Telephone calls:
002. Betty calls the mansion and talks with June, the cook.  She wanted 
     to talk with Rodney.
003. Rodney calls Allison to ask what kind of flowers she likes.
004. George calls home from NYC.
005. Abby Chapman calls Allison to talk about Rodney Harrington.
006. Andrea Nichols calls Norman for help with her trigonometry homework.
008. Rodney gets a phone call from Betty.
009. Rodney gets a phone call from Betty.
016. Constance calls Allison to tell her that she is having dinner with 
       Dr. Rossi.  Constance is somewhat reluctant to tell her daughter 
       that the dinner is at Rossi's beach house.
018. Betty talks with her father about having dinner with George and 
019. At the Information Desk, Nurse Hillgrew gives an update to Mrs. Hobbs.
019. Dr. Morton calls and talks with Dr. Rossi about Catherine.
020. Betty phones for a taxi.  She is preparing to leave town.
022. Laura is on the phone as Rossi comes in the office.
023. Dr. Morton's secretary calls Dr. Rossi to tell him Morton wants to 
       see him at 11:00 o'clock.
025. Attorney William Kennerly, Jr. phones the Harrington mansion from 
       the train station and tells Christine Gordon to ask them to delay 
       the reading of Catherine's will until he gets there. [He doesn't 
       tell them about the codicil yet.]  They don't wait.
026. Rossi uses the phone to call Laura into his inner office.
026. Dr. Joe Bradley receives a call warning him that Rossi wants to see 
       him.  Bradley starts to call Morton but hangs up.
027. Mrs. Putnam phones and Rossi tells her that he is referring his 
       surgical patients to Dr. Burris.
031. George phones Allison identifying himself as Capt. O'Shaughnessy.
034. Howard King calls Julie at the Mackenzie house about the rent that 
       George owes the real estate management company.
038. Betty calls home from New York City.
039. Phil calls Sharon Purcell to set up a date.
040. Leslie calls Blaine in New York City at the Maysfield Hotel.
041. Sharon's mother calls and talks with Betty.
041. Betty calls home and Julie asks Betty if she is all right.
042. Elliot tells Constance that Eli has come out of the anæsthesia.
044. Leslie calls lawyer Theodore Dowell and tells him he doesn't want a 
       divorce for Rodney, he wants an annulment.
045. Paul Hanley telephones Leslie.  He then goes to the mansion to talk.
048. Constance phones Elliot at the Chandlery.
049. Julie gives Rossi a list of phone calls he has received.
052. Bud calls Norman to invite him to the Shoreline teen hangout.
053. Constance calls Elliot but hangs up before he can answer.
053. Nurse Juris answers the phone at the Information Desk.
054. Elliot phones Leslie.
054. Paul Hanley calls Allison.
056. Dr. Morton talks with the Miami International Airport.  He wants 
       them to have his daughter Claire call him as soon as she gets in 
       from Lima, Peru. 
056. Claire calls and talks with Dr. Robert and her mother.
056. Paul Hanley phones the Inn asking to talk with William Wainwright.
058. Elliot calls Julie to tell her that George was at Ada's but left 
       with Paul Hanley.
059. Julie call the mansion to warn Leslie that George may be coming 
       over.  George is already there.  This is where Elliot gets shot. 
059. The hospital is called about the shooting at the mansion.
060. Rossi tells Sgt. Ed Goddard to call the Greenvale sanitarium.
060. Leslie Calls Sgt. Ed Goddard "Joe."
060. The phone rings in the Mackenzie house but Allison is too late in 
       answering it.  Rodney is there with her.
062. Constance calls the Morton home to ask Matthew to pick up Allison 
       at school.
063. Paul Hanley calls the hospital to inquire about Elliot Carson.
064. Rossi checks in with the hospital by phone from the Morton house.
065. Julie calls the Mackenzie house to tell Constance that Allison will 
       be spending the night with them.
066. Leslie's replacement secretary buzzes him to say that Rodney is 
       there to take him to the airport.
069. Rodney tells NOrman that he had a letter from Leslie in London 
       saying that he had talked with their aunt Laura in Paris. 
071. Doris talks with David on the phone.
074. Matthew Swain calls the Colonial Post Inn from the police station 
       to tell Dr. Rossi that Kim Schuster is missing.
075. Allison calls the mansion to tell Doris that she has found Kim.
078. Dr. Rossi receives a call at the Inn from Claire telling him that 
       Janet Franklin is about to deliver a baby.  Janet is a patient of 
       Dr. Burgess. 
080. Janet Franklin is talking on the phone in her hospital room as 
       Betty comes in. 
081. Dowell calls Judge Mark to ask his ruling on the Anderson case.
081. Schuster calls Julie to ask if he can come over to talk to her.
083. Jerry Bedford calls Betty for a dinner date.
085. Steven calls Hannah to tell her he is coming to Boston to get some 
       papers signed.
086. Joe Chernak calls Rita at the Tavern to annoy her.  Norman is there 
       with her.
087. Mrs. Barber, a patient, calls Rossi back.  Rossi explains that he 
       didn't hang up on her.  He doesn't have a secretary.
087. Julie picks up the phone and announces Rodney to David Schuster.
088. Julie tells David that Howard Fischer is on the phone.
088. Dr. Rossi accidentally hangs up on Mrs. Newton.
088. Mrs. Whitley calls Dr. Rossi.
090. From the Peyton house in Boston, Steven talks with lawyer Theodore 
       Dowell.  Steven tells him that he will be coming back on the bus 
       that night.
091. Nurse Choate talks on the phone at the Information Desk. 
092. Constance calls the hospital and is told that Elliot has already 
092. The nurses are busy with the phones at the Information Desk as 
       Steven walks up.
093. Betty calls Dr. Markham to tell him that he has a call from New 
096. Norman receives a long distance call from Leslie in europe.
098. Joe Chernak calls Rita.
100. In Doctors Hospital, Dr. Markham receives a call from a Mr. 
       Ferguson in Philadelphia. 
100. Ferguson calls Rossi to tell him that the $110,000 is available for 
       the foundation.
101. The phone rings in the living quarters in the back of the Tavern.
101. Leslie calls Rodney and Norman from Switzerland.
102. Mrs. Andrea Dowell calls Doris Schuster to confirm dinner 
103. Ada is visiting Dr. Rossi in his office over the Clarion as a 
       patient calls. 
103. Betty phones Dr. Rossi to see if he is busy.  Markham wants to see 
104. Kenneth Markham is on the phone with his agent in Philadelphia.
107. The phone is ringing in the apartment, but Norman doesn't answer 
108. Doris Schuster invites the Carsons to a buffet dinner party.
109. The butcher calls Doris to tell her his truck is broken down.  She 
       will have to come over to pick up the meat order for her party.
111. Leslie calls the Carsons from Rome.  Elliot tells him that he will 
       be taking over as editor of the Clarion while Matthew is on vacation.
112. Rodney calls the hospital from the wharf to report the injury of 
       Joe Chernak.  He talks with Betty but doesn't identify himself.  
       Betty recognizes his voice. 
112. Rodney calls the hospital from the wharf to report the injury of 
       Joe Chernak.  He talks with Betty but doesn't identify himself.  
       Betty recognizes his voice. [repeat].
113. Dr. Rossi takes a call from the hospital while at a dinner party at 
       the Schusters.
114. The phone is ringing in the apartment but Rodney doesn't bother to 
       answer it.
115. Doris Schuster speaks on the phone and announces to the guests that 
       Joe Chernak is dead.
116. Steven calls Theodore Dowell from a pay phone after seeing Rodney 
       taken to jail.
117. Goddard tells Fowler he doesn't think they have a case.
118. Norman talks with a hotel overseas operator and is told that Leslie 
       has gone to Greece.
123. John Fowler calls the law office of Theodore Dowell and Steven Cord 
       and says that he wants to come over. 
124. From the Book Gallery, Constance phones the Doctors Hospital to 
       make an appointment with Dr. Morton.
125. Julie dials payroll to authorize an advance for Gus Chernak.
125. Leslie calls Julie, telling her that he wants to see her.
       to come in and give a statement.
125. John Fowler calls Stella Chernak at home to remind her to come in 
     to the office to make a statement concerning the death of her 
     brother, Joe Chernak. Dialog 125 
126. John Fowler calls Stella to remind her to come in to the office to 
     make a statement concerning the death of her brother, Joe Chernak. 
     Dialog 126
       to come in and give a statement. [repeat].
127. Rossi calls Constance to tell her that Allison has been injured and 
       is in the hospital.
127. Dowell talks with Steven on the phone.  Peyton blames Dowell for 
       Leslie's return to town.
130. At Doctors Hospital, Betty drops a dime in a pay phone and calls 
       Leslie at the Colonial Post Inn. 

268. Elliot calls Constance from New York City.

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