Nail and Nail Polish:
  057. Rita applies nail polish as Ada comes in the Tavern.
  189. Betty applies nail polish as Julie reads "Snow Birch."

Names-see nicknames:

Names-Shared Names:
      A large number of actor's names coincided with character names.  
      Is this just a coincidence? 
    Character names in parentheses. Actors' names not in parentheses.
  1. Gena Rowlands (Adrienne Van Leyden)-(Adrienne Lewis wife of Lt. Governor at Steven's birthday party.) uncredited
  2. Warner Anderson (Matthew Swain)-(Catherine Peyton Harrington) Mary Anderson
  3. Anna Karen (Anna Chernak)-
  4. (Ralph Colby) unknown (Ann Colby Howard)-Susan Oliver
  5. (Arthur Crain)-(Arthur Wilbur)
  6. Barbara Parkins (Betty Anderson)-(Marsha Russell) Barbara Rush
  7. Mary Anderson Catherine Peyton Harrington-Mrs. Burrows Katherine Squire (Katherine Squire
  8. Chris Connelly (Norman Harrington)-(Chris Webber) Gary Haynes
  9. Dan Duryea (Eddie Jacks-Dan, customer of Eli
  10. Dan Duryea (Eddie Jacks-Eddie, the postman
  11. Don Quine (Joe Chernak)-(Dr. Donald Brooks) only spoken of
  12. Garry Walberg (Sgt. Edward Goddard)-(Dr. Michael Rossi) Ed Nelson
  13. Frank Ferguson (Eli Carson)-(Charlie, Cider Barrel) Frank London
  14. Frank Ferguson (Eli Carson)-(Officer Frank) Greg Morris
  15. George Macready (Martin Peyton)-(George Anderson) Henry Blackman
  16. Garry Walberg (Sgt. Goddard)-(Chris Webber) Gary Haynes
  17. Mariette Hartley (Claire Morton)-(Rev. Jerry Bedford) Ted Hartley
  18. (Dr. Healey, coroner)-(Myron Healy, Det. Blaine)
  19. Sheri Howard, baby sitter ()-(Ann Howard) Susan Oliver
  20. Curt Conway (Irwin A. Chester)-(Irwin A. Jessup) Jon Lormer
  21. Kimberly Beck (Kim Schuster)-
  22. Paul Langton (Leslie Harrington)-(Kenneth & Dr. Vincent Markham) Leslie Nielson
  23. John Kerr (John Fowler)-(John Kennerly)
  24. (Mr. Jordan, therapy patient)-(Mr. Jordan, cemetary manager)
  25. Ted Hartley (Rev. Jerry Bedford)-(Jerry, the Clarion printer) uncredited
  26. (Robert Jordan, luggage recipient)-(Mr. Jordan, cemetary manager)
  27. Joyce Jillson (Jill Smith)-
  28. John Kerr (John Fowler, Jr.)-(Judge Irwin A. Chester) Jon Lormer
  29. Michael Christian (Joe Rossi)-(Joe Chernak) Don Quine
  30. Anna Karen (Anna Chernak)-(Karen) Joanna Moore, Ryan O'Neal's wife
  31. Lee Grant (Stella Chernak)-(Lee Webber) Stephen Oliver
  32. Mary Anderson (Catherine Peyton Harrington)-(Gladys Roberts) Mary Jackson
  33. Kent Smith (Robert Morton)-(William Wainright) Gregory Morton
  34. Michael Christian (Joe Rossi)-(Michael Rossi) Ed O'Neal
  35. Warner Anderson (Matthew Swain)-(Matthew Carson) uncredited
  36. Warner Anderson (Matthew Swain)-(Professor Matthew Tobin) Foley Institute
  37. Paul Langton (Leslie Harrington)-(John Wainwright) Paul Newlan
  38. Paul Newlan (John Wainwright)-(Paul Hanley) Richard Evans
  39. (Robert Jordan)-(Dr. Robert Morton) Kent Smith
  40. Roy Roberts (John Wainwright)-(Roy Roberts, Betty's date) uncredited
  41. Joe Maross (Fred Russell)-(Russell "Russ" Gehring) David Canary
  42. Joe Maross (Fred Russell)-(William Wainwright) Russell Thorson
  43. Lana Wood (Sandy Webber)-Sandy episode 17 and Sandy's Ice cream.
  44. Sharon Hugueny (Donna Franklin)-(Sharon Purcell) Dayna Ceder
  45. James Douglas (Steven Cord)-(Lee Webber) Stephen Oliver
  46. Kent Smith (Robert Morton)-(Jill Smith) Joyce Jillson
  47. Patrick Whyte (Ted Dowell)-(Rev. Jerry Bedford) Ted Hartley
  48. Patrick Whyte (Ted Dowell)-(Martin Peyton faux) Wilfred Hyde-White
Nancy: 442. Nancy sings at the Shoreline, badly. 470. Nancy sings at the Shoreline, badly. Necklace: 324. Betty finds Catherine's necklace in Peyton's safe. Necrology: Go to special page. Nelson, Ed Nelson, Dr. Michael F. B. Rossi: Ed Nelson [Valley of the Shadow episode of Twilight Zone.] Neuro-surgeon. 450. Rossi calls a neuro-surgeon into Rodney's case. Dr. Harry Miles. Newlan-Paul Newlan: Paul Newlan [The brain center at Whipple's episode of Twilight Zone.] 426. Attorney William John Wainwright, the eldest Wainwright. New York: 004. George Anderson calls Julie from his hotel room in New York City. 031. Betty gets on the bus and runs off to New York City. 032. Rodney receives a post card from Betty in New York City. 033. Betty calls the Mackenzie house from New York City. 034. Betty's father shoots his telephone. 035. Rodney takes clothes to Betty's father at the sanitarium. 036. Betty goes in the Manhattan Employment Agency in New York City. 037. Betty goes in the botique to see Sharon Purcell. 038. Betty calls her mother from New York City. 039. Sharon Purcell does isometrics. 040. Betty has a date with Roy Roberts. 041. Roy Roberts gives Betty $50.00 for train fare back to Peyton Place. 042. Betty packs to go home. 042. Betty returns from New York City by bus. 043. Rodney asks Betty how New York City was. 046. Allison and Constance argue about her going to New York City. 046. Allison tells Matthew that Constance always gets uncomfortable when she mentions New York City. Paul talks to Constance about New York City, and Allison. 269. Betty gives the hotel operator in NYC the number of Doctors Hospital, 311-555-4100. 269. Betty talks with Elliot in NYC. 482. Lew Miles calls Harper Hospital in New York City. Newsmen: 001. Matthew Swain. 103. Elliot Carson thinks about becoming editor of the Clarion. 104. Matthew tells Elliot that his is perfect to be the editor. 106. Elliot tells Schuster he will be the new editor of the Clarion. 136. Jim Fogarty 136. Randy 136. Mitch 323. Wes Newtson did research on Chandler for Elliot. 357. Charlie Hagen. Newspaper articles: 001. Matthew tells Rossi about Rossi's picture in the Clarion. 185. Article about Marian hitting Allison with her car. 318. Elliot is working on an article about sea workers. Newspapers: 001. Peyton Place Clarion. 255. White Water Sun. 255. Hastings Herald. xxx. Boston. Newton: 292. Newton, a young boy, wants Eli to take his picture by the bandstand. Newton-John Newton (actor): 166. Dr. Clarence L. Healy-Medical Examiner, Rodney's trial. John Newton [Person or Persons Unknown episode of Twilight Zone.] Newton-Liza Newton: 453. Choate tells Rev. Tom Winter that Mrs. Newton wants to see him. 467. Dr. Miles asks Tom Winter to visit Liza Newton. 477. Liza Newton dies without seeing Rev. Winter. Niagra Falls: 001. Rodney tells Betty that Niagra Falls is "cornball." Nobody goes there anymore. Nicknames, Aliases, Perjoritives, Comparatives, Honorariums, and Mistakes: 002. Kid, Norman Harrington, Rodney Harrington. 002. Rosey, Dr. Michael F. B. Rossi, Catherine Harrington. 004. Allison Wonderland, Allison Mackenzie, Rodney Harrington. 005. Russo, Dr. Fichael F. B. Rossi, George Anderson. 007. Allsion Wonderland, Allison Mackenzie, Rodney Harrington. 011. Fair Lady, Allison Mackenzie, Rodney Harrington. 011. My Fair Lady, Allison Mackenzie, Rodney Harrington. 011. Ice Queen, Allison Mackenzie, Jimmy 012. Uncle Matt, Matthew Swain, Allison 012. Little girl, Betty Anderson, George Anderson. 012. Princess, Betty Anderson, George Anderson. 015. Cinderella, Allison Mackenzie, Norman Harrington. 017. Katy, Catherine Peyton Harrington, Dr. Robert Morton. 017. Dr. Bob, Dr. Robert Morton, Catherine Peyton Harrington 018. Cousin, Laura Harrington Brooks, Rodney Harrington 026. Georgie Porgie, George Anderson, himself. 031. Capt. O'Shaughnessy, George Anderson, to Allison. 039. New York Cinderella, Betty Anderson, Sharon Purcell. 039. New York Cinderella, Betty Anderson, herself. 041. Sorcerer, Paul Hanley, to Calvin Hanley. 041. Sorcerer's apprentice, Paul Hanley, to Calvin Hanley. 045. Chip off the old block, Rodney Harrington, Betty Anderson. 045. Indian princess, Lucy Adams, Betty Anderson. 048. Marcibel Lunchpocket, Lucy Adams' puppett, Betty Anderson. 050. Miss Kote, Nurse miss Esther Choate, Betty Anderson. 051. Golden Boy, Rodney Harrington, Norman Harrington. 052. Rat, Kitch Brunner, Rita Charmaine Jacks. 055. Daddy Warbucks, Rodney Harrington, Kitch Brunner. 055. Wharf Rat, Earl, Kitch, Joe Chernak; Reviewer. 060. Guardian Angel, Paul Hanley, himself to Norman. 063. The virtuous lady Allison, Allison Mackenzie, Paul Hanley. 081. Vicious nagging old witch, miss Esther Choate, Betty to Rossi. 108. Hard-way Harrington Rodney, himself to Allison. 108. High priestess baby Allison, Rodney to Allison. 111. Doe Eyes, Rita, Joe Chernak. 113. Cinderella, Betty Anderson, Steven Cord. 149. Agent X, Betty Anderson, Betty Anderson. 162. Lord of the Manor, Martin Peyton, Betty Anderson. 162. Perjurer, Stella Chernak, Martin Peyton. 167. Innkeeper, Rita Jacks, Norman Harrington. 168. Patty the terror, a girl in 10th grade; Norman to Rodney. 169. Dragon Lady, Stella Chernak, herself to Dr. Rossi. 169. Vladimir, Mexican jumping bean, Norman to Rita. 175. Princess, Allison Mackenzie, Rodney Harrington. 176. Witch, Stella, Rossi. 185. Sticky Fingers Harrington, Rodney Harrington, Norman Harrington. 193. Ape, Gus Chernak, Stella. 193. Ape, Richard Jensen, Stella. 195. Fred Blair, Richard Jensen, himself. 195. Fred Blair, Richard Jensen, Stella Chernak. 211. Professor Webber, Lee Webber, Rodney Harrington. 217. Dr. Howard, Ann Colby Howard, Lee Webber. 222. The meddler, Rodney, Norman. 224. Miss Colby, Ann Colby Howard, Catherine Peyton Harrington. 224. Playboy, Rodney, Lee Webber. 243. Romeo, Rodney, Lee Webber. 263. Golden Boy, Rodney, Lee Webber. 263. Playboy, Rodney 263. Goldilocks, Rodney, Lee Webber to Allison. 263. King of the mountain, Rodney, Lee Webber, to Allison. 267. Little Red Riding-Hood, Allison Mackenzie, Lee Webber to Chris. 268. Gift of God, Matthew Carson, Constance Mackenzie Carson 270. Chowder head, Elliot Carson, Eli Carson. 270. Goldilocks Harrington, Rodney Harrington, Lee Webber. 274. Consummate Fool, Hannah Cord, Martin Peyton. 276. Sandy, Sandra Webber, Rodney Harrington. 276. Jeeves, Thomas the chauffeur, Sandy Webber. 291. Lady MacBeth, Hannah Cord, Norman to Rodney. 298. Mr. Prosecutor, John Fowler, Judge Irwin A. Chester. 308. Miss Pruneface, a nurse, Martin Peyton. 314. Spurious Accident of Nature, Steven Cord, Leslie to Martin Peyton. 323. Leopard, Leslie Harrington, Elliot Carson. 327. Wharf rat, Sandy, herself to Rodney. 329. Wharf rat, Joe Chernak, Reviewer. 329. Wharf rat, Kitch Brunner, Reviewer. 329. Wharf rat, Earl, Reviewer. 336. Jack Chandler, Jack Forrest, Rachel Welles. 347. Goldilocks, Rodney Harrington, Lee Webber. 356. Allison, Rachel Welles, Herself to Dr. Rossi. 358. Car Jockey, Lee Webber, Jack Chandler. 362. Puppet-master, Martin Peyton, narrator. 366. Grandmother, Adrienne Van Leyden, Steven Cord. 369. Town character, Eddie Jacks, Adrienne Van Leyden. 378. Rat, Eddie Jacks, Rita Jacks Harrington. 380. Sparrow, Rita Jacks Harrington, Rodney Harrington. 383. Bum, drifter; Eddie Jacks; Martin Peyton. 383. Boot-licking parasite, Eddie Jacks, Martin Peyton. 383. Queen, Betty Anderson Cord, Martin Peyton. 386. Mr. Rebel, Norman Harrington, Eddie Jacks. 386. Mr. Holy Joe Hero, Norman Harrington, Eddie Jacks. 386. Mr. Zero, Norman Harrington, Eddie Jacks. 388. Old Pirate, Martin Peyton, Leslie to Eddie Jacks. 390. Angel, Rita Jacks Harrington, Eddie to Rita. 391. Duchess & Duke of Flappenstein, Ficticious pair of guests, Norman to AVL 404. Allison, Jill Smith, Constance Mackenzie Carson. 413. Ding-a-Ling, Jill Smith, Rodney to Norman. 427. Love Child, Steven Cord, John Wainwright. 430. Princess, Rita Jacks Harrington, Eddie Jacks to Rita. 431. Harvey, Joe Rossi, himself to Carolyn Russell. 431. Serendipity, Carolyn Russell, herself to Joe Rossi. 444. Two-bit snobs, Carolyn and Marsha, Joe Rossi. 444. King Midas, Martin Peyton, Norman Harrington 449. Angel of death, Steven Cord, Betty to Steven. 457. Jill Smith, Jill McCormick, Joe Rossi. 458. Dr. Cord, Steven Cord, Dr. Michael Rossi. 478. Chowder head, Elliot Carson, Eli Carson. 481. Golden Boy, Rodney Harrington, Betty to Chuck Atwell. 487. Winston Churchill, Imaginary checker player, Eli Carson. 493. Toad, Carolyn Russell, Fred Russell. 500. St. Bernard, Steven Cord, Betty Harrington. 501. Toad, Carolyn Russell, Fred Russell. Nicknames, shortened names: 001. Leslie "Les" Harrington. 001. Norman "Norm" Harrington. 001. Rodney "Rod" Martin Harrington. 002. Constance "Connie" Mackenzie. 083. Joe "Joey" Chernak. 112. Gustav "Gus" Chernak. 206. Anne "Ann" Colby Howard. 277. Sandra "Sandy" Webber. 401. Leroy "Lee" Webber. Niece: 292. Jack Chandler tells John Fowler he wants to talk with his niece, Rachel Welles. Fowler has his secretary Mary Ann place a call to Dr. Rossi. 401. Kelly Smith is Dr. Rossi's niece. Leslie Nielsen: Leslie Nielsen plays the parts of twin brothers Kenneth Markham and Dr. Vincent Markham. Vincent is married to Dr. Claire Morton. There s another Dr. Markham in the series, an obscure character. He was a baby doctor contacted by the social worker on behalf of Kelly Smith. Nolan-miss Ann Nolan: 128. Leslie is waiting for Dowell as Steven comes in. 149. Steven asks Ann Nolan to get him precis on Stella Chernak. 164. Leslie goes to see Theodore Dowell and finds Julie in his office. 241. Leslie speaks with Ann Howard as she is leaving Steven's office. 261. Steven talks with miss Ann Nolan about Lee Webber. 268. Steven's secretary has made a pot of coffee. Betty comes in. 275. Steven talks with D. A. John Fowler. 313. Sandy is visiting Steven as Ann Howard buzzes to announce Betty. 322. Leslie asks secy [Nolan] to send for Jack Chandler. [secy not seen.] 323. Leslie dictates a letter to miss Nolan. 324. Betty visits Steven as secy [Nolan not seen] buzzes to announce Lee. 331. Ann Nolan brings Leslie papers and mentions the Heywood contract. 340. Steven asks miss Nolan to make him an airplane reservation. 343. Miss Nolan greets Elliot in Steven Cord's office. 346. Miss Nolan [not seen] buzzes Steven to tell him Norman is there. 351. Steven phones his office and speaks to miss Nolan. 357. Norman visits Leslie. Miss Nolan is heard on the speakerphone. 363. Steven is Buzzed by miss Nolan [not seen]. 386. Ann Nolan speaks to Adrienne in Steven's outer office. 398. Steven is listening to a tape as secy [Nolan] announces Jacks. 402. Steven phones his office and talks with miss Nolan [not seen]. 406. Miss Nolan escorts Jill into Steven's office. 440. Without miss Nolan's okay, Susan goes into Steven's office. 488. Steven greets miss Nolan 512. Marsha asks Mrs. Nolan about her baby. No Parking signs, Faculty Parking signs, Doctors Parking Only signs: 001. Rodney parks by a NO PARKING sign at the train station as he arrives to pick up Dr. Rossi. 134. Marian Fowler drives up in front of the Peyton Place Town Hall and parks in front of the NO PARKING sign. 145. Doctors parking only. Rodney talks with Stella outside the hospital. 347. Chandler grabs Rachel by the Faculty Parking sign. 457. Susan Winter hits the Doctors Parking Only sign. 469. Dr. Rossi parks by a Doctors Parking Only sign. No preview: 286. Rachel stabs herself. 289. Eli and Ed, the deliveryman bring in the fancy new baby buggy. 514. Last episode. Norman Harrington: 001. Norman walks Allison home. 106. Norman tries to strike up a conversation with his new employer, Mr. Kent. Norman and Joe Chernak, who has just returned from the state honor farm, have a fight. 1xx. Norman marries Rita Jacks. Norman testifies for the prosecution in Rodney's trial. 309. Norman and Lee have a brief scuffle at Ada Jacks' Tavern. Norman's humor. 164. Expected Hannah to greet him with open arms and a cup of hemlock. 165. Norman says that he has his father's sinuses and his brother's socks. 167. "Innkeeper, a bale of hay for my horse and a . . ." 187. "Rita is a heavy sleeper and a light shopper." 341. "Boiled dead camels". . . 391. Tells Adrienne that the Duke and Duchess of Flappenstein are visiting. North Atlantic Drug Corporation: 196. Richard Jensen calls the hospital pretending to be with the North Atlantic Drug Corporation. He asks to see Dr. Rossi. Numbers: 2. Steven and Betty were married for two years. 032. 3. Detective Blaine says it is three years for desertion in MA. 014. 15. George killed 15 men in the South Pacific in WWII. 17. Catherine was 17 when her portrait was painted. 046. 18. Constance was 18 when Allsion was born. 044. 18. Allison is 18. 044. 18. Elliot was in prison 18 years. 044. 18. Paul's sister has been dead 18 years. 18. Fred and Marsha Russell were married 18 years. 296. 25. Leslie put up with Martin Peyton for 25 years. 036. 26. Elliot spent 36 days in a lifeboat. 258. 27. Ann Howard was 27 [almost 28] when she died. 343. 28. Steven celebrates his 28th birhtday. Nurses, Nurses Aides, and volunteers: 013. Wagman (unk) 019. Hillgrew (unk) 024. Prince (unk) 028. nurse (to George) (Alberta Nelson [Goober's girl friend]. 049. Esther Choate (Erin O'Brien-Moore) 051. Betty Anderson (Barbara Parkins) 053. Juris (unk) 060. Thordson, in OR (unk) 063. Wheeler 064. Clark 134. Marian Fowler (Joan Blackman) 160. Shaw (unk) 166. Phyllis (Barbara Ranson) 198. Carr (unk) 282. Rachel Welles (Leigh Taylor-Young) 289. Healy (aide) (wife of Dr. Clarence L. Healy, coroner) 290. Healy (aide) (wife of Dr. Clarence L. Healy, coroner) 298. Jennifer Ivers (Myrna Fahey) 302. Fletcher (unk) 305. Stacy (unk) 357. Hayes (unk) 373. Henry (unk) 457. Special Duty Nurse (Jacqueline Mayo) 463. Jill Smith (Joyce Jillson) visits Susan Winter 464. Jill Smith (Joyce Jillson) Rossi plays matchmaker 475. Paula (Joan Van Arc) 512. Special Duty Nurse (Jacqueline Mayo) xxx. Fielding (wife of Dr. Fielding) xxx. Henderson (unk) xxx. Nurse (Carolyn Roth) Nursing director: 049. Miss Choate's given name is Esther. 049. Miss Choate is Nursing Director at Doctors Hospital. 050. Miss Choate is Head Nurse at Doctors Hospital. HOME