Tracey Roberts
Mrs. Charles Foster
Episode 383 
Peyton competency hearing

Tracey Roberts worked in the TV series, My Little Margie.  Two Peyton 
Place attorneys also were in My Little Margie, as was Eli Carson.
Paul Newlan-Atty. Matthew John Wainwright. [70 ish]
Roy Boberts-Atty. John Wainwright. [30 ish]
Frank Ferguson-Eli carson

Attorney Wm. Kennerly [Russell Thorson, 70 ish] was in the same episode 
of Peyton Place as was Tracey Roberts. 

My Little Margie:
  Gale Strom-Margie
There were 126 episodes of My Little Margie.
06-16-52 to 08-xx-55
006. 07-14-52 Costume Party Roy Roberts-
040. 05-28-53 Mrs. Margie Calkins -Hazel Miller
047. 07-16-53 Margie's helping hand Roy Roberts-
054. 10-07-53 Margie the Writer Paul Newlan-
080. 04-07-54 Tugboat Margie Roy Roberts-
096. 10-27-54 Shipboard Story Roy Roberts-
107. 01-12-55 Murder in Bermuda Roy Roberts-Sir Clyde.
118. 03-30-55 Mr. Uranium Frank Ferguson-Mr. Jones
123. 05-04-55 Countess Margie Roy Roberts-Dr. Carr

1951 Queen for a Day  [aka Horsie]
       Loosely based on the gameshow of the 1940s and 1950s, these 
       vignettes follows the experiences of a number of women crowned 
       with the honor. 
         Tracey Roberts-Queen for a day.
         Jack Bailey-himself
         Phyllis Avery-
         Darren McGavin-
         Tristram Coffin-
         Adam Williams-

1952 Actors and Sin
         Tracey Roberts-