359. Charlie Hagen, of the White River Herald, calls Elliot Carson 
         concerning the escape of Jack Chandler from the Peyton County 
  434. Elliot Carson turns the Clarion newspaper over to Charlie   
         Hagen who will run it until a new editor can be found. 
  xxx. Charlie Hagen is not related to Festus Haggen [Gunsmoke] because 
         the family names are not spelled the same. 

  182. Allison cuts her hair.  [Mia Farrow cuts her hair.]
  291. Mrs. Healey brushes Rachel's hair.
  295. Rossi threatens to spank Rachel if she dyes her hair blonde.
  392. A dark-haired girl is seen leaving the Peyton mansion.

  033. George Anderson hallucinates, thinking he still works for Leslie 
         Harrington at the Peyton mill.
  418. Rita hallucinates that Joe Rossi is Joe Chernak. 

Ham sandwich:
  305. Rita takes a ham sandwich to Rodney.

Ham's Shoreline Arcade.
  107. Steven and Betty get some change, go in the Arcade, and play the 
       pinball machine.
  336. The arcade is located between the boarding house and the Tavern.

  268. Betty cooks hamburger patties.

Hamilton Beach® malt mixer:
  188. The Peyton Place Pharmacy sports an antique malt mixer.

  078. Dr. Rossi shows a medical hammer to Kim and then taps her knees.

Hanleys-see Calvin, Elizabeth, or Paul:
  000. Catherine Peyton murdered Elizabeth 18 years before the series started.
  036. Paul Hanley is mentioned as Ada talks with Elliot after his release.
  037. Elliot comes into the Pharmacy to get some pills for Eli.
  037. Calvin expresses his anger with Elliot.
  037. Calvin Hanley says he visits his daughter's grave every week.
  038. Elliot sees Paul through the window of the Chandlery.
  038. Elliot goes outside and talks with Paul.
  038. Paul knocks and goes into the Book Gallery.  
  038. Constance lets Paul in.  He wants to buy a book on credit.
  038. His bill is already past due.  He will settle the first of month.
  038. Paul says he has received his list of students and Allison is there.
  038. Allison and Constance discuss Paul and Norman.
       Paul pays his bill.
  039. Calvin Hanley sells Allison a lipstick.
  039. Matthew Swain asks Calvin Hanley about his electric razor.
  039. At the college, Allison helps Paul open a crate containing a painting.
  039. Paul offers to carry Allison's package.
  039. Allison talks to Constance about Paul being young when he testified.
  039. Paul drives Allison home.
  039. Allison asks Paul why he returned to Peyton Place.
  039. Paul says a missionary's place is among the savages.
  041. Paul talks with his father in front of the Pharmacy.
  042. Allison asks Paul if he is excited about new class he is teaching.
  043. Paul talks with Allison and Rodney at the College Faculty Art Exhibit.
  043. Allison received a portrait of herself in the mail, anonymously.
  043. Paul talks with Allison at the faculty art show.
  043. Allison guesses correctly that Paul painted the portrait.
  044. Paul drives Allison home in his British right hand drive car.
  044. Elliot asks Paul why he drove Allison home.
  044. Paul asks Elliot why he took Constance home.
  044. Paul goes in the Pharmacy and asks Calvin for some pain killers.
  044. Calvin refuses to give Paul narcotics.
  044. Paul expresses doubts to Calvin about his testimony against Elliot.
  044. Betty goes in to the Pharmacy for hot chocolate.
  044. Allison asks Calvin what happened to his soda jerk.  He had flirted.
  045. Paul brings Allison home from a movie at the college.
  045. Paul Hanley is the drama club faculty advisor.
  046. Paul introduces himself to Dr. Rossi in the beach house.
  046. Paul asks Dr. Rossi how he likes the beach house.
  047. Elliot tells Allison to stay away from Paul.
  047. Attorney Wainwright visits Calvin in the Pharmacy after hours.
  048. Elliot forces his way into the Pharmacy and talks with Calvin.
  048. Calvin calls Leslie Harrington.
  048. Paul pays his $45.25 bill at the Book Gallery as he promised.
  048. Paul talks with Constance about Allison.
  048. Paul talks with Elliot on the street by the square.
  048. Paul watches as Calvin Hanley collapses and dies in front of Pharmacy.
  049. Paul annoys the appraiser in his father's apartment.
  049. Paul removes a trunk from the closet.
  050. Paul examines the things in Calvin's trunk.  
  050. Paul finds his sister Elizabeth's diary.
  050. Allison visits Paul at Peyton College.
  050. Paul takes the diary to the beach house.
  051. Elliot comes home to find the diary.
  051. Elizabeth Hanley Carson's voice is heard reading her diary.
  052. Paul asks Dr. Rossi to have a drink with him.
  053. Paul rescues Norman from the Pillory.
  055. Paul tells Elliot he wants the diary back.
  055. Paul takes Betty into the now closed Pharmacy. 
  055. Paul tells Betty that it will re-open tomorrow with a new owner. 
  055. Paul misses his chance to stock up on drugs.
  056. Paul talks with attorney William Wainwright at the Inn.
  056. Paul offers Betty a ride.  She said she missed her bus.
  056. Betty tells Paul that one of the patients died.
  057. Paul talks with Leslie at the mill.
  058. Paul picks up George at the mill and suggests they get a drink.
  058. Paul and George drink at Ada Jacks Tavern.
  059. Paul invites Norman to eat with him at the Inn.
  059. Paul drives George to the Harrington mansion.
  059. Norman asks Paul how the steak was.
  060. Paul drives Norman to the mansion.
  061. Paul and Leslie talk.
  063. Paul goes in newly re-opened Pharmacy and annoys Betty.
  064. Paul tells Rod he believes that Leslie killed Elizabeth Hanley Carson.
  067. Paul complains to Matthew about the newspaper story of Leslie 
         resigning from the Peyton Mills. 
  068. Last mention of Paul Hanley. 
  068. Elliot was cleared of the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson.
  169. Rodney tells Allison that he moved in the apartment over the 
       Pharmacy because Paul Hanley moved out.  Leslie mentions this 
       once also in another episode. 

Hannah Cord:
       Hannah vandalizes the portrait of Catherine.
       Hannah puts her [Steven and Betty's] house on the auction block.
       Hannah sets the mansion on fire.
  291. Hannah Cord goes down to the wharf to check on Ann Howard's room 
         in Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house and is spoken to by Tommy 
         Magnuson, the lobsterologist.  But Tommy was not identified in 
         this episode.  

  212. Dr. Rossi mentions Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm to Ann Howard. 

  279. An unidentified man calls and harasses Constance about Allison.
  285. A girl calls the Carson house, pretending to be Allison. 
  290. Rossi tells Rachel that Constance is receiving harassing phone calls.

Harrington Brothers:
  363. Rodney visits Norman at the mill.

Harris-Miss Harris:
       First Julie, then Marian from the factory were secretaries.
  328. Leslie Harrington's secretary is now miss Harris.

Hartley-Mariette Hartley:
       Dr. Claire Morton (Markham).
       Mariette Hartley [The Long Morrow episode of Twilight Zone.]

Hastings Sun:
  136. Jim Fogarty of the Hastings Sun attends the Fowler press 
         conference concerning the hearing which granted Rodney 
         Harrington bail in the murder of Joe Chernak. 
  141. Jim Fogarty of the Hastings Sun walks and talks with Elliot 
         Carson.  They talk about the hit-and-run of Allison.

Hastings Valley:
  323. Rachel tells Dr. Rossi that she has been to Hastings Valley.
  171. Rita says that she hates girls.
  273. Steven tells Fowler that Hannah hates to fly.
  306. Norman hates Lee Webber because Lee killed his half-sister Ann Howard.
       Kennerly hates to fly.
       Martin Peyton hates Leslie Harrington.
       Leslie Harrington hates Martin Peyton.
       Catherine hated Elizabeth because she was having an affair with Leslie.
       Lee Webber hates Rodney because Sandy was hitting on Rodney.
       Elliot hates Leslie Harrington for allowing his 18 years in prison.
       Norman Harrington hates Kitch for his treatment of Rita and himself.
       Norman Harrington hates Earl for his treatment of Rita and himself.
       Rodney Harrington hates Kitch for his treatment of Rita and Norman.
       Rodney Harrington hates Earl for his treatment of Rita and Norman.
       Norman Harrington hates Eddie for running out on Ada and Rita.
       Ada hates Eddie Jacks for running out on Rita and herself.
       Elliot Carson hates Chandler for mistreating Rachel and possibly Allison.
       Steven Cord hates Norman and Rodney for stealing his birthright.

  440. Susan Winter fakes a headache to send Jill with Tom on his visits.
  430. Carolyn tells Rev. Winter that Marsha has a headache.

Head injuries:
  027. Julie Anderson hits George over the head with a phone in the 
         Anderson house. 
  034. Elliot Carson hits George over the head in the insurance office.
  107. Joe Rossi suffered facial cuts in fight with Norman.
  280. Rachel hits Rodney in the head with a hair brush.
  347. Rachel hits Jack Chandler on the head with a rock.
  357. Jack Chandler hits the jailer over the head with the gun that 
         Leslie smuggled to him in his first floor cell.
  321. Rachel hits Jack Chandler on the head with a candlestick.
  323. The narrator mentions that Rachel hit Jack Chandler on the head 
       with a candlestick. 
  337. Elliot hits Jack Chandler in the head during a fight on the wharf.
  418. Joe Rossi's head is injured in the car wreck with Norman.
  506. Fred Russell suffers a head injury when he falls in room 6 at 
         the Colonial Post Inn.

  051. ELIZABETH CARSON MURDERED.  Old Clarion newspaper.
  271. IT'S A BOY.
  295. VISITORS OUTPLAY CONS prison newspaper headline.
  368. MARTIN PEYTON TO BE WED. [assumed headline only].
  375. ARMISTICE.  Framed old newspaper.  Eddiot visits Elliot.
  424. ARMISTICE.  Framed old newspaper.

Healey-Dr. Clarence L. Healey, coroner or medical examiner of Peyton County.
  166. Testifies in Rodney Harrington murder trial.
       The other medical examiner is Dr. Owen Gates.

Healey-Mrs. Healey-wife of coroner-hospital volunteer, a hospital volunteer:
  289. Mrs. Healey pushes a bookmobile around the hospital.  In Rachel's 
         hospital room, she has trouble getting rid of Jack Chandler 
  291. Mrs. Healey helps Rachel with her hair.  Rossi gives Mrs. Healey the $5.00 
         given to him by Mrs. Burrows to buy things for Rachel. 
  297. Mrs. Healey made a dress for Rachel.  She offers to let Rachel use 
         her sewing machine. 

  030. Elliot Carson's parole hearing.
  113. Joe Chernak dies.
  119. Rodney Harrington
  182. Steven says that Dowell represented Rodney in the preliminary hearing.
  254. Ann plummets from Sailors' bluff and dies.
  263. Lee Webber is freed.
       Lee Webber is rejailed.
  272. Lee has a hearing.
  277. Rachel is found and is brought to Peyton Place.
  298. Charges are dropped against Lee Webber.
  323. Mrs. Franks, social worker to Rachel.
  385. Peyton competency hearing.
  457. Mrs. Thomas questions Joe Rossi in the courthouse.
  459. Mrs. Thomas talks with Jill.
  460. Judge Chester gives temporary custody of Kelly to Norman and Rita.
  461. Jill brings Kelly's things to Norman and Rita. 
       Constance and Elliot are granted custody of Kelly.
  463. Tom apologizes for missing the hearing.
  514. Dr. Rossi's murder hearing begins.
  443. Norman examines a model heart in Dr. Rossi's office.

Heart trouble:
  323. As he is driving her back to town, Mr. Burrows tells Rachel that 
         he has heart trouble and that Mrs. Burrows is upstairs sick in 

  474. Ex-Reverend Tom Winter does not wear a helmet as Norman takes him 
       to the hospital on his motorcycle. 

  307. Chandler helps Rodney bleed brake fluid.

  012. Betty is hemorrhaging after the car wreck and mis-carriage.

Heritage Cemetary:
  345. Norman, Peyton, Betty, and Steven visit Catherine's grave.

Hewitt-Mrs. Hewitt, landlady at the rooming house, or boarding 
       house-Maxine Stuart.
  000. Mrs. Hewitt was never seen serving a meal at the rooming house.
  035. Elliot rents a room from Mrs. Hewitt.
  046. Eli moves out and goes to Florida.
  068. Eli returns from Florida and moves back in the boarding house.
  070. Elliot moves out of the beach house.
  070. Elliot moves in with his new wife Constance.
  260. Mrs. Hewitt is vacuuming as Dr. Rossi comes in to talk.
  289. Chandler rents a room from Mrs. Hewitt.
  399. Eddie is kicked out of Mrs. Hewitt's rooming house.
  404. Eli assists Jill in renting a room from Mrs. Hewitt.

  002. Rossi hires Laura.
  037. Rossi offers a job to Julie.
  046. Julie is now Rossi's secretary.
  049. Julie hands Rossi his mail.
  050. Nursing Director Esther Choate hires Betty Anderson.
  070. Peyton hires David Schuster to run the mill.
  071. Allison meets Doris and Kim Schuster.
  072. Allison meets David Schuster when he comes to pay for the bell.
  073. Doris Schuster retains Anna Chernak who had worked for the 
         Harringtons part-time.
  074. Allison finds Kim on the wharf.
  075. Rodney and Allison take Kim to the mansion.
  076. Doris goes to the Book Gallery and asks Allison to baby-sit that 
  077. Doris Schuster hires Allison.
  077. Doris tells David that the Mackenzie girl will baby-sit with 
         Kim that night.
  078. Allison baby-sits with Kim.
  079. David Schuster drives Allison home.
  080. Janet is working at the mansion.
  082. David Schuster offers Julie Anderson a job at the mill.
  087. David Schuster hires Julie Anderson.
  100. Schuster hires Rodney.
  125. Rossi offers Stella Chernak a job at the hospital.
  125. Rossi and Stella continue to discuss the job at the hospital.
  127. Rossi hires Stella.
  129. Stella is working for Rossi.
  206. Doctors Hospital hires Ann Howard.
  320. Peyton hires Lee Webber.
       Harrington hires Jack Chandler.
  358. Harrington hires Norman.
  431. Rossi sets up an interview for Jill with Tom Winter.
  432. Jill interviews with Tom Winter and is hired.
  453. Jill flees the Winter house.
  461. Rossi tells Jill he wants her to work at Doctors Hospital.
  461. Doctors Hospital hires Jill.
  461. Doctors Hospital hires Chuck Atwell.

Historical references:
  325. Constance explains the story of Jean Val Jean in the book, "Crime and 
         Punishment to Rachel. 
  487. Eli claims that he is playing checkers with Winston Churchill. 

  134. Marian Fowler hits Allison returning from a tryst with Russ Gehring.
  146. John learns that Marian hit Allison.
  183. Marian confesses to John.
       Marian confesses to the police.
  184. Marian confesses to Constance.
  482. Lew Miles was in the car that hit E. J. Cunningham.
  015. George slugs Leslie.
  016. Laura invites Dr. Rossi to the country club.  He declines.
  134. Marian Fowler hits Allison returning from a tryst with Russ Gehring.
  425. Jill hits on Rodney.
       Joe Chernak hits on Rita.
       Rick (wharf rat) hits on Rita.
       Joe Rossi hits on Carolyn Russell.
       Sandy hits on Rodney.
       Susan hits on Steven.
       Adrienne hits on Steven.
  507. Lew was involved in a hit-and-run.

  206. Rodney shows Allison the hoist in his garage.
  217. Lee uses the hoist.

  383. Holland was Adrienne Van Leyden's maiden name.

  xxx. Hollander was the name of the "Mayflower Madam."

       Rachel Welles.
       Jill McCormick Smith Rossi.

Home school:
  280. Rachel was taught to read and write by her aunt.  She did not 
         attend school.

Hopalong Cassidy:
  510. Lew Miles mentions cowboy movie star Hopalong Cassidy.
  291. Constance tells Rachel about falling off a horse when she was a girl.  
         Her mother told her it would leave a scar. 
  368. Adrienne rides a horse on the beach.  Steven appears.
  405. Eddie buys Rita a horse race game.
  406. Eddie buys Rita a philly.

Hospital dismissals and suspensions:
  023. Michael Rossi, Catherine Harrington's operation and death.
  029. Dr. Joe Bradley, falsifying autopsy report on Catherine Harrington.
  150. Betty Anderson, stealing the personnel file on Stella Chernak.
  199. Stella Chernak, stealing narcotics for Richard Jensen.
  214. Ann Howard, omitting personal data on employment application.
Hospital patients:
  005. Julie falls down stairs.
  012. Betty Anderson, car wreck.
  012. Rodney Harrington, car wreck, treated but not admitted.
  013. Betty loses her baby.
  013. George visits Betty in her hospital room.
  019. Catherine Peyton Harrington, perforated ulcer.
  027. George Anderson is hit by Julie with a telephone. 
  034. George Anderson-mental problems.
  039. Eli needs a gall bladder operation.
  053. Norman got roughed up.
  059. Elliot, accidental gunshot wound from George Anderson.
  066. Elliot is in room 112 of Doctors Hospital.
  091. Dr. Vincent Markham, bus accident victim.
  091. Steven Cord, bus accident victim.
  113. Joe Chernak died on the wharf and did not become a patient.
  134. Allison, hit-and-run victim of Marian Fowler.
  173. Gus Chernak, drinking, cirrhosis of the liver.
  269. Constance Mackenzie, imminent arrival of baby Matthew.
  270. Baby Matthew, birth.
  287. Rachel Welles-fall, stab wound, mental problems.
  315. Rita Harrington, mitral stenosis.
  336. Jack Chandler after fight with Elliot.
  336. Elliot after fight with Jack Chandler, treated but not admitted.
  302. Martin Peyton, smoke inhalation, heart condition.
  326. Chris is admitted after a fall on the wharf after talking with Ann.
  393. Rita is admitted after seeing Eddie Jacks arrested.
  403. Kelly Smith, pneumonia.
  410. Rita Harrington, mis-carriage.
  413. Rita goes home from the hospital.
  418. Joe Rossi, car accident with Norman Harrington.
  443. Edith, un-wed mother-to-be, maternity.
  449. Rodney Harrington, motorcycle accident.
  449. Norman Harrington, motorcycle accident.
  457. Susan Winter, alcohol poisoning.
  475. Tom Winter, treated but not admitted, cut hand on wharf.
  507. Fred Russell, head trauma.

Hospital visitors:
  013. Leslie visits Betty.
       George visits Betty.
       Rodney visits Betty.
  066. Constance visits Elliot.
  066. Allison visits Elliot.
       Constance visits Allison.
       Elliot visits Allison.
       Marian visits Allison.
       Susan visits Rodney.
       Steven visits Rodney.
       Eli visits Allison.  
       Eli visits Constance.  
       Jill visits the nursery.
       Rita visits the nursery.
       Elliot visits the nursery.
       Eddie visits Rita.
       Betty visits Rodney.
       Betty visits Martin Peyton.
       Rachel goes to see Dr. Rossi.
       Marsha visits Fred Russell.
  326. Lee comes to visit Chris after fall on wharf.

  021. Barmaid at Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Hostess.

Hot tub:
  482. Rodney is taking therapy in the hospital hot tub.

House of Constance Mackenzie:
  150. Constance' parents built the house Constance lives in.  Elliot 
       speaks of his mother-in-law.

  092. Hannah Cord is referred to by the narrator as "long-time housekeeper."

  001. The Mackenzie house.
       The Carson house.
       The Fred Russell house.
       The John Fowler house.
       The Webber house.
       The Peyton mansion.
       The Harrington mansion.
       The Schuster mansion.
       The Rodney and Betty converted barn.
       The Steven and Betty Cord house, given them by Hannah.
       The Cheney house is visited by Carolyn.
     Dr. Rossi calls on Stella at the Chernak house.
       The beach cottage.
  117. Chernak house.
  195. Richard Jensen calls on Stella at the Chernak house.
  292. Steven and Betty leave the house that Hannah gave them to go to court 
         to defend Lee Webber.
House of cards:
  052. Norman builds a house of cards.  Leslie topples it.

  164. Hannah is referred to as Peyton's long-time housekeeper.

    How did Eddie Jacks get rid of his jalopy.  He left town on the bus.

Howard-Ann Howard:
  xxx. Ann was on the bluff when Chris Webber was pushed.
  205. Ann Howard arrived in Peyton Place.
  206. Ann Howard works at the hospital.
  226. Ann talks with Chris on the wharf.
  234. Ann and Steven drove to Boston together.
  238. Ann Howard talks with Christopher Webber on the wharf.  He falls.
  254. Ann plummeted about 100 feet to her death at Sailors' Bluff.
  263. Steven and Rossi go to Ann Howard's apartment.
  291. Sandy Webber tells Chris that Mrs. Hewitt has been unable to rent 

Howard, Sheri Howard:
  109. David Schuster decides that Sheri Howard will not baby sit Kim.

  053. Steven says, "Bush, rain, car, smash."
  058. Rodney says, "One robin does not a sparrow make."
  059. Rossi says, "No feelings, no failings."
  070. Ghana.  Matthew and Rodney.
  167. Bale of hay for my horse.-Norman.
  181. Everyone gives Rodney a sweater for his birthday.
         Betty wasn't there.  She later gave him a yachting cap.
         Peyton gave him $1000.
  203. Peyton gives Steven a toaster for a wedding gift.
  297. Dr. Rossi does his imitation of an old woman with back pain for 
  383. Eddie Jacks asks Mary if she is the old duffer's sweetheart.
  044. Orderly says, "Mustard Plaster."
  390. Norman says, "Duke and Duchess of Flappenstein."

Hunt-Miss Hunt, librarian:
  300. Martin Peyton speaks to miss Hunt in the library.  He talks also with 
         Norman Harrington.
  301. Eli introduces miss Hunt to Rachel Welles.

  009. Constance wants to set up her booth early before the Hurly-Burly starts.

Hyde-White, Wilfred Hyde-White:
       Martin Peyton faux.
       Wilfred Hyde-White [Passage on the Lady Anne episode of Twilight Zone.]
       Wilfred Hyde-White played the friend of Henry Higgins in the movie 
         My Fair Lady, with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn.
       The credits at the end of the Peyton Place episodes spell Mr. 
         Hyde-White's first name as Wilfrid. 

Hyland, Diana Hyland:
       Susan Winter.
       Diana Hyland [Spur of the Moment episode of Twilight Zone.]
       Mother in Boy in the Bubble movie.

Hyphenated non-Peyton Place actors:
       Olivia Newton-John

Hyphenated Peyton Place actors:
       Leigh Taylor-Young
       Wilfred Hyde-White  [Also spelled Wilfrid Hyde-White].