Epi  69:  Miss Devon is rehearsing on a three manual pipe organ as Rev. Bedford 
Scene 1.  readies the church for a simple wedding.  They talk.

MD:       Oh, dear.
JB:       Oh, you'll do fine, miss Devon.
MD:       Rev. Bedford, are you sure this is appropriate music for a 
JB:       I think they'll like it.  It's by Chopin.
MD:       Well, at least there could have been one rehearsal. Mr. 
          Carson and Ms. Mackenzie asked for it to be a simple 
          ceremony.  Well, in that case.  I can't understand why you 
          can't choose simple music. I've got some perfectly lovely 
          pieces here which are entirely suitable. 
JB:       Fine, miss Devon, whatever you decide.
MD:       Thank you.  Oh, Very nice.  Did you arrange them yourself?
JB:       Yes.
MD:       Usually someone from the family comes in to do that.  Pity 
          you can't start out here in Peyton Peyton with a real 
          spring wedding, with ushers and bridesmaids and everything. 
JB:       Miss Devon, I feel that a real wedding occurs whenever
          a man and a woman come into a church and really want to get 
Epi 70:   Outside the Wayside Church in Peyton Place.  The townfolk file 
Scene 1.  into church and sit.   Miss Devon, the organist is doing an 
          acceptable job at the pipe organ.  Betty is sitting to Dr. 
          Rossi's right.  Julie is sitting to Betty's right.  Rodney is 
          sitting to Norman's right.  Norman asks Rodney if their mother 
          and father were married in this church.  Rodney says, "What?"  
          Norman says, "Never mind."  This is Rev. Jerry Bedford's first 
          wedding.  Eli says that it is his first time to be best man.  
          Allison hands her mother "something borrowed." 

Epi 204:  Martin Peyton tells Rita at the party that he does not see 
Scene 2.  enough of her and Norman.  Steven and Rodney shakes hands, 
          Allison tells Betty she is beautiful.  Eli comes in and asks 
          Leslie where he got his drink.  Eli gets a drink.  Mrs. Devon 
          tells Rev. Bedford that Betty should have never worn white.  
          Bedford says that Betty is trying to make a new start.  He gets 
          Mrs. Devon a cup of coffee. Leslie warns Julie that she will be 
          getting a difficult father in law.  Norman and Eli are drinking 
          together.  Steven and Betty cuts the cake.  Eli gives a toast 
          and goes around filling glasses.  Rodney says Betty's wedding 
          dress puts the past behind them.  Eli appears to be becoming 
          sobriety challenged.  

          Theodore Dowell tells Leslie that he will be working with Steven 
          because of the job Steven has been offered.  Dowell is leaving 
          town.  Dowell says that Peyton has just told him he is out.  
          Betty appears at the landing of the stairs and tosses the 
          bouquet.  Allison catches it.  Steven thanks his mother for the 
          wedding.  HE tells her that she should have been a ringmaster 
          for Barnum and Bailey instead of Marton Peyton.  The party throw 
          rice.  The wedded couple scurry off in their new car, trailing 
          tin cans.  Allison and Rodney make plans to go sailing.  

Epi 240:  Miss Choate was talking to a Mr. Devon.  Lee Webber shows up at 
Scene 1.  the reception desk and asks to visit his younger brother Chris at 
          Doctors Hospital, but decides to drop in on Dr. Morton first.  
          Dr. Morton is finishing his conference with Constance about the 
          arrival of her "second, first baby."  Allison doesn't count 
          because she was an "accident."  [Keep this in mind when you read 
          the summary for episode 314 concerning Steven Cord as an 
          "accident of nature"].  

          Lee comes in and asks Dr. Morton to keep Ann Howard away from 
          his brother.  He points out that Ann was the one who shoved 
          Chris off the bluff 17 years ago and now she's making his "shy, 
          sensitive" little brother a "nervous wreck" with all her 
          questions that are designed to prove her innocence.  Dr. Morton 
          calls Ann in the therapy room and tells her to keep away from 
          Chris.  Ann answers the phone in the room and looks confused.  
          Lee is seen in the background wearing his signature smirk. 

Epi 498:  At Ada Jacks' Tavern, Eli is eating as Maggie bursts in.  She is 
Scene 3.  angry that Eli has been telling people that he and Maggie are 
          going to spend the weekend at Horse Head Lake.  She continues to 
          ramble.  She gives him one minute.  Charlie Devon owns a horse 
          and cabin on Ridgewell Lake.  He explains.  Eli says its not his 
          fault that Charlie Devin talks alot.  Maggie rambles on.  Maggie 
          is not ready to be taken for granted.  She says that she can't 
          stand small town gossip.