280. Rodney enters the main entrance of the hospital.  The shadows indicate
         that the hospital faces east.  This entrance is one block east of the 
         Pillory on the square.

Eaves Dropping:
  133. Marian Fowler accused John of eaves dropping.

  467. Dr. Miles received a letter from Ebony wanting to write an article 
         about his work as a neurosurgeon. 

Eddie, the postman:
  295. Eddie brings Elliot newspapers from the prison concerning Jack Chandler.

Eddie Jacks:
  222. Ada tells Rita that Eddie left before Rita was born.
  364. Elliot and Eli talk about Jack Chandler and Eddie Jacks.
  365. Eddie Jacks returns after 18 years.
  366. Eddie goes in the Tavern and announces, "It's me, Ada."
  367. Eddie goes to see Leslie in his office.
  368. Eddie goes to see Elliot at the Clarion.  Eddie places an ad.
  369. Eddie Jacks introduces himself to Rita.
  370. Eddie irons some clothes in his room at the boarding house.
  371. Eddie talks with the bartender at the Inn.
  371. Eddie and Leslie talk at the Tavern.
  372. Rita talks with Eddie.
  373. Eddie introduces himself to Norman.
  373. Eddie visits the apartment.
  374. Eddie watches Rita.
  374. Ada asks Elliot to help run Eddie out of town.
  375. Ada hires Eddie as night bartender.  6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  375. Eddie slides a mug down the bar to Rita.
  376. Eddie visits the Shoreline Garage and asks Rodney's help finding a car.
  376. Eddie introduces himself to Lee Webber.
  377. Eddie plays and sings "Galway Bay."
  377. Eddie and Rita eat in the living area of the Tavern.
  378. Eddie buys flowers on the wharf.
  378. Eddie calls Leslie from a pay phone on the wharf.
  378. Eddie treats Elliot to a drink at Ada Jacks' Tavern.
  378. Eddie and Leslie go for a drive to talk.
  379. Eddie and Rita get in the Peyton limousine.
  380. Eddie drives his car to the hospital parking lot.
  380. Eddie goes to see Dr. Rossi to talk about Rita.
  380. Eddie brings a bouquet of flowers to Rita in the apartment.
  381. Eddie serves Lee a beer at the Tavern.  
  381. Eddie sends a bottle of brandy to Peyton with Lee.  Later returned.
  381. Eddie and Elliot bump into each other at the boarding house.
  381. Elliot was there to play gin with Eli.
  381. Eddie and Leslie meet in the empty warehouse.
  381. Peyton proposes marriage to Adrienne.
  382. Eddie gets a cup of cider on the wharf and almost leaves without paying.
  383. Eddie drives his jalopy to the Peyton mansion.
  383. Eddie introduces himself to Martin Peyton.
  384. Eddie sends Norman a message to meet him on the wharf.
  384. Norman goes to the Cider Barrel to talk with Eddie.
  384. Eddie goes to see Rita who is crying.
  385. Mrs. Foster testifies at Martin Peyton's competency hearing.
  386. Eddie goes into the Cider Barrel and talks with Charlie.
  386. Leslie gives Eddie $4000 to kill Peyton.  $4000 later.
  387. Eddie skulks outside the mansion.
  387. Lee Webber comes in the Tavern to talk with Eddie.  Lee has a scotch.
  387. Lee puts on his act pretending to be abused by Peyton.
  387. Eddie charms the customers but does not sing at the Tavern.
  387. The clock says 1:50 a.m., almost closing time.
  388. Lee and Eddie talk on the wharf.
  388. Eddie comes to see Leslie the back way.
  389. Eddie is in the apartment as Constance and Eli bring Rita a bassinet.
  389. Lee and Eddie drive the limousine at a high rate of speed near cemetary.
  390. Eddie goes in the Shoreline Garage to talk to Rodney.  Rossi is there.
  390. Eddie steals a Crescent® wrench out of the limousine.
  391. Eddie drives out in the country with the wrench.
  392. Norman and Rita go across the street to plant bulbs in the square.
  392. Norman and Rita meet Adrienne.  Eddie walks up and joins them.
  393. Eddie pretends to have a cold.  He goes over to the Peyton mansion.
  393. Adrienne plummets to her death down the mansion stairs.
  393. That night Eddie sees Betty leave the mansion but doesn't recognize her.
  394. Eddie is arrested.  Rita sees Eddie being taken to jail and collapses.
  395. Norman tells Rita that Eddie was arrested for shooting craps.  [a lie].
  396. Eddie and Peyton negotiate.
  397. Leslie bails out Eddie Jacks.
  398. Adrienne is buried.
  398. Eddie teaches Rita how to shoot craps.
  399. Eddie tells Rodney what happened the night that Adrienne died.
  399. Steven represents Eddie but tells him not to tell him how to do his job.
  400. Eddie is kicked out of the boarding house.
  400. Eddie goes in the Tavern and Ada lets him use Rita's room temporarily.
  401. Leslie shoots Lee at the mill.  Steven wrestles with Lee at the mansion.
  401. Lee dies at the mansion.
  401. Eddie gives Ada the bank deposit receipt.
  402. Leslie goes to the Tavern and faces Eddie with his double-cross.
  403. Martin Peyton says "good bye" and returns to Boston.
  406. Eddie gives Rita a horse race game.
  407. Norman seeks a show down with Eddie.
  410. Rita prepares for her operation.
  411. Ada finds Eddie's bags packed.
  411. Eddie almost leaves.
  411. Rita miscarries.  
  411. Ada convinces Eddie to stay.
  414. Eddie shows Rita a picture of Rita-the-horse.
  414. Eddie goes to talk with Ada.  She talks about Eddie's camera work.
  415. Kelly is awarded to the Carsons.
  418. Eddie fixes dinner for Norman and Rita.
  419. Norman and Joe Rossi have a car wreck.
  419. Eddie talks with Rodney about Joe Chernak.
  420. Tom Winter takes care of Norman Harrington and Joe Rossi.
  422. Susan Winter poses for pictures.
  424. Eddie tells Jill that Joe Rossi is rotten.
  425. Eddie says he is going to the cops about Joe Rossi.
  426. Susan plays the piano in the manse.
  427. Rita slips out of the apartment and goes to the Tavern.
  427. Rita and Ada have breakfast at the Tavern.
  429. Eddie drives over to the apartment in his jalopy.
  430. Eddie Jacks leaves Peyton Place on the bus.  [Dan Duryea is ill.]
  431. Carolyn Russell operates the pillory for Founders Day Festival.

Edith, unwed mother-to-be:
  443. Jill talks with Edith.

Edith Atwater:
  009. Edith Atwater plays the role of Grace Morton wife of Dr. Robert 
         Morton.  She is the real life wife of Kent Smith, the actor who 
         plays the role of Dr. Robert Morton.

Editorials and obituaries:
  119. Elliot writes Joe Chernak's obituary. 

  041. Lucy Frisby-English teacher to Matthew and Allison.
  046. Lucy Frisby-English teacher to Matthew and Allison.
  300. Miss Hunt, librarian, in the Town Hall.
  349. Fred Wilson-Peyton High School principal-Elliot wrote scathing story.
  479. Miss Gladys Roberts-Peyton High School science teacher.
  479. Mr. Klinger-Peyton High School woodshop teacher.

  344. At Steven's 28th birthday party, Martin Peyton asks Edward to unveil 
         the portrait of Betty. 
Edward Goddard, police Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg.
  060. Goddard investigates the shooting of Elliot in the Peyton mansion.
  074. Goddard is on the phone regarding the disappearance of Kim Schuster. 
  114. Goddard investigates the death of Joe Chernak.
  115. Goddard goes to the Chernak house.
  116. Goddard goes to the apartment to get Rodney.
  118. Goddard talks with Betty about Joe Chernak and Rodney.
  120. Schuster tells Goddard and Fowler are told that Kim saw Joe fight.
  126. Goddard is off duty as Fowler takes Stella's statement.
  127. Goddard tells Elliot he is sorry about what happened to Allison.
  128. In the booking room, Elliot insists on talking with Goddard.
  138. Goddard is called to the stand to testify.
  155. Fowler calls Goddard to check up on Russ Gehring.
  164. Goddard reports to Fowler on Russ Gehring.
  166. Goddard testifies in the Rodney Harrington murder trial.
  177. Goddard goes to the Peyton mansion to investigate the death of Gus.
  179. Goddard tries to trace the call from Marian in San Francisco.
  305. Goddard checks serial number on Ada's gun.
  402. Lee Webber crime scene.

  165. Dr. Michael Rossi treats Stella Chernak to eel at the Italian Villa 

  044. Paul talks about the magic number 18 to Elliot.
  047. Matthew and Elliot talk about the magic number 18 and Paul Hanley.
  444. Marsha was married to Fred Russell for 18 years.
       Constance was 18 when Allison was born in NYC.
       Allison was 18 when Paul Hanley returned to Peyton Place.
       Elliot Carson was in prison 18 years.
       Chris Plunged 17 yeara ago.

Eletric horse-race game.
  404. Eddie brings Rita an electric horse-race game.

Electric Skillet:
  173. Ada promises Rita an electric skillet:

  042. George Anderson receives electro-shock therapy at the mental hospital.

       The only known elevators in Peyton Place are in the hospital and in 
         the school.  The one in the hospital was installed somewhere in 
         the middle of the series replacing an ordinary door about 15 
         feet in front of Information Desk.
  040. The elevator boy sees Roy Roberts hand Betty some money [$50].
  045. Betty speaks to her mother of the elevator boy in NYC.
  280. The elevator is not yet installed in the hospital.
  405. Kelly Smith is brought down to Jill and Dr. Rossi in the elevator.
  410. The elevator door opens and Dr. Rossi comes out to announce the birth 
         of Matthew Carson.
  445. Elevator in the background as Eli talks with Jill Smith in hospital.
  492. Law offices of Wainwright and Kennerly in Boston. 
  492. Betty and Steven talk in front of elevator as they are leaving.
  500. Lew and Carolyn get off the elevator in school.

Eli Carson:
  016. Eli Carson is introduced to the series by Dr. Rossi telling Constance 
         that he rented the beach house from Eli.  He says Eli has chronic 
       Eli has an angina attack.
       Eli goes to the prison for Elliot's parole hearing.
       Eli gets drunk on champagne at Betty and Steven's wedding.
       Eli shows the Carson house to Marsha Russell.
       Eli walks in front of Betty and Rodney's house carrying a for 
           sale sign. 

       There are two Elizabeth's in Peyton Place.
  007. Matthew calls to a townsperson named Elizabeth.  Only mention.
Elizabeth Hanley Carson-
       Elizabeth was the only daughter of Calvin Hanley, and the first 
       wife of Elliot Carson.  Paul Hanley was her brother. She was 
       killed (bludgeoned) by Catherine Peyton Harrington, but the 
       evil deed was blamed on Elliot.  Calvin and his wife were 
       married for eleven years as explained in epi 49.  The name of 
       Paul's mother was never given. Leslie Harrington offered Jack 
       Chandler $2000 to kill Elizabeth Carson.  Leslie and Eddie 
       Jacks discussed this in episode 384.  This was one of the deals 
       that Ada spoke of that happened in the back room of the Tavern. 

049. Elizabeth's diary was found by her brother, Paul, and taken to the 
       beach house of Elliot Carson.  The contents of the diary helped 
       in exonerating Elliot of Elizabeth's murder.  Being exonerated 
       eliminated the need to make monthly visits to his parole 
       officer in White River. 

Elliot Carson:
  026. Matthew Swain visits Elliot in prison.
  030. Elliot's parole hearing begins with Matthew and Eli in attendance.
  031. The parole hearing continues.
  032. Elliot is released, given $40, and returns to Peyton Place by bus.
  033. Elliot comes in to the Chandlery and finds Eli asleep.
  033. Allison and Elliot see each other on the street but don't speak.
  033. Elliot meets up with George on the square.
  034. George shoots his phone and Elliot comes into the office to cool 
         things down.  He hits George on the head and gets the Japanese pistol.
  034. Elliot goes in to the Book Gallery and tells Constance he will never 
         do anything to hurt Allison.
  035. Elliot goes into the Book Gallery and talks with Constance.
  035. Leslie offers Elliot a job and is turned down.
  035. Elliot begins helping Eli in the Chandlery.
  036. Laura Brooks decides to go to Europe on vacation.  We don't find any 
        instance of Elliot meeting Laura Brooks.
  036. Elliot buys a beer at Ada's for 25 cents.
  036. Allison and Elliot meet up near the library and talk this time.
  037. Elliot summons Dr. Rossi to the Chandlery to see Eli.  Eli goes into 
         the Pharmacy to get some pills for Eli.  Calvin Hanley tells Eli 
         that he killed his daughter.  Elliot denies it. 
  038. Elliot meets up with Paul Hanley and they talk.  Paul is pleasant 
         enough, considering.
  038. Allison meets up with Elliot again.  Elliot goes into the Book 
         Gallery and talks with Constance.
  039. Elliot visits Eli in the hospital.
  040. Elliot reports to his parole officer in White River.  He buys a 
         sweater for Allison. 
  041. Elliot goes in the Book Gallery to give the sweater to Constance.
  041. At the pond, Elliot asks Norman if Paul is bothering them.
  042. Elliot and Constance watch Eli being taken into surgery.
  043. Elliot comes to visit Constance at the house.
  044. Elliot breaks the photograph of Mr. Mackenzie.
  044. Elliot asks Paul for a ride to the square.  Paul obliges.
  045. Elliot asks Constance out for her 36th birthday.  She already has a 
         date with Dr. Rossi.  Elliot gives a book of poetry to Allison.
  046. Elliot telle Eli that Allison is his grand-daughter, just before Eli 
         leaves for Florida.
  046. Attorney Wainwright comes to visit Elliot.
  046. Elliot goes out to the beach house.  Paul is visiting Rossi, but he 
         leaves.  Elliot tells Rossi that he must have the beach house back.  
         Rossi agrees to move.  [Where to we don't know].
  047. Allison runs into Elliot in front of the Clarion.  They talk.
  047. Matthew comes into the Chandlery to talk to Elliot.
  048. Elliot goes into the Book Gallery and talks with Constance about Paul 
         and about Allison.
  049. Allison meets Elliot on the street and asks how Eli likes Florida.
  049. Elliot looks out the window of the Chandlery and sees Constance head 
         off for lunch with Matthew over at Joe's.  [Who is Joe?]
  050. Allison talks to Elliot in front of the Book Gallery and tells him she 
         knows of a car for sale by a student for only $75.  Elliot tells her 
         that he has found one for $50.  Allison says that is a very good 
  068. Elliot is cleared of the murder of Elizabeth Carson.
  092. Elliot gives type O Rh negative blood after the accident in which Dr. 
         Vincent Markham was injured.
  166. Elliot receives a compliment on his trial coverage in the Clarion.
  323. Elliot goes to the farmhouse looking for Rachel.
  359. Charlie Hagen of the White River Herald calls about Chandler's 
         escape from jail. 
  434. Elliot turns the Clarion over to Charlie Hagen in White River.
  434. Elliot and Constance leave Peyton Place.

  014. Rodney and Betty elope.
  295. Leslie tells of eloping with Catherine.
  171. Norman and Rita elope.

Elsie Thornton:
  037. Cloverleaf Dairy deliveryman tells Constance that he had to stop and 
         shovel out Elsie Thornton this morning.  [He must have felt a 
         special obligation to a lady who had the name Elsie.] 

  077. An emisary arrives from Boston.

Employees at the Inn:
       Frank, bartender.
       Robert, desk clerk.
       Jerry Draper.

Employees at the jail:
       Several jailers

Employees at the mill:
  001. Leslie Harrington
  002. Julie Anderson
  047. Theodore Dowell's secretary is an elderly lady.
  073. David Schuster
  082. Marian is moved to accounting.
  0xx. Julie Anderson, again.
  xxx. Rodney Harrington hired by David Schuster.
  159. Mr. Prohaska.
  159. Danny Prohaska.
  159. Gus Chernak
  159. Freddie
  159. Mr. O'Brien.
       Miss Nolan, Leslie's secretary          
       Marian, Leslie's temporary secretary from production.
       Miss Harris, Leslie's 4th secretary
       Stan Howard, security
  119. Ann Nolan  
  164. Miss Ann Nolan is Theodore Dowell's secretary.
  164. Miss Ann Nolan is Steven Cord's secretary.
  342. Jack Chandler.
  359. Norman Harrington

Employment agencies:
  036. Manhattan Employment Agency, Mrs. Wagner talks with Betty and 
  267. Sparhawk Employment Agency on the wharf near the Shoreline Garage.

Employment offers:
  002. Dr. Rossi asks Laura to help him in his office.
  003. Dr. Rossi asks Laura if she has decided to help him in his office.
  037. Dr. Rossi offers Julie a job as his secretary.
       Leslie Harrington offers Elliot Carson a job at the mill.
       David Schuster offers Rodney a job.
  082. David Schuster offers Julie her job back at the mill.
       Eli Carson offers Rodney a job.
 ~128. Dr. Rossi asks Stella to help him with his research project.
       Martin Peyton offers Betty Anderson a job.
       Dr. Rossi sets up an appointment for Jill with Rev. Winter.

Ambulance worker

Empty-headed hymn singers.
  497. Maggie quotes her husband using the phrase "empty-headed hymn 
         singers" while talking with ex-rev Tom Winter.

End of the world.
  062. Allison opines that the world will probably end on an ordinary day.
       Elliot Carson refers to this in the narration of the Next Generation.

       Elliot and Constance become engaged.
       Steven and Betty become engaged.
       Martin Peyton announces his engagement to Adrienne Van Leyden.
  510. Eli Carson announces his engagement to Maggie Riggs. 

Entrance to the Peyton mansion:
  375. Potted plant to the left, no coat rack.

Entrance to waiting room in Doctors Hospital:
  186. No directory.  Waiting Room sign.
       A large directory was added somewhere in the middle of the series.

  001-263  Allison Mackenzie.
  206-259  Ann Howard.  263. Rossi settles Ann's bill after she dies.
  001-013  Betty Anderson living in the Anderson house.
  014-031  Betty Anderson Harrington living in the mansion.
  032-035  Betty Anderson Harrington staying in Boston's Quincy Hotel.
  036-041  Betty Anderson Harrington staying in NYC.
  042-049  Betty Anderson Harrington living in the Anderson house.
  050-203  Betty Anderson living in the Anderson house.
  204-312  Betty Anderson Cord living in Hannah's house.
  313-376  Betty Anderson Cord living in the mansion.
  377-393  Betty Anderson Cord staying in the Colonial Post Inn.
  394-435  Betty Anderson staying in the Colonial Post Inn.
  436-505  Betty Anderson Harrington in the house-barn on the wharf.
  207-312  Chris Webber.
  364-430  Eddie Jacks.
  016-046  Eli Carson, 107-513
  159-159  Mr. Prohaska, son Danny, and Mr. O'Brien.
  289-367  Jack Chandler.
  069-204  Rev. Jerry Bedford.
  210-348  Lee Webber.
  052-055  Kitch Brunner, 170.
  163-166  Lola Albright, 5 episodes.
  078-476  Martin Peyton. 399 episodes.
  001-301  Michael Rossi.
  276-357  Rachel Welles.
  113-190  Russ Gehring.
  209-348  Sandy Webber I, 405.
  080-514  Steven Cord.
  104-198  Stella Chernak.
  024-144  Theodore Dowell.
  366-378  Wilfred Hyde-White.  13 episodes.
  001-077  Martin Peyton in Boston.
  078-404  Martin Peyton in Peyton Place.
  405-476  Martin Peyton in Boston.
  450-514  Harry, Alma, and Lewis Miles .
     -414  Rita in the hospital
  001-070  Rodney in the mansion.
  070-172  Rodney in the apartment.
  173-192  Rodney at the Colonial Post Inn.
  193-199  Rodney in jail.
  200-313  Rodney in the mansion.
  314-448  Rodney in the garage.
  436-448  Rodney in the house on the wharf.
  449-     Rodney in the hospital.
           Rodney in the house on the wharf.
  078-318  Thomas the chauffeur era.  315. Thomas gives notice.
  486-511  Vickie Fletcher
  321-     Lee Webber the chauffeur era.
  312-514  Dr. Michael Rossi after his return from NYC.

  000-069  Harrington Mansion
  070-202  Schuster Mansion
  202-313  Peyton Mansion.
  313-403  Peyton-Cord Mansion.
  404-514  Cord Mansion.

  357. Chandler escapes from the Peyton County jail.
  358. Norman goes to work at the mill.

  280. Elliot wants Rossi to give Rachel Sodium Pentathol.
  280. Rodney wants Rossi to put Rachel on the rack.

  159. Mr. Prohaska was the only ethnic in Peyton Place with an accent.

Eubank-Dr. Eubank:
  010. Rossi refers George to Dr. Eubank, a psychiatrist in Boston.

  036. Laura Brooks leaves by train on her way to Europe and Paris.
  181. Robert Jordan, who was graduating from USC, was given a trip to 
         europe and was given the luggage that Stella purchased and had 
         monogrammed for Richard Jensen. 

Everything must go-sign:
  197. Eli Carson is closing out his Chandlery in preparation to opening a 
         General Store.

       Outside the information desk waiting room area a directory was installed.
       Information sign was added in the reception area of the hospital.
       An Elevator was added in front of the Information Desk.
       A beer tap or dispenser was added at the Tavern.
       Telephones evolved from single line, to 5 line, to 10 line, to 15 line.
       The police interview of Eddie Jacks appears to be on film, not video.

  09x. Rossi examines Kim Schuster.  Mostly her ears.
  093. Rossi examines Vincent Markham.
       Rossi examines Jack Chandler.
       Rossi examines Elliot Carson.
  314. Rossi gives Rita Jacks Harrington a long overdue examination.
  335. Rossi gives Rita an important examination.

  032. Elliot Carson
  083. Joe Chernak
  288. Jack Chandler
  362. Eddie Jacks, first mentioned in episode 222.

Excursion boat:
  068. Rodney and Allison go aboard the excursion boat.
  369. Eddie and Rita talk aboard the excursion boat.
  378. Eddie and Rita go aboard the excursion boat.
  440. Joe and Carolyn go aboard the excursion boat.

  018. Elliot seeks to exorcise a long haunting error.

Expressions and memorable phrases:
  100. Rodney says, "Light breakfast, long legs."
  101. Kenneth Markham uses the expression, "Industrial white elephant."
  297. Jack Chandler uses the expression "Molly stepson."
  337. Rossi says, "First we have to treat the losers."
       Peyton says, "Kill him."
  476. Tom Winter says, "It's not my bag, Betty.
  476. Steven says, "Goodbye, Susan."

  110. Dr. Rollins, extension 173.  At the Boston Clinic.

Extra effort:
  040. Rossi drives Betty to see George Anderson in the Greenvale Sanitarium.