Heather Angel
Andrea Dowell
Mrs. Theodore Dowell
02-09-09 to 12-13-86

Heather Angel was born at Oxford; daughter of a Christchurch don.  
Petite and fair.  Began stage career at the Old Vic.  Made her film 
debut in "City of Song," in 1930.  Other talkies, "Mr. Bill The 
Conqueror" and "A Night in Montmartre." 
By the time this card came out she was already in Hollywood.  She 
had a long, if unspectacular, career and is best remembered as the 
love interest in the Bulldog Drummond series, or the woman with the 
dead baby in Hitchcock's Lifeboat.  In the sixties she had a long 
running role in Peyton Place. 

Andrea Dowell appeared in the following episodes:

1935 The Headline Woman
1935 The Mystery of Edwin Drood
1936 Daniel Boone
1936 The Last of the Mohicans
1936 The Bold Caballero
1937 Bulldog Drummond Escapes
1937 Western Gold
1938 Arrest Bulldog Drummond
1938 Bulldog Drummond in Africa
1939 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police
1939 Bulldog Drummond's Bride
1944 Lifeboat
       Heather Angel-mother with a new baby
       Mary Anderson-nurse
       Tallulah Bankhead-journalist
       William Bendix-wounded seaman
       Walter Slezak--U-boat captain
       John Hodiak-oiler
       Henry Hull-millionaire industrialist
       Hume Cronyn-ship's radio operator

1962 Premature Burial


Note: The script we have from Episode 79 gives Mrs. Dowell's name as 
Agnes.  However the broadcast does not include this scene.