P. A. System:
  011. Matthew Swain pages George and Julie Anderson at the festival.  Their 
         daughter and Rodney Harrington have been in an accident. 

  039. Paul Hanley asks Allison to help him open a package in his office 
         at the Peyton College.

Packing bags:
  245. Betty packs her bags.
  247. Chris has packed his bags to leave town.  He doesn't.
  327. Chandler packs his suitcase.

  011. Matthew Swain pages George and Julie Anderson at the Festival.  Their 
         daughter and Rodney Harrington have been in an accident.
  196. Dr. White is paged.
  280. Miss Choate is paged and told to pick up on extension 23.  In this 
         scene it can be observed that the elevator has not yet been 
         installed in the hospital.
  358. Dr. Rossi asks the Peyton College operator to page Norman Harrington.
  398. Dr. Fielding.
  404. Dr. Greene.
  404. Miss Choate.
  404. Nurse Marlene.
  405. Dr. Van Dyke.
  410. Dr. Fielding.
  414. Dr. Fielding.
  450. Dr. Fielding.
  472. Dr. Fielding.
  497. Lew Miles asks the White River airport operator to page his father.

  xxx. "A man.  A plan.  A canal.  Panama."  A MAN A PLAN A CANAL PANAMA.  It 
         has nothing to do with Peyton Place, but it is a palindrome. 

Palindromic Names.
  009. Dr. Bob Morton-Chief of staff at Doctors Hospital
  078. Hannah Cord-Long time confidant of Martin Peyton.
  183. Anna Chernak-Stella and Joe Chernak's mother.
  196. Bob, the jailer, escorts Steven Cord to see Rodney.
  362. Judge Otto Clutcher had dinner with Steven.
  362. Robert is desk clerk at the Inn.
  512. Bob Franklin-Husband of Donna Franklin, Fred Russell's girl friend.
         Lots of other Bob's.

Paper Dolls:
  162. Stella Chernak cuts out paper dolls in Dr. Rossi's office.

  038. Paul Hanley spent 2 years in Paris, teaching and studying.
 ~200. Ann Colby [Howard] spent some time in Paris with her father.

Parking meters:
  xxx. There were no parking meters seen in Peyton Place.

Parole office:
  040. Elliot visits his parole officer in White River.
  058. Elliot visits his parole officer in White River, E. J. Taggart,
         to ask about moving to Florida. 

  036. Betty and Sharon party with Roy and his friend Phil.
  040. Betty has a date with Roy.
  069. Wedding party for the Carsons.
  070. More wedding party.
  073. Painting Party at the apartment.
  078. Dowells and the Schusters.
  088. Doris invites Steven for a dinner party.
  093. Allison and Kim have a tea party.
  095. Graduation party.
  102. David joins the tea party.
  105. Doris tells David that Kim is at a party.
  108. Doris accepts dinner party invitation at the Carsons.
  109. Butcher's broken down truck almost ruins Doris' party plans.
  110. Steven says that Schuster is giving a dinner party.
  111. Constance wants to give Matthew a bon voyage party.
  113. Carsons and Dowels attend dinner party at the Schusters.
  115. The Schusters' party is spoiled by the death of Joe Chernak.
  178. Rodney's 21st birthday at the Tavern.  (With real life wife.)
  181. Rodney's 21st birthday party at the apartment.  Eli et al.
  185. Norman and Rita have Eli over to dinner.
  199. Rodney asks Norman to send out for hamburgers so they can have a party.
  204. Betty and Steven wed.
  229. Betty and Steven give a dinner party for Martin and Hannah.
  269. Matthew is ready for his coming out party.
  285. Betty Tells Sandy she is giving a dinner party.
  296. Norman asks Rodney and Rita if they are having a party.
  306  Rachel calls a square dance in the apartment.
  307. Harrington Apartment, Chris, Rita, Norman, Rodney, Rachel.
  336. Lee tells Steven about his surprise birthday party at the mansion.
  340. Peyton wants Rodney to attend Steven's birthday party.
  342. Steven's 28th birthday party at the mansion.  Portrait unveilled.
  374. Ada spoils Eddie's party for Rita.
  392. Peyton tells Lee about his wedding-eve party.
  437. Betty is dressing for a party.
  486. Dr. and Mrs. Miles have Dr. Rossi and Marsha over for a dinner party.

Party girl:
  040. Sharon Purcell
  040. Betty Anderson
  xxx. Sandy Webber.
  386. Adrienne Holland Van Leyden

Pass key:
  198. Dr. Rossi uses the term "Pass key" incorrectly.
  275. Steven Cord uses the term "Pass key" incorrectly.
       The term "pass key" is properly used only with "Bit keys."  
         Bit keys are those keys most people call skeleton keys.  
         The objects which "pass" keys "pass" are called wards.  
         The corresponding lock is called a warded lock.  Warded 
         locks were once common in large hotels.  A "pass" key 
         functions like a "master" key.

  022. Dr. Joe Bradley.

Patients at Doctors Hospital:
  012. Betty is in a car wreck with Rodney.
  012. Rodney is in a car wreck with Betty.
  019. Catherine dies of liver disease.
  045. Lucy Adams injures her arm in a sled accident.
  053. Norman is pilloried by Kitch, Earl and other wharf rats.
  056. One of Betty's patients died.
  059. Elliot is accidentally shot by George Anderson.
  077. Janet Sinclair is admitted to the maternity ward.
  090. Steven Cord is injured in a bus accident, was treated, and released.
  090. Dr. Vincent Markham is injured in a bus accident.
  127. Allison suffers injuries in hit-and-run by Marian Fowler.
  173. Gus Chernak complains to a nurse about his IV.
  175. Gus Chernak slips out of the hospital.
  241. Chris Webber is admitted after a fall on the wharf.
  270. Constance is admitted to the hospital to have Matthew.
  277. Rachel Welles is injured in a fall at the log cabin.
  286. Rachel stabs herself in the courthouse.
  302. Martin Peyton suffers smoke inhalaion in fire at the mansion.
  335. Jack Chandler is injured in a fight with Elliot Carson.
  335. Elliot is injured in a fight with Jack Chandler.
  393. Rita is admitted with heart trouble.
  419. Norman is injured in a car accident, is treated, and released.
  419. Joe Rossi is injured in a car accident with Norman.
  443. Jill talks with Edith, an un-wed mother-to-be.
  449. Rodney suffers spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident.
  408. Rita undergoes heart surgery.
  457. Susan Winter checks in inebriated.
  507. Fred Russell has massive head injuries.
Patients in Dr. Rossi's office:
  004. Seth Clay.
  004. Constance Mackenzie.
  005. Julie Anderson.
  008. Betty Anderson.
  045. Lucy Adams with sled injury.
  051. Miss Lane leaves Rossi's office.
Patricia Anne Cheney:
  504. Carolyn's friend.

Pat-Pat Porter:
  504. Pat Porter is mentioned by Marsha.
Paul Hanley:
  036. Paul Hanley is introduced to the series in a conversation between 
         Ada Jacks and Elliot Carson. 
  037. Elliot comes into the Pharmacy to get a prescription for Eli.
  037. Calvin Hanley tells Elliot that he visits his daughter's grave 
         every week. 
  038. Elliot sees Paul Hanley through the window of the Chandlery.
  038. Elliot goes outside and talks with Paul.
  038. Paul goes to the Book Gallery and knocks.  
  038. Constance lets Paul in.  He wants to buy a book on credit.  
         Constance reminds him that his bill is already past due.  He 
         will settle the first of month. 
  038. Paul says he has received his list of students and Allison is there.
  038. Constance and Allison discuss Paul and Norman.
  038. Elliot sees Paul Hanley through the window of the Chandlery.
  038. Elliot goes out to talk with Paul.
  039. Calvin Hanley sells Allison a lipstick.
  039. Calvin Hanley is asked by Matthew about his electric razor.
  039. Alison helps Paul open a package at the college.
  039. At college, Allison helps Paul remove a framed picture from a crate.
  039. Paul offers to carry Allison's package.
  039. Allison talks to Constance about Paul being young when he testified.
  039. Paul drives Allison home.
  039. Allison asks Paul why he returned to Peyton Place.
  039. Paul says a missionary's place is among the savages.
  041. Paul to his father in front of the Pharmacy.
  042. Allison asks Paul if he is excited about new class he is teaching.
  043. Paul talks with Allison and Rodney at the College Faculty Art Exhibit.
  043. Allison received a portrait of herself in the mail, anonymously.
  043. Paul talks with Allison at the faculty art show.
  043. Allison guesses correctly that Paul painted the portrait.
  044. Paul drives Allison home in his British right hand drive car.
  044. Elliot asks Paul why he drove Allison home.
  044. Paul goes in the Pharmacy and  asks Calvin for some pain killers.
  044. Paul expresses doubts to Calvin about his testimony against Elliot.
  044. Paul drives Allison home from the art exhibit.
  044. Betty goes in to the Pharmacy for hot chocolate.
  044. Allison asks Calvin Hanley what happened to his soda jerk.  He flirted.
  044. Calvin Hanley refuses to give Paul narcotics.
  045. Paul brings Allison home from a movie at the college.
  045. Paul Hanley is the drama club faculty advisor.
  046. Paul introduces himself to Dr. Rossi in the beach house.
  047. Elliot tells Allison to stay away from Paul.
  047. Attorney Wainwright visits Calvin in the Pharmacy after hours.
  048. Elliot forces his way into the Pharmacy and talks with Calvin.
  048. Calvin calls Leslie Harrington.
  048. Paul pays his bill at the Book Gallery.
  048. Paul pays his $45.25 bill at the Book Gallery as he promised.
  048. Paul talks with Constance about Allison.
  048. Paul talks with Elliot on the street by the square.
  048. Calvin Hanley collapses and dies in front of his Pharmacy.
  049. Paul annoys the appraiser in his father's apartment.
  049. Paul removes a trunk from the closet.
  050. Paul examines the things in Calvin's trunk.  
  050. Paul finds his sister Elizabeth's diary.
  050. Allison visits Paul at Peyton College.
  050. Paul takes the diary to the beach house.
  052. Paul asks Rossi to have a drink with him.
  053. Paul rescues Norman from the Pillory.
  055. Paul tells Elliot he wants the diary back.
  055. Paul takes Betty in closed Pharmacy.  It will re-open tomorrow. 
  056. Paul talks with attorney William Wainwright at the Inn.
  056. Paul offers Betty a ride.  She said she missed her bus.
  056. Betty tells Paul that one of the patients died.
  057. Paul talks with Leslie at the mill.
  058. Paul picks up George at the mill and suggests they get a drink.
  058. Paul and George drink at Ada Jacks Tavern.
  059. Paul invites Norman to eat with him at the Inn.
  059. Paul drives George to the Harrington mansion.
  059. Norman asks Paul how the steak was.
  060. Paul drives Norman Harrington to the mansion after Elliot is shot.
  061. Paul and Leslie talk.
  063. Paul goes in newly re-opened Pharmacy and annoys Betty.
  064. Paul tells Rod he believes that Leslie killed Elizabeth Hanley Carson.
  067. Last mention of Paul Hanley. 
Pavlov's dog:
  335. MartinPeyton compares Lee Webber to Pavlov's dog.

  049. Dr. Rossi tells Betty that nurses aides receive $237 per month pay.

Pay Phones:
  025. William Kennerly, Jr. calls the Harrington house regarding the reading 
       of the will of Catherine Peyton Harrington. 
  025. George comes out of the Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. building and 
       asks Betty why she wasn't at the reading of the ill.  
  038. Betty calls her mother from NYC. 
  113. From the wharf, Rodney calls the hospital to report Joe Chernak's injury. 
  089. Doris tries to call but the phone lines are down.
  307. Jack Chandler makes a pay phone call to Leslie at the mill.
  310. A pay phone has been installed in front of the Pharmacy.
  428. Joe Rossi calls Dr. Michael Rossi from the wharf.  Joe and Eddie Jacks have 
       had a fight.

Payne-Rev. Payne:
  4xx. Rev. Tom Winter mentions Rev. Payne of White River.

Peanut butter sandwich:
  168. Norman makes a peanut butter sandwich.

  045. Rodney wants to return pearls to Betty.
  512. Marsha is wearing pearls as she goes to Steven's office.

Pedophiles and suspected pedophiles:
  044. Paul Hanley liked Allison.  This bothered Elliot.
       David Schuster took a liking to Allison.  This bothered Elliot.
       Jack Chandler loved young girls.  Especially Rachel.
  445. Mrs. Thomas thought Tom Winter might be attracted to Jill Smith.

Pendulum-Large Pendulum Clock:
  187. Peyton stares at a large pendulum clock as Betty comes in late.

  082. Steven Cord has a pensive look on his face as he realizes what is 
         going on.  [Compare with the spanish "Pensar," to consider, to 
         cogitate.].  Steven Cord does a lot of cogitating.  But then he 
         has a lot of things to cogitate about. 

  479. Gladys Roberts had a periodic table in her classroom.
  482. Gladys Roberts had a periodic table in her classroom.
         Note:  We have about 20 more elements now, mostly man-made.

  186. Steven talks with Stella about perjury.  This occurs just after the 
         jury visits the wharf, riding the Peyton Place school bus.

Persis Howell:
  267. Eli builds a model ship, the Persis Howell.
  351. Eli mentions the Persis Howell, a whaler.

Perverts and suspected perverts:
        Brian Colby.
        Paul Hanley.
        Joe Chernak.
  149.  Russ Gehring.
        David Schuster.
        Jack Chandler.
        Tom Winter.

Pete, hospital mover:
  109. Pete moves something into Rossi's office.
  131. Pete moves a file cabinet into Rossi's office.

  001. Matthew Swain had a dog named Rip.
  032. Rodney Harrington helped Allison put up a bird feeder in the front 
         yard.  Carolyn Russell inherited the bird feeder.
       Norman gives Rita a Mexican jumping bean whose name is Vladimir.
  313. Dr. Rossi gives Rachel a puppy.
       Chandler steals the puppy.
  492. Maggie Riggs had a cat. 

Peyton-Martin Peyton-see Martin:
       Martin Peyton did not have a television set in his mansion.

Peyton-Samuel Peyton:
  006. Dr. Rossi and Laura brooks discuss Samuel Peyton, founder of 
         Peyton Place.

Peyton County superior court:
  186. Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Rodney's murder trial.

  499. Dr. Rossi almost froze his phalanges off.

  037. Calvin Hanley, when Elliot buys medicine for Eli.
  168. Betty buys prescription for Mr. Peyton.
  186. Betty goes in the pharmacy to speak with Rita.
  212. Mr. xxx, when Rita collapses.
  269. Ralph Courtney the new pharmacist.
  271. Ralph Courtney, when Matthew is born.

  004. Allison takes a dollar out of the cash register in the Book Gallery to 
       purchase a lipstick.
  037. Elliot goes to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled for Eli.
  039. Allison buys a lipstick.
  039. Matthew Swain comes in and talks with Allison and inquires about 
       his electric razor.
  120. Stella gets a prescription for Anna.
  122. Norman goes in the pharmacy to talk with Rita.
  167. Steven talks with Rita.  Rita has gotten a subpoena.
  168. Betty gets medicine for Martin Peyton.  Stella mentioned that Rossi 
       fired Betty for snooping personnel files. 
  188. Stella goes in the pharmacy and pours herself a cup of coffee because 
       Rita is in the back room. 
  278. Steven goes to the Pharmacy where Rita is working.  Rodney brings the 
       Clarion truck back.  Steven fusses at Rodney for being seen with Sandy.

Pharmacy Customers:
  037. Mrs. Reynolds
  038. Mrs. Albert
  048. Mrs. Miller

Phillip-three Phillips in series.
  039. Phillip, Sharon Purcell's date in NYC.
  356. Dr. Phillip Van Leyden, Adrienne's husband.
  501. Phil James calls Steven Cord at the mansion.

Phillips screwdriver:
  xxx. Jill needs a phillips screwdriver.

Phone Booths:
       Betty Anderson
  207. Ann Howard.
       Jack Chandler.
       Joe Rossi
       Eddie Jacks.
       Telephone harasser.
       Outside Pharmacy

Phone calls:
  019. The phone rings at the Information Desk at Doctors Hospital.
  027. Rossi talks with Mrs. Putnam.
  037. Betty calls Mackenzie house from NYC.
  052. Norman receives a phone call from Bud.  Bud's girlfriend has a friend 
         for Norman.  Norman accepts.
  056. Julie talks with Dr. Kessler at sanitarium about George coming home.
  056. Claire talks with Dr. Morton on the phone from Miami, Florida.
  056. Paul calls William Wainright at the Inn.
  056. Julie talks with Dr. Kessler at sanitarium about George coming home.
  111. Constance and Elliot receive a call from Leslie in Rome.
  149. John Fowler gets a phone call from Marian.
  235. Hannah calls the Hospital in Boston, Steven comes to the phone but 
         Hannah doesn't speak to him. 
       Allison phones Elliot at the Clarion to tell of Ann Howard's death.
       Elliot phones the police station to report Ann Howard's death.
  246. Steven phones Betty at the Anderson house.  Julie answers.
  310. Chandler calls Rachel at the Carson house.
  315. Chandler calls Harrington to get a job.
       Chandler calls the night school to set up Rachel's kidnapping.
       Lee Webber calls Rachel to tell her he found her puppy.
       Hannah calls Steven to tell him that Peyton has died.
  473. Vickie Fletcher calls Lew Miles from New York City.

Phone calls, harassing:
  xxx. A girl talks to Constance pretending to be Allison.
  279. A man taunts Constance about Allison.

Phone numbers:
  004. 311-555-2786 Peyton Mills.
  246. 311-555-3582 Shoreline Garage.
  327. 311-555-3251 Elliot, Rachel, Jerry.  Lost puppy.
  447. 311-555-2100 Susan Winter.  Ringback.

  403. Leslie Harrington has a 10-line speaker-phone.

  001. Allison talks about the photograph of Mr. Mackenzie.
  002. The Clarion runs a photograph of Dr. Rossi.
  044. Elliot breaks photograph of Mr. Mackenzie.
  275. Photograph of Betty, on Steven's desk.
  284. Hannah Cord looks at a photograph of Steven in the mansion livingroom.
  293. In court, Hannah identifies a photograph of Ann Howard.
       John Fowler breaks photograph frame of his wife, Marian.

Photographs being taken.
  288. Peyton knocks a camera out of a photojournalist's hands.
  292. Eli takes a Polaroid® photograph of baby Matthew Carson.
  362. Eli takes a Polaroid® photograph of Matthew and Constance.
  363. TV camera reflection is seen on the limousine.
  413. Ada talks about Eddie's camera work.
  421. Susan Winter is photographed in the Pillory.
  430. Constance Carson is photographed in the Pillory on Founders Day.
  430. Joe Rossi photographed in the Pillory on Founders Day by Carolyn.

Phyllis, a nurse.
  166. Nurse Phyllis, Barbara Ranson.
Phyllis Sloan, John Fowler's sister-in-law:
  149. Phyllis lives at No. 11 Greentree road, Boston.  
  149. John phones Phyllis in Boston, HAndcock 6-7788.
  154. Russ Gehring squanders 65 cents calling Phyllis Sloan in Boston.
  155. Phyllis drives to the courthouse and goes in to talk with John.
  173. [In preview].
  174. Phyllis Sloan confronts John Fowler about the disappearance of Marian.

  047. A piano is seen in the background in the sanitarium as Julie 
         Anderson visits George.
  121. A piano is seen in the Chernak house.
  210. Ann Howard teaches a young girl to play the piano in the physical 
         therapy room of the hospital. 
  227. Chris plays the piano at the Shoreline.
  249. Ada unplugs the juke-box so Chris can play the piano.
  295. Piano music in the background at the Colonial Post Inn.
  305. Chris plays the piano at the Tavern.  After Ada locks up, he steals 
         her gun. 
  362. Live piano music at the Colonial Post Inn.
  375. Eddie sits at the piano.
  376. Eddie Jacks plays the piano and sings Galway Bay at Ada Jacks Tavern.
  426. Susan Winter plays the piano.
  445. Jeff Kramer plays the piano in the Russell house.

Picking up girls.
  046. Lucy Adams' mother hands Lucy to Betty who carries her into Dr. 
         Rossi's treatment room.
  075. David Schuster picks up Kim and carries her up to bed.  This is 
         the first time in Peyton Place that she ran away.
  172. Norman Harrington picks up Rita Charmaine Jacks Harrington and 
         carries her across the threshhold of the motel room.
  286. Rodney picks up Rachel and helps her into Dr. Rossi's car.
  393. Rita collapses at seeing her father arrested and Norman carries 
         her up to the apartment.
  394. Norman carries Rita down the stairs to the waiting ambulance.
  442. Rodney Martin Harrington picks up Betty Anderson Harrington and 
         carries her up to their bed.
  460. Dr. Michael Rossi picks up Susan Winter.

Pickup trucks:
  057. In the intro, a pickup drives around the square.
  067. Clarion pickup.  Leslie Harrington.
  105. A boy throws Clarion newspapers from the back of a pickup.
  151. Boys are loading Newspapers into the Clarion pickup.
  236. Lee Webber works on Stacy's pickup.
  271. Boys are loading Newspapers into the Clarion blue Chevrolet pickup.
  289. Ed and Eli unload the perambulator from a pickup.
  343. Rodney drives a pickup with high sideboards to the Shoreline garage.
  442. Pillory Rock Band arrives with Carolyn Russell at the Shoreline Cafe.
  446. A pickup with a two-wheel trailor carrying two Motorcycles arrives 
       at the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle Shop.

Pierced ears.
  291. Norman tells Rodney that he needs Sandy like he needs pierced ears.

  284. Eli feeds the pigeons on the square.

  046. Paul Hanley calls Michael Rossi and Elliot Carson "Pilgrims."

  003. Betty and Allison talk about sinful women.
  008. Betty leaves Rossi's office and walks by the Pillory.
  053. Kitch and other wharf rats beat up, then tie Norman to the Pillory.
  053. Paul Hanley comes up and frees Norman from the Pillory.
  195. Richard Jensen asks Norman Harrington what the Pillory is.
  305. Lee jumps up on the Pillory while following Chris.
  431. Carolyn Russell puts Constance in the Pillory on festival day.
  431. Carolyn Russell buys a red baloon from a vendor near the Pillory.
  431. Carolyn Russell puts Joe Rossi in the Pillory on festival day.  He 
         says his name is Harvey.  She tells him her name is Serendipity.  

Pillory rock quintet:
  442. Pillory rock quintet debuts.

  010. George tells Julie he needs some steady pills.
  037. Eli's pills have run out.
  037. Mrs. Reynolds pills cost $1.75.

Pin-ball machine:
  107. Steven, with Betty, plays the pin-ball machine at the Cider barrel.
  157. Stella plays Satellite pin-ball machine at Ada Jacks' Tavern.
       Steven plays pin-ball machine at Ham's Arcade next door to Tavern.

Pine Ridge Motor Lodge:
  352. Billy Brown almost rents a room to Jack Chandler.  Room No. 2 
         has a fancy new shower head and no. 12 has a view of the woods.  
         When Chandler catches Billy calling the law, he abruptly leaves.

  376. Lee tells Leslie that Peyton plays "ping-pong" with light-weights 
         like Leslie.

  228. Elliot and Constance make plans to sail to the Caribbean.

Plate of food:
  006. Blue plate special at the Colonial Post Inn.
  009. Norman brings a plate of food to Allison at the Harrington Brunch.

Platypus-Purple Platypus.
  190. Norman Harrington mentions a purple platypus.

  015. Allison swings as Norman comes over to talk.  Norman says that he 
       had been looking for her.  She asked if he looked at the Public 
       Library.  Norman calls her Cinderella.  They argue. 
  029. Norman is swinging as Allison comes over to talk.

  001. Norman walls Allison home.  Allison has her plethora of books.
  003. Allison is carrying her plethora of books.
  023. Allison holding a plethora of books talks with Dr. Rossi on the square.
  036. Elliot helps Allison with her plethora of books.
  082. Allison drops a plethora of books when another student collides with her.
  232. Allison comes in the Book Gallery with a plethora of law books.
  394. Constance asks Elliot a plethora of questions about Adrienne.

  000. Chris plummets from Sailors' Bluff.
  255. Ann plummets from Sailors' Bluff.
  388. Martin Peyton almost plummets down the mansion stairs as Steven watches. 
  395. Adrienne plummets down the mansion stairs.

Poetry and prose:
  133. Allison [Hail, wall].
  178. Allison in Dr. Rossi's office.
  181. Eli at Rodney's birthday party.

  062. Leslie Harrington speaks of Catherine holding a poker.

Polaroid camera:
  292. Eli takes pictures of Matthew and his parents near the bandstand.
  364. Eli takes pictures of Constance and Matthew.

  004. Officer Dan
  060. Officer Joe, Actually Sgt. Ed Goddard. [Leslie's mistake].
  179. Officer Frank-Greg Morris [Mission Impossible]. [sometimes Gregg].
  179. Police Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg- Phone call from Marian Fowler.
       Police stenographer.
  305. Police Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg-Ada's gun permit.
  312. Police Sgt. Bates-Frank Baxter
  402. Police photographer.
  402. Officer Harry
  402. Police Sgt. Edward Goddard-Garry Walberg-Crime scene detail at mansion.
  470. Police Sgt. Fred
  513. George, the jailer-Joe Feury [Real life spouse of Lee Grant-Stella]
  514. George, the jailer-Joe Feury [Real life spouse of Lee Grant-Stella]
  514. Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker-Morris Buchanan

Police station:
       The police station is on the east end of the Peyton Place Town Hall.  
       The courtrooms are in the center, and the library on the west.  The 
       Peyton Place jail is refered to as the Peyton County jail.  The terms 
       penitentary, prison, and jail are used almost interchangeably in some 
       conversations.  [When you add the suffix -er to "prison" you indicate 
       an inmate.  When you add the suffix -er to "jail" you indicate a 
       keeper of inmates.  When you ad -er to penitentary you have created a 
       non-word.  The terms are not at all interchangeable.] 

Politically Incorrect:
  004. Allison refers to "Portuguese Joe".
  006. The narrator refers to "young braves".
  008. Constance refers to "Indian Summer".
  224. Chris refers to "Native Bearer".

Pond, Baker's Pond:
  001. Betty mentions the pond.
  041. Norman and Allison go ice-skating at Baker's Pond.
  497. Eli and Maggie went ice-skating at Baker's pond.  Maggie took a spill.

Pond, Tucker's Pond:
  001. Betty mentions the pond.
  007. With Allison, Rodney heads toward Tucker's pond.

Pond-Weston Pond:
  057. Elliot Carson tells Constance Mackenzie that he saw some Canadian 
         Honkers take off from Weston Pond on his way back from picking up 
         George Anderson at Greenvale Sanitarium. 

Pop or Soda:
  285. Norman and Rodney drink an orange soda at the General Store.
  512. Norman drinks an orange soda at the Harrington Bros. Motorcycle shop.

Population-coming and going.
  The number of members of the cast seems to remain fairly constant.
       Elliot arrives, George leaves.
  403. Peyton leaves, Jill arrives.
       Rachel leaves, Adrienne arrives.
       Chandler expires, Eddie Jacks returns.

Population sign:
  292. Eli changes the population sign from 8867 to 8868.

  043. Tom Foley brings Allison a Portrait of herself by Paul Hanley.
  164. Norman takes notice of his mother Catherine's portrait.
  224. Hannah glares at Catherine's portrait.
  230. Catherine's portrait is slashed by Hannah.
  273. Peyton tells Leslie that he has had the portrait destroyed.
  273. Catherine was 17 when the portrait was painted.
  273. Peyton shows Leslie an older more appropriate photograph.
  285. Catherine's portrait is replaced with a copy.
  292. Hannah looks at the portrait of Catherine above the fireplace.
  302. Hannah torches portrait setting the mansion on fire.
  314. It is decided that the portrait of Catherine is damaged beyond 
  315. Martin Peyton tells Betty Anderson Harrington Cord that he wants to 
         replace the landscape over the fireplace with a portrait of Betty. 
  337. Betty poses in Catherine's red dress for Barrett Costa for a 
         portrait to be a gift from Peyton to Steven. 
  346. Betty's portrait is unveiled in the mansion on Steven's 28th.
  405. Sandy speaks to Betty's portrait over the fire place in the mansion.
  422. Susan Winter poses for pictures.
  481. Betty asks Eli to hang her portrait.
  481. Betty's portrait is hung anonymously in house of Rodney and Betty 
          Harrington. [Evidently by Norman.]

Portuguese Joe:
  004. Lobsterman Portuguese Joe mentioned by Norman Harrington.
  308. Steven asks Peyton if he should organize a possee to seek out Hannah.

Post card:
  032. Rodney tells George that he received a post card from Betty.
  049. Dr. Rossi receives a post card from Laura Brooks in Rome.

  002. Tom Foley brings Allison a large envelope from a publisher.
  018. Tom Foley brings Eli a special delivery letter from Elliot.
  043. Tom Foley brings Allison a Portrait of herself by Paul Hanley.
  295. Postman Eddie brings Elliot a package of newspapers from the prison.
  490. Postman Roy Slater brings Maggie Riggs a letter.

Pot roast:
  016. On the phone, Constance tells Allison that there is a pot roast in 
         the oven and she can make a salad. 

Powder, Baby Powder:
  296. Constance puts baby powder on Matthew after changing his diaper.

  289. Eli buys a fancy perambulator for Constance and baby Matthew.

  003. Allison says grace in the Mackenzie kitchen.  This is the episode 
         in which Mrs. Salazar appears.
Predictions that didn't come true:
  040. The narrator says that Elliot will visit his parole officer for 
         many years to come.  He made only one more visit.
  057. Elliot tells Constance he is moving to Florida to be with his father.
  268. Rita tells Rodney and Norman that she knows Allison will be back.
  268. Betty tells Constance she knows Allison will be back.
  274. Peyton says, "I won't allow you to testify," to Hannah.
       Betty says she will make Stella pay for what she did to Rodney.  
         Richard Jensen paid, but Stella escaped punishment and left town.
       Constance says Allison will come back.
       Eddie contracts for, and promises to kill, Martin Peyton.
  336. Betty says, "I will never leave Steven."
  343. Steven tells Rodney that he will never get Betty back.
  364. Betty tells Martin Peyton that he will not break up her marriage.

       Betty Anderson.
       Rita Charmaine Jacks Harrington.
       Constance Mackenzie Carson.
       Edith, an un-wed mother-to-be.
       Vickie Fletcher.

Preparing to leave:
  004. George Anderson prepares to leave NYC to return to Peyton Place.
       Elliot Carson prepares to leave prison after 18 years.
       Betty prepares to go to NYC.
       Betty prepares to leave NYC.
       Elliot prepares to leave for White River to see his parole officer.
       Theodore Dowell prepares to leave Peyton Place.
       Eli Carson prepares to go to Florida.
       Laura Brooks prepares to leave Peyton Place for Europe.
       Leslie Harrington prepares to leave Peyton Place for Europe.
       Matthew Swain prepares to leave Peyton Place.
       Elliot and Constance Carson prepare to leave Boston.
       Dr. Rossi prepares to leave the Inn and move back to the beach house.
  056. Claire sends word she is leaving Peru for Peyton Place.
       Dr. Markham and Claire prepare to return to Peru.
       Joe Chernak prepares to leave and asks Anna for money.
       Rodney prepares to leave the apartment after Norman and Rita marry.
       Rodney prepares to leave the Inn after his acquittal.
       Rodney prepares to leave the mansion as Betty and Steven move in.
       Dr. Rossi prepares to leave Peyton Place for NYC on vacation.
  301. Hannah prepares to leave Peyton Place.
       Rachel prepares to leave for Hastings Valley by bus.
       Rachel prepares to leave the Carson house with baby Matthew.
       Jack Chandler prepares to leave the boarding house.
       Eddie Jacks prepares to leave the boarding house.
       Eddie Jacks prepares to leave the Tavern.
  399. Eddie Jacks prepares to jump bail.
       Tom Winter prepares to leave the ministry and the Manse.
       Constance and Elliot prepare to leave Peyton Place.
       Sandy Webber prepares to leave Lee.
       Sandy Webber prepares to leave Peyton Place.
       Fred Russell prepares to leave the Russell house for Boston.
       Marsha Russell prepares to leave the Russell house for the Carson house.
       Martin Peyton prepares to leave for the Boston Clinic.
       Dr. Rossi and Marsha Russell prepare to elope.

  010. George asks Dr. Rossi for a prescription for "steady" pills.
  037. Elliot gets a prescription filled for Eli.
  044. Calvin Hanley will not give prescription drugs to Paul.
  120. Stella goes to the Pharmacy to get a prescription for Anna.
  168. Betty gets a prescription filled for Martin Peyton.
  297. Hannah explains to Betty about Peyton's prescriptions.
  339. Rossi writes a prescription for Rita.

Pressman's hat.

  xxx. Most of the episodes had previews.  But the following didn't:
  206. Grand opening of the General Store.
  289. Mrs. Healey has a confrontation with Jack Chandler. 
  514. Last episode.

  435. Joe Rossi observes to Tom Winter is that the priest is the one who 
         can't go with girls and the Reverend is the one who can.

  443. Marsha Russell primps for her date with Dr. Rossi.
  500. Eli primps at the Harrington Brothers Motorcycle Shop.

       Jerry is the Peyton Place Clarion printer for Matthew Swain, Elliot 
         Carson, and for the new temporary editor from White River.  He 
         works in the composing room.  It is presumed that he was also a 
         Linotype® operator.  He handles job printing.  He remains
         throughout the entire series.  One of the very few stable townfolk. 

Prison [see also jail]:
  025. Elliot Carson threatens to kill his cell-mate.
  026. Matthew visits Elliot in state prison.
  030. Matthew and Eli attend the parole hearing at the prison.
  032. Elliot is released and given $40.00.  He takes a bus to Peyton Place.
  364. Eddie Jacks spent a five years in prison, with time off for good 
       Jack Chandler, as Jack Forrest, served time in a Texas prison.

  010. Allison wins a prize at the festival.  She is with Rodney.

  431. Rev. Winter says, "Sounds like Mr. Cord is not being too cooperative.  
         Careful Susan, you could overextend yourself.  We couldn't afford 
         to keep up the entry hall on my salary.  That may be your one 
         problem, Susan.  Mr. Cord may just be too discrete to serve your 

Prom-Graduation Prom:
  094. Graduation prom approaches.

Property settlement:
  392. Betty and Steven sign a property settlement.
  013. Rodney proposes to Betty.
  014. Rodney and Betty marry in White River, Massachusctts.
  068. Elliot proposes to Constance.
  070. Elliot and Constance marry in Wayside Church reception in mansion.
  171. Norman proposes to Rita.
  172. Norman and Rita marry in Owens Ridge across state line.
  200. Steven proposes to Betty.
  204. Steven and Betty marry in mansion, Betty in white under relaxed criteria.
  213. Allison proposes to Rodney.
  218. Leslie proposes to Julie.
  219. Julie tells Betty that Leslie has proposed to her.
  219. Julie tells Constance that Leslie has proposed to her.
  220. Allison proposes to Rodney.
  221. Leslie tells Rodney that he has proposed to Julie.
  228. Allison proposes to Rodney.
  250. Rossi proposes to Ann Howard.
  261. Rodney proposes to Allison.
  366. Martin proposes to Adrienne.
  380. Adrienne proposes to Steven Cord.
  436. Rodney and Betty are married.
  472. Joe proposes to Jill.
  473. Joe and Jill are married.
4xx. Susan Winter proposes to Steven Cord.
  486. Susan Winter intends to marry Steven and live in the mansion.
  488. Vickie proposes to Lewis.  [More like a demand].
  504. Rossi proposes to Marsha Russell.
  505. Eli proposes to Maggie.

  181. Eli tears his trousers on an orange crate at Rodney's birthday party.
  404. Electric horse race game.

Protein drink:
  497. Charlie suggests a protein drink to Carolyn, saying she looks peaked.

  037. Dr. Kessler at the Greenvale sanitarium.
  038. Dr. Kessler at the Greenvale sanitarium.
  043. Dr. Kessler at the Greenvale sanitarium.
  046. Dr. Kessler at the Greenvale sanitarium.
  047. Dr. Kessler at the Greenvale sanitarium.
  060. Dr. Kessler at the Greenvale sanitarium.
  159. Dr. Quist in Boston.
  300. Norman asks Peyton why he didn't send Catherine to a psychiatrist. 
  366  Eddie Jacks talks about his prison psychiatrist.
  495. Dr. Dave Wilkinson at Doctors Hospital tending Rodney.
  496. Dr. Dave Wilkinson at Doctors Hospital tending Rodney.

  xxx. Prime Time Network Serials.
       Summaries of the following:
        1. Bare Essence
        2. Beacon Hill
        3. Behind the Screen
        4. Berrenger's
        5. Cliffhangers
        6. Colbys
        7. Dallas
        8. Dark Shadows
        9. Dynasty
       10. Emerald Point
       11. Executive Suite
       12. Falcon Crest
       13. Filthy Rich
       14. Flamingo Road
       15. For Love and Honor
       16. Fresno
       17. From Here to Eternity
       18. Good and Evil
       19. Grand
       20. Hail to the Chief
       21. Hamptons
       22. Homefront
       23. Husbands, Wives and Lovers
       24. King's Crossing
       25. Knots Landing
       26. L. A. Law
       27. Long Hot Summer
       28. Number 96
       29. Our Family Honor
       30. Our Private World
       31. Paper Dolls
       32. Peyton Place
       33. Secrets of Midland Heights
       34. Soap
       35. Survivors
       36. Twin Peaks
       36. Yellow Rose
Public Address System: 
  011. Matthew Swain pages George and Julie Anderson at the 

Public office:
  317. Steven is offered backing for public office by Martin Peyton.

Puerto Vallarta:
  366. Adrienne Van Leyden mentions Puerto Vallarta.

   13. Rossi takes Betty's pulse.  This is the first scene with Rossi 
         at the hospital.

Puppet-hand puppet:
   48. Betty entertains Lucy Adams with a hand puppet.

Puppet show:
   89. Allison takes Doris and Kim to the Snow Queen puppet show at the 

Puppet Master:
  360. The narrator refers to Peyton as a "puppet master."

  313. Rossi returns from vacation & leaves puppy for Rachel with Carsons. 
  384. Rachel has sent the puppy to Dr. Rossi while she is in the hospital.

Purple Platypus.
  190. Norman Harrington mentions a purple platypus.

  276. Lee Webber does 100 pushups every day.  He stopped at 87.

  274. Peyton tells Hannah that she is a "consummate fool."
  278. Chris:  "Look Sandy, don't try to play lawyer.  You haven't got the 
         head for it."
  282. Elliot threatens to take a switch to Constance.
  290. Rossi tells Chandler that he is unfit to be Rachel's guardian.
  296. Peyton tells Leslie that he is a fool.
  299. Rossi tells Rachel that if he ever sees her in blonde hair he will 
         give her the spanking of her life. 
  313. Rodney corrects Rachel's grammar and pronunciation while on a date at 
         the Italian Village Restaurante.
  313. Dr. Rossi corrects Rachel's grammar as he returns from NYC.
  383. Peyton tells Eddie Jacks that he is a boot-licking parasite.  Eddie 
         takes this as a put down.

  080. Steven watches Theodore putt.