Paul Hanley
  Richard Evans

Paul Hanley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hanley, episodes, 36-68 
  Jan 1965-May 1965 brother of Elizabeth Hanley Carson who was 
  killed by Catherine Harrington.  Paul was the son of Calvin Hanley, 
  episodes 36-48 Jan 1965-Mar 1965.  Elliot Carson was wrongfully 
  convicted  of Elizabeth's death and spent 18 years in prison 
  before being released on parole. 
Paul Hanley taught Freshman English at Peyton College.  He had 
  previously travelled in europe and had taught there.
1979 When Hell Was in Session
1977 Islands in the Stream

Star Trek:
1968 Patterns of Force-Isak

Other Television:
Cannon-Coffin Corner-Sgt. Tanner 
Perry Mason-The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner 
The F.B.I.-The Outcast 
The F.B.I.-Incident in the Desert 
11-24-64 Fugitive-The Cage
  with Tim o'connor (Elliot Carson) and John Kellogg (Jack Chandler) 

Richard Evans Writer, Producer, Director (LUIS DELGADO)

Since moving to Whidbey in the early '90s, Evans has written and/or 
produced and directed over a dozen plays, among them, Wings of the 
Termite, Seduced, American Buffalo, Sliding Dog, True West, Angel City, 
Pelican Roofer, and Labor of Love. His plans for the future include Club 
Dead (another musical collaboration with Michael Licastro), Shepard's 
Suicide in Bb; The Threepenny Opera, and a project for Save The Woods On 
Saratoga called Stumped.  Prior to discovering life on the island, Evans 
appeared as an actor in over 300 film and television productions, 
including Islands in the Stream, The Nickel Ride, and Dirty Little Billy, 
and created the continuing role of Paul Hanley in the ABC TV series, 
Peyton Place. He has worked with stars Jack Nicholson, George C. Scott, 
Martin Landau, Barbara Hershey, Mia Farrow, Claire Bloom, David Hemmings, 
Gilbert Roland, Lew Ayres, Elisha Cook, Jr., Michael J. Pollard, Burgess 
Meredith, Lee J. Cobb, Raymond Massey, Walter Matthau, Edmond O'Brien, 
Strother Martin, and Oscar-winning director, Franklin J. Schaffner.  Evans 
also wrote, produced, photographed, and directed one of the first 
anti-war films of the 60's, Toys on a Field of Blue.  The music for the 
film was written by Gary Peacock and performed by Bud Shank. In 1971, 
Evans completed his first feature film, Original, Do Not Project, the 
story of a young film-maker, with Corey Allen (Buzz in Rebel Without a 
Cause) in a featured role as a prison psychiatrist who lives in a freight 
elevator.  The film was shown at the Cannes Festival in 1972, where it was 
booed by starlets and condemned by the Pope.  Evans studied violin as a 
child and has never recovered.  He cannot swan dive, but would like, 
nonetheless, to thank his friend, Efram Wolff, an artist, for introducing 
him to Archie Shepp, a saxophonist.  How directors get things done 


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