Barbara Parkins

Barbara Parkins       Barbara Parkins       Paula Durham
Betty Anderson        Rosa                  Perry Mason
                      Shout at the Devil    Episode 160
1964                  1976                  11-08-62

Barbara Parkins was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada May 22, 
1942.  She was a friend of Sharon Tate and appeared with her in "Valley 
of the Dolls." 

1964-1969 Peyton Place.
1976-1977 Captains and the Kings-Martinique.
1991      Scene of the Crime.

Perry Mason:
160 11-08-62 Unsuitable Uncle
               A sailor too poor to pay legal fees makes out a will with 
               bequests of $300,000.
                 Barbara Parkins-Paula Durham
                 Charles Irving-Judge

1961 20,000 Eyes
1967 Valley of the Dolls.  
       Barbara Parkins-Anne Welles
       Lee Grant-Miriam Polar 
       Naomi Stevens-Miss Steinberg
       Sharon Marie Tate-Jennifer North
1970 Kremlin Letter, The
1970 Puppet on a Chain
1971 La Maison sous les arbres
1971 Mephisto Waltz, The
1971 Taste of Evil, A (Made for TV)
1971 Mephisto Waltz.
1972 Asylum
       Barry Morse [The Fugitive].
1972 Puppet on a Chain
1973 Snatched (Made for TV)
       Leslie Nielsen
       Sheree North
       Howard Duff
       Robert Reed
       John Saxon
1974 Christina
1976 Law of the Land (Made for TV)
1976 Shout at the Devil
       An American, with the help of an upper-class Englishman who's 
       looking for adventure, hopes to get rich via smuggling and land 
       speculation in Africa. But they're forced to put aside the con 
       and focus on more serious problems when they discover a group of 
       Germans attempting to ready a grounded battleship for war. 
         Barbara Parkins-Rosa (Daughter of Flynn, later wife of Oldsmith).
         Lee Marvin-Flynn.
         Roger Moore-Sabastian Oldsmith.
1977 Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy (Made for TV) 
1978 Critical List, The (Made for TV)
1978 Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women (Made for TV)
1979 Bear Island 
1982 Breakfast in Paris 
1983 Uncommon Valor 
1984 Calendar Girl Murders (Made for TV) 
1984 To Catch a King (Made for TV) Teri Garr  Robert Wagner
1985 Peyton Place: The Next Generation (Made for TV) 
       Barbara Parkins-Betty Anderson
1986 Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun (Made for TV) 
1998 Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story (Made for TV)