Dialog between Detective and Steven Cord in epiesode 153.

SC:  Hello, Mr. Lawrence.
SC:  What did you find out?
DL:  She definately did work at Foley Medical Center in Oakland 
     the dates indicated.
SC:  I see.
DL:  Westover Medical Institute here in L.A., checks out too.
DL:  I'm just giving you the foam on the brew, okay?
SC:  Yes, go ahead.
DL:  Dates of employment at Westover are the same as those indicated 
     on personnel fle
DL:  She's cancelled.
SC:  What about San Diego?
DL:  St. Marks checks out there too.
SC:  I see.
DL:  The director of personnel there, has the same dates, same record.
SC:  He did?
DL:  now I'll start digging and send you whatever I come up with as soon a possible.
SC:  Well, no later than the end of the week.
DL:  I'll try.
SC:  Okay.
SC:  Thanks a lot.