Abby Chapman:
  005. Allison talks with Abby Chapman on the phone.  Abby is not seen.
  043. Allison mentions Abby Chapman to Constance.
  049. Julie gives Rossi file on Gail Chapman mother of Abby Chapman.
  050. Rossi is with Abby Chapman, cheerleader, with laryngitis.

Aborted Phone Calls:
  214. Ann Howard starts to call Dr. Morton.
  012. Rodney Harrington and Betty Anderson have an auto accident.
  045. Lucy Adams cut her arm in a sled accident.
  147. Gehring tells Rossi that Allison moved her hand.
  160. Allison is out of her coma.
  163. Kathy Seawall broke her arm riding a motor-scooter.  Only mentioned.
  238. An accident causes an emotional chain reaction.
  312. Chris shoots Steven Cord by accident, wanting to kill Lee.
  388. Martin Peyton stumbles on the stairs.
  393. Adrienne Van Leyden plummets down the stairs to her death.
  482. E. J. Cunningham was victim of car accident in which Lew Miles 
         is involved.

Accidents of nature:
  000. Allison Mackenzie.
  000. Ann Howard.
  000. Steven Cord.
  401. Kelly McCormick Smith Rossi.
  313. Leslie calls Steven Cord a spurious accident of nature.

  070. An accordion plays at Constance and Elliot's wedding reception at 
         the Colonial Post Inn.

Ada Jacks and her Tavern:
  021. A barmaid, filling in for Ada, refuses to serve underage Norman.
  036. Elliot comes in the Tavern and talks with Ada.
  036. Ada pours a beer from a bottle into a mug and slides it down the 
         counter.  Ada opens a beer bottle and sets it on the counter. 
         [Later on, Ada has two beer taps.]
  036. Ada mentions the Hanley kid.
  170. Ada attends Rodney's murder trial as Rita testifies.
  173. Ada is dozing as Rita and Norman return after getting married.
  173. Ada decides to buy Rita an electric skillet.
  174. Ada visits the Clarion to set up the wedding announcement.
  222. Steven Cord interviews Arthur Crain.
  244. Ada summons Sandy to the tavern because of Lee.
  249. Ada unplugs the juke-box so Chris can play the piano.
  364. Eddie Jacks returns.
  366. Ada visits Rita in the apartment.
  366. Ada visits Dr. Rossi at the hospital.
  371. Ada visits the Clarion to ask Elliot to help get rid of Eddie.
  373. Ada hires Eddie to work from 6:00 pm to closing.
  306. Lee Webber and Norman fight in the tavern.
  306. Lee Webber bums a quarter.
  306. Ada prepares chowder.
  306. Ada feeds chowder to Chris Webber.
  375. Eddie Jacks plays the piano. 
  375. Eddie sings Galway Bay.
  370. Ada visits Rita and Norman's apartment.
  453. Jill Smith moves out of the Winter house and moves in with Ada.

Ada's jewelry:
  375. Cut glass.

Adams-Lucy Adams:
  045. Lucy Adams cut her arm in a sled accident.
  048. Betty sings to Lucy Adams

Address of mansion:
  045. Front of mansion property.  Looks like 74.

  107. The Chernaks live near the wharf on Collins.
  132. Tomothy Banks, who found Allison lives at 26 Baskin Street, White River.
  134. 651 Seaberry Lane is the address of the Mackenzie-Carson house.
  149. 11 greentree Road, Boston is the address of Phyllis Sloan.
  514. 80 Collins is the address of Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker.
  xxx. An admiration is an exclamation point.           !
  xxx. A solidus is a slash.                            /
  xxx. A reverse solidus is a back slash.               \
  xxx. A commercial at is a pricing symbol.             @
  xxx. An interrogation mark indicates a question.      ?
  xxx. A pipe is a programming symbol.                  |
  xxx. An octothorpe is usually called a pound symbol.  #
         This is the preferred name in the telephone industry.

  180. Eli announces closing of Chandlery and opening of a General Store. 
  305. Lee reads ad for a Senior Micro Electronics Engineer.
  318. Peyton asks Steven to place an ad for chauffeur replacing Thomas.
  327. Rachel places a lost puppy ad.
  368. Eddie places ad for a job.
  375. Eddie tells Elliot to pull his ad for employment, he has job at Ada's.
       Peyton wsnts to run an item  of his impending marriage to Adrienne.

  238. Elliot admonishes Allison.

Adrienne-wife of lieutenant governor Lewis:
  346. Adrienne wife of Lewis is a guest at Steven's 28th birthday party.

Adrienne Van Leyden:
  357. Adrienne arrives in Peyton Place.
  358. Adrienne was previously married to Dr. Phillip Van Leyden.
  358. Rossi goes to the mansion to talk with Peyton.
  358. Rossi accuses Adrienne of killing her husband.
  358. Adrienne slaps Rossi at the Peyton mansion.
  359. Adrienne slaps Rossi at the Peyton mansion.
  360. Adrienne walks to the mansion from Steven's office.
  360. Adrienne talks with Betty about seeing Steven.
  361. Rossi asks Steven who Adrienne really is.
  361. Adrienne tells Peyton she wants out of "the deal." 
  362. Steven feels guilty because of his attraction to Adrienne.
  362. A delivery truck brings Adrienne's trunk to the mansion.
  362. Lee Webber lugs the trunk up to Adrienne's room.
  362. Eddie Jacks returns to Peyton Place.
  363. Peyton takes Adrienne on a mysterious trip out of town.
  363. Adrienne tells Peyton that he is cruel.
  364. Eddie shows up at the Tavern.
  364. Peyton announces that Adrienne has agreed to be his wife.
  364. Adrienne's trunk arrives.
  365. Betty and Adrienne chat in Adrienne's room at the mansion.
  366. Adrienne admires her engagement ring as Peyton knocks on her door.
  366. Steven and Adrienne meet on the beach.
  367. Lee Webber tells Peyton he saw Steven and Adrienne on the beach.
  368. Adrienne has breakfast at the Cider Barrel.
  368. Steven talks with Adrienne at the mansion.
  369. Adrienne was brought to Peyton Place to break up Betty and Steven.
  369. Betty tells Rodney that she is losing Steven to Adrienne.
  370. Adrienne tells Steven that he is a very common man.
  371. Adrienne tells Peyton that she is going to Boston for a fitting of
       her wedding gown.
  372. Steven enters the Peyton house finding Adrienne wearing his 
       grandmother's wedding gown.
  372. Adrienne strums the harp in the livingroom.
  373. Adrienne and Steven leave the Peyton town house.
  373. Adrienne returns to the mansion and tells Peyton things went well.
  373. Adrienne tells Peyton she saw Betty in the back seat of a taxi.
  373. Lee brings a small package to Adrienne.
  373. Adrienne admonishes Lee.
  374. Adrienne and Peyton have breakfast in the Cider Barrel.
  375. Steven fusses at Adrienne.
  375. Eddie plays the piano and sings.
  375. Adrienne visits Betty at the Colonial Post Inn.
  376. Last appearance of Wilfred Hyde-White as Peyton.
  377. Adrienne appears at the top of the stairs as Steven and Peyton argue.
  378. Peyton talks with Adrienne.
  378. Adrienne goes to her room and finds Steven waiting for her.
  378. Adrienne tells Steven to wait till Peyton dies.
  379. Adrienne packs pretending to leave.
  380. Adrienne talks with Elliot.  The zebra chat.
  381. Betty tells Steven she saw him with Adrienne at the Peyton town house.
  382. Adrienne tells Peyton that he is avoiding her.
  383. Martin Peyton's competency hearing.
  383. Adrienne's maiden name was Holland as disclosed in competency hearing.
  383. Peyton tells Kennerly that he will never marry Adrienne.
  384. Leslie tells Eddie he wants Peyton dead.
  385. Adrienne hugs Steven in the mansion.
  385. Steven kisses Adrienne.
  386. Peyton stumbles down the stairs.
  387. Adrienne kisses Steven.
  387. Eddie drives the Rolls Royce recklessly.
  388. Steven comes in his office finding Adrienne at this desk.
  388. Adrienne asks Steven to save her from a loveless marriage.
  389. Adrienne finds the incriminating letter in Martin's table drawer.
  390. Leslie pressures Eddie again to get rid of Martin.
  391. Betty telephones Adrienne.
  392. Adrienne watches as Norman and Rita plant flowers on the square.
  392. Adrienne plummets down the stairs and dies.
  393. Peyton says "My fiancée is dead."
  394. Eddie Jacks is arrested for the murder of Adrienne.
  395. Norman visits Eddie in his cell.
  396. Leslie and Eddie argue.
  397. Adrienne is buried.

Adrienne Van Leyden's sense of humor:
  382. Actually, I met Dr. Van Leyden while on safari in Africa.  I was 
         hunting the famous offtripe zebra, which, as you undoubtedly know, 
         is the zebra with the stripes running the wrong way.  I finally 
         spotted one in the clearing.  I took dead aim and fired.  You can 
         imagine my horror when I realized I had shot a man.  That man turned 
         out to be Dr. Van Leyden who was wearing a striped shirt.  It was 

  383. Peyton asks Betty to retract adultery charges against Steven.  
         Peyton would prefer mental cruelty.  Betty complies.
  393. Betty Anderson Cord calls Adrienne a professional adultress.
  469. Susan Winter retracts adultery charges against Jill Smith.

  037. Allison's college advisor asks her if she would like some advice.  
         [Who would have ever thought that advisors gave out advice.]

Advisor-college advisor:
  037. Allison talks with her college advisor.  He asks if he can 
         give her some advice.
  249. Chris Webber's college advisor is named Marsden.

  105. Allison speaks about Afghanistan and Matthew Swain.

  005. Allison Mackenzie is 17.
  011. The town of Peyton Place was 314.
  044. Allison Mackenzie is 18.
  045. Constance Mackenzie was (18+18) 36.
  049. Betty Anderson Cord at the time of her annulment is 20.
  129. Kim Schuster is 8.  [Kimberly Beck has gone on to have an 
         extensive acting career.]
  162. Nurse miss Esther Choate had worked at the hospital for 18 years 
         at the time of Rodney's trial.
  169. Joe Chernak was only 21 at the time of his death.
  174. Norman Harrington at the time of Rodney's trial is 18.
  178. Rodney Harrington is 21.
  179. Rodney Harrington is 21.
  276. Rachel Welles is 18.
  278. Chris Webber, in courtroom is 24.
  279. Norman Harrington is 19.
  291. Rachel Welles is 18.
  293. Ann was 28 at the time of her death.
  332. Walt Bristow, retured mailman, is 82.
  334. Rachel Welles is 19.
  346. Steven Cord celebrates his 28th birthday at the mansion.
  357. Adrienne Van Leyden, (born 1934) is 33.
  463. Dr. Peter Turner is 26.
  487. Lewis miles is 18.
  492. Vickie Fletcher is 17.
  507. Charlie's wife has an anniversary.
       Constance was 18 when Allison was born.
       Norman Harrington was 21.
       Martin Peyton was 57
       Samuel Peyton would have been 120
       Samuel Peyton would have been about 250 when Martin was born.
       Rodney Harrington was 24.

  079. Agnes was a name for Mrs. Theodore Dowell.
  219. Norman mentions a cook named Agnes.

Ah or Well:
  xxx. Martin Peyton says, "Ah, Betty."
  xxx. Martin Peyton says, "Ah, Rodney."
  159. Martin Peyton says, "Well, Well.  Mr. Prohaska, still working at the 
  196. Martin Peyton says, "Ah, come in Steven."
  358. Martin Peyton says, "Ah, Steven.  You're just in time.  This is my 
         grandson, Steven Cord.  Steven, Adrienne Van Leyden."  Dr. Phillip 
         Van Leyden passed away some 6 months ago. 

Airplane ticket:
  274. From the White River airport, Deputy Knox phones John Fowler.  He tells
       Fowler that Hannah has a one-way ticket to Boston and then New York. 

  066. Leslie flies to Boston to get pardon for Elliot Carson.
  267. Elliot Carson flies to NYC.
  270. Elliot Carson returns from NYC.
  274. Deputy Knox calls John Fowler from the airport.
  378. Betty prepares to get on a plane for Boston.
  181. Steven flies to California.
  182. Steven Cord returns from California.
  324. Old Kennerly flies into the White River airport with secretary.
  469. Lew Miles returns from NYC.
  497. Dr. Harry Miles flies to NYC.
  501. Dr. Harry Miles returns from NYC.

Al Pearson:
  134. John and Marian Fowler take the car to Al's body shop.
  135. John and Marian Fowler talk to Al Pearson.
  146. Police sergeant mentions Al Pearson's body shop.

Aladdin's lamp:
  009. Constance carries the Aladdin's lamp to the festival.
  012. Dr. Rossi agrees to buy the Aladdin's lamp for $12.
  012. Dr. Rossi is called away from the festival.  Rodney & Betty's wreck.
  012. The Aladdin's lamp is sitting on Matthew's desk in the Clarion.
  012. Allison leaves the Clarion carrying the Aladdin's lamp.
  319. Steven reminds Peyton that when the magician asked for the lamp back, 
         the magician sealed Aladdin in a hole in the ground.

Albright-Lola Albright:
  153. Lola Albright filled in for Dorothy Malone as Constance Mackenzie 
         for fourteen episodes Thursday 12-09-65 to Monday 01-10-66.

Alcove to the west of Roode's Jewelry.
  084. Matthew and Rossi walk past the Alcove.
  001. Norman walks Allison home.
  001. Allison walks back to Clarion to take her Teen Talk column to Matthew 
  001. Rodney drives Allison back home.
  001. Constance interrogates Allison about Norman and Rodney.
  002. Allison rushes downstairs to get the mail which includes a large 
         envelope from a publisher.
  002. Allison comes in the kitchen and sees Constance, white as a 
         ghost.  Her mother has seen a picture of Dr. Rossi in the Clarion.
  003. Rodney gives Allison and her plethora of books a lift to school.
  004. Rodney and Allison go on their first date.
  005. Allison runs into Dr. Rossi in front of the Book Gallery.
  006. Allison shows Constance dress she is wearing for her date with Rodney.
  006. Allison asks what her uncle Matt is fixing for supper that Saturday 
  007. Allison and Rodney sit at a table in the Shoreline. 
  007. Betty comes over and wants to talk with Rodney.  He doesn't. 
  007. Rodney and Allison go for a drive and park.  They start to kiss. 
  008. Allison greets her mother and Dr. Rossi in the house. 
  009. Allison is embarassed when Rodney tells her that he loves her. 
  009. Allison goes to the Harrington Sunday brunch with Rodney. 
  009. Norman brings Allison a plate of food. 
  010. Allison has won a prize at the festival, with Rodney.
  010. Rodney and Allison dance on the bandstand.
  011. Jimmy, a motorcycle rider, bothers Allison.
  012. Matthew goes to the Clarion and finds Allison waiting for him.
  012. Matthew tells Allison about Rodney and Betty's car wreck.
  013. Rodney tells Allison that he loves her.
  015. Allison goes over and talks with the newly married Betty.
  015. Allison comes back from the Inn with six blue-berry muffins.
  015. In the playground, Norman goes over to Allison who is in a swing. 
  016. Constance calls and tells Allison she won't be home for dinner.
  016. Allison waits up for Constance to get the details of her date.
  017. Matthew talks with Allison in the Book Gallery.
  017. Allison helps Constance select a coat in Les Femmes.
  019. Norman brings Allison home.
  023. Allison is carrying a plethora of books.
  023. Rodney's mother-in-law, Julie, works in George's insurance office.
  127. Allison is struck by a car driven by Marian Fowler.
  157. Allison has a visitor.
  163. Eli brings Allison a thing-a-ma-jig.
  185. Allison walks on metal crutches in hospital.
  186. Eli visits Allison without a thing-a-ma-jig.
  187. Allison visits the courtroom.
  190. Allison prepares to go home from the hospital.
  219. Allison tells Constance that she wants to get married.
  262. Allison is hospitalized.
  263. Lee Webber is freed and has harsh words with Allison.
  264. Allison disappears never to be seen again, except in Next Generation.

Allison is growing up.
  010. Julie talks to Constance about Allison and Betty growing up.
  011. Laura mentions to Constance about Allison growing up and taking over.

  501. Dr. Miles hugs Alma.

  001. Rodney almost hits Allison with his car.
  002. Laura almost falls off the step ladder.  She is caught by Rossi.
  007. Rodney almost kisses Allison.
  020. Betty Anderson almost leaves Peyton Place.
  021. Eli is almost hit by a car and has an angina attack.
  034. George Anderson shoots his telephone.
  051. Betty almost quits her job at the hospital because of miss Choate.
  058. Paul Hanley almost hits George with his car.
  059. George Anderson shoots and almost kills Elliot Carson by accident.
  116. Marian Fowler almost kills Allison Mackenzie.
  194. Eli almost falls off the step ladder.
  220. Allison fusses at Martin Peyton.  Peyton says that Rodney is not 
         ready for marriage.  Allison says that Peyton should speak 
         directly to Rodney, not Elliot. 
  247. Chris almost leaves town.
  247. Lee almost runs over Allison with his motorcycle.
  254. Rossi almost marries Ann Howard.
  312. Chris Webber almost kills Steven.
  331. Betty almost steals Peyton's will.
  352. Chandler almost checks into motel.
  381. Adrienne almost leaves Peyton.
  388. Peyton almost plummets down the mansion stairs.
  390. Peyton is almost hit by motorcycle.
  400. Leslie Harrington almost kills Lee Webber.  Steven finishes.
  411. Rita almost has a baby.  She mis-carries.
  411. Eddie almost leaves in his jalopy.  He leaves in episode 430.
  505. Fred and Rossi almost fight.
  513. Rossi almost marries Marsha Russell.

  012. An ambulance takes Rodney and Betty to Doctors Hospital.
  172. Rita hears an ambulance on her wedding night.
  177. An ambulance takes the expired Gus Chernak away from the mansion.
  295. An ambulance comes to the wharf to get Chris Webber.
  302. Peyton is taken by ambulance to Doctors Hospital.
  507. Dr. Rossi phones for an ambulance to take Fred Russell to Doctors 
          Hospital. [It is only half a block away.]

  268. Norman speaks of Allison's amnesia.

Amos Barkley Insurance Agency in the Chamber of Commerce building.
  013. George Anderson buys out Amos Barkley.
  017. George Anderson buys out Amos Barkley.

  263. Rossi is angry with Steven for taking Lee's case.

  451. Rossi gives Eli an angiogram.

  xxx. Nurse Choate talks about her Cocker Spaniel.
  333. Peyton mentions Pavlov's dog.
  405. Eddie buys Rita a horse.
       Adrienne rides a horse on the beach.
  500. Betty compares Steven to a St. Bernard.
  505. Maggie Riggs has a bird cage with parakeets.

  277. Rossi tries to check Rachel's ankle.

Ann Colby Howard:
  xxx. Ann Colby Howard was the daughter of Catherine Peyton Harrington 
         and Brian Cord Colby.
  205. Ann arrives in Peyton Place.
  205. Ann appears at the bluff.
  206. Ann goes to the Book Gallery.
  207. Ann goes to the Clarion office.
  207. Ann telephones Steven Cord.
  208. Ann goes to Steven's office.
  209. Ann is entertained at Rossi's beach house.
  209. Ann goes to the bluff.
  210. Ann and Rossi eat at the Cider Barrel.
  210. Ann is working with a little girl in therapy at the hospital.
  211. Ann reads a police report in Steven's office.
  211. Ann has a daymare in the square.
  211. Hannah tells Martin that Ann Colby is back in town.
  212. Ann and Dr. Rossi walk on the wharf and talk with Rita.
  212. Ann goes to the Clarion and asks Elliot if her return to Peyton 
         Place is big news.  Elliot says that it isn't.
  213. Ann is warned by Dr. Rossi about problems that lie ahead.
  214. Ann is told by Dr. Rossi about an anonymous letter received in the 
         Clarion office.
  214. Ann starts to telephone Dr. Morton, but changes her mind.
  215. Ann vents her anger at Dr. Rossi for talking to Dr. Morton about 
  215. At the Inn, Steven tells Ann that he had intended to call her.
  217. Sandy tells Lee who Ann is.
  217. Allison visits Ann in therapy.
  218. Lee speaks to Ann, in front of the tavern, calling her miss Colby.
  219. Lee imposes on Ann Howard in the Cider Barrel.
  219. Ann goes in the Shoreline Garage and tells Rodney she is looking 
         for Lee Webber who has a car for sale.
  219. Rodney shows Ann the convertible, and assures her that it will be 
         in A-one condition when it is delivered to her.
  220. Rossi drives Ann to the Shoreline Garage to see if her car is 
  220. Lee tells Rodney that he knows the car is a bomb.  Rodney 
         discusses business ethics with Lee.  A concept foreign ot Lee.
          shows her car to Dr. Rossi.
  221. Rossi arrives at the beach house.  Ann is at the bluff.
  221. Rossi tells Ann to face herself on the bluff.
  222. Steven talks with Arthur Crain.
  223. Ann brings some sketches to the Book Gallery.
  223. Ann is at the square as the Interstate Bus carrying Chris Webber 
  223. Chris walks past Ann.
  224. Ann drives up to Rossi's beach house.
  224. Dr. Rossi and Ann go to the mansion.  Hannah lets them in and 
         Rossi introduces Ann Howard to Hannah.  Rossi goes up to talk 
         with Peyton.  Ann looks around.  Ann looks at the portrait of 
         Catherine.  Hannah explains how much trouble Ann was to her 
         father.  Ann and Rossi leave.  Ann tells Rossi that Hannah 
         called her miss Colby. 
  225. Dr. Rossi and Ann talk at the beach cottage.
  225. Ann meets up with Chris Webber on the wharf.  She does not tell 
         him who she is.
  226. Chris is at the tavern playing Deep Purple as Ann comes in.
  226. Ann talks with Chris an he realizes who she is.
  226. Ann is at the bar in the tavern as Elliot comes in and greets her.
         Elliot has 6 pound rock cod which annoys Ann.
  227. Ann talks with Dr. Rossi at the beach house about talking with 
  228. Ann sketches Dr. Rossi at the beach house.
  229. Ann and Dr. Rossi dine at the beach house.
  229. Hannah and Peyton argue about the Ann Howard situation.  
         Peyton goes up to his bedroom.  Hannah slashes the portrait of 
         Catherine, Ann's mother.
  230. Hannah glares with satisfaction at the slashed portrait.
  230. Betty notices that the portrait of Catherine is missing.
  230. Rodney tells Betty that the portrait is probably being cleaned.
  230. Lee accosts Ann outside the hospital and tells her to quit 
         questioning Chris.
  230. Ann goes to Rossi's office to express fears about Lee.
  230. Dr. Morton asks Rossi why he hasn't submitted a status report on 
  230. Snooping in the Peyton basement, Betty discovers the slashed 
         portrait of Catherine.  Rodney appears and accuses Betty of 
         slashing the portrait.  Betty denies.  Rodney accepts.
  231. Rossi orders Lee to leave Ann alone.
  231. Ann spots Chris and Allison and ducks into the Pharmacy.
  231. Allison follows Ann into the pharmacy.  Allison talks with Ann.
  231. Steven shows Ann his new office.
  231. Peyton and Hannah discuss Ann and Brian Colby.
  232. Allison rushes in the Book Gallery and tells Constance and Elliot 
         that she has a date with Chris.  Elliot is non-pleased.
  232. Rodney grills Leslie about Ann and Steven being brother and sister 
         to each other.
  232. Ann is at Betty and Steven's house and decides to go out to look 
         for Brian Colby.  Steven admits to Betty that he was among those 
         who accused Ann of pushing Chris Webber.      
  233. Leslie asks Steven why Catherine's portrait was slashed.
  233. Allison goes to see Ann in therapy at the hospital.
  233. Rodney hassles Lee about a repair bill.  Lee berates Rodney for 
         his lack of mechanic skills.
  233. Martin tells Hannah that Colby is still cashing his monthly 
         checks.  Hannah decides to confess, and leaves.
  233. In Steven's office Ann relates that her father is dying.  She 
         sobs.  She asks Steven to go with her to see Brian.  Hannah 
         comes in but Steven and Ann leave before Hannah can confess. 
  234. Steven and Ann head toward bean town to see Brian.
  234. Hannah tells Peyton that she fears that Brian will make a 
         death-bed confession to Ann.
  235. Steven and Ann arrive at Boston Memorial Hospital and speak to 
         nurse Uhura.  Dr. Potter comes out to break the news of the 
         death of Brian Colby.  Ann Sobs.  Steven embraces.
  235. Dr. Potter tells Ann that Brian's final words were, "Is Ann 
         coming?  Is Steven coming?"
  235. The phone rings and Uhura tells Dr. Potter that a lady on the 
         phone is asking about Colby.  Steven goes to the phone and 
         answers.  But Hannah doesn't respond. 
  235. Rodney tells Betty that he should have told Steven that Ann was 
         his twin.
  235. At Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house, Steven goes through some 
         paintings that look like Catherine's portrait.  Ann and Steven 
         are mystified.
  236. Brian Colby's funeral.
  236. Hannah bids farewell to her ex, "Brian Cord, burn in Hell."
  237. Hannah bids farewell to her ex, "Brian Cord, burn in Hell."
  237. Rossi and Ann go in Doctors Hospital and he tells her she doesn't 
         have to go right back to work.
  237. Steven asks Hannah if she was the one who called the Boston 
         hospital.  She explains that she was worried.  Steven asks why 
         she is so hostile toward Ann.  Hannah reminds Steven that she is 
         not in a courtroom.
  238. Lee is worked up over Ann and wants to take Chris back to Boston.
  238. Ann talks with Chris on the wharf and he stumbles.  He is taken to 
         the hospital.
  238. Eli goes to the tavern and talks with Ann.
  238. Lee says that Ann badgered Chris and Chris fell.
  239. Sandy confronts Ann in front of the hospital.  At this point in 
         time Sandy still believes that Ann pushed Chris.
  239. Ann goes in and tries to get information about Chris from the 
  239. Later Ann tries to again get information.
  239. Rossi rants at Ann.
  239. Lee says to Ann, "You're on your way out, lady."
  240. In the therapy room, Allison tells Ann that she has just talked 
         with Chris.
  240. Ann slips into Chris room.  Sensing her, Chris says, "It wasn't 
         your fault."
  240. Morton finds Ann in Chris' room and fires her.
  241. Rossi almost chastises Ann, but than expresses his admiration for 
         her determination to seek the truth.  They embrace.
  241. Lee almost runs over Ann with his motorcycle.
  242. Peyton summons Betty to the mansion and confides to her that Brian 
         is indeed Steven's father.
  242. Steven tells Ann that he is checking on a headstone for Brian.
  243. Rodney fires Lee.
  243. Leslie tells Steven that Julie is leaving Peyton Place to be with 

  244. Sandy follows Lee up the stairs to Ann's apartment.  [everyone 
         else has a room, but Ann has an apartment.]
  245. Lee demands a job from Steven.
  246. Ann is working in the Book Gallery.
  247. Ann goes to see Steven in his law office.
  248. A steamer trunk is delivered to Ann.
  248. Steven tells Allison that she must tell the truth to Chris, that 
         Ann did not push him.
  248. Hannah goes to visit Steven in the house that she gave him.
  249. Betty gets a message from Steven that he wants a divorce.
  249. Steven tells Chris that he is not fit to be a lawyer.
  250. In her apartment, Ann tells Steven that she is free of the 
         accusation that she was the one who pushed Chris. 
  250. At the beach house, Ann tells Rossi that she is free from the 
         accusation that she was the one who pushed Chris.
  250. Lee slugs Chris.
  251. Ann and Rossi walk on the wharf.  Rossi admits that he is a 
  251. Chris goes to see Mrs. Hewitt.
  252. Steven goes to Ann's apartment.  Rodney is there.
  253. Ann talks with Hannah.
  253. Ann goes to the beach house, and hears the phone ringing.  She 
         talks with Dr. Rossi.
  254. Ann goes to the bluff and plummets.
  254. Allison breaks a window and enters the beach house.
  255. Allison talks with Chris.
  256. Rossi accuses Lee of killing Ann.
  257. The police question Lee.
  258. John Fowler talks with Allison.
  259. Lee Webber is jailed in the death of Ann Howard.
  260. In Judge Chester's courtroom, Lee asks to speak to Sandy.
  261. Rodney proposes to Allison.
  262. Lee implores Steven to represent him.
  263. Lee Webber is bailed out of jail.
  263. Lee speaks to Allison.  Allison disappears.
  264. The search for Allison commences.
  265. John Fowler gets another bail hearing for Lee Webber.
  265. Lee is re-jailed.
  266. Chris tells Sandy that Lee must be punished.
  267. Last B&W episode.
  267. Brian Colby's trunk is brought into the mansion.
  268. Hannah sorts through Brian Colby's effects.
  268. If Hannah had been watching TV she would have seen the debut of 
         Star Trek.  But as we all know, Peyton didn't have a TV in the 
  268. Elliot calls Constance from New York and is told that she has 
         selected the name Matthew for her new baby.
  269. Steven visits Lee in jail.
  270. Matthew is born.
  270. Betty tells Steven that he must not defend Lee.
  271. Chris offers to testify against Lee.
  272. In the jail cell, Steven prepares Lee for court.
  273. Dr. Rossi testifies.
  273. Steven is admonished by the judge.
  274. Norman and Rita prepare to go camping.
  275. Rossi is asked to be godfather.
  276. Steven visits Lee in his cell.
  277. Rachel is brought to Peyton Place.

  293. Hannah testifies that Ann Howard was 28 years old at the time of 
         her death.  

  344. Steven Cord, Ann's twin brother, celebrates his 28th birthday. 

Ann Howard and Steven Cord:
  231. Rodney overhears Hannah remind Peyton that Steven and Ann are 
         brother and sister.
  231. Rodney tells Betty to get out of the mansion.
  232. Steven tells Hannah that Colby is in a rest home in Maine.
  232. Rodney rides over to the mill on his motorcycle and asks Leslie 
         if he knew that Ann and Steven are brother and sister?  Leslie 
         is surprised because he didn't know.  He tells Leslie that the 
         portrait of Catherine had been slashed.
  232. Ann tells Steven that Colby left the rest home in Maine a week ago 
         and they don't know where he is.
  233. Leslie goes to see Steven Cord.

Ann Nolan, secretary to Steven Cord.
  149. Steven calls Ann by her given name.

Anna Chernak:
  xxx. Played by Anna Karen.

  507. Charlie's [Cider Barrel] wife has a wedding anniversary.

         In spite of a binding long term contract, Mia Farrow was 
           allowed to leave the series. 
         Dorothy Malone was temporarily replaced.
         George Macready was temporarily replaced.
         Ann Howard died.
         Writers gave in to politically correct social pressures.
         Paul Hanley and his right hand drive English car were written out.
         Constance and Elliot moved out of town.
         Eli & Maggie didn't have time to get married before series ended.
         Dr. Rossi never married.
         Eddie Jacks should have sung more of his Irish songs at the Tavern.
         Rodney never recovered.
         Betty never found happiness.
         Norman never found Norman.
         Dr. Rossi's Judge was never identified by name.

  188. Hamilton Beech® malt mixer in the Pharmacy.
  276. General Electric® refrigerator in Sandy Webber's kitchen.
  303. General Electric® refrigerator in Sandy Webber's kitchen.

  039. Sharon Purcell's apartment in NYC.
  049. Calvin Hanley's Apartment over the Pharmacy.
  447. Fred Russell rented an apartment in Boston.
  483. Fred Russell's apartment in Boston.

Apartment over the Pharmacy:
  049. Calvin Hanley's Apartment over the Pharmacy.
  050. Paul Hanley was said to have lived in the apartment.  Epi 125.
  063. From the apartment over the Pharmacy, Paul calls Doctors Hospital.  
         Allison knocks and goes in to talk with Paul.
  067. Rodney and Norman are still in the mansion.
  069. Rodney and Norman's apartment over the Pharmacy.
  125. Leslie observes to Norman that Paul Hanley had lived briefly in 
         the apartment over the Pharmacy.  [This is one of only two 
         comments about this crucial fact.]  Paul didn't die.  He just 
         faded away.  There was never any mention of his moving to 
         another city or leaving his teaching position at the college. 
  169. Rodney tells Allison he was able to move into the apartment because 
         Paul Hanley had moved out.  Leslie mentions this in episode 125. 
  173. Norman and Rita's apartment over the Pharmacy 324 Glover.
  257. Martin Peyton visits Norman and Rita's apartment over the Pharmacy.
  273. Rodney mentions Ann Howard's apartment at Lee Webber's murder hearing.
         Her apartment was in Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.  None of the 
         other rooms in the boarding house were refered to as apartments.
  324. Ada Jacks visits Norman and Rita in their apartment.
  341. Rodney finds himself drawn to Norman and Rita's apartment.
  447. Fred has transferred to Boston.  He has rented an apartment.
  450. Rita puts away the wash in her apartment over the Pharmacy.
  473. Rossi visits Norman and Rita in their apartment over the Pharmacy.

Apartment of Sharon Purcell in NYC:
  039. Sharon Purcell's apartment in NYC.
  332. Mention of Sharon Purcell's apartment in NYC.

Apostrophes, Apostrophe's:
       In spite of Matthew Swain's excellent example in publishing an 
         excellent newspaper, the residents seemed to be confused in their 
         uses of the apostrophe.  Even though Matthew was on the hospital 
         board, no one bothered to put an apostrophe in "Doctors 
         Hospital."  It may be because they wanted to leave it ambiguous 
         whether the hospital was of one doctor or more than one doctor.  
         "Doctor's" would have indicated one doctor, possibly Robert 
         Morton.  "Doctors'" would have indicated more than one doctor, 
         diminishing the importance of Robert Morton. 
       The other glaring error is in the use of the apostrophe in the 
         signs for the tavern, "Ada Jacks' Tavern" and "Ada Jack's 
         Tavern."  The former is, of course, correct. 
  191. In the apartment, Norman and Rita are eating pork chops and spiced 
  364. In the General Store, Elliot takes a bite out of an apple.
  365. In Ada Jacks' Tavern on the wharf, Eddie Jacks takes a bite out of 
       an apple and leaves the remainder on the bar.  [It is obvious 
       that the producers bought several apples and to get their money's 
       worth wrote apple scenes into adjacent episodes.]
  379. Eddie Jacks talks about stealing apples from Peyton's orchard as a 
  488. Maggie offers to buy Eli's apples at a discount.

  229. At the beach house, Rossi tells Ann that he is going to throw away 
         his apron and chef's hat and let her do the cooking. 
  242. Sandy removes her apron and rushes to the Shoreline Garage.
  292. Eli is wearing an apron as he updates the population sign.
  300. Elliot is in the Carson Kitchen wearing an apron as Constance 
         comes in from taking Rachel shopping.
  324. Rachel is changing Matthew as Rossi comes to visit.
  343. Elliot is wearing an apron as Steven comes for the Blaine report.
  399. Eddie Jacks puts on a bartender's apron.
  402. Dick, the Cider Barrel night manager is wearing an apron as Rossi 
         comes in to attend Kelly Smith and take her to the hospital.
  505. Lew miles is wearing an apron in the Cider Barrel as he talks with 
         Sgt. William Wilson Walker.

Arcade, Ham's Shoreline Arcade:
  107. Steven and Betty get change, go in the arcade, and play the pinball 
  336. Between Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house and Ada Jacks' Tavern.
  019. Dr. Rossi wants to operate on Catherine.  Dr. Morton is opposed.
  046. Allison wants to go to New York.  Constance is opposed.
  047. Allison wants to go to New York.  Elliot is opposed.
  048. Paul wants Allison to go to New York.  Constance is opposed.
  049. Allison wants to go to New York.  Matthew is opposed.
  050. Betty applies for work at the hospital.  Miss Choate is opposed.
  105. Allison and Elliot argue about David Schuster and automation.
  144. Dr. Rossi decides to fire Betty for snooping.  Miss Choate is opposed.
  185. Elliot argues with Gehring in the hall of Doctors Hospital.
  248. Lee wants a job at the mill.  Leslie is opposed.
  258. Steven decides to represent Lee.  Chris is opposed.
  405. Jill wants a room at the boarding house.  Mrs. Hewitt is opposed.
       Chandler wants to see Rachel.  Mrs. Burrows is opposed.
       Chandler wants to see Rachel.  Rossi is opposed.
       Chandler wants to see Rachel.  Steven is opposed.
       Chandler wants to see Rachel.  Elliot is opposed.
       Norman wants to open a bike shop.  Rodney is opposed.
       Rita wants a baby.  Norman is opposed.

  045. Lucy Adams cut her arm when her sled hit a tree.  This incident 
          led to Betty becoming a nurse's aide at Doctors Hospital. 

  121. Rodney Harrington is arraigned on charges of the murder of Joseph 
       Lee Webber is arraigned on charges of the murder of Ann Howard.
       Eddie Jacks is jailed on suspicion of murder of Adrienne Van 

  001. Dr. Rossi arrives to take up practice in Peyton Place.
  004. George Anderson arrives home from a long sales trip.
  015. Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Harrington return from White River.
  032. Elliot Carson returns from state prison.
  042. Betty Anderson Harrington returns from NYC
  054. George Anderson returns home for a short visit.
  057. Dr. Claire Morton Claire returns home from Peru.
  057. George Anderson returns from the sanitarium.
  068. Eli Carson, returns from Florida.
  074. David Schuster arrives to take over at the mill.
  077. Steven Cord arrives in Peyton Place to handle Peyton's legal work.
  099. Ann Howard arrives in Peyton Place.
  112. Stella Chernak arrives from California.
  119. Leslie Harrington returns from Europe.
  151. Martin Peyton, arrives in Peyton Place for Rodney's trial.
  159. Martin Peyton visits mill.
  171. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Harrington arrive in Peyton Place.
  174. Phyllis Sloan, Marian Fowler's sister asks about Marian.
  177. Karen on Rodney's 21st birthday
  181. Steven Cord returns from California.
  183. Marian Fowler returns from California.
  192. Richard Jensen arrives by taxi not by bus.
  202. Leslie Harrington makes a bargain to run mill.  Peyton oks all purchases.
  205. Ann Howard returns to Peyton Place.
  206. Russ Gehring leaves, Ann is hired as therapist.
  216. Mr. Wainwright
  219. Sandy Webber
  223. Chris Webber, from college for the summer vacation.
  236. Brian Colby's body from Boston.
  239. Ann's sudden appearance at the hospital causes grave concern.Brian 
  254. Ann Howard returns to the Bluff, plummets, and dies.
  270. Matthew Carson is born.
  274. Hannah Cord, back to testify in the competency hearing.
  276. Rachel Welles, back from the farmhouse.
  283. Mrs. Burrows warns Dr. Rossi about Jack Chandler.
  289. Jack Chandler, to fetch Rachel.
  356. Adrienne Van Leyden, to visit Martin Peyton.
  364. Eddie Jacks, after and 18 year quest for nicotine.
  404. Jill Smith, with her baby Kelly.
       Sandy Webber back for Lee's funeral.
  431. Carolyn Russell, back from Boston.
  412. Joe Rossi, from NYC.
  441. Marsha Russell arrives on scene.  She had been in Peyton Place all along.
  450. Dr. Harry Miles, surgeon
  461. Chuck Atwell, therapist
  469. Lewis Miles, student, back from NYC.
  480. Peyton's body from Boston.
  488. Maggie Riggs, widow
  489. Vickie Fletcher, from NYC.
  505. Jennifer Ivers, Peyton's nurse, from Boston.
  505. Munsen, Hannah Cord's chauffeur, with Jennifer and Hannah.

       Some people blamed Rachel for the Welles's house fire.
  308. Police tell Peyton they consider the fire at the mansion to be arson.

  039. Allison helps Paul Hanley remove a work of art from a container.
       Paul sends Allison a portrait he drew of her.

Art Exhibit-Peyton College Art Exhibit.
  043. Allison prepares to go to the Faculty Art Exhibit.
  043. Allison goes to the Faculty Art Exhibit.

  112. Kim Schuster
       Ann Colby Howard
       Allison Mackenzie
       Brian Colby
       Barrett Costa
       Paul Hanley

  222. Arthur Crain was a young boy at the bluff when Chris Webber was pushed 
         off, blinding him.  Lee Webber was responsible.  Ann Howard was 
  441. Arthur, ficticious caller who tells Susan that her very good friend, 
         Jean Wilbur, has been injured in a auto accident.  [lie].

  268. Brian Cord, Brian Colby.
  223. Ann Howard.
  328. Barrett Costa.

  044. Paul asks Calvin for tranquilizers.  Calvin offers aspirin.
  375. Eli tells Elliot that Matthew need some aspirin because he is 

  001. Rodney Harrington wears a letter jacket with the letter "P" on it.  
         (Probably for baseball.  He didn't perform well in football.)
  005. Dr. Rossi was on the track team in high school.
       Constance and Elliot went to a basketball game.
       Rodney and Betty go skiing.
  187. Rodney Harrington was on the second string football team his high 
         school freshman year.  He finally went in and fumbled the ball. 
  461. Rodney plays with a tennis ball.
       Eli and Maggie go ice-skating.

Auction-auction block:
  194. Eli has a Grand Auction at the Chandlery in preparation to opening the  
         General Store. 
  284. Betty wants to go to an auction in White River and bid on a desk for 
  300. Mention of auction block.
  302. After Steven returned the deed to Hannah, she sold the house that she 
         had given to Steven and Betty.  She sold it on the auction block 
         and she took the check to Betty.  Steven returned the check later 
         that same day. 
  483. Marsha asks Carolyn if she would like to go to the Haverhill 
         auction to buy a brass bed for Carolyn's room.

  002. Laura Harrington Brooks is Rodney and Norman's aunt.  She is no 
         blood kin, whatsoever, to Steven Cord and Ann Howard. 
  280. Aunt Lucy is Rachel's aunt.  Wife of Jack Chandler.
  289. Aunt Meg is Rachel's aunt.  Sister of Jack Chandler.
  512. Aunt Kate is Marsha Russell's aunt.
  xxx. If Michael Rossi had married Marsha Russell, Marsha would have been an 
         aunt by marriage to Kelly Smith Rossi.
  xxx. Aunt Bee is Opie Taylor's aunt.

Axe murders:
  493.  Elliot discusses the decline of incidences of New England axe murders.