02-13-37 to 05-10-90
b. New York City, NY
d. Woodland Hills, CA

Twin sister of Steven Cord
Daughter of Catherine Peyton (later Harrington) and Brian Cord (later Colby)

Andy Griffith Show:

Babylon 5:

004. 1.04 10-08-63 Never Wave Goodbye
                     Susan Oliver-
                     Henry Beckman-
                     Will Kuluva-


Hogan's Heroes:

Lost in Space:


Star Trek:
  The Cage-Vina

Twilight Zone:
1.25 03-25-60 People are alike all over-Teenya.

Wagon Train:
3.26 04-06-60 Maggie Hamilton-Maggie Hamilton
4.07 11-09-60 


M*A*S*H (director):

Movie Credits:

1957 The Green-Eyed Blonde 
       Bernard Girard
1959 The Gene Krupa Story
       Sal Mineo, James Darren
1960 Butterfield 8
       Elizabeth Taylor
       Eddie Fisher
1963 The Caretakers
       Joan Crawford, Robert Stack
1964 Looking for Love
       Connie Francis, Johnny Carson, 
       Jim Hutton, Danny Thomas, 
       George Hamilton, Paula Prentiss, 
       Barbara Nichols
1964 The Disorderly Orderly
       Jerry Lewis
1964 Your Cheating Heart
       George Hamilton
1967 The Love-Ins
       James MacArthur
1969 Change of Mind
       Leslie Nielsen
1969 A Man Called Gannon
       Gavin MacLeod
1969 The Monitors
       Keenan Wynn, Everett Dirkson, 
       Xavier Cugat, Alan Arkin
1969 Carter's Army (TV)
1970 Company of Killers (TV)
1970 Do You Take This Stranger (TV)
1970 Double Jeopardy (TV)
       Toni Kalem
       Ahna Capri
       Karyn Dwyer
       Brittany Murphy
       Sela Ward
       Sally Kirkland
       Rachel Ward
       Teri Garr
1973 Ginger in the morning
       Sissy Spacek, Slim Pickens
1976 Amelia Earhart (TV)
       Susan Clark
       Colleen Camp
1977 Nido de Viudas (en español)
       Patricia Neal
1981 Hardly Working 
       Jerry Lewis
       Roger C. Carmel [ST]
       Deanna Lund
1982 Tomorrow's Child (TV)
       Stephanie Zimbalist
1985 International Airport
       Susan Blakely
       Robin Greer

Movie Credits: 
Monitors, The (1969) 
[ Sherry Jackson ] 
Change of Mind (1969) 
Man Called Gannon, A (1969) 
Love-Ins, The (1967) 
Star Trek: The Cage (Made for TV) (1965) 
Your Cheatin' Heart (1964) 
Looking for Love (1964) 
[ Connie Francis ] 
Guns of Diablo (Made for TV) (1964) 
Disorderly Orderly, The (1964) 
Caretakers, The (1963) 
[ Polly Bergen ] [ Joan Crawford ] 
Butterfield 8 (1960) 
[ Elizabeth Taylor ] 

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