004. Dan greets Matthew on the square.
  004. Dan, the cop, speaks to Allison and Rodney.
  025. Chanlery customer.

Dan Duryea-gunfighter Al Denton in a Twilight Zone episode. [Eddie Jacks].

  006. Rodney dances with Allison at the Shoreline teen hangout.
  006. Bud dances with Betty at the Shoreline teen hangout.
  069. Allison asks Rodney to dance with her at the Carson wedding.
  070. Dr. Rossi dances with Betty at the Carson wedding reception.
  070. Dr. Rossi dances with Julie Anderson.
  070. Rev. Bedford dances with Betty Anderson.
  070. Dr. Rossi dances with Claire Morton.
  070. Elliot dances with Allison.
  070. A young man dances with Allison.
  109. Rodney dances with Allison on the beach.
  200. Steven dances with Betty at the Anderson house.
  227. Rodney dances with Sandy Webber at the Shoreline.
  227. Steven and Betty dance.
  306. Norman dances by himself in the apartment.
  306. Rachel calls a square dance in the apartment over the Pharmacy.
  307. Rodney dances with Rachel in the apartment.

  002. Laura almost falls off a step ladder.
  247. Lee almost hits Allison with his motorcycle.
  312. Chris almost shoots Steven.
  388. Martin Peyton almost plummets down the stairs.
  390. Martin Peyton is almost hit by a motorcycle.
  442. Betty almost topples a bookcase over on herself,

  159. Danny Prohaska, son of Mr. Prohaska.  Mr. Prohaska is one of only a 
       few ethnics with pronounced accents.  [see also Anna Chernak.] 

  319: Rodney Harrington and Sandy Webber throw darts in the Cider Barrel.
  429. Tom and Susan Winter throws darts during the Founders Day Festival.

Dated-many things dated the series:
  211. Steven had photostatic copies of a police report.  Not Xerox®.
       Blackboards and greenboards in the school.
       Touch-tone® phones were not yet in common use.
       Electric typewriters were not yet in common use.
       Beepers were not in use.
       Computers were not yet in common use by small companies.
       Schuster asked about the S-105 computer.
       Answering machines were not in use.
       Hand calculators were not in use.
       Sandy Webber had an antique General Electric® refrigerator.
       In-line skates were not in use.
       Martin Peyton didn't have a TV.
  xxx. No one had a color TV.
       Ada didn't have a TV in the Tavern.  Til later.
       Peyton Place had at least 2 movie theaters but no video rentals.
       Steven used a film viewer instead of a VCR.
  147. Steven uses a reel-to-reel tape recorder.
  186. Steven uses a reel-to-reel tape recorder.
  329. Dr. Rossi uses a reel-to-reel tape recorder.
  329. Reel-to-reel tape recorders were in use but not yet cassettes.
       Colonial Post Inn sold something like doughnuts, but no Crispy Creams®.
       No MacDonalds, Wendy's, Burger Kings, or What-a-Burgers.
  450. Norman flipped a half dollar to decide who drove the motorcycle.  
       Half dollars were still in common use.
  459. Joe Rossi draws a picture for Jill on the blackboard, not a greenboard.
  512. Lew Miles mentions cowboy movie star "Hopalong Cassidy" to Jeff 
         Kramer.  Hopalong Cassidy was played by William Boyd.

09-xx-56 Peyton Place, the book.
xx-xx-57 Peyton Place, the movie.
09-15-64 Peyton Place 1964 TV series.
04-03-72 Return to Peyton Place, afternoon TV begins.
01-xx-74 Return to Peyton Place, afternoon TV ends.
05-13-85 Peyton Place, the Next Generation.

Dates and entertainment:
  006. Rossi takes Laura Brooks to dinner at the Colonial Post Inn.
  010. Rossi escorts Betty at the festival.  He buys her coffee.
  028. Allison went to a movie.
  045. Allison went to a movie at the college theater.
  105. Norman splurges $7.00 on a lobsters meal with Rita.  Rodney fusses.
  166. Betty complains to Rossi that he never asked her out for coffee like
         he did Stella Chernak.
  025. Rossi entertains Constance at the beach house.
  037. Leslie takes Julie Anderson to dinner.
  040. Betty has a date with Roy Roberts in NYC.  Sharon dates Phil.
  064. Rossi asks Claire to go ice-skating.
  079. David and Doris were guests of Andrea and Theodore Dowell at the Inn.
  107. Rodney takes Allison on a clambake.
  135. Leslie escorts Rita to the Lobster Pot on the wharf.  [Norman].
  158. Steven invites Rodney to go to a movie.
  200. Julie went to a movie.
  224. Elliot and Constance went to a movie.
  276. Sandy offers Rodney a lobster salad.
  310. Chris and Sandy go to a movie.
  385. Rodney asks Betty to go skiing.
  390. Rodney asks Betty to go skiing.
  404. Rodney takes Betty skiing.  They sit in front of a fireplace.
  339. Rossi treats Rachel to sea food chowder at the lobster shop on the wharf.
  399. Constance goes to see a movie.
  466. Dr. Rossi and Marsha Russell have coffee at the Cider Barrel.
  495. Eli takes Maggie ice-skating.
  497. Rossi takes Carolyn to the lobster shop on the wharf.

  503. Mrs. Davis calls the hospital and cancels surgery by Dr. Harry Miles.

Davis Real Estate Management Company.
  033. Howard King duns George Anderson for his office rent payment.

Dead Camels:
  341. Norman mentions dead camels.

Deals-Rodney to live in the mansion:
  155. Leslie receives an offer from Peyton to regain his lost status.
Deaths and related issues:
  000. Dr. Donald Brooks dies and his practice is sold to Michael Rossi.
  019. Catherine Peyton Harrington dies in the hospital.
  113. Joe Chernak dies on wharf after fight with Rodney.  07-16-64.
  178. Rodney Harrington turns 21 during his murder trial.
  178. Gus Chernak dies at the Peyton mansion.
  235. Brian Colby dies in Boston.
  236. Brian Colby's funeral and brial in Peyton Place.
  255. Ann Howard dies after fall from Sailors' Bluff.
  259. Lee Webber is jailed in death of Ann Howard.
  260. Lee Webber is released.
       Lee talks to Allison and is rejailed.
  262. Steven agrees to represent Lee.
  272. Lee's hearing begins.
       Dr. Van Leyden dies of a fall from a tall building.
       Adrienne plummets and dies at the Peyton mansion.
  399. Lee Webber is shot in Leslie's office.
  400. Lee Webber is shot and dies at the Peyton mansion.
  404. Sandy returns for Lee's funeral.
       Martin Peyton dies at the Boston clinic.
       Martin Peyton's body returns to Peyton Place.
  477. Miss Liza Newton dies at Doctors Hospital.  Tom didn't visit.
  510. Fred Russell dies at Doctors Hospital.
  510. Rossi is booked for murder.
  514. Rossi is in jail awaiting trial for murder as the series ends.

Deep Purple:
  305. Chris Webber plays "Deep Purple" and then steals Ada's gun.
       Ada reclaims gun at the police station.

Déjà Vu:
  445. Dr. Rossi uses the term Déjà vu but pronounces it deja view.
       déjà vu
  001. Rodney and Betty deliver Rossi to the Inn.
  001. Allison delivers her Teen Talk column to the Clarion.
  002. Tom foley delivers mail to Allison, including envelope from publisher.
  015. Dr. Rossi delivers twins to Madilyn Thayer.
  270. Dr. Rossi delivers Matthew to Constance and Elliot.
  273. The episode opens with a clerk bringing Fowler a large manilla 
         envelope in the courtroom.  Rossi testifies.
  363. KPostman Roy Slater delivers the escape gun to Elliot.
  449. Norman and Rodney deliever a motorcycle.  Crash on the way back.
  490. Roy Slater brings Maggie her $500 prize from baking contest.

  274. Deputy Knox calls John Fowler from the airport about Hannah buying an 
         airline ticket.

       Colonial Post Inn
       Matthew Swain, Clarion
       Elliot Carson, Clarion
       Leslie Harrington.
  325. Martin Peyton, mansion.
       Michael Rossi, private office.
       Michael Rossi, Dictors Hospital. 
       Robert Morton, Doctors Hospital.
       Nurse miss Esther Choate, Doctors Hospital.
       Rev. Tom Winter, manse.
       Information Desk in reception area, Doctors Hospital.
       Parole Officer.  E. J. Taggert, White River.
       Rev. Gates, Boston
       Receptionist, Dowell law office                
       Dowell law office
       Steven Cord, law office with Dowell
       Desk Sargent, Town Hall
       John Fowler, law office in Town Hall
       George Anderson
       Theodore Dowell
       Julie Anderson, mill
       Laura Brooks, Rossi's office
       Julie Anderson, Rossi's office
       Laura Brooks
       Miss Nolan
       Miss Harris, mill
       William Kennerly, Jr., Boston
       Rodney Harrington, Shoreline Garage
       David Schuster

Desk Clerk at the Colonial Post Inn.
  207. Mr. Parker, the desk clerk, speaks with Betty and Steven.
  360. Robert is one of the desk clerks at the Colonial Post Inn.

Desk, Information, Doctors Hospital.
       Reception area, Doctors Hospital.

Desk Sargeant:
       Ofc. Frank, Greg Morris. [Spelled Gregg in other series.]
       Sgt. William Wilson Walker
Detectives, Blaine and Lawrence:
  032. Blaine comes to the Harrington house with his report.
  047. Julie discusses the Blaine report with Leslie.
  185. Rodney talks about detective Lawrence to Steven and Leslie.
       Steven flies to California to see detective Lawrence.
  369. Eddie tells Leslie about his detective work.
  375. Betty followed Adrienne and Steven in Boston.
  383. Eddie Jacks tells Steven that he learned about Adrienne Van Leyden 
         while working for a New York detective agency. 
  509. Harry Miles destroys the unopened detective's report.


  498. Charlie Devon has a cabin on the lake.

Devlin-Charlie Devlin:
  162. Mr. Devlin, a prospective juror in the Rodney Harrington trial, tells 
         Steven Cord that he was on the Elizabeth Carson murder trial jury.  
         Judge Jessup excuses him.

  050. Diary of Elizabeth Hanley Carson found in trunk by Paul Hanley. 
  051. Diary of Elizabeth Hanley Carson found in beach house by Elliot.
       Wainwright looks at the diary.

   There are at least two Richards in the series.  
       1. Richard Jensen, boy friend of Stella Chernak.
       2. Dick, night manager at Cider Barrel when Kelly was dropped off. 
       3. Richard Evans, actor who plays the role of Paul Hanley.
       4. Richard Bull, Dr. Remmick.

Dick-night manager at the Cider Barrel.
  194. Richard Jensen arrives in Peyton Place by taxi.
  403. Dick is night manager at the Cider Barrel when Jill drops off her 
         baby.  Laura accompanies Dr. Rossi to the hospital with Kelly.

  See also tape recorder.
  038. Dr. Kessler talks to his dictaphone.
  305. Steven talks to his dictaphone.

  xxx. A dieresis is an umlaut.  ¨

       Chandler gave Eli a dime to call the Clarion. 
  403. Laura gave Jill a dime to call the hospital.

Dime store:
  056. Rita is working at the Woodfinch 5 & 10 variety store.

  403. Jill dumps her baby at the Cider Barrel.
  403. The Cider Barrel is refered to as a "diner on the wharf."
       Steven Cord picks up Joe Rossi at a diner north of Peyton Place 
       and gives him a lift to the beach house.

  011. Dr. Rossi and Laura Brooks dine at the CPI.

Dinner parties:
  1xx. The Schusters have a dinner party for Elliot, Constance, and others.
  135. Leslie takes Norman and Rita to dinner at the Lobster Pot on the 
  229. Steven and Betty give a dinner party.

  178. Rodney disappears while out on bail.  He went to Ada's to party.
  232. Brian Colby disappears from the rest home.
  247. Chris Webber disappears.
  264. Allison Mackenzie disappears.
  295. Norman disappears after Hannah's testimony about Catherine.
       Jack Chandler disappears.
       Rachel's puppy disappears.
       Stella Chernak's file disappears.
       Eddie Jacks disappears.
       Rachel disappears.

  049. Paul Hanley discovers Elizabeth's diary in his trunk.
  050. Paul Hanley leaves Elizabeth's diary in the beach cottage without 
         being discovered.
  051. Elliot discovers Elizabeth's diary in the beach cottage.
  093. Ada Jacks "discovers" her daughter.
  125. For Norman Harrington, the "discovery" of a father.
  158. Elliot and Constance discover that they have heavy responsibilities.
  276. Norman and Rita discover Rachel in Hastings Valley.
  354. Elliot discovers that Matthew and Rachel are missing.
  355. A nurse discovers Matthew in a hospital closet.

Diseases, illnesses, and injuries:
  000. Elizabeth Hanley Carson-was fatally bludgeoned.
  000. Phillip Van Leyden-suicide by jumping from tall building in NYC.
  000. Chris Webber-blinded by fall from Sailors' Bluff.
  003. Betty Anderson-Pregnancy.
  004. George Anderson-mental problems.
  012. Betty Anderson-Automobile accident.
  012. Betty Anderson--mis-carriage.
  019. Catherine Peyton Harrington-Peritonitus-liver disease
  021. Eli Carson-angina.
  026. Dr. Joe Bradley-Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  037. Eli Carson-Gall bladder infection.
  046. Lucy Adams-Sled Accident.
  165. Miss Choate mentions that Rodney had his tonsils out and his 
         collarbone set.
       Elliot Carson-gunshot wound.
       Elliot Carson-fight injuries, splinters.
       Jack Chandler-hit on head with candlestick.
       Jack Chandler-fight injuries.
       Joe Chernak-fight with Rodney
       Rita Jacks Harrington-Mitral Stenosis
       Rita Jacks Harrington-pregnancy
       Rita Jacks Harrington--miss-carriage
  391. Rita Jacks Harrington-Digitalis
       Catherine Peyton Harrington-duodenal ulcer, fatal
       Norman Harrington-Pilloried by wharf rats
       Norman Harrington-car wreck with Joe Rossi
       Norman Harrington-cracked rib, shoved by Eddie Jacks
       Norman Harrington-motorcycle crash with Rodney
       04-27-98 Gus Chernak-cirrosis of the liver
       Gus Chernak-fight with Schuster, collapsed
       Gus Chernak-Veins in esophagus ruptured
       Rodney Harrington-automobile accident
       Rodney Harrington-hit by hair brush, Rachel
       Rodney Harrington-motorcycle accident, spinal cord injury
       Ann Howard-fell from Sailors' Bluff
       Allison Mackenzie-hit and run, Marian Fowler
       Constance Mackenzie-pregnancy
       Constance Mackenzie-cut hand on broken ornament
       Martin Peyton-heart trouble, fatal
  419. Joe Rossi-automobile accident with Norman Harrington
       Fred Russell-Head trauma, fatal
       Matthew Swain-opeation by Joe Bradley
       Kelly Smith-pneumonia, mal-nutrition
       Adrienne Van Leyden-plummeted down stairs
       Lee Webber-shot by Leslie Harrington and Steven Cord
       Rachel Welles-abused by Jack Chandler
       Susan Winter-Alcohol poisoning
       Tom Winters-cut hand on gaffing hook.
       Tom Winters-fight with Joe Rossi over Jill Smith
       Leslie Harrington--mal-nutrition, avoided military service.
       Rachel Welles--self-inflicted hand and wrist wound.
  406. Kelly had pneumonia and suffered from mal-nutrition.

  278. Rodney says that the Clarion truck had a distributor problem.
   47. Betty is annulled from Rodney.
  313. Sandy asks Steven to represent her in divorce proceedings.
  379. Kennerly helps Betty with her divorce from Steven.
  385. Mrs. Foster divorced Mr. Foster.
  392. Steven Cord is divorced by Betty.
       Sandy divorces Lee Webber without Steven's help.
  415. Fred Russell is divorced by Marsha.
  497. Susan divorces Tom Winter.
  497. Eli tells Maggie that Tom and Susan are divorced.
  497. Maggie says she doesn't approve of divorce.
  504. Marsha divorced Fred over a year ago.

  Mrs. Franks, child welfare worker to Rachel.
  Mrs. Thomas, child welfare worker to Kelly.

  001. Dr. Michael F. B.  Rossi.  [514 for initials].
  002. Dr. Donald Brooks.  Uncle of Rodney and Norman by marriage.
  005. Dr. Landau, mentioned.
  008. Dr. Rossi was a classmate of Dr. Donald Brooks. 
  008. Dr. Rossi tells Betty that she is pregnant.
  009. Dr. Robert Morton attends Catherine Peyton Harrington.
  009. Dr. Rossi meets Dr. Morton at the Harrington brunch.
  010. Dr. Rossi refers George to Dr. Eubank, a psichiatrist, in Boston.
  011. Dr. Rossi refers George to Dr. Eubank, a psichiatrist, in Boston.
  013. Dr. Rossi tells George and Julie that Betty lost her baby.
  016. Dr. Rossi takes Constance to the beach house.
  017. Dr. Morton drops in on Catherine at the Harrington mansion.
  017. Dr. Freddy Zeitner interned with Morton and signed Rossi's diploma.
  018. Dr. Morton tells Catherine that he will be gone a couple of days.
  019. Dr. Robert Morton.
  019. Dr. Burgess.
  019. Dr. Lipton.
  019. Dr. Michael Rossi tells Leslie he must operate on Catherine now.  
  022. Dr. Joe Bradley enters the inquisition room.
  024. Dr. Joe Bradley conducted the autopsy.
  024. Dr. Schimner was excluded from the autopsy.
  027. Dr. Burris, only spoken of.
  047. Dr. Kessler at the Greenvale Sanitarium talks with Betty.
  061. Dr. Claire Morton returns to Peyton Place.
  061. Dr. Vincent Markham, Claire's husband, Kenneth's brother
  076. Dr. Morton tells Rev. Jerry Bedford that she has been offered Dr. 
             Burgess position at the hospital 
  144. Dr. Randall, on Stella's research project.
  164. Dr. Clarence L. Healey, coroner, Rodney's murder trial.
  169. Dr. Hoyt, paged.
  196. Dr. White is paged.
  214. Dr. Peter Turner, 26-year-old bachelor.
  234. Dr. Potter, Boston Memorial Hospital, Brian Colby's attending doctor.
  272. Dr. Owen Gates, coroner, Lee Webber's murder hearing.
  280. Dr. Gleason of the Foley Medical Center in Oakland, California.
  302. Dr. Fielding treats Martin Peyton for smoke inhalation.
  302. Dr. Cortell, Peyton's Boston physician.
  331. Dr. Lyons mentioned by Dr. Rossi to 5 inch reel-to-reel tape recorder. 
  357. Dr. Phillip Van Leyden late was the late husband of Adrienne.
  371. Dr. William Riley.
  386. Dr. Bartlett, caring for Rachel, is mentioned by Rossi to Elliot.
  382. Dr. William Riley, only spoken of.
  388. Dr. William Riley, only spoken of.
  404. Dr. Greene, paged.
  404. Dr. Richards, paged.
  405. Dr. Sullivan, paged.
  406. Dr. Van Dyke, paged.
  407. Dr. Mitchell, paged to the desk.
  408. Dr. Lewis Johnny Remmick, Boston heart specialist, for Rita.
  450. Dr. Harry Miles begins treating Rodney after his motorcycle wreck.
  450. Dr. Roy Kingman, consulting on Rodney
  450. Dr. Lodge, consulting on Rodney
  471. Dr. Fielding is paged.
  471. Dr. Miles drives up and lets Lewis out of the car at the hospital.
  464. Dr. Peter Turner, 26-year-old bachelor.
  468. Dr. Hershel, only spoken of.
  471. Dr. Corrigan, only spoken of.
  495. Dr. Dave Wilkinson, psychiatrist.
  496. Dr. Dave Wilkinson, psychiatrist.
  501. Dr. Harding is mentioned by Dr. Harry Miles.
  503. Dr. Browning is mentioned.

Doctors Hospital:
       George Anderson
  053. Norman is brought in by Paul Hanley from the Pillory
       Rachel Welles
       Jack Chandler
       Dr. Miles
       Fred Russell

Doctor's Orders:
   010. Dr. Rossi tells Betty, "Doctors Orders."

Doctors' wives:
  002. Laura Brooks, wife of the late Dr. Donald Brooks.
  009. Grace Morton, wife of Dr. Robert Morton.
  061. Dr. Claire Morton Markham, wife of Dr. Vincent Markham.
  289. Mrs. Healey, nurse's aide, wife of Dr. Clarence L. Healey, coroner.
  467. Alma Miles, wife of Dr. Harry Miles.

  001. Rip, Matthew Swain.
  149. Miss Esther Choate had three dogs named Brandy.
  333. Peyton mentions Pavlov's dog.
  469. On the wharf, Eli invites Tom Winter to come over to play 
         dominoes some time. 

Donald-Dr. Donald Brooks:
  008. Dr. Rossi tells Constance Mackenzie that he and Dr. Brooks were 
             classmates in medical school. 

Donna-Donna Franklin:
  462. Fred Russell introduces Donna Franklin to Carolyn, Marsha, and Dr. 
       Rossi at the restaurant in the Colonial Post Inn.
  483. Carolyn Russel is surprised by Donna as she opens the bedroom door 
         in Fred's apartment in Boston. 

Door bells, door buzzers, and door chimes:
       George Anderson, chimes.
       Elliot Carson, chimes.
       Norman & Rita Harrington, 
       Rodney & Betty Harrington, 
       Constance Mackenzie, chimes.
       Martin Peyton, chimes.
       Fred Russell, annunciator.
       Leroy "Lee" Webber, buzzer.

Door Chain:
  309. A door chain has been added at the Carson house.

Dormer Windows:
  002. Mackenzie house.
  289. Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house. [seen in many closing credits]

Double doors:
  002. Mackenzie house.
  012. Entrance to reception area near Information desk at Doctors Hospital.
  072. The bridal suite at the Dorset House in Boston.
  201. Entrance to the Colonial Post Inn.
  206. Double doors at the Peyton Place Real Estate office.
  206. Entrance to Peyton Professional Bldg.
  292. Entrance to Peyton Professional Bldg.
  292. Entrance between the Peyton Professional Bldg and the General Store.
  358. The mansion livingroom has double doors to the left of the fireplace.
Dowell-Theodore Dowell, lawyer, with office over the bank building.  The 
         building is also refered to as the Chamber of Commerce building:
  044. Leslie Harrington tells Dowell he wants an annullment for Rodney.
  047. Dowell represents Rodney at the annulment.
  120. Dowell represents Rodney before the hearing.
  138. Dowell represents Rodney at his murder hearing.  Steven represented 
         him at the actual trial.  See 182 below.
  144. Dowell is dropped.
  164. Leslie goes in Dowell's office and talks to Julie who is now 
         working for David Schuster.  He tells her that Schuster is about 
         to be swept away by the undertow.
  182. Steven mentions that Dowell represented Rodney Harrington in the 
         preliminary hearing.
  204. Peyton forces the retirement of lawyer Theodore Dowell.  Steven 
         takes over his office and secretary, miss Ann Nolan.
  226. Theodore Dowell retires and Steven takes over the entire office.

Down in the valley:
  165. Russ Gehring sings and plays on the guitar, "Down in the Valley," for 

Draft Beer Dispenser:
       Not present in early episodes.
  383. Eddie Jacks mentions the dispenser to Adrienne while at the mansion 
         annoying Peyton. 

Drama club:
  045. Paul Hanley is faculty advisor for the Peyton College Drama Club.

Dress-Betty's bright red dress, formerly Catherine's.
  339. Betty poses for Barrett Costa.
  340. Betty walks down the stairs in the mansion.
  344. Betty wears the red dress at Steven's birthday party.  (28th).

  001. Rodney and Betty drive to the train station to pick up Dr. Rossi.
       Rodney and Betty drive to the mill to tell Leslie that Dr. Rossi 
         has arrived.
       Rodney drives Betty home.
       Rodney drives Allison home.
       John Fowler drives Marian's car to Al's garage.
       Dr. Rossi drives Betty to the sanitarium in Green Valley.
       Dr. Rossi drives Betty home.
       The police drive Rachel and Dr. Rossi to the mental hospital near 
       Steven takes Betty for a ride and hits Rodney and Norman on a 

Drive for the sake of driving:
  377. Eddie takes Rita and Rodney for a drive in his jalopy, with steam 
         coming out of the radiator.  Elliot greets them on their return.
         We don't recall any drive where steam didn't spew from the 

  505. Maggie allows that Elliot is rather droll.

  199. Charges are dropped against Rodney Harrington.
  298. Charges are dropped against Lee Webber.
  300. Chandler drops his claim to Rachel.
  336. Steven gets Elliot out on bail.
  339. Chandler drops his charges against Elliot.
       Charges are dropped against Eddie Jacks. [Adrienne].
       Dr. Rossi drops his care of Peyton.
  369. Dr. Fielding drops his care of Peyton.

Dropouts, from high-school:
  110. Joe Chernak.
  147. Joe Chernak.
  147. Rita Jacks.
  212. Rita Jacks Harrington.
  243. Sandy Webber.
  330. Betty Anderson.
  445. Joe Rossi.

Drug users:
  010. George Anderson asks Dr. Rossi for a prescription for some "steady" pills. 
  044. Paul Hanley asks his father for some tranquilizers.
  198. Richard Jensen pressures Stella to steal some narcotics for him.

  036. Calvin Hanley, when Elliot gets drugs for Eli.
  213. Mr. xxx, when Rita collapses.
  270. Ralph Courtney, when Matthew is born.

Drum-American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps:
  359. Steven tells Adrienne that Peyton Place is culturally deprived. 
  053. Norman is in a drunken stupor from a spiked drink.
  243. Rodney fires Lee Webber.
  245. A drunken Lee Webber shows up at the Cords to ask for a job.
         He had said earlier he could get a job anywhere.
       Steven and Susan get soused the day that Betty remarries Rodney.
  273. Rossi testifies that Constance called him to warn that Lee was on a 
         drunken spree on the day that Ann Howard plummetted and died.
  457. A drunk Susan is hospitalized.

Dubbins-Don Dubbins:
       William Kennerly, Jr.
       Don Dubbins [Elegy episode of Twilight Zone.]

Dune Buggy:
  444. Jeff Kramer drives Carolyn around in a dune buggy.
  467. Jeff Kramer drives Carolyn around in a dune buggy.

Duryea-Dan Duryea:
       Eddie Jacks.
       Dan Duryea [Mr. Denton on Doomsday episode of Twilight Zone.]

Dutch door.
  481. Betty comes home to her converted barn house through a dutch 
       door.  The four hinges confirm that this is indeed a dutch door. 

  xxx. Only three words in English begin with Dw:  Dwarf, Dwindle, Dwell.

Dying statements:
  xxx. A dying statement is generally taken to be true.
  180. John Fowler discusses Gus Chernak's dying statement with Stella.
  514. Marsha Russell testifies about Fred Russell's dying statement.