George Anderson      I dream of Jeannie   I dream of Jeannie

Andy Griffith Show:
226. 10-23-67 Aunt Bee the Juror:
                Henry Beckman-Mr. Gilbert, the Prosecutor

Barnaby Jones:
44. 10-29-74 Blueprint for a Caper-Capt. Mike

Barney Miller:
012. 04-17-75 Hair:
                Henry Beckman-Paul Lichtman
024. 11-27-75 Rain:
                Henry Beckman-Paul Lichtman
036. 09-23-76 Evacuation:
                Henry Beckman-Paul Lichtman

104. 04-06-67 How To Fail In Business-Mr. Wilkerson
Season 3 guide.

Bob Hope Chrysler Theater:
05-10-67 Henry Beckman-guest
         Lola Albright-guest

09-22-68 Child-
         Henry Beckman-
         John Marley-Marshall

Dr. Kildare:
12-13-62 Legacy-Salesman

004. 10-08-63 Never Wave Goodbye
                Henry Beckman-passenger
                Will Kuluva-Lars
                Susan Oliver-Karen
010. 11-19-63 Fatso:
                Henry Beckman-
                Paul Langton
                Garry Walberg
                Jack Weston
032. 09-22-64 World's End:
                Henry Beckman-Keller
                Suzanne Pleshette-Ellie Burton
                Dabney Coleman-Sgt. Keith

Here Come the Brides:
095. 06-11-60 Capt. Roland Francis Clancey

McHale's Navy: 

Perry Mason:
095. 06-11-60 Case of the Flighty Father:
                Henry Beckman-David
140. 01-13-62 Case of the Captain's Coins:
                Henry Beckman-Garth 
240. 05-06-65 Case of the Wrongful Writ:
                Henry Beckman-Albert King 
267. 04-17-66 Case of the Dead Ringer:
                Henry Beckman-William March 

Rockford Files:
119. 6.11 01-10-80 Deadlock in Parma-Sheriff Neal

St. Elsewhere:
119. 10-21-87 Ewe Can't go home again-unknown

Six Million Dollar Man:

014. 12-10-65 Wild, Wild West:
Night of the Torture Chamber-Bradford 

The "X" Files:
02-24-92 Squeeze-[Australia viewing]
09-24-93 Squeeze-[USA viewing]
           Henry Beckman-Det. Frank Biggs

The Undefeated:
Night of the Torture Chamber- 

Here Come The Brides: 

Silver Streak: 

Family Reunion: 

War and Remembrance: 

           Henry Beckman-
            Marilyn Monroe-

Henry Beckman has had a long career since the 1950's, as a star on TV 
series including "X-Files", "Flash Gordon", "I'm Dickens-He's Fenster", 
"Funny Face", "McHales Navy" and "Bronk" plus movies such 
as "The Silver Streak" and "Death Hunt". He's appeared as guest-star on 
dozens of TV shows such as "Gunsmoke", "Combat", "The Munsters", 
"Bewitched", "The Monkees", "Bonanza", "I Dream of Jeannie", "Barney 
Miller", "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" and "Happy Days".  [From x-files].

Cheryl Maxwell Beckman, actress and Broadway producer, passed away 
peacefully at home, Tuesday, October 20, 1998, surrounded by her loving 
husband Henry and her devoted sons, Brian and Stuart.  Cheryl was born to 
Fred W.  and Sara Elizabeth Myers (nee Dade) the youngest of nine siblings 
in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on November 24, 1925.  She was educated at Texas 
State College for Women, graduating Bachelor of Arts cum laude and she 
attended the Pasadena (CA) Playhouse where her reputation as a 
consummate actress preceded her to Broadway.  A member of the Pestilozzi 
Society, she was also listed in Who's Who in America's Women and The 
University Women's Society.  She also held membership in Actor's Equity 
Association and Screen Actors Guild.  Cheryl and husband Henry met in 1955 
in New York City, where Cheryl was the youngest Broadway theatrical 
producer on record and Herny an established Broadway and TV performer.  
Cheryl hired Henry as character leading man for her summer theatre 
company at the The Quarterdeck Theatre in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  
Henry was paid the munificent sum of $65.00 per week for the eleven week 
season, playing "as cast" but what Henry did not tell Cheryl until years 
later is that he would have paid HER to work in her company under her 

They were married on November 25, 1955 at St.  Patricks Cathedral chapel 
in New York City and established their first home on 55th St. in 
Manhattan.  Cheryl continued in her capacity as producer, the couple 
having purchased The Dukes Oak Theatre in Cooperstown, New York, where 
elder son, Brian, arrived mid-season.  Two years later, they sold the 
theatre and moved to California, where she helped pursue Henry's career 
in TV and movies.  Younger son, Stuart, was born in Laguna Beach, 
California in 1961 during her second season as producer at the Laguna 
Beach Summer Theatre.  Cheryl gave up all thoughts of an acting career to 
devote her time and attention to her burgeoning family.  She never wavered 
in her commitment to that ideal.  She worked with The Muscular Dystrophy 
Association in New York City for several years before she and her family 
moved to the West Coast.  In 1977, she and husband Henry were awarded the 
Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal for "contributions to Canadian culture 
and the esteem in which they were held by their peers".  During her time 
in Hollywood, Cheryl was shepherd to the homeless thirty years before it 
became fashionable in certain quarters.  Over the years, she opened her 
home to several persons down-on-their-luck.  Those people are now 
substantial members of the Hollywood community.  After having moved to 
"the fourth corner" in Washington State, Cheryl continued to serve the 
community with Henry by helping "the walking wounded" amongst Vietnam 
veterans there.