MacBeth-Lady MacBeth.
  291. Norman refers to Hannah as "Lady MacBeth."

Mackenzie-see Allison or Constance.

MacKENZIE mailbox:
  001. The postman waves a large envelope at Allison and leaves it in the 
         MacKENZIE mailbox.  Allison waves from the third dormer window 
         from the left.
  314. CARSON Mailbox.
Macready-George Macready:
            Martin Peyton.
       1944 "Story of Dr. Wassell"-Captain Balen
       1945 "A Song to Remember"-Alfred De Musset
       1951 "Tarzan's Peril".  Also released as "Tarzan and the Green 
       1951 "Desert Fox, the story of Rommell"-Gen. Fritz Beyerlein
       1955 "Premonition" Alfred Hitchcock-Doug Irwin
       1956 "A Kiss before Dying"-Leo Kingship
       1957 "Case of the posthumous Painter" Perry Mason-Dr. Vincent Kenyon
       1964 "Seven Days in May"-Christopher Todd
       1965 "The Great Race"-General Kuhster
       1965 "The Long Morrow" episode of Twilight Zone.
       1970 "Tora, Tora, Tora"-Secretary of state Cordell Hull
            many, many, others

Mad Post Card Collector:
  022. Rossi mentions a mad post card collector.

  016. Betty Anderson Harrington takes magazines up to Catherine at the mansion.
  323. Chandler pays Constance $0.35 for a "Hunting & Fishing" magazine.
  360. Constance takes magazines to Rita in the hospital.
       Rossi reads JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association.

Maids and domestics:
  003. Mrs. Salazar was housekeeper and maid to the Mackenzies.
  000. Christine Gordon was the Harrington maid.  Actress never credited.
  000. Mary was Peyton's long time maid who was inherited by Steven after 
         the death of Adrienne and Peyton's return to Boston.  (Rose Hobart).
  000. Alma Chernak was David Schuster's maid. (Anna Karen).
  080. Janet was a cook / maid for David and Doris Schuster.
  000. Hannah Cord and Betty Anderson were both aides and confidants to 
         Martin Peyton but neither was considered ot be a maid.
  000. Thomas and Lee Webber were chauffeurs to Peyton, but neither 
         regularly performed services as a butler, servant, maid, or cook. 

Mailbox identifiers:
  002. MacKENZIE.
  489. Dr. Harry Miles.

  002. Tom Foley brings a large envelope from a publisher to Allison.
  018. Tom Foley brings Eli a special delivery letter from Elliot, in prison.
  180. A mailman goes into the Colonial Post Inn.
       Elliot receives the escape gun in the mail at the Clarion.
  295. Eddie, the mailman, brings a package of old prison newspapers to Elliot.
  331. Walt Bristow.

  039. Allison buys a lipstick that Calvin Hanley thinks is too bright.
  039. Calvin Hanley never allowed Elizabeth to wear make-up.

Man (episode introductions):
  275. Steven Cord is a man of action and determination.
  296. Jack Chandler is a man with a mission.
  327. Lee Webber is a man who believes in the concept of ownership.
  346. Martin Peyton is a determined man.
  487. Tonight, Harry Miles is a bitter angry man.

  002. Catherine tells Leslie that she is going to Boston to visit her 
  008. Laura Brooks drives Rossi to the Peyton mansion for the Harrington 
         brunch.  He is introduced to Dr. Morton and others.  Allison is 
         there with Rodney.  Norman is there also.
  009. The Harrington brunch continues.  Allison leave the mansion for the 
  013. Leslie talks with Rodeney at breakfast.
  014. Catherine sits at the breakfast table with Leslie but doesn't eat.
  015. Leslie talks with Catherine in the bedroom.
  016. Betty takes magazines up to Catherine.
  017. Dr. Morton knocks and goes in to see Catherine.
  018. Betty calls her father from the mansion about having dinner.
  018. Betty asks Rodney for a phonograph for their bedroom.
  019. Catherine is groaning and asking for Dr. Morton.
  019. Catherine is taken from the mansion to the hospital.
  020. Betty rearranges furniture in the bedroom.
  021. Betty offers Allison coffee from a silver service.
  023. Leslie and Rodney have breakfast.
  024. Leslie tells Christine to prepare for 7 who will hear the will read.
  025. The will is read.
  029. Leslie is talking to Laura as Dr. Morton arrives.  He is leaving 
         Peyton Place.
  01x. Betty eats in the mansion.
  020. Catherine takes ill in the mansion.  She dies in the hospital 
         during an operation.
  032. Leslie pours a drink for Mr. Blaine, the detective.
  032. Laura tells Leslie that she spent New Years Eve alone.
  036. Leslie, Rodney, and Norman tell Laura goodbye as she leaves for 
         Europe on vacation.
  040. Leslie and Rodney return to the mansion after a boring night at the 
         club.  Det. Blaine has left a message for Leslie to call.
  041. Norman asks Rodney if he can use his car to take Allison to a 
         dance.  Rodney says yes.
  070. Elliot and Constance are wed in the mansion.
       Peyton tells Schuster that he is moving back in the mansion.
       Betty and Steven are wed in the mansion.
       Rodney moves in the mansion.
  302. The mansion is set afire.
       Rodney moves out of the mansion.
       Steven and Betty move in the mansion.
       Adrienne plummets and dies in the mansion.
       Lee is shot in the mansion and dies.
       Peyton Leaves the mansion to return to Boston.
       Susan visits Steven in the mansion.

  316. Martin Peyton tells Betty that he wants a portrait of her to hang 
         over the mantle in the livingroom of the mansion.

  333. Chandler shows Rachel a map of Mexico, where he wants to take Rachel.

Marching band:
  009. A marching band performs at the festival.

Marcibel Lunch Pocket:
  049. Betty entertains Lucy Adams with a hand puppet.

Marge, waitress at the Shoreline teen hangout:
  006. Norman and Allison are waited on by Marge.
  021. Marge fills in for Ada at Ada Jacks' Tavern.

       David Schuster inherited Marian, who tried to replace Julie, from 
         Leslie Harrington.
  081. David Schuster tells Marian to select men for lay-off.
       Schuster asks Julie Anderson to return to the mill.

Marian Fowler:
  000. Marian was a physical therapy volunteer at Doctors Hospital.
  000. Marian and John had been married five years and had no children.
  134. Marian hits Allison with her car.
  183. Marian admits to John that she hit Allison.
  184. Marian tells Constance that she hit Allison.
  185. Elliot writes article about Marian hitting Allison.
  185. Steven tells Leslie and Rodney about Marian hitting Allison.
  185. Steven says that Marian was on the board of every charity in the 
         county, and did volunteer work in the hospital four times a week.
  185. Russ Gehring tells Allison that Marian hit her.
  185. Elliot berates Gehring for Marian's hit-and-run and not telling.
  199. Marian receives a one-year suspended statement.

  360. Peyton Place Marina.

  091. Dr. Vincent Markham is injured in bus accident.
  099. Kenneth Markham arrives by helicopter.
  456. Dr. Markham, pediatrician.

  xxx. There were no food markets or grocery stores seen in Peyton Place.
       However, Eli Carson did sell apples at the General Store.

Marley-John Marley:
       Rev. Gates in Boston.
       John Marley [Old Man in the Cave episode of Twilight Zone.]

Maross-Joe Maross:
       Joe Maross [Third from the Sun episode of Twilight Zone.]
       [The Little People episode of Twilight Zone.]
  014. Rodney marries Betty.  Justice of the peace.
  047. Rodney and Betty annul.
  070. Elliot Carson marries Constance Mackenzie.
  172. Norman Harrington marries Rita Charmaine Jacks.  Rev. Brown officiating.
  200. Steven proposes to Betty.
  204. Betty marries Steven Cord at the mansion prior to Schuster moving in.
  228. Allison proposes to Rodney.
  317. Jack Chandler was married to Aunt Lucy for 10 years.
  381. Martin asks Adrienne to marry him.
  392. Betty and Steven sign the property settlement.
  392. Betty divorces Steven.
  436. Rodney marries Betty at Tom Winter's Wayside Church.
  473. Joe marries Jill in the courthouse.
       Peyton tells Hannah he is too old to get down on his knee.
       Peyton proposes to Adrienne Van Leyden.

Marsha-Marsha Russell:
       Marsha Russell introduces herself to Dr. Rossi.
  432. Carolyn tells Eli that Marsha will no longer need or want the 
       Franklin stove that he special ordered for her.  [With her husband, 
       Fred Russell, playing footsie with a Donna Franklin, one would not 
       wonder why Marsha would not want a constant reminder of the name 

  093. Dress store where Rita bought her formal gown for Norman's graduation.
Martin Peyton:
  xxx. George Macready played the role of Radijeck in the 1951 movie
       "Tarzan's Peril."  This movie was also released as "Tarzan and
         the Jungle Goddess" in the UK. 
  xxx. Peyton did not have a television set in the mansion.
  078. Peyton returns to Peyton Place.
  143. Steven resigns as Peyton's attorney.
  159. Peyton visits the mill.
  196. Peyton visits the Book Gallery and orders 3 books.
  196. Peyton tells Constance that miss Anderson will pick them up.
  256. Peyton learns of Ann's death from story in the Clarion.
  257. Peyton visits Norman and Rita's apartment.
  300. Peyton says, "Norman, grow up."
  301. Peyton tells Mary to tell Thomas to drive Mrs. Cord to the airport.
  301. Dr. Rossi goes on vacation to NYC.  Dr. Fielding is left in charge.
  302. The Peyton mansion is set on fire by Hannah Cord.
  302. Peyton is carried from the burning mansion by Steven Cord.
  302. Peyton is wearing an oxygen mask at the hospital.
  305. Chris steals Ada's gun.
  306. Peyton complains about the hospital food.
       Rodney moves into the Shoreline Garage.
       Steven and Betty move in with Peyton at the mansion.
  384. Peyton praises Dr. Phillip Van Leyden to Adrienne.
  384. Thomas helps Peyton out of the limousine at the wharf.  Peyton talks 
         with Norman.
  315. Thomas tenders his resignation to get married.
  316. Peyton runs a help wanted ad in the Clarion.
  317. Lee Webber reads the want ads in the Clarion.
  318. Peyton hires Lee Webber as chauffeur.
  325. Peyton flaunts his new will.  Rodney takes Sandy to dinner at the Inn.
  349. Lee tells Peyton that Ada told him that Sandy took a cab to White 
         River and a plane to California.
  378. Peyton [whw] visits Betty in room 6 at the Inn.
  379. Steven tells Peyton that he is sick of Peyton's manipulations.
  386. Peyton almost plummets down the stairs in the mansion.
  387. Peyton almost plummets down the stairs in the mansion. [a repeat].
  388. Peyton threatens to call off the wedding.
  389. Peyton is almost hit by motorcycle.
  390. Peyton does not appear in this episode.
  391. Peyton is visited by Adrienne in his bedroom.  Adrienne plummets.
  392. Eddie Jacks is arrested.
  395. Peyton visits Eddie Jacks in the Peyton County jail.
  399. Peyton tells Lee Webber to kill Leslie Harrington.
  401. Peyton is struck with a cane by Lee Webber shortly before Lee dies.
  402. Peyton is examined by Dr. Rossi in his bedroom in the mansion.
  403. Peyton has farewell meeting before going to Boston for the last time.
  476. Martin Peyton dies in a Boston Clinic.
  479. Martin Peyton's body returns to Peyton Place for his funeral and burial.

Martin Peyton visits.
  159. Peyton speaks with Mr. Prohaska in front of the mill.
       The jail to see Rodney.
  196. Peyton visits the Book Gallery and orders 3 books.
  257. Peyton visits Norman and Rita's apartment.
  295. Peyton visits the grave of Catherine in the Peyton Place cemetary.
       Peyton visits the Courthouse to witness Rodney's trial.
  343. The Shoreline Garage to see Rodney.
  344. The Cider Barrel to talk with Rodney.
       The courthouse for his competency hearing.
  384. Thomas helps Peyton out of the limousine at the wharf.  Peyton talks 
         with Norman.
  397. The grave of Adrienne Van Leyden in the Peyton Place cemetary.
  401. Peyton goes to the mill to talk with Leslie after the death of 
         Lee Webber.

  xxx. Rose Hobart plays the role of Mary, Peyton's longtime maid.
  xxx. Mary was Peyton's maid who was inherited by Steven after the death 
         of Adrienne and Peyton's return to Boston. [Rose Hobart].
  xxx. Christine Gordon was the Harrington maid.  Actress never credited.
  xxx. June was Harrington's cook.
  xxx. Alma Chernak was David Schuster's maid.

Mary Ann:
  292. Fowler's secretary, Mary Ann, directs Jack Chandler to a barber shop.
         Fowler's wife is Marian.
       Leslie uses a factory worker named Marian as secretary temporarily 
         after Julie Anderson left to work for George. 

  081. Insanity is not grounds for divorce.
       Joe Chernak was apparently allowed to keep the car after he got out of 
       the honor farm which he had stolen before being sent to the honor farm.

  489. Marsha massages Dr. Rossi's shoulders.

  464. Dr. Rossi acts as matchmaker for Jill and Dr. Turner.
       Norman and Rita act as matchmakers for Eli Carson and Maggie Riggs.

Maternity ward:
  270. Elliot visits the maternity ward in Doctors Hospital.
  383. Rita visits the maternity ward in Doctors Hospital.
  403. Jill visits the maternity ward in Doctors Hospital.

Matthews, three Matthews in the series:
  023. Matthew Swain, second cousin twice removed of Constance Mackenzie.
  148. Professor Matthew Tobin of the Foley Institute.  Stella's employer.
  270. Matthew Carson, son of Constance and Elliot Carson.

Matthew Carson:
  270. Matthew Carson was born 09-19-66.
       The Carsons leave Peyton Place.

  019. Dr. Mays is paged.
  024. Miss Mays is secretary to the Kennerlys in Boston.
  040. Maysfield Hotel in Boston is used by Detective Blaine.
  001. Rossi meets Rodney, Betty, and Matthew.
  002. Rossi meets Constance, Laura, and 
  009. Rossi meets Dr. Morton, Leslie, Catherine, and others.
  038. Elliot meets up with Paul for the first time in 18 years.
  044. Allison introduces Betty to Paul Hanley.
  064. Betty Anderson and Claire Morton meet.
  072. Allison meets Chris Webber.
  208. Ann Howard meets Steven.
  209. Rodney meets Sandy.
  383. Adrienne explains to Elliot how she met Dr. Van Leyden.
  205. Ann Howard meets Dr. Rossi.  She is new therapist.
  277. Rita and Norman Harrington find Rachel.
  280. Rachel meets Rodney Harrington.
       Sandy meets Rodney Harrington.
       Lee Webber meets Rachel Welles.
       Adrienne meets Betty and Steven.
       Adrienne meets Dr. Rossi.  Slaps him.

Memory loss:
  153. Allison knows Elliot as Mr. Carson, not as her father.

Men alone with women:
  425. Rev. Winter was alone with Rita in the apartment over the Pharmacy.

Men of the cloth:
       Dr. and Mrs. Brown.
       Jerome "Jerry" Bedford.
  397. Burial of Adrienne Van Leyden.
       Rev. Tom Winter.
       Rev. Gates.
       Rev. Goodfellow.

Mental institution:
       George Anderson is taken to Green Vale Sanitarium in Green Valley.
  260. Steven tells Betty that Ann spent some time in a mental institution.
       Rachel Welles is taken to a mental institution near Boston.

       Grace de Repentigny Metalious-1924-1964.

  349. Chandler wants to go to Mexico.
  351. Chandler wants to go to Mexico.

Miami International Airport:
  056. Dr. Morton talks with the operator at the Miami International Airport.


Michael Rossi:
  001. Rossi arrives in Peyton Place by train and checks in the Inn.
  001. Matthew Swain introduces himself to Dr. Michael Rossi.
  002. Rossi goes to his office and meets Laura Brooks.  
  002. Rossi goes in the Book Gallery.
  003. Dr. Rossi examines Betty Anderson.
  003. Rossi goes in the Book Gallery and buys some post cards.
  004. Rossi examines a man who expects to lose his job at the mill.
  004. Constance has a chat with Rossi in his office.
  005. Rossi makes a house call at the Anderson house for Julie.
  005. Rossi talks with Laura Harrington Brooks at his office.
  005. Rossi goes in the Book Gallery ostensibly to buy some post cards.
  005. Rossi talks with Julie Anderson in his office.
  006. Rossi and Laura go to the Inn for the blue plate special.

  015. Rossi tells Constance and Allison that he delivered his first twins.
  013. Rossi's first appearance at Doctors Hospital.
  497. Lobster market on wharf with Carolyn Russell.
  514. Rossi is bound over for trial and returns to his jail cell.
Michael Rossi's lady friends.
    Constance Mackenzie, Elliot pre-empted him.
    Laura Harrington Brooks-widow of doctor that Rossi replaced.
    Betty Anderson at the festival and on trips to see George.  He 
      danced with her at Constance and Elliot's wedding.
    Dr. Claire Morton Markham, character never developed.
    Stella Chernak, co-worker, resigned in disgrace.
    Ann Howard, engaged, but she died.
    Rachel Welles [Lolita-like relationship], taken to sanitarium.
    Jill, professional relationship, became his sister-in-law.
    Marsha Russell, engaged, ongoing at end of series.
    Carolyn Russell, Marsha's daughter, dated Joe Rossi and Jeff Kramer.

  402. Rossi looks in a binocular microscope.

Middle names:
  020. Catherine Marie Peyton Harrington.
  001. Constance Swain Mackenzie Carson.
  049. Rodney Martin Harrington, episode 49.
  320. Leslie B. Harrington, episode 320.
  207. Anne "Ann" Colby Howard
  513. Michael F. B. Rossi. episode 513.
  358. Eli Luther Carson.
     . Claire Morton Markham.
     . Rita Charmaine Jacks Harrington.
     . Jill McCormick Smith Rossi.

   No picture
  Dr. Harry Miles.   Alma Miles.   Lewis Miles.   Cliff Miles.

Military service:
  0xx. George Anderson.
  0xx. Elliot Carson.
  1xx. John Fowler.
  472. Cliff Miles has made captain.
  386. Eddie Jacks, spent time in England.
  037. Clover Dairy milkman delivers milk and cream to the Mackenzie kitchen.
  308. Rita offers to add some chocolate syrup to Matthew's baby bottle milk.
  416. Eddie serves Norman and Rita milk, calling it white wine.

Milk delivery van:
  037. Milk is delivered to the Mackenzie kitchen.
  161. Eli speaks to the milkman.
  425. Joe Rossi gets a ride to Doctors Hospital on milk delivery van.

  001. Leslie kisses Julie as Rodney comes in to report the arrival of Dr. Rossi. 
       Julie cleans out her desk.

  066. Matthew Swain visits the office of Leslie Harrington.
  066. Leslie tells Swain that he is resigning the mill.
  066. Rodney comes to the mill office to drive Leslie to the airport.
  087. Schuster hires Rodney.
  103. Rodney is punching out at the mill.
  159. Martin Peyton visits the mill.
  172. Gus Chernak breaks into the machine shop and destroys machinery.
  172. Schuster fires Gus Chernak.
  309. Leslie refuses to do the drapes for the mansion.
  400. Leslie shoots Lee Webber.
  315. Leslie hires Jack Chandler to work on the loading dock.
       Steven talks with Julie Anderson.

Mill office:
  001. Rodney goes to the mill office to tell Leslie that Rossi arrived.
       Julie goes to the mill office to get her things.
       Blaine goes to Leslie's office to deliver a report.
  309. Betty visits Leslie to order drapery material for the mansion.
  314. Chandler barges into Leslie's office to ask for a job.
  320. Norman visits Leslie to talk about student loan.
  324. Elliot visits Leslie to ask about Chandler.
  400. Lee Webber goes to the mill to kill Leslie.
  401. Leslie shoots Lee Webber in the Mill office.

Mill Workers-at the Peyton Mills.
  001. Leslie Harrington
  001. Julie Anderson
  008. Seth Clay, Michael mentions to Laura Brooks.
  033. Marian from the factory, filling in as secretary.
       Leslie resigns as manager / director of the mill.
  070. David Schuster, manager. 159.
  097. Rodney Harrington, dock worker.
  103. Rodney clocks out at the mill.
  159. Gus Chernak, night watchman.
  159. Mr. Prohaska, loom operator.
  159. Danny Prohaska.
  159. Freddie.
  159. Mr. O'Brien, bookkeeper.
       Leslie rehired as mill manager.
  307. Jack Chandler. 314, 315, 323
  325. Miss Nolan.
  325. Leslie fires Chandler.
  328. Miss Harris.
  360. Norman Harrington.
  363. Stan Howard, mill security.
  450. Joe Rossi.  Fork lift.

Mill secretary:
  001. Julie Anderson for Leslie.
  033. Marian, from the factory, for Leslie.
  087. Julie Anderson for David Schuster
  325. Miss Nolan.
  328. Miss Harris for Leslie again
  337. Miss Harris.
  338. Miss Harris.

Millers Point:
  499. Lew mentions Millers Point.

Minimum wage:
       Minimum wage is a government contrivance used to prevent marginal 
         workers from gaining employment.
  038. Allison says minimum wage is $1.25 per hour, but Constance pays her 
         only 80 cents. [episode 38]. 

       Dr. Brown.
       Jerome "Jerry" Bedford.
  397. Minister at burial of Adrienne Van Leyden.
       Rev. Tom Winter.
       Rev. Gates.
       Rev. Goodfellow.

  001. Allison looks at herself in the mirror.
  172. Dr. Rossi and Rodney Harrington drink at the Inn.
  378. Eli practices his speech.

     327. Constance       443. Marsha

Mirrors, Triple Mirrors:
  327. Constance Carson primps.
  443. Marsha Russell primps.

  013. Betty loses her baby after car wreck.
  411. Rita loses her baby during heart surgery.

  375. Betty is missing.  She went to Boston to spy on Steven and Adrienne.
       Kim is missing.
       Chris is missing.
       Rodney is missing.
       Rita is missing.
       Allison is missing.
       Chandler is missing.
       Rachel is missing.
       Matthew Carson is missing.
  191. Betty asks Steven if Martin Peyton is his father.

Mitral Stenosis:
       Rita Harrington has a heart condition.

  298. Constance tells Betty that she makes Chocolate cake from scratch, 
         not from a mix.  It gives her a sense of accomplishment.

Model Ship:
  023. Dr. Morton shows Dr. Rossi a model ship in his office.
  353. Eli works on a model ship in the Carson nursery.

Molly Stepson:
  296. Jack Chandler uses the expression Molly Stepson while talking to 
         Elliot Carson in the Clarion.

  002. Dr. Rossi buys five copies of the Clarion for 50 cents.
  012. Dr. Rossi agrees to buy Aladdin's lamp for $12.
  025. Christine Gordon receives $1000 inheritance.
  032. Elliot receives $40 mustering out pay at prison.
  035. The yearly income at the Chandlery is $8,000.
  036. Elliot leaves $0.25 for his beer at Ada's.
  037. Mrs. Reynolds pays Calvin Hanley $1.75 for a prescription.
  038. Betty deposits $0.85 to call Peyton Place from NYC.
  041. Roy Roberts gives Betty $50 train fare to return home.
  042. Amy reluctantly pays Constance $2.20 for book rental.
  048. Paul pays his $45.25 account at the Gallery.
  049. Dr. Rossi tells Betty she will be paid $237 per month as nurse's aide.
  050. Allison tells Elliot a boy at school has a car for sale for $75.
  051. Elliot tells Allison he bought coupe for $50.  Allison says good price.
  052. Leslie gives Norman $10 to use on a date.
  102. Dr. Vincent Markham is offered $110,000 for his work in Peru.
  109. Kenneth Markham gives $10,000 to Doctors Hospital.
  154. Russ Gehring deposits $0.65 to call Boston.
  159. Stella Chernak has over $5000 in the bank.
  170. Rita tells Steven about Joe losing ten cents in a pin-ball machine.
  172. Gus Chernak does $500 damage to mill with a sledge hammer.
  172. Norman buys Rita a nightie for $25.
  176. Gus speaks to Martin Peyton about his $50 shoes.
  180. Peyton's limousine is valued at $20,000.
  184. Rodney receives $1000 birthday present from Peyton.
  184. Rodney gives his $1000 to his lawyer Steven Cord.
  192. Steven paid Detective Lawrence $50 per day.
  246. Hannah charges $5.36 worth of books at the Book Gallery.
  267. Dr. Rossi pays Rodney $83 for repair to Ann's car.
  268. Sandy tells Chris she gave a customer $5.00 too much change.
  289. Judge Chester fines Steven $500.
  297. Chandler pays half of his repair bill for battery to Rodney, $15.
  305. Ada says she paid $20 for the stupid gun.
  305. Ada pays $7.50 for gun license renewal.
  306. Lee Webber begs $0.25 for the juke box at Ada's.  He keeps it.
  317. Elliot pays Ada $0.25 for a mug of beer.
  320. Leslie gives Ada $50 for Rita.
  322. Jack Chandler pays Rodney $2.50 for half a tank of gas.
  323. Chandler pays Constance $0.35 for a hunting & Fishing magazine.
  326. A customer pays $7.31 bill at the General Store.
  320. Lee makes a $5.00 bet with Chandler he will get chauffeur job.
  326. Lee reads about $10 reward for return of Rachel's puppy.
  328. Elliot gives Lee $10 for return of Rachel's puppy.
  334. Chandler asks Leslie for $2000 to leave town.
  336. Lee tells Sandy he can get her a server job for $25,
  342. Chandler gives Eli $0.10 to call the Clarion about his leaving.
  342. Jack Chandler drives off without paying Rodney $5.00 for gas.
  344. Peyton gives Sandy Webber $2000 to leave town.  Rejected.
  350. Rodney puts $0.10 in a pay phone to call Elliot from the college.
  355. Steven tells Betty he deposited some money in her account.
  383. Adrienne Van Leyden's apartment in NYC cost $450 per month.
  388. Leslie offers Eddie $4000 now, $4000 later.
  396. Eddie makes $128 per week as bartender.
  399. Martin shows Lee a check for $450,000.
  405. Jill pays Mrs. Hewitt $15 for a weeks rent at rooming bouse.
  418. Jill pays Charlie $0.73 for a sack of food at the Cider Barrel.
  425. Rodney tells Jill that $1.25 is minimum wage.
  439. Eddie gives $50,000 to Norman and Rita.
  448. Steven steals $50,000 agreement between Leslie and Eddie.
  448. Drapes will cost $2000.
  450. Norman had flipped a half dollar and Rodney called "Heads."
  488. Maggie pays her $7.98 bill at the General Store.
  490. Maggie wins $500 in a baking contest.
  493. Alma pays Eli $2.90 at the General Store.
  493. Maggie offers Eli $0.35 on the dollar for all his remaining apples.
  497. Tom Winter pays Eli $1.94 for supplies.
       Leslie offers Eddie $50,000 to kill Peyton.
       Chandler asks Leslie for $1000 for a trip to Mexico.

  174. Steven Cord refers to the Parker Brothers' board game of Monopoly®.

Morris-Greg Morris-Police officer Frank:
       Serves subpoena to Norman in the apartment.

Morris-Morris Buchanan-Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker:

Morris-Tracey Morris:

Morton-Dr. Claire Morton Markham:
  056. Claire Morton sends word to her parents that she is coming home 
         from Peru where she and her husband Dr. Vincent Markham have 
         been practicing medicine. 
  109. Claire decides to return to Peru with husband Dr. Vincent Markham. 

Morton-Grace Morton:
  056. Grace Morton talks with her husband Dr. Robert Morton about their 
         daughter, Dr. Claire Morton Markham who is soon coming home from 
         Peru where she and her husband Dr. Vincent Markham have been 
Morton-Dr. Robert Morton.
  009. Dr. Morton attends the Harrington brunch and meets Dr. Rossi.
  017. Dr. Morton practiced in Peyton Place for 30 years.
  017. Dr. Morton talks to Dr. Rossi about Betty losing her baby and not 
         telling the Harringtons.
  019. Dr. Morton is in Boston as Catherine is rushed to the hospital.
  020. Dr. Morton arrives in the operation room and tells Rossi to step 
         aside.  Dr. Rossi does not comply.
  021. Dr. Rossi asks Dr. Morton when the autopsy was reschuled for.
  022. Dr. Morton accuses Dr. Rossi of operating without proper medical 
         consultion.  Dr. Morton receives word that his daughter Claire is 
         coming home.

Most Beautiful girl in the World.
  004. George tells Julie that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
  009. Rodney tells Allison that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

  014. Rodney and Betty spend their wedding night at the Twin Maples Motel 
          in White River, Massachusetts.
   172. The motel that Norman and Rita used on their wedding night was unnamed.
   352. Billy Brown almost rents a cabin to Jack Chandler.
   513. Fred Russell would check into a motel with a girl with a ton of long 
          blonde hair.

        The mother of Constance Mackenzie was intested in the welfare of 
          the down-trodden.  Her name was Mrs. Swain.
        Ada Jacks did reasonably well raising Rita Jacks without much 
          help from Eddie Jacks.
        Martin Peyton says he doesn't remember ever being a child.  His 
          father died when he was quite young.
        Leslie Harrington's father died when he was about 12.
  204.  The mother of Elliot Carson was named Ruth.

Mother and daughter:
    Mrs. Martin Peyton and Catherine.
    Ada Jacks and Rita Charmaine Jacks Harrington.
    Jill Smith McCormick Rossi and Kelly Smith.
    Julie Anderson and Betty Anderson Harrington Cord Harrington.
    Marsha Russell and Carolyn.
    Constance Swain Mackenzie Carson and Allison.
    Catherine Marie Peyton Harrington and Ann Colby Howard.
    Grace Morton and Dr. Claire Morton Markham.
    Anna Chernak and Stella Chernak.
    Doris Schuster and Kim Schuster.
    Gail Chapman is probably the mother of Abby, Allison's friend.

Mother and son:
        Catherine Peyton Harrington and Norman.
        Catherine Peyton Harrington and Rodney.
        Hannah and Steven Cord.
        Catherine Peyton and Steven Cord.
        Constance Mackenzie Carson and baby Matthew.
  204.  Ruth Carson and Elliot.
        Anna Chernak and Joe.
        Alma Miles and Lewis.
        Alma Miles and Cliff.

Motorcycle-riding double:
  241. Sandy rides behind Lee Webber almost hits Ann.
  259. Rodney takes Allison home from the Cider Barrel after the arrest 
         of Lee Webber. 
  449. Rodney and Norman wreck motorcycle.
  474. Norman carries ex-Rev. Tom Winter to the hospital on the back of 
         his motorcycle after Tom cuts hand while working on the wharf. 
  011. Jimmy and about 6 other motorcycle riders roar into Peyton Place. 
  214. Rodney charges Mooney $16 for bike repair.
  223. Rodney rides over to the Pharmacy to apologize to Norman.
  241. Sandy rides behind Lee Webber almost hits Ann.
  250. Lee sideswipes a pedestrian on the wharf.
  258. Allison tells Fowler that she saw Lee Webber on the beach.
  259. Rodney carries Allison to her home on his motorcycle.
  302. Lee Webber annoys Rodney and Rachel the day of the mansion fire.
  304. Lee Webber rides up on a motorcycle and speaks to a lady.
  390. Peyton is almost hit by a motorcycle.
  449. Rodney and Norman wreck motorcycle.
  474. Norman carries ex-Rev. Tom Winter to the hospital on the back of 
         his motorcycle after Tom cuts hand while working on the wharf. 

Motorized baby buggy:
  281. Peyton refers to his wheel chair as a motorized baby buggy.

  163. Kathy Seawall broke her arm while riding a motorscooter.

  001. Dr. Rossi moves from New York City to Peyton Place and then soon 
         moves from the Colonial Post Inn to the beach house. 
  025. Rossi entertains Constance at the beach house. 
  029. Laura calls on Dr. Rossi at the beach house.
  030. Julie moves in temporarily with Constance.
  031. Betty moves to NYC temporarily.
  031. Constance calls on Rossi at the beach house.
  032. George visits Julie at the Mackenzie house.
  032. Elliot moves into Mrs. Hewitt's rooming house.
  032. Laura spends new years eve alone.  This probably was the major 
         incident that prompted her to move away from Peyton Place and 
         go on vacation in Europe. 
  038. Betty moves in with Sharon Purcell.
  042. Betty moves back to Peyton Place.
  046. Eli moves to Florida.
  047. Elliot tells Rossi he wants to move back into the beach house.
  048. Dr. Rossi moves out of the beach house.
  048. Dr. Rossi moves into the Colonial Post Inn.
  048. Elliot moves in the beach house.
  049. Calvin dies and the apartment over the Pharmacy becomes available.
  050. Elliot tells Allison that he moved into the beach house the day 
  050. Elliot is living in the beach house and finds the diary.
  058. Dr. Claire Morton Markham returns to Peyton Place.
  061. Claire moves back home.
  063. Allison visits Paul Hanley in the apartment over the pharmacy.

  068. Allison moves back home from the Andersons.
  069. The Harrings move out of the mansion.
  069. Leslie goes to Europe.
  069. Rodney and Norman move into the apartmant over the Pharmacy.
  070. Elliot marries Constance and moves into the Mackenzie house.
  070. The Schusters move into the Peyton mansion.  David manages the mill.
  072. Chris arrives in Peyton Place by bus and moves in with Lee and Sandy.
  078. Peyton moves into the mansion.
  084. Rossi announces he is moving back into the beach house.
  084. Rossi comes to the Carson house to get the keys to the beach house.
  151. Peyton moves back into the mansion.
  152. Schuster moves from the mansion to room 201 of the Inn.
  173. Rodney moves out of the apartment when Norman marries Rita.
  174. Rodney moves into the Shoreline Garage.
  201. Rodney moves into the mansion from jail.
  246. Betty moves out of Steven's house after an argument.
  246. Betty moves in with her mother.
  254. Rodney moves out of the mansion.
  282. Chandler moves into the rooming house.
  295. Eddie moves in the rooming house.
  302. Fire at the Peyton mansion.
  306. Steven and Betty move in the mansion with Peyton.
  306. Rodney moves out of the mansion into the Shoreline Garage.
  307. Steven and Betty move into the mansion with Peyton.
  314. Sandy moves in with Ada Jacks.
  320. Rachel angrily leaves the Carson house.
  321. Leslie goes to garage and asks Rodney why he moved out of the mansion.
  339. Chandler moves out of the boarding house.
  377. Betty moves out of the mansion and into the Inn because of Adrienne.
  399. Eddie moves out of the rooming house.
  399. Eddie temporarily moves in Rita's room at the Tavern.
  405. Jill moves in the Mrs. Hewitt's rooming house.
  413. Joe Rossi moves in the beach house with Michael.
  429. Eddie Jacks moves out of the tavern and leaves town on the bus.  
         Joe Rossi buys Eddie's old jalopy from Ada. [inference]
  433. Jill goes to work for Rev. Tom Winter.
  434. The Carsons move out of the Carson house.
  435. Betty is staying at the Inn.
  438. Jill moves in the Winter house.
  438. The Russells move out of the Fred Russell house.
  453. Jill moves in with Ada.
  441. Marsha and Carolyn move into the Mackenzie-Carson house.
  447. Fred moves to a Boston apartment.
  457. Susan checks into the hospital.
  460. Susan is still in the hospital.
  460. Kelly moves in with Norman and Rita.
  463. Tom Winter gets a job with Andy Davies, fisherman.
  463. Jill gets a job as a nurse's aide.
  463. Tom Winter moves from the manse to Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.
  463. In her hospital room, Steven tells Susan that Tom wants a divorce.
  464. Susan checks out of the hospital.
  468. Susan trashes the rectory.  Rossi goes to the rectory.  
  468. Rossi asks Marsha to tidy up the rectory.  She does. 
  469. Rev. Goodfellow and wife move into the manse.  Not seen.
  485. Rodney goes home, converted barn-house, from the hospital.
  489. Vickie Fletcher moves in with the Miles.
  5xx. Eli prepares to marry and move in with Maggie Riggs. [ala Elliot]
  513. Rossi goes to jail.

  028. Rossi asks Allison how the movie was.
  045. Allison went to see a movie.
  056. Norman wants to take Rita to a movie.
  200. Julie goes to the movies. [Part of this scene is used in a 
         flashback in Peyton Place the Next Generation.
  310. Sandy takes Chris to a movie.
  370. Steven tells Betty he is qoing to quit taking her to movies.  She is 
         too impressionable.
  400. Elliot was worried because Constance went to a movie before she 
         returned home.
Movie theaters:
  xxx. Movie theater at the Peyton College.
  045. Allison went to see a movie at the college.
  365. Movie theater east of the Peyton Pharmacy:
  365. Movie theater and Ada Jacks' Cadillac.

Muffins-Blueberry Muffins from the Colonial Post Inn:
  015. Allison goes over to the Inn from the Book Gallery and returns with 
         only a half dozen blue-berry muffins.  This was the day after 
         Rodney and Betty's wedding.

  036. Ada pours a beer from a bottle and slides the mug down the counter. 

  005. Allison listens to an LP [long play] album of Romeo and Juliet.
  041. Shall we gather by the River? was sung by Lucy Frisby.
  165. Down in the Valley was sung to Allison by Russ Gehring.
  277. Sandy listens to latin dance music on the radio.
  305. Deep Purple was played by Chris Webber at the Tavern.
  377. Galway Bay was sung and played by Eddie Jacks at the Tavern piano.
  434. Shubert's Rosamundo was conducted by Carolyn Russell at the 

Musical Instruments:
  069. Accordion at Elliot and Constance' wedding reception.
  373. Adrienne stands in front of a grand piano in the Boston town house. 
  437. Three violins in Rodney and Betty's Inn room.
       Chris Webber plays the piano at the tavern.
       Eddie Jacks  plays the piano at the tavern.
       Jeff Kramer plays the keyboard.
       Jeff Kramer plays the keyboard.

Music Box:
  273. Constance plays with a bailerina music box in her hospital room.
  471. Carolyn plays with a music box in her bedroom at the rented 
         Mackenzie-Carson house. 

Mustard Plaster.
  044. Mrs. Kramer doesn't get a mustard plaster from the bald-headed orderly.
         The orderly uses a new-fangled machine.