Most of the women in Peyton Place had two special men in their lives:

 Rodney Harrington    Betty Anderson          Steven Cord
 George Anderson      Julie Anderson         Leslie Harrington
 Donald Brooks      Laura Harrington Brooks   Michael Rossi
 Richard Jensen       Stella Chernak          Michael Rossi
 Mr. Howard           Ann Colby Howard        Michael Rossi
 Brian Cord Colby     Hannah Cord             Martin Peyton
 John Fowler          Marian Fowler           Russ Gehring
 Bob Franklin         Donna Franklin          Fred Russell
 Elliot Carson      Elizabeth Hanley Carson   Leslie Harrington
 Eddie Jacks          Ada Jacks               Leslie Harrington 
 Joe Chernak         Rita Jacks Harrington  Norman Harrington
 Norman Harrington    Allison Mackenzie     Rodney Harrington
 Michael Rossi    Constance Mackenzie Carson  Elliot Carson
 Dr. Vincent Markham  Claire Morton           Michael Rossi
 Brian Cord Colby  Catherine Peyton Harrington  Leslie Harrington
 Mr. Riggs              Maggie Riggs          Eli Carson
 Joe Rossi            Carolyn Russell         Jeff Kramer
 Fred Russell         Marsha Russell          Michael Rossi
 Joe Rossi            Jill Smith Rossi        Rev. Tom Winter
 Martin Peyton       Adrienne Van Leyden      Steven Cord
 Lee Webber             Sandy Webber        Rodney Harrington
 Rev. Tom Winter        Susan Winter          Steven Cord