178. Rodney's impromptu 21st birthday celebration at Ada's.

Kathy Seawall:
  163. Kathy Seawall broke her arm riding a motor-scooter.

Keefer-Don Keefer:
  339. Barrett Costa paints a portrait of Betty Anderson Cord.
       Don Keefer [Its a Good Life episode of Twilight Zone.]
       [From Agnes with Love episode of Twilight Zone.]

Kellogg-Jack Kellogg:
  282. Jack Kellogg played the part of Jack Chandler, Jack Forrest.

  025. Middle aged William Kennerly brings the codicil to the mansion for 
         Leslie. [Actor not credited].
  324. Old Kennerly and Peyton in limousine.
  363. Steven calls old Mr. Kennerly in Boston about subpoena.
  363. Peyton introduces AVL to old Kennerly in Boston.
  383. Old Kennerly represents Peyton at his competency hearing.
  390. Betty receives Kennerly's property settlement by registered mail.
  390. Steven receives Kennerly's property settlement by registered mail.
  397. Old Kennerly talks with Peyton in mansion after AVL funeral.
  435. Billy Kennerly, Jr. tells Leslie that the mill has been sold.
  436. Billy Kennerly, Jr. tricks Steven into seeing Hannah Cord.
  448. Steven takes incriminating paper from Billy Kennerly, Jr.'s 
         office in Boston.
  448. Don Dubbins plays the role of William Billy Kennerly, Jr.
  480. Betty talks with Old Kennerly in Chapel after Peyton's funeral.
  492. In Boston middle aged William Kennerly tells Steven he is entitled 
         to nothing. [Actor not credited.]

Kenneth Markham:
   77. Kenneth Markham arrives one day before Martin Peyton returns.  
         Kenneth is twin brother of Dr. Vincent Markham. [Leslie Nielsen].

Kent's Boat Repair shop:
  166. Joe Chernak died near Kent's Boat Repair shop on the wharf 
         according to Clarance L. Healey, chief medical examiner of Peyton 

Kessler-Dr. Kessler at the Greenvale Sanitarium.
   43. Rossi drives Betty to see George and Dr. Kessler.

  048. Mr. Arvin inventories Calvin's belongings including keys.
  069. Rodney turns the keys to the mansion over to David Schuster.
  115. Betty asks Julie where the car keys are.  Julie says in the car.
  198. Dr. Rossi uses the term "Pass Key" incorrectly.
  275. Steven Cord uses the term "Pass Key" incorrectly.
  290. Chandler says that handyman Jefferson has a key to the place.
  300. Hannah hands Martin Peyton the keys to the kingdom before leaving.
  312. Lee gives the house key to Steven Cord.  Steven uses the key to enter 
       the Webber house.
  312. Rodney asks the desk clerk for Sandy's room key.
  386. Betty uses a hidden key to get in the Shoreline Garage.
  387. Eddie asks Leslie asks if he got a key made to his room.
  434. Elliot hands Rossi the house keys to give to Eli.
  440. Betty tells Rodney to take the key out of the lock.
  350. Chandler kidnaps Rachel.
  354. Rachel kidnaps Matthew Carson.

  500. Charlie Killigrew sells a suit to Eli Carson.

King-black king:
  402. Steven Cord throws the black king in the fireplace.
  001. Constance kisses her daughter.
  001. Rodney kisses Betty.
  001. Leslie Harrington kisses Julie Anderson.
  002. Rodney Kisses Allison.
  028. Dr. Rossi kisses Constance.
  090  Dr. Rossi kisses Dr. Claire Morton Markham.
  204. Steven kisses Betty at their wedding.
  206. Steven kisses Betty in their hotel room in Boston.
  216. Rodney kisses Sandy.
  222. Dr. Rossi and Ann Howard are kissing.
  228. Rodney kisses Sandy.
  229. Betty Anderson Cord kisses Martin Peyton at a dinner party.
  229. Rodney kisses Sandy.
  270. Eli kisses Constance to thank her for his new grand-son.
  277. Betty kisses Steven in his convertible downtown.
  299. Chandler kisses Rachel goodbye in the hospital corridor.
  328. Lee forces a kiss on Rachel when she comes for her puppy.
  307. Steven and Betty kiss.
  312. Ada kisses Chris at the police station.
  340. Rachel kisses Rossi.  Rita observes.
  346. A couple kiss.
  352. Rodney kisses Betty.
  364. Elliot kisses Constance.
  380. Norman kisses Rita.
  387. Adrienne Van Leyden kisses Steven.
  445. Eli kisses Jill.
  451. Rev. Tom Winter kisses Jill.

[in work]

Kitchen in the Mackenzie-Carson house.
  013. Mackenzie kitchen with 5 pots on the wall.  Betty is in hospital.  
         Norman has brought Allison and the Aladdin's lamp home.
  037. Mackenzie kitchen with 5 pots on the wall, Julie visiting. 
         Constance rearranged the wall hangings sometime after marrying 
  106. 5 pots.
  142. The 5 pots are still on the wall.
  201. A not-what shelf has replaced the 5 pots on the wall.
   Mackenzie             Carson                    Russell

  479. Mr. Klinger is the wood-shop teacher at Peyton Place High School.
  479. We could infer that there is also a metal-shop.
   32. Constance cuts finger on a broken ornament.
   47. Constance has trouble putting tape in the cash register.
   52. Leslie Harrington knocks over house of cards.
  268. Sandy Webber gave a woman too much change for a five-dollar bill.
  419. Norman Harrington wrecks car with Joe Rossi.
  444. Susan Winter falls out of bed.
  449. Norman and Rodney wreck motorcycle.

  178. Rodney cuts his birthday cake. (age 21).

  274. Constance is knitting as Rita comes in to ask her if she will need 
         a baby sitter for Matthew. 

Kobe-Gail Kobe:
       Doris Schuster.
       Gail Kobe [A world of Difference episode of Twilight Zone.] [In His 
         Image episode of Twilight Zone.] [Self-Improvement of Salvatore 
         Ross episode of Twilight Zone.] [Keeper of the Purple Twilight 
         episode of Outer Limits.] [Pretty slave girl in Ten Commandments 
         movie.]  Kobe is sometimes spelled Cobe in other series.

Kuluva-Will Kuluva:
         Andy Davies, boat owner, Tom Winter's boss.
       Will Kuluva [The New Exhibit episode of Twilight Zone.]
         [The Mirror episode of Twilight Zone.]
       PTN credits Will Kuluva with playing the role of Vittorio.