I have to 
     make it.  I hardly call that voluntary. 
JF:  But you are prepared to repeat what you told Sgt. Goddard and 
SC:  What do you think? 
       [Fowler opens his office door and puts his suit coat back on to 
        indicate a formal setting.]
JF:  Fred, will you come in now, please?
       [Steno Fred comes in.  Stella sits at the desk.  Fowler closes 
        door.  Fowler sits on edge of the desk in front of Stella.] 
JF:  Now, miss Chernak, in your own words, and at your own speed, would 
     you please tell us exactly what happened on the day Rodney 
     Harrington came to your home? 
SC:  He came to my house, looking for my brother.
JF:  Who did, for the record?
SC:  Rodney Harrington . . . came to my home.  House looking for my brother.
     I said," I don't know where Joey is."  He said, "Where is he?"
     I said, "I didn't know."  He said, "Well you give him a message for me.  
     You tell him that I'm going to take care of him."  I said "Are you 
     threatening my brother?"  He said, "That exactly what I'm doing.  I'm 
     going to finish him off.  I'm going to kill him."  . . . And he did. 
JF:  Did he say why he was going to kill your brother?
SC:  Something about a fight that Norman Harrington had with Joey.
JF:  What about?
SC:  The oldest prize in the world, a girl.
JF:  Do you know who?
SC:  Rita Jacks.  Joey used to go with her.  Now she goes with Norman 
     Harrington.  I guess Joey was making waves.  Big brother Rodney was 
     going to see that he drowned in it.
JF:  Why Rodney? 
SC:  Ask him. 
JF:  Did you try to stop it?
SC:  I couldn't.  Dr. Rossi came in and he left.
JF:  Did you tell Dr. Rossi or anyone else what Rodney had said?
SC:  You're out of touch, Mr. Fowler.  The Harrington are the pillars 
     of the community.  The Chernaks are only the rotten foundation. 
JF:  Did you try to warn your brother?
SC:  He wouldn't listen to me.  You didn't see the look in that boy's eyes.
JF:  Another question, miss Chernak.  Exactly how would you describe 
     Rodney Harrington at that time. 
SC:  Boiling, boiling hot.
JF:  Why didn't you go to the police?
SC:  To protect Joe Chernak from Rodney Harrington?
JF:  I see, you never thought it would go as far as it did.

JF:  Well, thank you for your cooperation, miss Chernak.  We'll have this 
     typed up so you can sign it.
       [Fowler speaks to Fred.] 
JF:  Fred. 
        [Fowler indicates to Fred to go type it up.]
        [Fred goes out in the booking room.]

JF:  I understand you are a bio-chemist?
SC:  That's right.
JF:  That must be fascinating work?
SC:  It has its moments.  

SC:  You don't have to keep me occupied while we wait. 
JF:  I'm sorry.  Small talk is not in my line.  You can wait outside if 
     you like. 
SC:  I'd like.
       [Stella stands and goes out in the booking room.]
       [Elliot stands and goes over to Stella.]
EC:  Do you remember me, miss Chernak?
SC:  Yes.
EC:  May I talk to you for a moment?
SC:  No.  You see, Mr. Carson, I'm not like my mother.  I wasn't brought 
     up in the old country, so I know how to be rude. 

EC:  How is she?  Your mother?
SC:  Bothered, and you can quote me.

       [Fowler comes to the door and speaks to Elliot.]
JF:  Mr. Carson, you wanted to see me?
EC:  Yes, if you're not too busy.
JF:  I'm never too busy for the Clarion.
       [Elliot speaks to Stella.]
EC:  Thank you miss, Chernak.  I'm sorry I troubled you.
SC:  So am I.

       [Elliot goes in Fowler's office and Fowler shuts the door.]

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