Galway Bay:
  376. Eddie plays and sings Galway Bay at Ada Jacks' Tavern.
       Other singers in the series were Russ Gehring, Betty Anderson, Dr. 
         Rossi, and Lucy Adams at the hospital; and Nancy at the Shoreline 
         teen hangout.  Chris Webber played the piano, Jeff Kramer played 
         the keyboard, Susan Winter played the piano and viola, and 
         Adrienne Van Leyden strummed a harp in the Boston townhouse. 

  449. Susan Winter has gambled with her marriage.
  465. Susan Winter has gambled and lost.
       Lee bet Chandler five dollars that he would get the job with Peyton.
       Lee Webber would go to White River to shoot dice.
       Eddie Jacks liked to bet on the horses.

  270. Lee Webber plays solitaire in his jail cell.
       Susan Winter plays solitaire.
       Norman Harrington builds a house of cards.
       Teens throw a football around.
  495. Chuck Atwell brings a box game to Rodney.

Garden tools:
  392. Norman and Rita go down to the square to plant flowers.  Adrienne is 
         sitting on a bench and they all talk.

  021. Fred Gardner, insurance client of George Anderson.
  359. Larry Gardner, public defender.
       Peyton has several gardeners.
  208. Elliot drives up to the Shoreline Garage to get gas.
  249. Lee breaks into the Shoreline Garage and takes gas for his bike.
  249. Regular gas was approximately 39.9 cents per gallon in 1965.
  249. Lee leaves a dollar under the pump padlock for the gas.
  263. Lee rides over to the Shoreline go get gas.  Rodney is closed.
  320. Chandler buys half a tank of gas from Rodney worth $2.50.
  322. Lee brings limousine to Shoreline Garage to buy gas.
  326. Leslie comes to the Shoreline Garage and Rodney asks if he needs gas.
  340. Chandler steals a full tank of gas from Rodney worth $5.00.
  405. Jill tells Rodney she wants to be a gas jockey.
  444. Rodney's pumps have the brand name TANA.
  446. Teenagers fill their tank at the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle shop.

Gastric pain:
  009. Dr. Robert Morton diagnoses Catherine's problem as gastric pain.  
         This mis-diagnosis is mainly responsible for her death.

Gates-Owen Gates, Coroner of Peyton County.
  167. Dr. Clarence L. Healey testifies in Rodney's murder trial.  Dr. 
         Healey's wife is the volunteer who takes a special interest in 
         Rachel Welles. 
  272. Dr. Gates testifies in the Lee Webber murder hearing.

  057. Elliot mentions Canadian Honkers. 
Gehring-Russ Gehring:
  000. Russ Gehring comes to Peyton Place and Doctors Hospital.
  113. Harsh anxiety for Russ Gehring
  149. Russ Gehring receives a token of gratitude.
  165. Russ Gehring sings "Down in the Valley" to Allison.
  167  John Fowler talks with Russ Gehring in therapy.
  169. Russ Gehring pushes Allison in a wheel chair.
  175. Allison paints in Russ Gehring's office.
  179. Eli talks with Russ Gehring in therapy.
  184. John Fowler slugs Russ Gehring.
  190. Elliot Carson slugs Russ Gehring.
  191. Russ Gehring leaves Peyton Place and Doctors Hospital.

Gena-Gena Rowlands:
       Adrienne Van Leyden.
  999. Gena Rowlands went on to play "Ivy" in the motion picture "Paulie" 
         about a talking parrot. 

General Store:
  056. Rita works in Woodfinch 5 & 10 Variety store.
  167. Rita works at the Pharmacy.
  184. Norman works in the General Store.
       Rachel works in the General Store.
       Jill works in the General Store.

Gentlemen callers:
  363. Martin asks Adrienne her price.

       George Macready, actor who plays Martin Peyton.  Peyton is 14 yrs older.
  002. George Anderson-Henry Beckman, Betty's father.
  432. George Adamson, offered newspaper job to Elliot Carson.
  513. George the Jailer to Dr. Rossi.
  514. George Dunn, actor who plays motel owner at Rossi's trial.

George Adams:
  432. George Adams offers newspaper job to Elliot Carson to do 
         editorials and special assignmants.

George Anderson:
  004. George returns from sales trip.
  005. George meets Dr. Rossi.
  005. George goes in the Book Gallery to buy "The Sophisticates" for Julie.
  005. George gives "The Sophisticates" to Julie.
  006. George answers the door and lets Bud in.
  007. George looks out window and sees that Norman has brought Betty home.
  008. George drinks and reads the newspaper.
  009. George washes the car.  Betty turns on small TV.
  010. George & Julie go to the Founders Day Festival.
  010. George asks Rossi for a prescription for some "steady" pills.
  011. George and Julie are paged at the festival.
  012. George and Julie go to the hospital to see Betty who was in accident.  
  012. Leslie asks George how Betty is.
  013. George goes to hospital to see Betty.
  014. George makes plans for insurance business.  He killed 15 men in war.  
  015. Betty comes home and hugs her father.
  017. George goes to the mill to talk with Leslie.
  017. Leslie offers to let George continue with a smaller sales route.
  017. George rejects the offer of part time employment.
  017. George wants his new Insurance business to be full time.
  021. George comes into the mill to see Julie. 
  021. Leslie asks George to convince Betty to give Rodney a divorce.
  026. George talks with Rossi about his hurting Julie.
  027. George tries to make an insurance sale on the square.
  027. George takes a bottle out of the cabinet at the house.
  027. Julie clobbers George with the telephone.
  028. Rossi examines George at the hospital.  He looks in his eyes.
  030. Julie tells Leslie that she is leaving George.
  030. Betty drives George to his office on the square.
  031. George telephones Allison and calls himself captain O'Shaughnessy.
  032. George drives over to the Mackenzie house to talk with Julie.
  033. George talks with Leslie at the mill.
  034. Howard King pressures George for office rent money.
  034. George barricades himself in his office.
  034. George shoots his phone.
  034. Elliot comes in and hits George on the head.
  034. Elliot gets the Japanese pistol away from George.
  037. Dr. Kessler interviews George at Greenvale Sanitarium in Green Valley.
  038. Dr. Kessler interviews George again.
  042. Dr. Rossi drives Betty to the sanitarium to see George.
  042. George has been receiving electro-shock therapy.
  047. Julie brings a box of chocolates to George at the sanitarium.
  049. Betty agrees to annulment in return for treatment for George.
  054. George comes home for a first visit.
  054. George smashes the clay statue of a football player that he had sculpted.
  057. George tries to entertain Julie and Betty at a pizza parlor.
  058. George is offered a ride home from the mill by Paul Hanley.
  058. Paul and George go to Ada's and drink.
  058. Paul drops George off at the Harrington house.  
  058. At this point in time Paul is convinced that Leslie had killed his 
  059. George demands a written confession from Leslie.
  059. Elliot slips in and George shoots him by accident.                    
  060. George is taken back to the Greenvale Sanitarium in Green Valley.
  061. Claire Morton returns from Peru.
  159. Martin Peyton asks Julie how George is doing. [Not well].
  233. Julie tells Leslie that the hospital has called and George is 
         getting better.  She says that she will try to find Leslie 
         another secretary.
  434. Julie Anderson is taking care of George at home. [In Boston ?].
  435. Rodney and Betty marry.  Julie attends.

George Macready:
       Actor who played the role of Martin Peyton.

  282. Georgine Wells was Rachel's aunt Lucy's sister.  Jack Chandler 
         was Rachel's uncle by marriage.
  002. Allison tells Constance she looks like she has seen a ghost.

  203. Peyton tells Hannah he is giving Steven a toaster.
  203. Hannah gives Steven a house.

Gimmicks for movies and TV:
    If you are planning to write a screen play, you might wish to use the 
        following check list as an aid in planning your story-lines. 
    Accidents, auto, kitchen, etc.
    Airports and Airplanes.
    Animals-dogs, cats, fish, horses, birds.
    Babies-bassinets, bottles, buggies, cribs, diapers, rattles, strollers.
    Bars and Bartenders.
    Broken glass and windows.
    Car wrecks.
    Checkerboards and Checkers.
    Chessboards and Chess sets.
    Dartboards and Darts.
    Dressing Tables.
    Drugs and drugstores.
    Fire trucks.
    Fork lifts.
    Fruit-apples, oranges, bananas.
    Ice cream.
    Mail boxes.
    Mental hospitals.
    Orange crates.
    Pickup trucks.
    Planes trains and automobiles.
    Police cars.
    Phone booths.
    Phone calls.
    Police cars.
    Press conference.
    Professionals-Doctors, Lawyers, Newspeople, Nurses, Police
    Radio announcers.
    Right-hand drive cars.
    Skates, Ice and roller.
    Skis, water and snow.
    Snow Globes.
    Telephones-Pay phones.
    Telephone operators.
    Television announcers.
    Train wrecks.
    Transportation-Car, bus, train, airplane, limousine, motorcycle, taxi
    What-not shelves.
    Wine and cheese.


Girl friend:
  280. Rachel asks Dr. Rossi if he has a girl friend.  She says she is 18 or 
         19 and was born on July 19.

Girls, I hate girls:
  191. Rita says, "Girls.  I hate girls."

Gladys Roberts-science teacher:
  479. Gladys Roberts conducts science class. 
  482. Gladys Roberts conducts science class. 

Glass breaking:
  043. Elliot breaks the glass in the picture frame with Mr. Mackenzie's 
         photograph.  Constance tells Allison that she broke it.  
  057. In the mill office, George slams a glass to the table breaking it.
  059. George Anderson breaks a window to get in the Harrington mansion.  
         Later Elliot reaches through the broken window to unlock the 
         door and rescue Leslie. 
  126. Eli accidentally breaks some glass in the Carson house.
  254. Allison breaks a window to get in the beach house to report the 
         death of Ann Howard.
  302. Steven cord breaks a window to get in the mansion to rescue Martin 
  344. Lee Webber breaks a window to cast suspicion on Jack Chandler.
  347. Chandler breaks a window in his gray panel truck to get at Rachel. 

Gleason-Dr. Gleason of the Foley Medical Center in Oakland.
  161. Stella Chernak worked with Dr. Gleason.

  068. Norman spins a globe in the mansion.
  180. Peyton plays with a large snow globe.
  309. Lee breaks glass globe on marine lamp.
  347. Chandler takes the globe off a kerosene lamp and lights it.

Glover Street:
   32. Glover Street runs in front of the Chandlery (General Store), the 
         Clarion, the Peyton Place Professional building, the Jewelry 
         store, the real estate office, the Book Gallery, Les Femmes 
         botique, the Pharmacy, the Interstate bus terminal, and the side 
         entrance to Doctors Hospital. 

Go Home:
  237. Dr. Rossi tries to get Allison to go home.

  167. Russ Gehring goads John Fowler to hit him.

Goddard-police Sgt. Edward Goddard:
       Actor Garry Walberg.
  115. Goddard goes to the Chernak house after the death of Joe.
  164. Goddard brings John Fowler a report on Russ Gehring.
  166. Goddard testifies in Rodney Harrington's murder trial.
  176. Goddard goes to the Peyton mansion after Gus Chernak dies.
  177. Peyton meets Goddard for the first time.
  179. John Fowler goes to the police station to talk with Goddard.
  182. Goddard took a formal statement from Rodney Harrington.
  184. Goddard takes a formal statement from Marian Fowler.
  185. Elliot talks with Goddard about John Fowler.
  268. Rodney talks with Goddard about the missing Allison Mackenzie
  286. Goddard watches as Rossi treats Rachel's hand and wrist wound.
  293. Elliot talks with Goddard about Jack Chandler.
  305. Goddard gives Ada a receipt for $7.50 for the gun license.
  305. Goddard brings Ada the gun license.
  312. Goddard investigates the shooting at the Webber house.
  350. Goddard returns Rachel to the Carson house.
  351. Goddard and Walker search the farmhouse for clues. 
  394. Goddard and others investigate Adrienne Van Leyden's death.
  402. Goddard and others investigate Gus Chernak's death. 
  275. Elliot and Constance ask Dr. Rossi to be godfather to Matthew.
  458. Rev. Gates is played by John Marley who was in the Godfather movie.

Goes to Boston:
  002. Catherine goes to Boston to see her father.
  020. Betty toes to Boston and stays a few days before going on to NYC.
  032. Betty was tracked to the Quincy Hotel in Boston.
  041. Betty goes from NYC to Boston by train and then by Bus to Peyton 
  071. Elliot and Constance go to Boston on their honeymoon.
  234. Steven Cord and Ann Howard go to Boston to see Brian Colby.
  351. Peyton goes to Boston to deliver a bracelet.
  316. Peyton and Betty go to Boston to talk with portrait artist.
  372. Adrienne and Steven go to Boston for a rendezvous.
  372. Betty goes to Boston to spy on Steven and Adrienne.
  458. Rev. Winter goes to Boston to resign from the ministry.
  478. Betty flies to Boston to get Peyton's body.
  483. Carolyn goes to Boston to see her father.
  492. Betty and Steven go to Boston to see attorney Wainwright.
  481. Fred moves to Boston to get out of Marsha's way.

Goes to see:
       Carolyn goes to Boston to see her father.
       Sandy goes to the mansion to see Rodney.

  080. Steven watches Theodore putt.

  020. Betty says goodbye to Peyton Place.
  021. Catherine Peyton Harrington is buried.
  031. Elliot says goodbye to prison.
  048. Calvin Hanley dies.
       Paul Hanley fades away.
  206. Russ Gehring says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Matthew Swain says goodbye.
       George Anderson says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Julie Anderson says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Brian Colby is buried.
       Ann Colby Howard is buried.
       Joe Chernak is buried.
       Gus Chernak is buried.
       Richard Jensen says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Stella says goodbye to Peyton Place.
  300. Hannah tells Betty goodbye.
  302. Hannah tells the mansion goodbye.
       Jack Chandler escapes from the Peyton Place jail.
       Rachel says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Lee Webber says goodbye to being a mechanic at the Shoreline Garage.
       Joe and Jill fade away.
       Constance and Elliot Carson say goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Chris says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Sandy says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Adrienne Van Leyden is buried.
  468. Rev. Tom Winter says goodbye to the ministry and his wife.
       Eddie Jacks says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Lee Webber is buried.
       Peyton says goodbye to Peyton Place.
       Peyton is buried.
  502. Rodney says goodbye to Peyton Place.

Gordon-Don Gordon:
       Richard Jensen. 
       Don Gordon [Twilight Zone-The Four of us are Dying.]
       [Twilight Zone--SelfImprovement of Salvatore Ross.]

Goswell-Vernon Goswell:
  062. Dr. Claire Morton gives Matthew Swain a peruvian doll that she says 
         reminds her of ex-fire chief Vernon Goswell.  It was given her by 
         a grateful Imara indian patient. 
  062. Grace Morton mentions Mrs. Goswell.

  See also chin grabs:
  027. Dr. Rossi grabs Dr. Joe Bradley's lapels.
  044. Elliot Carson grabs Paul Hanley.
  064. Rodney Harrington grabs Paul Hanley.
  179. Dr. Rossi grabs Allison.
  285. Rodney grabs Rachel and takes her to the police station.
  312. Lee Webber grabs Sandy.
  329. Leslie Harrington grabs Betty's arm as she is leaving his office.
  498. Jeff Kramer grabs Carolyn Russell.
  500. Fred Russell grabs Carolyn.
  505. Norman Harrington grabs Dr. Rossi's arm and pulls him to the apartment.

Grace-Grace Morton, wife of Dr. Robert Morton (Actress Edith Adwater, real 
       life wife of Kent Smith):
  009. Grace Morton attends the Harrington brunch.
  062. Grace Morton entertains Matthew Swain and her daughter Dr. Claire 

       Peyton visits the grave of Catherine Peyton Harrington.
       Dr. Rossi visits the grave of Ann Howard.
       Adrienne Van Leyden has a graveside service.
  160. Peyton wants to replace the headstone on Catherine's grave.
  242. Norman and Rita visit Catherine's grave site.
  345. Norman and Martin place flowers on Catherine's grave.
  397. Adrienne's graveside service.

Grayson, the jeweler:
  351. Betty helps Martin Peyton select some jewelry for a "lovely young 
         lady."  Grayson shows them some antique jade.  Betty asks to see 
         some bracelets.  Grayson shows them a watch with a single star 
         ruby.  This is a $10,000 watch.  Peyton says he'll take it.  Betty 
         is manuevered to think mistakenly that it is for her.  She tries 
         to tell off Peyton.  He tells her that she has made an unfortunate 
         mistake.  It is not for her.

  017. Since she was a child, Betty wanted to live in the mansion.
       Steven wants his birth-right.
  303. Steven says he wants to live in the Peyton mansion.

  459. Joe Rossi draws a picture for Jill on a blackboard.  [Not a greenboard.]
  479. Gladys Roberts, science teacher, has a greenboard.  [Not a blackboard.]

Green Mountain Lodge:
       Rodney and Betty go snow skiing.

Greer-Dabbs Greer:
  040. C. J. Taggart, parole officer in White River.
  058. C. J. Taggart, parole officer in White River.
         Dabbs Greer [Twilight Zone-Valley of the Shadow].
         [Twilight Zone-Hocus Pocus and Frisby].

Gridiron Tactics:
  495. Chuck Atwell brings a box game to Rodney.

Grocery stores:
  106. Allison returns from the Italian grocery store.
  122. Stella has been to a grocery store.
  372. Ada carries a sack of groceries toward the Tavern as she sees Rita 
         and stops to talk.  Rita is going to see Eddie. 
  424. Rodney tells Jill that he has a deal with the grocery store.
  480. Alma admits to Harry that she had been to the market.
  xxx. There were no grocery stores or food markets seen in Peyton Place.  
         Eli sold apples.  The Inn sold blue-berry muffins.  Seafood was 
         available on the wharf.  Rita got an ice cream cone somewhere, 
         possibly the Pharmacy.  Not a Seven-Eleven was to be seen.  There 
         is an ice creeam parlor called Sandy's.

Grover Street:
  072. The Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. is on Grover Street.

Grover Twins:
  494. Norman sold a oaur of motorcycles to the Grover twins.

  284. Rachel is fearful she will be returned to her guardian, Jack Chandler.

Guardian Angel:
  060. Paul Hanley refers to himself as a "guardian angel" in speaking to 

Guards, jailers, Peyton County Town Hall jail:
  129. Dan the guard.  Rodney.
  129. Dan the guard.  Rodney.
               Guard. Lee Webber.
               Guard. Jack Chandler.
               Guard. Eddie Jacks.
               Guard. Dr. Michael F. B. Rossi.

Guests at the Carson Wedding Reception at the Inn:
  071. Dr. Michael Rossi
       Julie Anderson.
       Betty Anderson.
       Rodney Harrington
       Norman Harrington
       Allison Mackenzie.
       Rev. Jerry Bedford.
       Matthew Swain.
       Eli Carson.
       Mrs. Clark.
       Dr. Robert Morton.
       Grace Morton.
       Claire Morton.

  126. Rita stopped at Guido's to get an Italian dinner for Norman and 
         herself.  She takes it up to the apartmant.
  231. Allison takes Chris to eat at Guido's.

  121. Allison expresses guilt about forcing Kim to testify against Rodeny.
  447. The Rev. Tom Winter is wracked with guilt over his feelings for Jill.

  156. Russ Gehring teaches the guitar to Mark and Allison to exercise 
         their fingers.  As part of his therapy program.
  165. Gehring plays the guitar and sings "Down in the Valley" for Allison.

   59. Leslie hears glass break and gets his revolver.  
   59. George takes the gun from Leslie.
   59. Elliot intervenes and is shot by George by accident.
  305. Police Sgt. Edward Goddard checks the serial number on Ada's gun.  
  305. Goddard promises to bring the license in a day or two.  
  305. Chris steals Ada's gun. 
  310. Steven accuses Lee of taking Ada's gun.
  311. Lee finds the gun at the Webber house.
  312. Chris Webber shoots and slightly wounds Steven Cord thinking he is Lee.
  313. To avoid further problems, Chris Webber leaves town on the bus. 
  358. Leslie puts a gun in his inside coat pocket.  Rodney has just left.
  358. Leslie slips a gun to Chandler in his jail cell.
  359. Chandler uses the gun to escape jail.
  360. Norman gets a job at the mill blackmailing his father.
       Police shoot and kill Jack Chandler.
  365. ESCAPE GUN TRACED TO PEYTON.  Clarion headline.
  367. POLICE BULLET KILLS CHANDLER.  Clarion headline.
  399. Leslie Harrington shoots Lee Webber in his mill office.
  400. Lee Webber dies in the Mansion after being shot during a scuffle with 

Gun License:
  309. Police Sgt. Edward Goddard brings the gun license to Ada.  She 
         notices the gun is missing.

Gun permit:
   60. Leslie tells Sgt. Joe that he has a permit for the gun.

Gus-Gus Chernak:
       Bruce Gordon played the part of Frank Nitti on the "Untouchables."
  113. Joe Chernak dies.
  125. Gus has a reunion with Stella.
  132. Gus goes into Ada Jacks' Tavern.  He is dangerous.
  159. Gus confronts Peyton complaining that he is now a nightwatchman.
  162. Gus attends court and glares at Norman.
  162. Stella makes paper dolls.
  162. Peyton has been playing black against Betty at chess.

  171. Gus storms into Ada Jacks' Tavern to confront Rita, the liar.
  172. Gus vandalizes the mill, collapses, and is taken to the hospital.
  173. Gus tells the nurse to remove his IV in his hospital room.
  174. Rossi fusses at Stella for leaving paper where Allsion could see it.
  175. Gus is visited by his daughter, Stella.
  176. Gus slips out of Doctors Hospital.
  176. Gus breaks in the mansion.  Gus hits Peyton.  Gus collapses.
  177. Gus dies at the mansion.  Gus is given oxygen to placate Stella.
  177. Gus is carted out on a stretcher.  Rossi and Stella accompany Gus.
  178. Rossi drives Stella home in his car.  
  178. It was not explained how Dr. Rossi got back to his car.

  182. Gus is taken in a hearse to the cemetary passing the courthouse.