222. Ada refers to the refrigerator in the living area back of the 
         tavern as an ice-box.

Ice cream cone:
  379. Rita eats an ice cream cone and offers some to Ada.  She probably got 
         it at the Pharmacy.

Ice Cubes:
  165. Stella Chernak dumps ice cubes in a bucket at the Chernak house.

Ice Skating:
  041. Matthew allows that he used to ice-skate.
  065. Rossi invites Claire to go ice-skating.
  066. Claire tells her father that she may be going skating with Rossi.
       Allison and Norman go ice-skating.
  311. Constance and Elliot go ice-skating.
  495. Eli makes date with Maggie to go ice-skating.

Ice Queen:
  011. Jimmy, a biker, calls Allison "Ice Queen."

Ideal environment:
  447. Tom Winter has heard his house described by Mrs. Franks as an "ideal 
         environment" for Kelly Smith.

I hate girls:
  191. Rita tells Norman, "I hate girls." 
  383. Rita says she isn't sure whether she wants a boy or a girl.

       see also diseases, injuries, and accidents.
  323. Mr. Burrows tells Rachel that he has heart trouble. 

Index Cards:
  301. Miss Hunt, the librarian, explains the card index system to Rachel.
  445. Rossi tells Marsha how he kept information on patients on 3x5 index 

  114. Eli tells Rodney that Matthew is planning to fly to India from New York City.

Indian Summer:
  008. Constance reminds Rossi it is Indian Summer.  Indian Summer is a period
         of mild, warm, hazy weather following the first frost of autumn. 

  032. Elliot has difficulty tying his tie.  Examiner helps.
  032. Constance has difficulty removing a tick.  Matthew Swain helps.
  032. Constance cuts a finger on a broken ornament.  Rossi helps.
  088. Rossi has difficulties operation a 4-line 5-button telephone.  
         Betty helps.
  047. Constance has difficulty installing paper tape in her cash 
         register.  Rossi helps.
  201. Elliot jams his typewriter.  Constance helps.
       Betty has difficulty moving furniture.  Rodney helps.

Information Desk in the Doctors Hospital reception area.
  012. Leslie asks George how Betty is.  George explodes.
  028. Dr. Morton tells the nurse to tell anyone who asks that Dr. Bradley 
         is not available.
  270. Elliot rushes through the double doors to the Information Desk to ask 
         miss Choate if he is on time.
       Leslie leaves a note for Eddie Jacks.
       Leslie retrieves the note to Eddie Jacks.

       Diseases, illnesses, and injuries:
  012  Betty was seriously injured in car wreck with Rodney Harrington.
  107. Joe comes in the Chernak house with a cut near his right eye.
  148. Chris falls off wharf into a boat.  And is present.
  163. Kathy Seawall broke her arm riding a motor-scooter.  Only mentioned.
  185. Elliot had two cracked ribs from fight with Luke.
  335. Jack Chandler suffered three cracked ribs from fight with Elliot.
  385. Norman got a cracked rib when pushed by Eddie Jacks.
  428. Eddie Jacks had a cut forehead from fight with Joe Rossi.

Inn-Colonial Post Inn:
       The Inn seems to have rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a flower shop, and a 
         bakery.  But no elevator.  The bartenders include Ralph, and 
         The hostesses include [Nikki Wilk]. 
  001. Rodney and Betty drop Dr. Rossi off at the Inn.
  327. Rodney takes Sandy to dinner at the Inn.  Chandler nabs the puppy.

  022. Dr. Rossi faces a medical inquisition.
  254. Chris Webber faces an inquisition.

Insurance office:
  030. Leslie goes in to talk to Julie in the Anderson Insurance office.
  034. George shoots his phone.
  034. Elliot hits George on the head and takes the Japanese automatic 

International airport.
  052. Norman answers the phone, "International Airport."

Interstate Bus and terminal:
  031. Betty gets on the bus just across the street from the Pharmacy.
  483. Carolyn returns by bus.
  489. Vickie Fletcher arrives by bus.
  489. The Interstate Bus Terminal evolved into the Peyton Theater.

  022. Rossi has medical inquisition.
  030. Elliot Carson's parole hearing.
  036. Betty applies for job in NYC.
  037. George is interviewed by Dr. Kessler at sanitarium 1st time.
  038. George is interviewed by Dr. Kessler at sanitarium 2nd time.
  049. Betty has annulment hearing.
  050. Betty applies for job as nurses aide with miss Choate.
  059. Matthew asks to interview Claire Morton.
       Lee applies for job at the mill.
  358. Norman applies for job at the mill.  And gets it through blackmail.
  160. Betty applies for job as Peyton's assistant.
       Rita applies for job as Constance's baby sitter.
       Tom winter interviews as fisherman with Andy Davies.
  385. Peyton competency hearing.
       Chauffeur Thomas decides to get married and resigns.
       Lee Webber applies for job as Peyton's chauffeur.
       Jill applies for job with Eli Carson.
  424. Jill applies for job with Rodney Harrington.
  433. Jill applies for job with Rev. Winter.
Interview-less jobs.
  002. Laura as secretary to Rossi.
       Elliot at the Chandlery.
  035. Leslie offers Elliot a job.
  056. Rita as clerk in five and dime. 
       Lewis works at the Cider Barrel.
  496. Lewis works at the bike shop.
       Paul Hanley as college instructor. 
       Elliot as Editor of the Clarion. 
       Julie as Rossi's secretary. Julie as Schuster's secretary. 
       Rossi as godfather. 
       Betty as redecorator. 
       Norman as worker at Chandlery. 
       Rev. Winter as cleric. 
       Rita as clerk-soda jerkess in Pharmacy. 
       Rachel as nurses aide. 
       Eddie as bartender. 
       Stella as researcher. 
       Ann Howard as therapist. 
       Russ Gehring as therapist. 
       Atwell as therapist. 
       Betty with Constance. 
       Elliot at another newspaper. 
  001. Rodney introduces himself to Dr. Rossi.
  001. Rodney introduces Dr. Rossi to Betty Anderson.
  001. Matthew Swain introduces himself to Dr. Rossi.
  002. Dr. Rossi introduces himself to Constance Mackenzie.
  002. Laura Brooks introduces herself to Dr. Rossi.
  013. Nurse Wagman introduces herself to Dr. Rossi.  She was hired by Mr. 
  044. Allison Mackenzie introduces Betty Anderson to Paul Hanley.
  045. Paul Hanley introduces himself to Dr. Rossi at the beach house.
  064. Miss Choate introduces Dr. Claire Morton to Betty Anderson.
  097. Norman comes to the mansion and introduces himself to Anna Chernak.
  101. Dr. Rossi introduces Claire Morton to Kenneth Markham her brother-in-law.
  106. Steven Cord introduces Stella Chernak to Rita Jacks in the Pharmacy.
  440. Marsha Russell introduces herself to Dr. Rossi.
  448. Fred Russell introduces himself to Dr. Rossi, who is having coffee.

  203. Rita is ironing as Norman comes in bringing a corsage.
  315. Rita says that Norman Harrington ironed some shirts last night.
  370. Eddie Jacks irons, and harkens back to the steam iron he had in prison.
  412. Constance irons some baby clothes.
  505. Marsha Russell uses a steam iron.

  039. In New York City, Sharon Purcell does isometrics.

Italian food:
  106. Schuster mentions to Allison how much he likes Italian food.
  313. Rodney takes Rachel to the Italian Village Restaurante.
  313. Kid eating spaghetti at Mamasito's.

       in work

I.V.-intravenous injection:
  173. Gus Chernak receives an I.V. in the hospital.  He tells the nurse to 
        "take this thing out of my arm."  She doesn't.  This is the same 
         episode where officer Frank takes a subpoena up to Norman in the 
  458. Susan Winter receives an I.V. in the hospital.  She is suffering from 
         alcoholism and dehydration.