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Steven Cord

Steven Cord was the son of Brian Cord and Catherine Peyton.  Brian 
Cord was an artist who painted the portrait of Catherine.  He changed 
his name to Colby and moved to Boston.  He was paid hush money by 
Martin Peyton.  Steven was raised by Hannah Cord who pretended to be 
his mother.  Steven's twin sister Ann was raised by Brian Colby.  
Anne Colby married and changed her name to Ann Howard.  Ann Howard 
came to Doctors Hospital as a physical therapist and became attracted 
to Dr. Rossi.  Steven was recognized as the grandson of Martin Peyton 
in the last half of the series during the competency hearing of 
Martin Peyton.  He defended Rodney Harrington and Lee Webber on 
charges of murder.  And he handled the custody hearings for Jill 
Smith.  He was married for a while to Betty Anderson [episode 204 
thru episode 393].  Steven and Betty signed a property settlement in 
episode 392.  [Lee Webber and Julie Anderson both mentioned that it 
takes a year for a divorce to become final in the state.]  Steven's 
ex-wife married Rodney for the second time in episode 436.  Steven 
had affairs with Adrienne Van Leyden and Susan Winter. 

As the World Turns-Grant Coleman, 1974-1981, 1986, 1989.
  Grant Coleman was also played by Konrad Matthaei 1973, 1974

Another World-Eliot Carrington 1972

Doctors-Philip Manning 1982

One Life to Live-Dr. Marcus Polk-1985 to 1986

Many other tv appearances  

Movies and Miniseries:

1961 Thunder of Drums-Lt. Gresham
1960 G. I. Blues-Rick
1962 Sweet Bird of Youth-Leroy
1957 Time Limit-Steve
1957 Until They Sail-Marine with girl