Warner Anderson       Warner Anderson       Warner Anderson
Matthew Swain         Dr. Bradley           Dr. Bradley
09-22-64              Blackboard Jungle     Blackboard Jungle

Warner Anderson and Audrey Trotter
1945 Dangerous Partners

Vital Stats:
03-10-11 to 08-26-76
Born: Brooklyn, New York
Nationality: American

Matthew Swain was the editor, publisher, and owner of the Peyton Place 
Clarion.  His additional source of income was the "job printing" 
business.  A sign on the front window reads "JOB PRINTING". 

Matthew Swain was the most boring man in town and was growing old.  After 
Elliot Carson was cleared of the crime of murder, of which he had been 
unjustly convicted, Matthew turned the Clarion over to him.  Matthew's 
assistant, Jerry, stayed with the newspaper for the entire run of the 
series.  However, he didn't wear a pressman's hat.  In episode 61, 
Matthew mentions to Rodney that he (Matthew) is the Linotype® machine 
repairman.  He was purportedly the second cousin twice removed of 
Constance Mackenzie.  In one episode Allison and Constance look at a 
photograph of and discuss grandmother Swain. 

Warner Anderson did the opening narration in all the episodes except 
episode 1, which didn't sport an opening narration.

1954-1960 The Lineup-[aka San Francisco Beat]
  Warner Anderson-Det. Lt. Ben Guthrie 1954-1960
  Tom Tully-Inspector Matt Grebb--1954-1959

Rockford Files:
019. 1.19 02-14-75 Charlie Harris at Large-Alfred Bannister


     Caine Mutiny

1943 Destination Tokyo
1945 Objective Burma
1945 Dangerous Partners
       Warner Anderson-
       Audrey Trotter-
1950 Destination Moon-a pioneer Sci-Fi movie which won Academy award for 
         best special effects. 
       Warner Anderson-Dr. Charles Cargraves, scientist
       Erin O'Brien-Moore--
1951 Detective Story
1951 Go for Broke
1951 Santa Fe
1951 Armored Command
1952 Star
1953 Lion is in the Streets
1955 Lawless Street
1955 Blackboard Jungle-(Bill Haley's "Rock around the Clock").
       Written, filmed, edited, and released in just three months.
       North Manual High School
       Warner Anderson-Dr. Bradley
       Glenn Ford-Richard Dadier
       Anne Francis-Anne Dadier, Mrs. Richard Dadier
       Louis Calhern-Jim Murdock
       Margaret Hayes-Lois Judby Hammond
       John Hoyt-Mr. Warneke, principal
       Richard Kiley-Joshua Y. Edwards
       Vic Morrow-Artie West
       Sidney Poitier-Gregory W. Miller
       Paul Mazursky-Emmanuel Stoker
       Jameel Farah (Jamie Farr)-Santini
       Raphael Campos-Pete V. Morales
       Emile Meyer-Mr. Halloran
       Basil-Ruysdael-Prof. A. R. Kraal
       Richard Deacon-not credited-
       Dan Terranova-Belazi
       Horace McMahon-Detective
       Danny Dennis-DeLica
       -Miss Pinuchi
       Louis Calhern-Jim Murdock
       Basil Ruysdael-Professor Kraal
       Vic Morrow-Artie West
       Dan Terranova-Belazi
       Rafael Campos-Pete Morales

Armored Command (1961)
The Doctor and the Girl
Faithful in My Fashion
Go For Broke
Blackboard Jungle
The Star
The Last Posse
The Lucky Stiff
My Reputation
High Wall
Objective Burma!
Only the Valiant
Santa Fe
Song of the Thin Man
The Sunbeam
Tenth Avenue Angel
Three Wise Fools
The Violent Men
Drum Beat
Rio Conchos
A Lion Is in the Streets
The Caine Mutiny
The Lineup
Alias a Gentleman
The Beginning or the End
A Lawless Street
The Arnelo Affair
Bad Bascomb
The Yellow Tomahawk
The Blue Veil
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood
Command Decision
Dark Delusion
Destination Moon
Destination Tokyo
Detective Story

Warner Anderson claimed that he made his first film appearance as a 
four-year-old juvenile actor in a 1915 Charles Ray vehicle. His first 
stage credit, Maytime, came two years later.  During his early adulthood, 
Anderson worked as a straight man in vaudeville and burlesque.  In the 
1940s, he came to prominence as announcer for radio's Bell Telephone 
Hour.  While most of his film roles were supporting, Anderson was starred 
in the early special-effects-fest Destination Moon.  Warner Anderson's TV 
credits include a four-year run as Lt. Ben Guthrie on Lineup (San Francisco 
Beat) in the mid-1950s, and a tenure as newspaper editor-owner-publisher 
Matthew Swain on the 1960s nighttime serial Peyton Place. 

1950 Destination Moon
1951 Detective Story
1951 Go for Broke
1951 Bannerline
1951 The Blue Veil
1951 Santa Fe
1952 The Star
1953 A Lion Is in the Streets
1953 The Last Posse
1954 The Caine Mutiny
1954 Drum Beat
1954 The Violent Men
1954 City Story
1954 The Yellow Tomahawk
1955 The Blackboard Jungle
1955 A Lawless Street
1958 The Lineup
1961 Armored Command
1964 Rio Conchos
1969 Gidget Grows Up