336. On the wharf, Elliot waves an oar at Jack Chandler.

  512. Maggie serves oatmeal to Eli.
  513. Rossi is served oatmeal in his cell.

Oatmeal cookies:
  487. Mrs. Hewitt bakes some oatmeal cookies for Eli.  Eli shares them with 
         Betty Anderson Harrington. 

Objects and attitudes which date the series.
  002. The cash register in the Book Gallery.
  033. The cash register in the Chandlery.
       No beepers.
       No clickers.
       No hand calculators, not even 4 function.
       Rotary dial phones.
       Punch Cards.
       S-105 Computer.
       Most everyone but Allison, Betty, Constance, Rachel and Elliot, smoking.
       Doctor Rossi offering everyone a drink.
       Sexist put downs of many of the ladies.
  512. The cash register in the Harrington Motorcycle Shop.
       The cash register in the General Store.
       The cash register in the Les Femmes botique.
       The cash register in the Cider Barrel.
       The cash register in Ada Jacks' Tavern.
       Children were allowed to do rodent experiments in the Hospital.

Objects whose significance was somewhat overblown.
       Allison's plethora of books.
       Allison's bracelet.
       Jack Chandler's belt buckle with the JF.
       Martin Peyton's love of chess.
       Blaine report.

Obnoxious drinker.
  178. A tavern patron annoys Rodney and Karen on Rodney's 21st 
  303. Lee Webber butts in on conversation with Dr. Fielding.

O'Brien-Mr. O'Brien:
  159. Mr. Peyton greets Mr. O'Brien, a bookkeeper at the mill.

Observer column in the Clarion:
  027. Allison gives Matthew Swain her latest Observer column as he gets off 
          the bus from visiting Elliot Carson in prison.
  049. Allison tells Matthew she doesn't want to be the Observer any more.

O'Connor-Tim O'Connor:
       Elliot Carson.
       Tim O'Connor [On Thursday We Leave for Home episode of Twilight Zone.]

Officer Frank:
  179. Talks on phone to Marian Fowler.
  173. Takes subpoena up to Norman Harrington.  Rodney throws snowball.

  001. Leslie Harrington's office in the mill.
  002. Dr. Rossi's private practice office over the Clarion.
  017. Amos Barkley Insurance office over the bank.
  023. Eli visits Dr. Rossi in his office over the Clarion.
  023. Dr. Robert Morton's office in the hospital.
  450. Dr. Rossi's office in the hospital.
  034. George Anderson's insurance office over the bank.
  040. E. J. Taggart's parole office in White River.
  058. E. J. Taggart's parole office in White River.
  159. David Schuster's office in the mill.
  160. Theodore Dowell's law office over the bank.
  181. Detective Lawrence's office in California.
  448. Bill Kennerly, Jr., room 307, in Boston office building.
  450. Dr. Rossi's office in the hospital.
  455. Steven Cord's law office over the bank.
  456. Rev. Tom Winter's office in the manse.
  458. Rev. Gates office in Boston.
       Bill Kennerly's office in Boston.
       Wainwright's office in Boston.

Old Post Road Tavern, Antiques:
  019. Rodney and Betty have dinner with the Andersons.
Older men, younger women.
       Rodney, Allison.  Rodney had been married, Allison still in high school.
       Dr. Rossi, Betty Anderson at the festival.
       Dr. Rossi, Claire Morton
       Dr. Rossi, Ann Howard
       Dr. Rossi, Rachel Welles
       Dr. Rossi, Carolyn Russell
       Martin Peyton, Adrienne Van Leyden

Older Women, younger men.
       Marsha Russell, Michael Rossi.

Oldfield-Mr. Oldfield, juror.
  190. A juror in Rodney Harrington's murder trial goes to the Peyton Place 
         Pharmacy to purchase a hard bristle toothbrush.  The actor did not 
         receive credit for this portrayal.  The clerk is unwilling to help 
         him search for it but tells him to look for it for himself on the 
         tooth brush rack.  We had all hoped that after the demise of 
         cantankerous Calvin Hanley that customer service would improve, but 
         to no avail.  In Bentonville, Arkansas, Sam Walton has instructed 
         his employees not to employ the phrase, "Look for it yourself." 

Oliver-Susan Oliver:
       Ann Howard.
       Susan Oliver [People are Alike All Over episode of Twilight Zone]

One woman:
One Woman, Two Men
Allison Mackenzie Norman Harrington Rodney Harrington
Betty Anderson Rodney Harrington Steven Cord.
Rachel Welles Dr. Michael Rossi Rodney Harrington
Constance Mackenzie Dr. Michael Rossi Elliot Carson
Catherine Peyton Brian Cord (Colby) Leslie Harrington
Julie Anderson George Anderson Leslie Harrington
Laura Brooks Dr. Donald Brooks Dr. Michael Rossi
Marian Fowler John Fowler Russ Gehring
Dr. Grace Morton Dr. Vincent Markham Dr. Michael Rossi
Adrienne Van Leyden Martin Peyton Steven Cord
Susan Winter Rev. Tom Winter Steven Cord
Carolyn Russell Joe Rossi Jeff Kramer
Jill Smith Dr. Michael Rossi Joe Rossi
Sandy Webber Lee Webber Rodney Harrington
Rita Jacks Kitch Brunner Norman Harrington
Maggie Riggs Mr. Riggs Eli Carson

[Reviewer's comment: Ada Jacks was the most moral woman in town.] Oogah: 092. Joe Chernak drives an automobile with an oogah horn. 094. Joe Chernak drives an automobile with an oogah horn. Stella inherits Joe's automobile. Open heart surgery: 410. Rita undergoes open heart surgery performed by Dr. Remmick. Operations: 012. Rossi operates on Betty and she mis-carries. 020. Rossi operates on Catherine and she dies. 021. Dr. Morton accuses Rossi of operating on Catherine without proper consultation. 023. Rossi hospital privileges are suspended. 024. Rossi learns that Dr. Schimner was excluded from the autopsy. 026. Dr. Joe Bradley was a surgeon who had operated on Matthew Swain some years ago and the operation was completed by Dr. Robert Morton. Bradley went to Florida and returned to Doctors Hospital as a pathologist a year later. Bradley had done an appendectomy on George Anderson earlier. 026. Bradley tells Rossi he changed fields because of rheumatoid arthritis. 027. Dr. Bradley takes Laura Brooks to lunch at the Inn. 027. Laura tells Rossi that Bradley's last operation was on Matthew Swain. 027. Matthew Swain tells Dr. Rossi that Bradley probably had a prolonged illness, tuberculosis or something. Explaining his 5 year absence. 028. Dr. Joe Bradley confesses and resigns. 029. Dr. Rossi is exonerated by Dr. Morton and re-instated. Morton states his intention to take an extended vacation. 029. Dr. Morton tells Grace that Dr. Joe Bradley falsified the autopsy report. Catherine had died of a perforated ulcer as Rossi had stated. 030. Elliot is ushered in as the parole hearing is ready to begin. 031. Elliot has a parole hearing. 032. Elliot is released from prison on parole. 043. Eli has surgery. 060. Rossi operates on Elliot after being shot accidentally by George. Dr. Lewis Johnny Remmick performed open heart surgery on Rita Jacks Charmaine Jacks and she miscarried. 450. Steven tells Betty that Dr. Miles operated on one of Steven's clients. 451. Dr. Miles performs neurosurgery on Rodney Harrington. 5xx. Emergency surgery is performed on Fred Russell. Orange pop-orange soda. 259. Norman brings in a 6-pack of orange soda to the Shoreline Garage. Norman and Rodney drink orange soda in the General Store. Orders: 447. At the Cider Barrel, Carolyn Russell orders "A jumbo combination with cheese on the burger and chili on the hot dog. Potato salad and cole slaw. And a chocolate milk shake very thin." 448. At the Cider Barrel, Fred Russell orders "a double bicarbonate on the rocks." Origami: 223. Ann and Allison talk about origami. Orphans and half orphans: Allison had been told her father died in the war. Steven became a half orphan when Catherine died. And a full orphan when Brian Colby died. Ann Howard, became a "half-orphan" when Catherine died. And a "full-orphan" when Brian Colby died. Rachel Welles' parents died in a house fire. Leslie Harrington, lost his father at age 12. Paul Hanley, lost his mother at age 9, lost father at age 30. Martin Peyton, lost his father at a young age. Owen-Owen Gates, coroner of Peyton County: 166. Dr. Clarence L. Healey, coroner, testifies in Rodney Harrington murder trial. Mrs. Dr. Clarence L. Healey is a volunteer nurse's aide at Doctors Hospital. She wasn't a candy-striper, because one has to be a teenager to be a candy-striper. 273. Dr. Owen Gates, coroner, testifies in the Lee Webber murder hearing. Owen's Ridge: 172. Norman and Rita were married in the Wayside Chapel in Owen's Ridge. 070. The church in Peyton Place is the Wayside Church, 420. which was parsoned by Jerry Bedford, Tom Winter, and 468. Rev. Goodfellow. 489. Owen's Ridge is 20 miles north of Peyton Place across the state line. 513. Dr. Rossi and Marsha Russell plan to drive to Owen's Ridge and get married as soon as the charges are dismissed and they have supper. Oxygen tents and oxygen masks: 061. Elliot Carson, after being accidentally shot by George Anderson. 062. Elliot Carson, after emergency surgery. 065. Elliot Carson, after further surgery. 130. Allison, after the hit-and-run accident. 177. Gus Chernak, although dead, was given oxygen in the mansion, to placate Stella. 302. Dr. Fielding puts an oxygen mask on Martin Peyton, after surviving the fire at the mansion. HOME