Jackson-Mary Jackson:
  479. Science teacher Gladys Roberts.
  482. Science teacher Gladys Roberts.
         Mary Jackson, [TZ episode Of Late I think of Cliffordsville.]

Jail, prison, and mental hospital inmates:
  xxx. Ann Howard spent some time in mental hospital.
  xxx. Chandler spent time in Texas prison.
  025. Elliot is pestered by his cell-mate.
  026. Matthew visits Elliot in prison.
  031. Eli and Matthew attend Elliot's parole hearing.
  032. Elliot is released.
       Rodney is arrested for murder of Joe Chernak.
  129. Rodney calls to Dan the jail guard.
  193. Rodney is jailed after his murder conviction.
  201. Rodney is exonerated and released.
  255. Ann plummets.
  256. Lee is jailed pending a hearing.
  263. Lee is released.
  263. Lee talks with Allison.
  263. Allison disappears.
  265. Lee is rejailed.
  268. Lee wants out of jail.
  269. Steven visits Lee in his jail cell.
  298. Charges against Lee Webber are dropped.
  335. Elliot is jailed after fighting with Chandler.
  336. Constance visits Elliot in jail, 2 years after marrying him.
  336. Elliot is released on bond.  Amount never specified.
  354. Rachel is taken to a mental hospital.
  359. Chandler is jailed and escapes with Leslie's help.
  392. Adrienne Plummets.
  394. Eddie Jacks is jailed on suspicion of murder of Adrienne Van Leyden.
  395. Eddie Jacks is arraigned in Judge Irwin A. Chester's court.
  397. Adrienne is buried.  Betty collapses.
  397. Leslie puts up bail for Eddie Jacks.
  399. Betty confesses her part in Adrienne's death.
  400. Eddie is exonerated.
  513. Dr. Rossi is jailed in the death of Fred Russell.

Jail and Prison inmates:
    1. Joe Chernak.
    2. Rodney Harrington.
    3. Lee Webber.
    4. Elliot Carson.  Fight with Chandler
    5. Rachel Welles in custody of police.  Committed to institution. 
    6. Jack Chandler.
    7. Eddie Jacks.
    8. Dr. Michael Rossi.
       George Anderson is taken to a mental hospital after shooting his 

Jail and prison visits:
  026. Matthew visits Elliot Carson in prison.
  030. Matthew and Eli go to Elliot's parole hearing.
  130. Leslie visits Rodney in jail.
  194. Allison visits Rodney in jail.
  197. Martin Peyton visits Rodney in jail.
  198. Leslie Harrington visits Rodney in jail.
  201. Rodney is exonerated and freed.
  267. Chris visits Lee Webber.
  272. Barber visits Lee Webber.
  276. Steven Cord visits Lee Webber.
  276. Sandy Webber brings Lee Webber cigarettes, shaving cream, & magazines.
  336. Constance visits Elliot after fight with Chandler.
  355. Leslie visits Jack Chandler.
  356. Lee visits Jack Chandler.
  356. Leslie brings Jack Chandler a gun.
  393. Steven visits Eddie Jacks.
  395. Peyton visits Eddie.
  395. Norman visits Eddie.
  510. Dr. Rossi is booked.
  510. Dr. Miles visits Dr. Rossi.
  510. Carolyn visits Dr. Rossi.
  511. Marsha visits Dr. Rossi.
  511. Carolyn visits Dr. Rossi.
  513. Rita visits Dr. Rossi bringing him a transistor radio.
  513. Norman visits Dr. Rossi.

Jail and prison visitors.
    1. Matthew Swain.        Elliot Carson.
    2. Eli Carson.           Elliot Carson.
    3. Allison Mackenzie.    Rodney Harrington.
    4. Steven Cord.          Rodney Harrington.
    5. Steven Cord.          Lee Webber.
    6. Steven Cord.          Elliot Carson.
    7. Steven Cord.          Dr. Michael Rossi.
    8. Chris Webber.         Lee Webber.
    9. Sandy Webber.         Lee Webber.
   10. Norman Harrington.    Rodney Harrington.
   11. Norman Harrington.    Dr. Michael Rossi.
   12. Leslie Harrington.    Rodney Harrington.
   13. Leslie Harrington.    Jack Chandler.
   14. Lee Webber.           Jack Chandler. 356
   15. Martin Peyton.        Rodney Harrington.
   16. Constance Mackenzie.  Elliot Carson.
   17. Marsha Russell.       Dr. Michael Rossi.
   18. Rita Harrington       Dr. Michael Rossi.
   19. Barber                Lee Webber.  epi 272
   20. Dr. Miles             Dr. Michael Rossi.
   21. Marsha Russell        Dr. Michael Rossi.
   22. Carolyn Russell       Dr. Michael Rossi.
   23. Rita Harrington       Dr. Michael Rossi.
   24. Norman Harrington     Dr. Michael Rossi.

  129. Jailer Dan.
       Jailer who let Chandler escape.
  356. Jailer.
       Jailer Bob.
  510. Jailer George. [Joe Feury.]

       Eddie asks Rodney to find him a car.
  390. Eddie makes second payment on jalopy.
       Eddie almost leaves in jalopy.
       Eddie abandons jalopy and leaves on the bus.

Japanese Automatic pistol:
  034. George loads his pistol.
  034. George shoots his telephone.
  034. Elliot joins George in the insurance office.
  034. Elliot hits George on the head and takes the pistol.

Jensen-Richard Jensen:
  181. Detective Lawrence tell Steven Cord about the arrest of Richard 
         Jensen, shipping clerk at Westover Institute.
  194. Jensen arrives at the square.
  194. Steven and Richard Jensen drive to the Chernak house.
  195. Jensen shows up at Stella's house. 
  198. Jensen is taken into custody in the reception area of the hospital.

  There were four Jerry's in Peyton Place:
    1. Jerry, the composing room type setter for both Swain and Carson.
    2. Rev. Jerry Bedford, predecessor to Rev. Tom Winter, shows 
         interest in Betty Anderson.
    3. Jerry Fred Robert Draper, bartender, head waiter at the Colonial 
       Post Inn. 
    4. Jerry W. Carter, Asst. D.A. 

Jerry-Jerry Bedford.
  070. Rev. Jerry Bedford marries Elliot and Constance in the church.
  070. Betty and her mother set sights on Rev. Jerry Bedford.
  096. Betty has a date with Steven Cord.

Jerry, the Clarion composing room composer, typesetter, and printer: 
  002. Matthew speaks to Jerry using the intercom about the page two lead.
  007. Constance is visiting Matthew in the Clarion.  
  007. Matthew tells Jerry, using the intercom, that he will be back soon. 
  007. Matthew leaves with Constance.
  295. Elliot tells Jerry he wants more two-column heads.  Jerry says ok. 
  327. Rachel gives the phone number 555-3251 to Jerry the Clarion composer. 
  336. Elliot is bailed out of jail by Steven Cord.
  336. Elliot goes directly to the Clarion.  
  336. Eli is trying to get out "this fool newspaper."  
  336. Jerry comes out of the composing room marked "PRIVATE." 
         JC:  Oh, you're here. 
         EC:  Hi, Jerry, I'm here. 
         JC:  It's good to see you Mr. Carson. Your father and me used 
                a lot of filler stuff.  Lots of art.  
         EC:  It's all right, you didn't have any choice.  
         JC:  We've got some holes in page 1.  I'll be ready for you. 
         EC:  All right.
  435. Elliot turns the Clarion over to Charlie Hagen.

Jerry Draper:
  448. Bartender at the Colonial Post Inn.
  505. Bartender at the Colonial Post Inn.

Jill-Jill McCormick Smith Rossi:
  401. Jill and Kelly arrive in Peyton Place by bus.  
  401. Jill abandons Kelly at the Cider Barrel cafe.
  401. Dr. Rossi is called to the wharf for Jill's baby.
  402. Laurie accompanies Dr. Rossi to Doctors Hospital.
  402. Jill goes to the Information Desk at the hospital.
  403. Jill is dozing on a bench in reception as Dr. Rossi arrives.
  403. Jill wants to see her baby.
  403. Jill walks to the square and is seen by Constance.
  403. Jill is surprised when Constance calls out, "Allison, Allison."
  403. Jill gets a room at the boarding house, with Eli's help.
  404. Jill introduces herself to Rodney and asks for a job as gas jockey.
  404. Jill sweeps for Eli and asks for a job.
  405. Jill causes a rift between Constance and Elliot.
  405. Jill asks Rodney for a job.
  406. Jill goes to work for Eli.
  406. Jill causes friction between Elliot and Constance.
  406. Jill goes to Steven's office and introduces herself.
  407. Elliot comes in the Chandlery and introduces himself to Jill.
  407. Jill lets Ada hold her baby.
  408. Jill upsets Constance.
  409. Jill tells Steven that the baby is Allison's.
  409. Jill walks down to the wharf carrying Kelly.  She goes in Ada's.
  409. Ada holds Kelly briefly and Jill leaves carrying Kelly.
  410. Steven tells Constance that Jill says the baby is Allison's.
  411. Rossi tells Elliot and Constance he believes Jill is the baby's mother.
  412. Joe Rossi arrives in Peyton Place.
  412. Jill tells Rodney she has found another job.
  414. Jill gives the baby to Constance.
  415. Joe tells Michael that Jill is the mother.
  416. Kelly's birth certificate arrives.
  417. Jill goes in the Cider Barrel and eats a Cheesburger.
  418. Michael goes to see Jill at Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.
  418. Norman and Joe have a car wreck.
  418. The custody hearing is scheduled.
  419. Jill is not in this episode.
  420. Custody hearing for Kelly Smith.
  420. The Carsons get custody of Kelly.
  421. Jill shows up at the Carson house as Michael is examining Kelly.
  421. Jill visits Joe in the hospital.
  422. Jill is not in this episode.
  423. Jill asks Rodney for a job.
  424. Jill is grabbed by Eddie Jacks.
  453. Jill dissappears from the winter house and moves in with Ada.
  457. Custody hearing for Kelly Smith.
  457. Joe identifies Jill as Jill McCormick.
  463. Jill is a nurse's aide.
  473. Joe and Jill marry.  And are never heard from again.

  011. Jimmy, motorcycle rider.  Day of the festival.
  161. Jimmy, newspaper delivery boy.
  443. Jimmy Darrell.
  445. Jimmy Henry was visited by Eli Carson in the hospital.

Jimmy Darrell:
  443. Jimmy Darrell is father of Edith's baby.

Job offers, refused:
  03x. Leslie offers to give Elliot a job at the mill.
  162. Eli offers Rita a job selling marine engines, sail, life 
         preservers and the such.

Job printing.
       The Clarion has a job printing sign on the window.
       David Schuster takes over as manager of the mill.
       Eli gives Elliot a job in the Chandlery.
       Julie works for George in the Insurance Agency.
       Julie resigns her insurance job.
  027. Leslie asks Julie to come back to work for him at the mill.
  028. Dr. Joe Bradley resigns.
  030. Julie moves in with Constance.
  030. Julie tells Leslie she is leaving George.
  030. Leslie asks Julie to come back to work for him at the mill.
  035. Leslie offers Elliot a job at the mill.
  046. Julie works for Dr. Rossi in his office.
       Stella works for Dr. Rossi in his office and in the hospital.
       Betty works in the hospital.
       Betty works for Constance in the Book Gallery and at the house.
  163. Eli offers Rita a job selling marine engines, sails, and life preservers.
  163. Betty works for Peyton, to be there in case of an emergency..
       Betty works for Peyton restoring the mansion.
       Betty works for Peyton as house manager.
       Rita works in the dime store.
       Elliot becomes Editor of the Clarion.
       Leslie goes back to work as manager at the mill.
       Steven takes Lee Webber's case.
  245. Lee asks Steven for a job.  He demands it.
  248. Lee asks Leslie for a job.
  268. Steven is representing Lee Webber against a charge of murder.
  274. Rita asks Constance for job caring for Matthew.
  299. Rachel wants to talk to Rossi about a job in the hospital.
       Barrett Costa paints portrait of Betty.
       Steven refuses to represent Sandy against Lee.
       Jill asks Eli for a job.
       Jill works in the hospital.
       Jill applies with Tom Winter for a job and gets it.
       Rita works in the Pharmacy.
       Lewis works in the motorcycle shop.
       Lewis works in the Cider Barrel.
  356. Adrienne goes to work for Martin Peyton.
  4xx. Tom Winter asks Andy Davies for a job.
  421. Jill asks Constance for a baby sitting job.
  423. Jill asks Rodney for a job.
  432. Jill goes to work for Tom Winter.
  4xx. Jill runs away from the manse.
       Jill becomes a nurse's aide.
  511. Steven takes Rossi's case.

   There are at least 5 Joe's in the story.
   1. Joe Chernak.
   2. Joe Rossi.
   3. Joe the cop.
   4. Joe who has Joe's diner, serving hot minestrone.
   5. Joe's boat repair shop across a narrow street from Ada Jacks' Tavern.

Joe Chernak:
  088. Joe Chernak has two offers to leave.
  095. Joe Chernak is desperate.
  101. Joe watches Rita climb the stairs to Norman and Rodney's apartment.
  104. A surprise reunion for Joe Chernak, with Stella.
  112. Joe fusses with Stella at the Chernak house.
  113. Joe Chernak dies on the wharf.
  170. Rita testifies about Joe Chernak in the Rodney Harrington murder trial.
  171. Gus is angered by Rita's testimony about his son, Joe.
Joe Rossi:
  412. Brought to Peyton Place from a diner north of town by Steven Cord.
  415. Joe tells Dr. Rossi that he is the father of Jill's baby.
  418. Norman tries to talk Joe out of leaving.
  419. Joe Rossi is injured in car wreck with Norman.
  427. Joe fights Eddie Jacks on the wharf.
  432. Jill goes to work for Rev. Winter.
  464. Joe taunts Tom to fight him.
  473. Joe marries Jill.
  473. Joe and Dr. Rossi talk in Italian at the bandstand.
  474. Joe and Jill immediately fade into obscurity.

Joe, the cop.
  060. Leslie tells Joe, the cop, that he has a permit for the gun.

Joe's diner:
  049. Matthew offers to take Connie to Joe's diner for hot minestrone. 

  271. Chris Webber goes to John Fowler's office to volunteer to testify.
  272. John Fowler receives a call from Dr. Rossi concerning the 
         relationship between Ann Howard and Hannah Cord.
  273. John Fowler examines Dr. Rossi on the stand.
  274. John Fowler is called by deputy Knox at the airport concerning Hannah.
  274. John Fowler tells Martin Peyton that he isn't a chess expert.
  275. John Fowler talks to Norman in his office.  John dictates a memo 
         concerning the method for interrogating Norman.
  278. John Fowler examines Chris Webber on the witness stand.
  290. Dr. Rossi goes to John Fowler to get a restraining order against 
         Chandler to stay away from Rachel.  Fowler isn't interested.

Johnny-bartender at the Colonial Post Inn:
  172. Rodney asks Johnny to add some booze to his orange juice.  Johnny 

Johnny-Lewis "Johnny" Remmick:
  410. Dr. Rossi calls Dr. Lewis Remmick "Johnny." 

  181. Robert Jordan received the monogrammed luggage that Stella Chernak 
       ordered for Richard Jensen, then cancelled.
  182. Mr. Jordan is a physical therapy patient at Doctors Hospital.
  347. Mr. Jordan is the cemetary manager.
  049. Judge Whitley, uncredited-Betty Harrington's annulment.
  081. Judge Mark, mentioned-the Anderson case.
  120. Judge Charles E. Webber-Rodney Harrington murder hearing.
  121. Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway Rodney Harrington murder hearing.
  122. Judge Charles E. Webber-Gene O'Donnell-Rodney Harrington murder hearing.
  157. Judge Chandler, mentioned.
  161. Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway, Rodney Harrington murder trial.
  260. Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Lon Lorimer, one episode only
  263. Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer, Lee Webber murder hearing.
  290. Judge Andrews, mentioned by John Fowler concerning Rachel.
  344. Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer, appointed Steven as Acting District Attorney.
  350. Judge Fischer, mentioned-Peyton had dinner with the judge.
  360. Judge Otto Clutcher-Steven had dinner with the judge.
  385. Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer, Peyton competency hearing.
  431. Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer, awards Kelly back to Jill Smith.
  463. Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer, talks with Tom Winter about Jill and Kelly.
  513. Judge unknown-Rossi's murder hearing. Michael Strong.

  006. Teens are dancing to the juke box Cafe at the Shoreline Cafe as 
         Rodney and Betty arrive. 
  171. The juke box is playing at Ada Jack's tavern, as Gus Chernak comes 
         in and calls Rita a "liar." 
  249. Ada unplugs the juke box so Chris can play the piano. 
  306. Lee bums a quarter for the juke box, but pockets the money.
Julie Anderson:
  001. Julie is kissed by Leslie Harrington.
  005. Julie falls down the stairs.  But she doesn't plummet.
  019. George tells Matthew that Julie will be his secretary in his 
         new Insurance business.
  023. Julie is still working at the mill.
  024. Julie leaves the mill.
  025. Julie works for George in the insurance agency.
  027. Julie clobbers George with the telephone.
  042. Julie talks with Betty after her return from NYC.
  046. Julie is hired by Dr. Rossi replacing Laura Brooks.
  082. Julie is offered a job back at the mill.
  087. Julie goes back to the mill as secretary to David Schuster.
  087. Julie talks with Rodney in David Schuster's outer office.
  207. Julie is working at the mill as secretary to Leslie Harrington.
  207. Leslie asks Julie to divorce George.
  252. Julie tells Betty her plans to leave Peyton Place.
  435. Julie returns for Betty's second wedding to Rodney.
  002. Cook for Leslie Harrington.

Jury selection:
  162. Rodney Harrington trial.

Justice of the peace:
  014. Rodney and Betty are married by a justice of the peace.
  475. Joe and Jill are married in the courthouse.